BBL Part 1 - Will get my new official consultation for rd 2 tomorroW - Dominican Republic

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Hey to my beautiful BBL sisters! I am new to this...

Hey to my beautiful BBL sisters! I am new to this site and excited to share by before, during and after of my BBL expewrience with Dr. Jimerson. I've been considering a BBL for about a year now and after losing 54 lbs in the last 8 months ( working out 5-6x a week, eliminating sugar from my diet and lots of lean protein) I have a couple finishin touches to do.. I am 24 yrs old, currently 147 lbs , 5'5" and unfortuanely lost my big beautiful bosom (was 38 DD) now currently 36 B-C (will update u on proper cup size soon)... I never had much of a butt to begin with but had a lil something to make the guys turn their heads.. Unofrtunately all i have now is a flat, small (but somewhat muscular) butt which I want to change.. I also want a breast lift (gravity and weight loss left them saggin with loose skin) but not until maybe 5 months post op on the BBL. Will post pics pre op and all tomorrow but have an issue booking my flight cuz of work and school for my IN HOUSE CONSULATION in 3 days and wanted to know if any of u lovely ladies could switch a later date with me.. I need to know by end of day, as I need to confirm consulation by tomorrow.. ok loves! please post or inbox me!!

Hey ladies! shout out to all my BBL sisters pre-op...

hey ladies! shout out to all my BBL sisters pre-op and vets... i have my phone consultation tomorrow and so anxious.. will update on measurements and upload pre op pix today.. n hopefully my measurements as well..

Hey ladies. im extremely disppointed because after...

Hey ladies. im extremely disppointed because after taking off from work and doing NOTHING WHATSOEVER waiting on my 1 pm consultation and nada. very disappointed and was told i will get a call tomorrow when they open -_-

Hey yall.. so i was pissed cuz i got a phone call...

Hey yall.. so i was pissed cuz i got a phone call late from the crew but they immediately called me back after telling me I'd have to get another date for phone call but enough about the past lol...

First of all - Monica is a sweetheart. She is very patient and asked all of my 5,001 questions throughly and truthfully.
Secondly- I was forwarded to Dr. Jimerson and squealed for about 30 seconds into his ear and called myself a Dr. J "groupie" and that I adore his work and would be blessed for him to work magic on my body.. esp my flap jacks...
Thirdly- I'm so excited!! I really wanna shoot for late May after Spring smester is over so will most likely pay deposit tomorrow or next Friday (Christmas shopping got me broke lol)

So as yall can see I posted my current pics... My approx stats:

Age- 24, will be 25 at time of my sx
Height- 5 '5.5"
Current Weight- 148 (was told to put on 7-10 lbs... which kinda sux cuz i worked so hard to lose this weight but wont be a prob for me -- very easy for me to gain weight )
Measurements- 36-31-39

Want to get Breast Lift but maybe 6 months after my BBL. to ensure its beautiful and round and perfect...

I LOVE DR. JIMERSON AND HIS AMAZING STAFF!! :-* (kisses to u lovely ladies at the office if yall reading this)


Hey girlies. Been busy - wrk n school.. Been...

Hey girlies. Been busy - wrk n school.. Been eating whatever I wanted n dropped super strict stance on diet n 100% clean eating n damn looks like I gained 2-3 lbs (in 3 days?!) n don't like it... Well at least i know it'll be nothing to gain those 10 lbs in 2 months (which is sad but true lol). .. SO easy 4 me to gain .. Plan on dropping 5 lbs starting tomorrow to get svelte again then tart putting weight on in late feb.. Ok beautiful BBL sisters have a great day

Hey bootyfull sisters! Great news-- I lost 3...

Hey bootyfull sisters!

Great news-- I lost 3 out if the five (yes,five) pounds I easily gained when I took a "break" from my diet (since dr j said to stop losing weight n to actually put 10 lbs on).. Like I said didn't like it (showed up on my arms n inner thighs) went in on the diet (no starch , a lot of water and minimum one and half hr intense cardio workouts (on bike /elliptical/treadmill) with minimum 30 min muscle training) .. I feel better n happier.. So I decided I'm still going to lipo my arms because these r genetically stubborn n big n I'm over over them.. Unfortunately still haven't officially locked in my date but plan on doing so in no more than 2 week's time (Xmas shopping , bills n spring semester tuition got me low on the dough) but gonna stay positive n pray my date is still available .. I've read a couple of semi-satisfactory reviews of girls who had arm lipo which their bbl.. Please inbox me if u had arm
Lipo as I have a couple questions n hope it's worth the $.. I really NEED him to be as aggressive as possible with my arms cuz no matter what I do they're slim down the least and at the slowest rate at that ! :( I really wanna fly out in c him in person no later than feb to c if I'd really need to gain the weight cuz I'm getting full body lipo n if these arms get any bigger (although I do lots of cardio- which burns fat n 3 sets of 50 reps with my 5 lb free weights, minimum 4x week) ill cry lol. Ok enough of me being dramatic but I hate my arms.. Also now still deciding if I want a shelf with my super big booty (look at wish pic ) or if I want that extra full heart shaped booty to emphasize my thin waist to be..). What do u ladies think?

It's Christmas Eve n I only got half if my shopping done -_- (Happy Holidays ladies!)

I'm also considering calf lipo (as my calves n...

I'm also considering calf lipo (as my calves n arms r still stubborn n big no matter what I do) which would make my new (cash price) total 15,200. I'd totally drop the additional $900 if the results r noticeable .. Remember they'll get noticably bigger with the 10 lb weight gain.. What do u ladies think n also if any of u beauties happened to get calf lipo as well pls feel free to inbox me or post on my wall .. Suggestions welcome . Thanks loves!!


MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL MY BBL N OTHER REALSELF GIRLS!! Hope you're enjoying your families and are in peace :)

HAPPY NEW YEAR LADIES! Wishing u big (or small)...

HAPPY NEW YEAR LADIES! Wishing u big (or small) beautiful booties and great health n prosperity for 2013 :)

Hey beautiful bbl sisters! Ugh I'm so stressed...

