My Post-op Open Rhinoplasty Story. September 2013.

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Hi everyone. Finally taking that big step and...

Hi everyone. Finally taking that big step and sharing my story. I'm doing this for me and for those of you who are interested in having rhinoplasty and want to know what to expect.

Just like most of you here, I've never liked my nose and I always thought it never fit my face. It's too big for my small features. In addition to it being big, it is slightly tilted to my left and is quite droopy, especially when I smile/laugh. I would never allow pictures be taken from side, and whenever pictures were taken from the front, I'd make sure to not smile full-on as my nose would look huge. Needless to say, my nose made me feel less pretty and very insecure and self-conscious.

So when a friend of mine had rhinoplasty and seeing her results (well, not initially, it took two years for the swelling to go away and her nose looked so cute) and the boost in confidence it gave her I decided I wanted to have one too. This was very difficult for me to admit. I am not a shallow person, and I have never really been fond of plastic surgery but my nose was getting the better out of me and it was time I did something about it. So I booked a consultation with a great plastic surgeon and we met on the 3rd of September (yes this has happened so quickly). It was the doctor who performed rhinoplasty on my friend I mentioned before so I completely trusted him. He took a look at my face and instantly could tell what needed to be done and noticed things nobody (not even my family) had noticed before. Being me and all, I fainted in this hands/arms while he was having a look at my face. I dont know why I fainted but he insisted it was because of the situation being a sensitive one. Needless to say, I was so embarrassed but he was professional about it. I left his office that day having booked my surgery for the 10th of September.

Surgery day came and my aforementioned friend came with me. Prior to the surgery day she had given me so much advise and informed what was going to happen so I knew exactly what was going to happen and nothing unexpected happened (apart from surgery taking a wee bit longer than expected). I was so nervous though, but as I sat in the waiting room before seeing the doctor (for the face sketching) I briefly talked to a girl who had her nose done 6 months ago (by the same doctor) and it looked perfect, must have been faith we started talking because afterwards I was no longer as nervous. My turn came and before I knew it I was laying on the surgery bed waiting to go under general anaesthesia. Next thing I remember is waking up crying, and wanting to hold my nurse’s hand while she let me go of haha, such a baby.

When I eventually woke up, I was sooo dizzy and could barely stand up. After a few hours I could eat a sandwish and go to the bathroom alone. I was feeling ok, and the nose wasn’t too painful. When I went to the bathroom I avoided to look at myself in the mirror as I was too scared I would faint in shock. Finally I used my black screen on my phone to have a look and all I could see was the huge cast and the drip gauze. At 17.00 I left the hospital and took a 2-hour long bus ride home. This was okay because I was so high on my drugs haha. The first night was a pain, I was unable to sleep, and woke every hour or so and drank water and applied lipbalm because of the dryness and soreness of throat and lips.

to be continued.


More photos

photo taken at the cast-off appointment with the doc & two questions for you guys

when i had my cast taken off i was too scared to look at my new nose in the mirror (so my friend was kind enough to take pictures of it before my doctor applied the tape on the nose, and although the profile looks lovely the front is wide as hell and i look like a nice mixture between a bear, a mouse and a pig...which is just lovely :) do you guys reckon once the swelling is gone the tiny hook which is still there (profile) will disappear? i dont mind it because it makes my nose look less perfect and im not striving for perfection so i would be okay with it being there.

and two questions for you guys who have had rhinoplasty!

1) does your nose/tip hurt the most in the morning? when i wake up in the morning my nose is throbbing and really hurts, and it usually goes away within a few hours/by breakfast...anyone experiencing the same thing?

2) is your nose dripping/running as much as mine? i was given strict orders by my doc to not touch my nose so i try not to but it keeps running (i use q-tips to "wipe" it) and i'm wondering whether this is common?

post-op week 1 summary.

Just thought I'd give you a short summary of what my post-op week 1 was like.

- Day 1 was ok. Slept through most of it, or sat in front of the tv watching bachelor haha. I did not have much swelling or bruising. I lost my sense of smell and taste so food was no joy. My front teeth hurt when I ate. Very dry lips, especially at night. I would wake up several times at night because of my cracked painful lips.

- Day 2 and 3 were the worst. I was lucky enough to not get any bruising, but my face did get swollen. Especially around my jaw, cheeks and lips. I had bad swelling around my eyes the second day but it subsided by day 4. I am still a bit swollen in my upper lip and by the end of day 3 I noticed I was unable to smile showing my upper teeth. I still cant smile showing my upper teeth and yes, I look like 84 when I do :S Fingers crossed that my smile will go back to normal ASAP. Did anyone experience this and how long does it take to go back to normal?

- Day 4 was the best day yet. I had a good nights sleep, that's all that mattered to me a few days ago lol. My nose was (and is still) very runny and I used q-tips to "wipe" it. It was itchy but apparently thats a sign of healing so I was pleased haha. Around day 4 I noticed that when I woke up my nose would be very painful and sore...this would normally go away when I had taken my painkillers or within a few hours after waking up. This still happens and I'm now on post-op day 10 and I cant wait for it to stop because its definitely not a lovely thing to wake up to.

Day 5 and 6 - last day of antibiotics. REJOICE. Needless to say, I did not react well to them. By the 5th day I could go for walks, go grocery shopping, and cook but I did get tired quite easily so I do recommend taking it slow and easy the first week. My skin was breaking out, my hair was greasy (despite using dry shampoo) and I did not feel pretty.

Day 7 - cast is off! I was not mentally prepared to see my new nose so my friend who came with me took a few pictures of it. The doctor put the tape on and I looked myself in the mirror. I looked different. Maybe younger. My nose was wide, painful, numb and swollen...but cute too I guess. The doctor cleaned my nose thoroughly but as soon as I had left the hospital my nose was stuffy again :( I was given strict orders to not touch my nose for another week. I think I had septoplasty to fix my deviated septum so my left nostril/side is so so swollen and completely stuffed which means I can only breathe through my right nostril but most of the time I still breathe through my mouth which is a pain.

my profile.

I'm scared that I am seeing and obsessing over a tiny dip in my nose visible only from my nose profile. What do you guys think??
Dr Charles Randquist

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