Almost 4 Weeks In! - Sydney, AU

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I started the medication (40g) almost 4 weeks ago...

I started the medication (40g) almost 4 weeks ago and when I began I had severe under the skin acne especially on my jaw line and chin area. I have tried all the other medications before starting accutane. The first few days were ok as my lips were getting dry but that's expected. I also couldn't sleep, i would wake up multiple times during the night. Then after a week the bones in my rib cage were very sore and ached when I would bend forward and breath. I drank lots of water and the pain went away in a couple of days. I have extremely bad dandruff and my face has gotten worse with cysts growing on my neck but some progress is better than nothing right? So far so good...

Almost finished my first pack!

So the drying has gotten worse, I pretty much have experienced most side effects already including nose bleeds on more than one occassion. Also the mood swings, it definately does get worse before it gets better, my face is the worst its ever been. Pictures provided! Il keep you updated. Any questions il answer also! And for the ladies my monthlys were normal. Nothing changed at all.

Photos in the sun!

45 days

So im half way through the second pack and I'm still receiving back pains but my nose bleeds have stopped. Ive been placing vaseline with a cotton budd up my nose some nights. Other than that all good. My eye and nose area is clear its just my chin thats still breaking out. I have some photos with makeup on in the light.

makeup photos.

finished 2 packets (60 days)

Just finished my second pack and no improvements yet. My face is still in the breaking out period. My chin and cheeks are the main areas breaking out. It hurts and they're empty pimples. I try not to touch my face but it's hard with all the peeling! Nose bleeds getting worse, my nose was bleeding on and off for 24 hours even when I was sleeping... I guess the side effects are hitting me harder than others! Other then that all the same.

Day 76

Really happy with the way my face is clearing!

97 days in!

Absolutely amazed by the transformation. My doctor wants me to stay on accutane for 3 more months and I'm happy to do so. All the joint pain and other side effects are gone. I still get dry lips and my nose gets irritated but that's about it.

a little over 3 months.

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