Hey beautiful bbl sisters! Ugh I'm so stressed over the fact i gotta put on 15 cuz i recently lost another 8 out of being stubborn n having an obsession with dieting n gym.. i know i shouldnt crash binge so i guess i gotta start fattening up :( i only have an issue with it (n obviously have to deal with it) cuz weight easily goes to my naturally bug arms n back.. ill keep on toning then while i enjoy the foods i forbade myself from eating for the past 9 months.. I should add inner knees AND calves and what compression stage 2 garment I should buy.. Where I should stay., etc. so stressful especially because I may have to go thru this whole thing alone .. It's tax season so ill def be able to start saving up just in case this $ doesn't get here on time.. What do u think ladies? I should add those two additional parts for $1800 right? I mean another $2000 wouldn't hurt, right? I might as well go all out I'm guessing.. I only have 4 months to get it together-- hotel stay, actual sx payment , clothes shopping, possible visiting nurse service and all.. Any suggestions 4 great hotel deals and best compression garment company ?i notice a lot of our sisters like lipo express.. N how long should I wait to buy it??

Hey ladies .. Would I really have to drop $3600...

Hey ladies .. Would I really have to drop $3600 for those 4 areas? Did any of u ladies get a deal with upper back n bra roll combined for $900 n inner knees and inner thighs (combined) for $900? Life throwing a lotta bills plus I'm
Looking for a new place , paying for school, etc.. What do u lovelies think? I been trying to call n no answer yet..

Hey ladies... im still working on dropping that...

hey ladies... im still working on dropping that deposit :( sad to hear he may be full until july and i wanted a may 30th date.. ugh.. what do u ladies know about that and also im still stressing over this upper back/bra roll lipo drama. as i understand that he can only guarantee 60% improvement how on earth will i look with 10 additional lbs (which will go straight to my back and arms-- the two areas im stressing over with this lipo) of now im working on toning my arms and back in the mean time so when i gain the 10 hopefully itll look less noticeable there and go to my thighs and abs... any opinions? suggestions?

Hey lovelies!! so just to make a long story short,...

Hey lovelies!! so just to make a long story short, one of the many informative receptionists from Dr. J's office answered by questions:
1- Is the price going up and if so , when?
2- Can i schedule an in house consultation ?
3- What happens if Dr. J has reac hed fat extraction limit of 5000 ccs of fat nbefore he can reach the additional areas requested for liposuction??
I WANTED TO ASK (but forgot)- Next available date for sx (ugh still havent paid deposit but hopefully will have all my cash asap so i can get date i wish for)

1- She said she wasnt notified about the price hike but pretty sure it will due to Dr. Jimerson's popularity., but keep in mind she is NOT a patient coordinator so maybe she is somehow misinformed and wouldnt know the specifics as Monica, Aziza or Michelle would...
2- She said most likely Dr. J will extract abns sculpt according to our wish pics according to how he thinks will look best but will hit all spots paid for and yes, i did mention fact that some of the girls on the site arent thrilled with his bra roll and arm lipo (where its crucial for me to get it right because (I'm sorry if I'm venting but my BACK and ARMS have got to go!) Plus thats an additional $1800 so yea i need my money's worth!
3- She said Monica will call me today (didnt yet) and no later than tomorrow morning to update me on cancellations on in house consultations (ladies hit me up cuz im looking for a date in late feb/march) . i want Dr. Jimerson to see me in person, SQUEEZE my FAT and tell me if she STILL thinks i gotta gain weight. I know I sound silly and repetitive but I'm officially adding calves (which I did NOT request or mention during my phone consultation...)

1- think i should fly out to meet in person for second consultation? (some of my amazing BBL sisters think i dont need to while others think maybe so since I'm adding an additional area..
2- think i should add bra roll AND upper back (seeing if i could save or exchange that $900 to calves
3- should i stop going craqzy and just gain the 10, and work on toning my upper body in meantime or

i like #4 but just curious and open ears for opinions/suggestions....



MY BBL SISTER 20bigbooties WILL HAVE HER SX IN A MATTER OF MINUTES, PRAY THAT GOD GUIDES DR. J's HANDS and bless her with a smooth blessed operation and a beautiful result. We love and trust you Lord and THANK YOU in adnvance.

Hey ladies. Hope all is well. 20bigbooties looks...

Hey ladies. Hope all is well. 20bigbooties looks great n healing beautifully.. I am still working on that $$.. Ate whatever I wanted (plate of rice n red beans with salmon , a big slice of margherita pizza (pizza is my fav fast food), a small fries at McDs, a cheeseburger n 2 slices of whole wheat bread n 2 bananas (cut them out cuz of super high content in starch and sugar) in past 48 hrs (figured I could chill a lil with my diet) but still going HAM with same routine at gym.. Bought wrist weights to firm up n tone my arms cuz I just read another review on dr j's lack if aggression on our BBL sister's arms .. Omg my and r such a serious focus of mine n yes I'm thinner n they're much smaller I NEED THEM TO BE SKINNY. I sound crazy but all my life I can literally count how many times I've been in public With my arms showing.. I might've worn a t-shirt or tank top 4 times in my adult life (starting since 16. Mind u I'm 24) so this is super serious 4 me. N mind u the additional 4th time is counting last week * tearing while typing this cuz I can't believe I made it* don't mean to constantly pat myself on shoulders but I see my new body on horizon n while I feel so close I also feel far so I'm excited, anxious but most of all emotionally READY. I know I'm 4 months away but still on my mind 24/7. Happy healing to all u lovely ladies !! Be well lovlies :)

Realized I liked my previous wish pics (of jazzie...

Realized I liked my previous wish pics (of jazzie belle) body but not overall look I'm going for.. Don't really wanna be thick anywhere outside of my hips n ass.. Overall I want slim body with a huge donk -- slim arms, slim waist, shapely (but not too slim thighs), slim calves , slim back (u get the pic ) . But I most definitely need a FAT HUGE ROUND BEAUTIFULLY SIDE- PROJECTED DONK. So yes that's y I changed my wish pics.. Wonder if this will affect how much weight is have to gain ?? Although they have just about same measurements (I'm just sure the arms n thigh circumference r the only major difference .. I no longer want a shelf except maybe a mini shelf but really going 4 upside down extra full heart look.. What do u ladies think?? Ok time to zzz finally.. I'm too addicted to this site. Lol . Xoxoxo

Hey ladies. so yes i know i have 4 days to pay my...

hey ladies. so yes i know i have 4 days to pay my deposit and if i dont more than happy to pay increased price cuz like i said i will pay for what i want no matter what (not ballin' or anything but def dont wannt settle with anyone else cuz i have my heart set on dr jimerson...) as of this morning i was 146.8 ... goal for sx is 155-160.. 160 might give me better results cuz thats where dr j wants me to be but remember that was b4 i decided i wanted to add the two additional areas for lipo-- my inner knees and my calves.. so there should be a sufficient amount of fat there instead of gaining the 5 but will continue to try and reach office)...really trying for late may so by the time i am 3 months in i wanna have everything paid for and have had all my supplies or at least most of them.. im still hitting gym, cutting down on my cardio from an hr and half to 45 min- an hr and maybe decrease it to 30 min a day about 2 months in (to not further shrink my fat cells).. read on a fellow bbl sister's post that fat cells SHRINK when one gains weight and EXPAND when one gains so i need these fat cells to be as large n in charge as possible by sx lol.. how r u ladies doing? congrats on all those who've made it to the other side.. a LOT of sx during months dec-feb so yay to y'all!! also thinking about adding lipo to the back of thighs (hope im not becoming too obsessed) and really hope he cuts me a deal cuz im paying almost as much as one getting bbl AND tummy tuck n thats pretty wild.. love y'all and pls hit me up with any tips n suggestions on my wall or pm me for what i should start doing 4 months in.. i appreciate the love n support and hope i can reciprocate it all back..XOXOXO

Hey sisters, i know we're supposed to remove all...

hey sisters, i know we're supposed to remove all piercings for sx but would u suppose a plastic retainer for the piercings will suffice? my sec belly ring tends to close pretty quickly so i was curious..

Hey sisters! so as the dr. j curve obsessed girl i...

Hey sisters! so as the dr. j curve obsessed girl i am , i set my alarm to 9am to start blowing Dr. J's office phone up... ive been curious as to if i really need to put on 10 lbs due to the fact that ive OFFICALLY added inner knee and inner thighs for lipo for my bbl. i am starting to gain weight again but toning AT THE SAME DAMN TIME (lol) n upper body getting and looking tighter.. no loner doing hip abductor/adductor machines , or back extension (which has given me a lovely /much tighter slope/curve on my lower back)at gym cuz i dont wanna further tighten my gluteus maximus .. i am 149.8 lbs right now and come to find out i am exactly 5' 4(3/4)" wow. ive been told 5'5' and 5'5.5" and even 5'6" before but never anything under that so im roughly 5'5"

in regards to my phone call-
asked receptionist several ques - 1- if i could get a different patient coordinator as Monica been m.i.a. for almost 3 weeks on me now (was growing impatient) ...2- if i truly had to gain 10 n hopefully get away with 5 or better yet none since i wanted to add two new areas for lipo.. She ( i believe her name was sarah) politely put me on hold for 4 min and told me to send in close up pix of my innmer knees and calves as my previous pics were 2 far... so i did along with a lifetime supply (lol)new pics of my total 3 lb weight gain but my 1 lb weight loss since ive had my consultation (lost 5 lbs - purposely which was dumb but i like feeling light- since consultation).. i want as updated of a consultation as possible since im adding new areas..

told her i plan on paying my consultation on friday (i know but times r tuff now n everytime i think i have the spare $500 i end up needing it . anyways.. thsanks 4 ur time beauties n keep u posted once i receive email with quote n everything!

Hey ladies so no update.. im still waiting for the...

hey ladies so no update.. im still waiting for the office to update me but keeping a positive attitude.. i get impatiengt but realize dr. j is really getting a lot of press and clients so we're the reasons why they have such high volume calls but then again, we're dropping RACKS-ON-RACKS-ON-RACKS on this sx so PLEASE ... im just gonna smile but continue to be assertive but patient.. i guess i'm too excited/anxious, and i think i may have developed an addiction to this site. lol update once i get my call tomorrow .. xoxo beauties!!!

So long story short receptionist explained to me...

So long story short receptionist explained to me how they're short staffed n were still doing Thursday phone consultations... Smh was told they got newest pix (asked her to describe them to me lol ) since 2 other receptionists said they didn't see my pix at all (took new pix 2 find out if j still needed to gain since I've officially added inner knees n calves to my lipo list lol... Ok boos! By the way I went In on not 1, not 2 but three slices of pizza after an amazing charged workout (burned 1100 cal in cardio alone) n was starving by the time I was done.. Hey why not? I'm supposedly supposed to gain 10 (would prefer to only gain 5 lbs) so I enjoyed it!! ( been a whole since I had pix -- my fav fast food).. Ok loves..Update y'all on Monday!! I better get my call WITHOUT calling them n inquiring about my call beforehand.. -__- xoxo beauties!!



Omfg I'm praying one of u beauties can sell me any...

Omfg I'm praying one of u beauties can sell me any may date after may 15th cuz it's freakin 9:24 pm in New York and still no call-- granted dr j was in surgery but was promised by my coordinator (at 6:30ish) that I'd get a call back as soon as he was done n for some reason or another I believed that.. Told her I had deposit $ n everything. *sigh* anyways I will stay optimistic n stop being so stubborn n start putting on the 10 lbs slowly.. Receptionist told me I'd get call tomorrow (ill be in school -_-) so ill be waiting patiently .. But until then please please ladies if u know anyone (other than yourself) willing to sell their date after MAY 15th, pls spread word.. I'd really appreciate it .. Thx beauties!! Xoxo

Called at 9 am.. Will get call back by 1 pm.. Lets...

Called at 9 am.. Will get call back by 1 pm.. Lets see...




First of all, I thank God for making my dreams closer to a reality. I am excited n even more anxious. I am 3.5 months pre-op and very very excited... Gotta start planning-- hotel, supplies, squeem?, garment (asked Dr. J if i could buy garment and he told me that office supplies one n best to wait but i can)..Secondly , when Shelly ( I LOVE YOU AND THANK YOU 4 ur PROFESSIONALISM SHELLY) passed the phone to Dr. J i squealed like a groupie - AGAIN lol- and asked him if he remembered me .. he said he "sure did" and told me in order to make my wish pics (shown) come to life i MUST gain 10 lbs.. Said he will "hook me up" (like he tells us all).. however he CANNOT lipo my calves, as they r muscular, and while that made me sad (i freakin' hate my calves) , he CAN lipo my inner knees (after i went on and on about how they've always been fat since i was a kid (overweight all my life except NOW YAAAYY) and how i truly hate them.. so ladies this is what im doing :
the reg BBL package -- lipo of :upper and lower abs, flanks, and lower back
adding : upper back, bra roll (Lord please make my back beautiful and smooth, arms, inner thighs and inner knees..
im quoted- $15,200..

I'm eating my delicious West Indian food (I'm West Indian) -- rice and beans, fried plantains, the WORKS, BUT only allowing a slow and steady weight gain of 3-4 lbs a month.. Really not gonna go over 160 cuz I want the best result possible..Although I HAVE seen Dr.J do his thing on the plus size divas time and time again but for my overrall wish I plan on continuing toning my muscles-- esp on my arms and stomach.. Dr. J said i may get what im looking for i just gotta gain .. He asked me if my ass was loose or hard n i said a little of both and he went on to mention that the looser the booty , the better the fat survival and the bigger he can make it.. I also asked if theres any way to loosen my booty muscle and he chuckled and said no so as of now : NO squats, lunges cuz i dont need my butt to get any tighter (grew tighter from my high resistance cardio work outs).. gonna also cut down on cardio..

how am i gonna gain the 10 lbs neccessary u ask? just gonna eat the foods i love but continue to remain active and HEALTHY.

BEAUTIES! u CAN gain in a healthy matter which i think is the smartest route esp since our bodies undergo TRAUMA, so to -prevent complications, its smartest to keep heart n overall health healthy.. I've started my Iron pills 2 weeks ago as well as my Vitamin C (1000mg), One-a-Day active multivitamin, and Fish Oil 1200 mg (wasnt adviced by anyone to do this but been taking for 2 months now)..

my heart's beating so quickly- thats how excited i am!!

i wanna thank you beauties for reaching out with ur May dates and/or suggestions in my inbox and on my wall..

open to suggestions, tips and help..



Hello beauties! stuck indoors today due to snow...

hello beauties! stuck indoors today due to snow storm here in NY that will soon grow into blizzard (we're expecting btwn 6"-12" and in some areas further north 20" (yay no school lol), sp u already know ill be on this site all day lol..

so ive officially chilled on my usual intense cardio (1 hr for minimum monitored 700 cal. burn) and re introduced 100% WHOLE WHEAT bread and Special K fruit n yogurt cereal (yum), and more fresh fruit which i was avoiding due to high sugar, esp grapes, mangoes (I LOVE MANGOES) and seriously avoiding anything refined/bleached even during weight gaining process with exception of maybe a little pasta and/or pizza (i also love) in near future..)

like i said i plan on gaining weight HEALTHFULLY to avoid any health complications or whatnot.. i have to take my measurements but officially 151.2lbs (told u guys it was crazy easy for me to gain-- ahh my beloved complex carbs).... dont like it cuz i can actually feel it-- everyone think im crazy cuz they say im so small but i guess im a little obsessive cuz i literally feel the almost 2 lbs..
been thinking about my supplies n plan on getting them with my tax refund...

what else? umm.. ive officially stopped my squats, back extension, lunges and hip adductor machines so keep my glueteus maximus from tightening up and still toning arms..

and to my bbl beauties that just got their bbl by dr jimerson (or anyone else)-- worry not because the fluffling fairy is real. i know i shouldnt be tslking becuase i have yet to have my bbl BUT tons of girls r in love with their results after 1-6 months post op and their pix so much of a difference so be patient my loves!!!

ok .. happy healing to all my post op Jimerson beauties!! xoxo

Thx inluv2 for update... Was getting super anxious...

thx inluv2 for update... Was getting super anxious for upcoming bbl with dr j an how aggressive he is with back n bra roll area and looking at u girl , I'm in goo hands!! U look gr8 !! Now I'm even more excited. Thx again boo :-*

Hello good afternoon beauties! The snow is...

Hello good afternoon beauties! The snow is becoming do-able as the roads r clear n sure the subway n buses r slightly affected but much better.. Yay..
No but for real totally obsessed n excited . Obsessing over ass all day n realized there r three types of bottoms- shelf, bubble, upside Down heart.. What I actually want is the TINIEST of a shelf, big round bubble with serious projection but fullness at the bottom n the tiniest of a waist.. Lol I want all three in one if possible .. Dunno if it is but think my wish pic is exactly all 3.. What do u beauties think??

Morning n Happy Valentines Day to my beauties

Morning n Happy Valentines Day to my beauties

Hey beauties so after I finished crying my eyes...

Hey beauties so after I finished crying my eyes out , I realized the smartest thing to do is to postpone my date for a date in September or October. I've made my decision to register for online classes by then cuz I really don't wanna wait forever for this..

I realized how vain I was becoming actually willing to lose (they most DEFINATELY would've fired me) for my J-curves.. No doubt n sticking with Dr Jimerson cuz I truly believe he is the only one that will giv me EXACTLY WHAT I WANT .. U guys have not the slightest clue how hard I had to think about this. Yes it only took 3 days but doesn't make sense to stress about losing my job on day 3..

My sx date is scheduled for May 21st which is a CA$H date.. I'd be super blessed if any of u beauties could switch with me if u have a September-October date.. Part of me is relieved to know that ill still have my job , get my body back (I GAINED 5 lbs already and all went to my legs,arms and back JUST AS I KNEW IT WOULD) .. I know u may say OMG girl it's only 5 lbs but u wouldn't believe how disgusting my knees thigh n back are right now. Yea I look gross. But yes. I will officially make my call to dr j's office in 48 hrs so pls hit me up ASAP! Post or inbox me.. Thanks ladies.. * trying not to cry again*

Hey beauties. First of all I freakin love Shelly....

Hey beauties. First of all I freakin love Shelly. She is beautiful, kind and sincere. Explained my concerns and my reasoning for not being able to have my sx in May :'( but truly feels like a burden off my shoulders.. I can get summer time fine, start gaining end of summer (it's so important to me but the extra weight seriously got me feeling crazy) , n handle my new (and loved) job accordingly..

I am set to have sx on oct 18th and have absolutely no intention on changing it cuz I'm too excited n anxious as is. I've officially stopped the boo-hooing n grateful I got date that works for me -- time frame and all. Yay. I'm obsessed with this site so will be posting and checking updates as usual so I won't disappear.. Thx 4 the support guys :)

Hey ladies. so this post is dedicated to those who...

hey ladies. so this post is dedicated to those who want better insight on their doubts with docs in foreign countires.. now i dont wanna sound ignorant because same situation could happen here in the U.S. but please ladies. your life is tpp precious to put in jeopardy for a cheaper price.. please.. whichever doc u choose.. please make sure he/she is board certified, that his or her EQUIPMENT and FACILITY IS UP TO DATE, that the facility is properly STERILE, etc.. check out the pros and cons and THEN determine whether its worth the risk (sx is a tramatic life-threatening risk regardless of who u choose). just read FEBRUARYLOVE's post and she couldve died.. i dont know her but thank God that she is alive and can continue to raise her family ..

i lost 5 of the 7? (a couple scales said 4.6 to 6 to 7 lbs ) but ill just say 7 lbs i gained and feel great. i weigh approx 150 and wanna be 135-140 by april (a month b4 what wouldve been my sx month)..

be well.. have a blessed day beauties and excited to get my daily RS fix today... lol


Hello bbl beauties! so as far as my weight loss...

hello bbl beauties!
so as far as my weight loss goes i pretty much still weigh 150 (weigh 148 now) but slimmer and firmer than before.. yes, i been going HAM at gym cuz i wanna be summer time fine..

shout out to all the beautiful beauties with their new (and old) J curves you all look amazing!!! pinkmonkey, beautyishername, inluv2, gingersweet, lusciousmindbodynspirit, novastar, princess85eteamjimerson.. and so many more are just some of my faves =)

anyways ive come to the (partial) conclusion that i want a super big upside down heart shaped bubble if that makes any sense... i already have a partial slope and want an even more dramatic slope but biggest projection dr j can give me.. do any of u beauties have any examples of vixens/models i can look up with the itty bitty waist, ample hips and fullest tear drop per cheek look? pls inbox or post examples cuz i like my wish pics but maybe on the donkey side .. dont get me wrong i want the biggest ass dr j can give me but dont wanna look like crazy. i think my wish pics r just about right, right? as long as i dont get a shelf ill be happy...

i think my wish pic of kathy ferreio (the girl w/hot pink iphone mirror pic) is exactly what i want in shape but more projection.. or do u think that the pic of delishis in dress describes my wish?

great day 2 u ladies! gotta head to next class. (im s addicted to this site omg lol)

By the way ladies dunno y i cant leave price slot...

by the way ladies dunno y i cant leave price slot at $0 cuz i have yet to have sx but will be spending a total of $15,200

Good day beauties! A couple things.. I...

Good day beauties!

A couple things.. I am
Now 143.7 lbs as of this morning -- very happy and only about 10 lbs from my summer goal weight.. 4 those who r visiting my page for first time I've never been this small with exception of my size in junior high school (was overweight my whole life -- heaviest weight was 226 lbs over 3 yrs ago). Will post measurements soon.. I'm 5'5"..

Secondly I am in love with the ass and hips Jimerson produces. I have paid my $500 deposit and locked in a $15,200 quote 4 my bbl with fat transfer to hips and lipo of the "given"- upper and lower abs, flanks N lower back and additional areas of- my arms, upper back, inner knees, n bra roll.

Pros of going to Dr. J-
Will get big beautiful booty and hips, small waist and flat stomach..

1-I was asked to be 160 lbs to get my wish pic booty (the wish pic u c r the ones I showed him)
2- while I called back n had second consult after I firmed up n lost a couple more lbs but still had substantial amount of fat on back n arms n thighs I was told to still get up to 160 which made me confused cuz at second consult I added inner knees n arms which I thought would eliminate need to gain since he would extract fat from 2 new areas. But hey..
3- while he's done a great Job of lipoing bra roll n back on some girls (shout out to inluv2 on the major improvement) , I know I'd still have some leftover n need it to be damn near bony. I want the slim modelesque physique with curves n round hips n big booty.. As a lot of post op J curves girls have mentioned, their back fat n bra roll appear untouched n no difference in fact content whatsoever. While I understand he says he can give a 60% improvement due to its " fibrous tissue" I don't quite understand y some post op don't have any difference or incision marks or nothing at all n how many other doctors r aggressive in that area n he is not.. I love dr j so I'm sure there's an explanation but I don't wanna hear that after I'm paying n expecting what I pay for. Keep in mind I'm paying cash n $ ain't a thing for this sx (I'm not ballin but is a gift)

So as my backup (until dr j can prove that he can somehow deliver aggressive lipo on back , bra roll and arms ) I am considering - SALZHAUER (love his aggressive lipo and big booty -- check soflomint87?, CAMPOS (love his aggressive lipo and true hourglass sculpting n round booty and PERRY (once again love his aggressive lipo n full bottoms)

I also love these docs cuz their scars aren't obvious. Sure there r scar creams n gels but less scarring the better n I get discoloration so don't wanna drive myself too crazy with healing, readjusting AND obsessing over removing those 6-8 circles on my ass cheeks..

I have a 7 pm consultation via Skype with Dr. SALZ this evening may reschedule cuz I have a lot to do today but grabbed the appointment just in case I could ..

Considering the essay (sorry ladies ) what do u think as far as my decision making goes ?? Who do u think I should go for?

I want a huge upside down heart shaped BUBBLE booty-- tiny waist , round hips and vixen bubble butt.

I've come a long way n would be disappointed if I were to gain the 25 lbs (from my summer goal) n have a big booty but big arms/back/legs everything :( yes there's the gym but not sure if ill get what I'm paying for.. Salz isn't much less than jimerson but had proven his lipo is on point.. Campos post op ladies look great cuz they have round booties n tiny waists n Perry's girls look great as well also.. All 3 deliver booties on "smaller" girls n Jimerson as done so as well (beautyishername , gingersweet, bootiebeauty78, princess85eteamjimerson n bbl2013 r some examples-- y'all look great :)

Who should I go for?

Best of luck to all u pre op and post p beauties! U look great n happy searching/transforming/healing to all!


Just had my Skype consult with Dr. Salz. Love him ...

Just had my Skype consult with Dr. Salz. Love him . He is honest and kind.. (N cute) but long story short I am still confused was told to send more pics cuz the itty bitty tablet I used (thought my cuz laptop was working - I'm not home) to get an accurate quote .. So far so good 4 Dr. Salz :)

Still undecided about dropping Jimerson and still gonna have my virtual consult with Campos this week.. Keep y'all posted.. Please keep the ideas, opinions and comments coming. Truly need ur help beauties. Thank you!!

So I had part one of my consult with dr salz...

So I had part one of my consult with dr salz yesterday (part 2 r my pre op n wish pics ) n other than Dr. Jimerson, I'm considering Dr. Salzhauer, Dr. Perry and Dr. Campos (in that order) ..

I cannot stress enough that I need aggressive lipo, serious hourglass sculpting skills and a huge bubble :)

Going to schedule consult with Perry today.. I've sent Campos my pics n stats..

I'm positive the 3 new docs can give me that :)

OMG ! Been told by several that Dr. SALZHAUER is...

OMG ! Been told by several that Dr. SALZHAUER is who did vixen Bubbles' booty!! She is one of my wish pics!! (In black lingerie) aaaaaahhh :)

I've just sent my pre op photos to Perru who's bbl...

I've just sent my pre op photos to Perru who's bbl price range from $7000-$7900 (which is incredible) but price is not factor in my choice..

I just need what I want. Aggressive lipo everywhere + round hips + fat juicy bubble ass = a VERRY HAPPY BKLYN BEAUTY. I really think I'n obsessing but won't chill until all of this gets "realer"..

I doubt Jimerson would return my $500 but that would be nice..

Also happy healing n smooth recovery to all my bbl sisters! Xoxo

Good day beauties! I am stuck between choosing...

Good day beauties! I am stuck between choosing between Dr. Salzhauer and Dr.Perry... While I love Campos' work and currently waiting his quote (as Plan C) I think I'd feel more comfortable here in the States..

Dr. Perry sent me a generalized email with a quote of $7000-$7900 for bbl and will send me a more personalize one once he's reviewed my photos.. He knows I want the most aggressive lipo safely possible with a huge round non shelf booty-- upside down heart shaped bubble so I'm curious as to what he'll say in regards to my size and if my results are attainable..

Dr. Salzhauer gave me a quote of $10,000 for full body lipo and bbl with fat transfer to hips. He too, knows what I want to look like.. I stressed it to him at least 5 or 6 times during our Skype consultation -- he is so nice-- and said while he understand I want to get in rockin shape for summer at 135 lbs , that to regain `15lbs (which will be way too easy for me, dont believe me, just watch lol) to 150 as I planned on doing after the summer months for my bbl in October... Remember 100% of fat lipo'ed isnt useable for the fat transfer and we want to make sure I have enough fat for the big bubble I'm looking for which he says he can DEFINATELY give me. I believe him and hope that Dr. Perry says something similar and then I'll choose but so far I have a gut feeling about going with Dr. Salzhauer.. He seems very genuine and has an awesome record.. Soflowmnt87 (hey girl) is a Salz vet and looks incredible. He gave her a booty for real!

Price really isnt a factor.. I'll pay anything to get EXACTLY what I want without having to go for a round 2. I feel like I'm ready to let Dr. Jimerson go.. No doubt he produces Great booties and yea sure while we're all different and heal differently and whatnot, his back, arm and bra roll lipo is consistently slacking and if I didnt have an issue with that area (which I will at 150-155 lbs) then I'd be ok but $15,200 to get a big booty and still have unattractive back/arm/bra roll fat leftover is not what I'm expecting or paying for..

I want a body like my profile pic and wish in red thong (of vixen Lastarya )..

TINY WAIST (like Yaris Sanchez or Bernice Burgos -wish pic in red dress -- both who had bbls), overall slim model body with round hips and big upside down heart super BUBBLE.. like rs member MissAri- hey boo (who looks incredible and a vet of another doc in Cali..)

What do u think beauties? Dr. Salzhauer or Dr. Perry ? And if u can please inbox or post realself vets of either doctors I'd really appreciate it..

Hope you're all happy and well and Happy Holidays to you all :)


So far going with Dr. Salzhauer.. He won MIAMI'S...

So far going with Dr. Salzhauer.. He won MIAMI'S BEST PLASTIC SURGEON last year (very impressive), been featured in hundreds of articles including - in Touch mag, New York Times and more, featured on TV on CNN, ABC , FOX,CBS, programs on Univision , n more and most importantly his post op patients look incredible..

Still waiting in Dr. Perry's personalized feedback and quote but so far riding with Dr. SALZHAUER . I have a great guy feeling about him.. Don't quite know why I'm waiting for my Perry evaluation.. Also may add breast lift with implant to my list (think I want to do everything together although I know recovery will be tougher.. My ideal breast lift doc is Dr. Horndeski (who has absolutely NO VERTICAL SCARRING) .. Found him on the awesome rs sista bootiebeauty78's profile .. What do u think??

Campos team also hit me up but dropping that option.. I like doctors that are personable and they are the ones to contact you in regards to your goals and expectations. Too much assistant work from a lot of docs instead of 1-on-1..

Ok beauties ! Love y'all n healing hugs to all my bbl sisters in recovery...


Morning beauties! Think I'm going to wait on my...

morning beauties!
Think I'm going to wait on my breast lift until after sx.. My plan is to recover on my stomach (of course) for my big new booty to recover n go for my breast lift (with dr. Horndeski who specializes in the "ultimate breast lift-- a breast lift WITHOUT vertical "lollipop scar" n produces beautiful full lifted firm breasts and without implant-- which i was considering for the full-lifted look-- at another time.. While I love dr. Salzhauer so far thinks recovery will be smoother if I space it out.. So plan - bbl in October, boob job in march of next yr.. I know I say this now but deep down I truly wanna get my butt n boobs done at the same damn time but 1- wanna recover smoothly (getting full body lipo) and 2- not a fan of the tell-tale vertical scar that comes with getting a breast lift.. Dr. Salzhauer was awarded 'MIAMI'S best plastic surgeon ' so perhaps I can trust him with giving me as thin of a scar as possible n is religiously use scar gel on it to fade it away.. I have, however heard the scar is permanent n can only fade but not totally disappear so not quite sure if I'd be happy with that... Will have to ask dr. Salz for his insight..
Chose my dream booty doc..
Up next-- pay my $1000 deposit -- hopefully soon.. :)


While i like Dr. Perry's work.. I have yet to...

While i like Dr. Perry's work.. I have yet to hear a personalized quote or receive consultation (sent pics about a week + ago) ..

Dr. Salzhauer 's office has amazing customer service-- consistently replies to emails n no rushed phone calls or the like :)

My new quote is $15,

My new quote is $15,

My new quote is $15, 400 (after a discount of...

My new quote is $15, 400 (after a discount of $9,000) for my bbl with breast lift with implant.. As of now in shooting for either large C cup or a nice D cup bosom. Of course u beauties know I want a nice slope with a HUGE upside down heart shaped bubble butt :)

Ok that's all 4 now. Happy healing to all u beauties :-* n good luck to all on ur bbl journeys :)


Hey beauties ! while I still haven't paid my...

Hey beauties ! while I still haven't paid my deposit omg really wanna pay it next week but can't I'm so obsessed with staring at booties .. Really wish I were able to show off this summer but like some of u bootyfull ladies but ill be ringing in the new year with a brand new body so that's exciting too!

Love that dr salzhauer is a minimalist and doesn't require us to get a lifetime supply of stuff for sx (most docs tell us not to pack heavy anyhow) and also love that he mails his prescriptions to out of towners like me so I wouldn't have to stress about my insurance giving me issues..

Hope all of u beauties are well. Gorgeous 65 deg weather here in New York (yay) n Im seeing more booties out n getting a teeny bit jealous but summer 2014 will be my time! :)


Hey ladies going crazy here trying to decide if i...

hey ladies going crazy here trying to decide if i want more projection in middle or bottom or both 4 my new booty.. also adding a new wish pic (girl with tat on her ass) ladies.. please tell me if its 2 fake looking (what i dont want) BUT do want an exaggerated result...

Good afternoon beauties! i realize that i want...

good afternoon beauties!

i realize that i want the projection of all the girls on my wish pic but i dont really want wider hips but more projection than anything.. my latest wish pic with the "juicy" tat has an awesome shape but dont want hips as wide as hers.. what do yall think? i want the TINIEST shelf like my wish pic with the red thong (same girl as my first wish pic and profile pic) to get that "POP & POW" effect...

any suggestions on the perfect post op (stage 2? -- ill wear what dr. salzhauer suggests until its time to move on to second stage garment) FULL BODY (arms, breast (im getting breast lift w/implant), full back, full abs, full leg (thigh and calf area-- down to ankle) BUTT OUT garment?

Concerned about fat limit in FL.. Considering Dr Cortes in TX (no fat limit on lipo) 4 my BBL and BL

hi beauties so ill be ready to pay my deposit tomorrow (thx 2 boo) however I'm somewhat nervous about gaining weight needed for sx (must be 155-160 lbs for desired booty) .. N while dr SALZHAUER is very confident that he can give me my desired results (ESP my wish pic of vixen lastarya in red thing) I'm nervous that he'll hit limit b4 ill be totally happy with my body altho he is very aggressive in the lipo but no doc can tell how much fat will be extracted until its time which is only reason y I'm skeptical.

Been looking at dr Cortes and dr duran work. Absolutely in love with duran post op dolls but prefer to stay in states n also a fan of Cortes signature hourglass n bubble butts.. AND the fat that there is NO FAT LIMIT IN TEXAS, particularly cuz dr Cortes performs his procedures in a hospital setting makes me a little lenient towards him..

What 2 do ladies??

Aah going nuts over here. I've requested a consultation with Dr Cortes today here on realself so I guess we'll wait and see what he says.. Remember I'm going for a breast lift with implant as well as a bbl with fat transfer to hips for ultimate hourglass bubble butt body.. Since ill n undergoing 2 procedures I was confident in dr SALZHAUER due to his expertise but that fat limit is messing with my mind. I'm slimmer now n wi post pics soon n feeling some type of way about having to be 155-160 n still possibly have fat leftover :/

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

7 pm SKYPE consult with DR CORTES tonight! yaayyyyy

hey ladies! called dr cortes office (have been enlightened by his before and after pics on his site and here) and called office to set up consult after waiting 3 days from requesting one from this site..

anyways super excited to c what hourglass/big booty doc cortes will say in regards to my bbl w/ fat transfer to hips plus my breast lift w/ implants.. super excited.. about to check his many educational videos on youtube.. also going to ask many questions such as what does his 7 , yes ladies, 7 areas of lipo include, as well as how many ccs he thinks he can give me per cheek (he is known to inject on avg 1000ccs per cheek --- yesss) what size implant he thinks would be ideal on my tightersexier smaller frame (will post pics, been working out harder haaayy)

im hoping i wont have to be 155-160 lbs for sx. as of this morning im 139 lbs, and still have to take measurements...

i plan on getting down to 130 for the summer season, and weighing 145-150 lbs for sx. i am 5"5" and my ideal weight is 125-130 (i know the smaller i get the happier i become and the smaller i want to be.. my waist is smaller and i know dr cortes will make it microscopic with big round hips and perfect projected booty (if i choose him that is..)

i sound crazy for possibly switching to a 3rd doc but i shoudlve looked at all my options before i jumped gun and chose dr j (who has been doing awesome jobs esp on my girl prettyphysique bod) but i need aggressive lipo on my arms back and inner thighs... i DONT want to go for a round 2 and i DONT want to be2 overweight to not have the newly fatted areas lipo'ed..

ok ladies hit yall up in about 2 hrs! so excited!

7 pm SKYPE consultation with DR CORTES tonight! YAYYYYYY :)

also wanna give a shout out to ambitiousgurl who just had sx wih dr salzhauer and looks hot as well ;-* love you boo!

i think its incredible that i called the office about 3 hrs ago, and got a consult for 7 pm tonight (around time when dr cortes comes out of sx).. ladies he usually does consults on mondays and wednesdays which is what the rep told me so little tip :)

talk to you beauties soon.. happy healing to all my beautiful bbl sisters!

Leaning on Cortes now.. Plus my duran quote..

Looking like I'm riding with Cortes.. Will get my quote tomorrow.. He knows exactly hat I want and promises it as long as I am 165 pre op :(

I stressed that I don't really wanna gain and would prefer he was super aggressive however he stressed that for what I want he needs a lot of fat :/

Prob book in October maybe even early November so I can be fine for the summer time n start gaining (plan on being 130 lbs for summer) in late August..

Messaged Duran last night and she answered this morning ! Incredible ! I am quoted $5700 go full body lipo bbl and BL with implant .. Sounds great but prefer to stay in states particularly cuz ill be alone..

still waiting on quote.. My current measurements..

My current measurements-

139 lbs
34-26 (yay)-38

Will post new pic of my slimmer tighter bod :)

Getting summertime fine but sad ill have to throw all my hard work out the window come late summer to get the big booty of my dreams.. *sighing as I remind myself that it's all 4 a good cause*

my game plan and wish sx date...

hey beautiful bbl sisters! happy healing to those hours/days/weeks post op... a lotta girls went in 4 sx these past couple weeks and look great from all docs..

will call tomorrow.. tried 2day but its a holiday. I want my quote and a date in first week of November.. made up my mind.

150 lbs by September 1st..
155 lbs by mid September
160 lbs by October 1st
165 lbs (ugh I don't wanna but gonna do what Cortes sez) by Oct 30th..

wish sx date: November 1st.

wish measurements : 34-22/23-43 (don't wanna be 2 wide) more projection instead..

so come New Year's i'll be 2 months post op :) enough to shake my big beautiful ass for 2014!


just realized I lost a total of 5 imches off my waist since my consult with dr jimerson back in February.. was about 145 at time so ladies keep in mind that measurements are more important than number on the scale.. I am significantly slimmer and fitter than I was when I posted my pre op but only about 8-10 lbs less.. muscle toning makes all the difference :) happy with my shoulders, 80% happy with my arms and back.. my thighs and calves are smaller but still stubborn and really cant wait for my new rack :)

dr. cortes suggested 400 ccs (about a c cup for me, which is what I was going for ) and will make my nipple size little smaller and centered. excited!

ok so my quote is $9503 ..

morning sisters!!

so u already know in and outta bathroom breaks throughout the night and the wee hours in the morning that I'm on RS... was def growing anxious to hear my quote and doctor cortes' official thoughts on my mandatory weight gain and my breast lift and augmentation...

my quote is $9503 which includes the bbl operation itself, every area I want lipo'ed (yay), 2 garments, arnica, my overnight hospital stay (very assuring 2 me that I'll be ok afterwards) and my presciptions.. I may be missing a thing or two..

I also have to wait to get my twins done due to the fact that the BBL is 4-6 hours and the breast lift and augmentation is another 5 hours and Dr Cortes doesn't want to put my body through extra unnecessary trauma.. I'm not gonna lie its kinda bittersweet cuz while I wanted to do both together to be a total doll when done, its kind of relieving that I'll get to recover without stressing about damaging results on the front and/or the back.. been kinda stressing about how i'd sleep and deal with recovery anyways.. I have to book my breast lift and aug. 6 months afterwards (im choosing to go with silicone implants) so that's fine...

i'm currently not a good candidate cuz I gotta gain at least 15 lbs-20 lbs (yay better than 30) to get the bbl. so funny cyz I never thought (prior to my effort 2 yrs ago) that I'd ever have to gain weight or that I'd ever be too small for anything having had been overweight-obese my whole life.. ok ladies so that's the update.. will pay deposit this afternoon or later this week.

im confident and comfortable with my choice altho I liked that dr salzhauer was gonna do both together but I like that overnight hosp stay feature.. makes me feel more comfortable esp since im a out-of-towner.. was told to try 2 book hotels by his Conroe office (he has one in Houston and one in Texas) so that he could visit me himself in my room (super caring doc) since I wont bring family with me..

ok ladies that's all for now.. trying to book bbl late oct-nov 1st and then the breast lift in the Spring of 2014..

Omg!! Locked in Nov 1st date with Dr. Cortes!

paid my deposit about 3 hrs ago!! Got my sx wish date of November 1st!! So happy! So excited!

All the Cortes cuties 2 be.. Hit me up of going end of October /early November.. Would love to connect with y'all ESP if flying from New York oct 29-30th .. Aaahhh!!! This is getting realer and realer!! I'm over joyed!

My body now.. Getting fit

Hey ladies shaping up as I said I would 4 summer :) my measurements today : 34-26-38. 136 lbs. 5'5"...

Gotta be 160-165 for sx n want- 34-24-45

My 5 month pre op pics :)

Not excited to stop my fitness regimen in 2 months but gotta get fat 4 a fat ass so fine..

Omg ladies y am I feenin for Duran so bad? Think too dangerous to do tits and ass together?

Long story short I may be leaving in the crazy/dumb/overly vain side of things but I just want one round and to come out looking like an urban Barbie . Big tits tiny waist big round booty n nice hips .

I like Duran cuz:
I wouldn't have to gain much if any weight (she said I didn't have to) to get big booty I'm looking for...
I love her waists and hips..
AND she gives big booties and to think I could get all that in one round for $5700 (minus recovery house n supplies n transportation) sounds like a dream..

Think too dangerous to try n do my breast lift with implant, n bbl with fat transfer all at same time?

I love n trust Cortes work and words but things r getting shady at work cuz I just requested one more week off (total 3 weeks) n haters already nosy n Been looking at my file n asked what medical reason I have wtf. N know that once I come back with huge booty and ask for another 3 weeks in 6 months will only make it obvious. My boss a hater too which a problem..

Ladies ESP the nurses n medically inclined.. Think it's too dangerous To go to DR for both all together?

I'm dreaming of being a Duran doll from head to toe ..

Hotel, nurse , meds n garment help

Hey ladies. Praying Duran has date I'm looking for . Also curious if she could supply eng speaking nurse. I speak Spanish with maybe 60% fluency so if she doesn't ill be ok but wanna be 100% prepared..

Ladies any way to pick up any of the meds here in states ?

N chubfdt stuff

N stage 2 garment?

OMG Duran answered me after 2 hrs in regards to my wish sx date

Very excited. She has dates a week after my preferred sx date and think I may go with her.. I may be having to pay this all on my own n while my decision is not totally financial i truly feel like Duran will give me exactly what I want all in one shot with a price I can afford (without a loan or bf who has his insecurities even with my weight loss - no bueno ).. Ladies I think I plan on being a DURAN DOLL for the fall.. I need a buddy. Any ladies (from anywhere but NYCwould be awesome ) going to Duran first week of November?? Please inbox me. I def not going alone

<3 Duran arm , inner thigh n back lipo

N very important to me love the arm lipo of Dra Duran. Need that bad..

Duran email?

Good morning beauties. Tried ending an email to (heard this was her new email) n it bounced back so assuming the same account w/gmail is still active ..,

So I'm looking 4 a November 5th date as I found a potential buddy .. Hopefully she can honor that but I have no problem relaxing the day b4 my sx .. Think it may be less stressful that way or the anxiety would make me nuts but def gotta keep it cool..

You ladies (dolls from all docs) look great by the way) hope y'all healing well with this heat n humidity (at least it's that way here in NYC)..

Nov 5th

Hey ladies locked in my date of November 5th with Duran! ;)

My fave Duran pre op n post op pic

I love this look. Maybe a more bubbly ass (super projection)

Another couple Duran pre op n post op pics

Another Duran Doll

one of Duran's newest twitter post op bbl dolls.

Wow. Love her I cannot wait OMG. I'm just a day under 4 months pre op !! By next month I plan on having at least- all my supplies, and flight booked..

Question sisters, which back up garment do y'all think I should pack in my suitcase for when my primary garment is dirty ? I was considering going with just arm compression sleeves, a post op surgical bra , and a small or x small squeem waist cincher ..

I most def will need a FULL LEG butt out body garment cuz my legs WILL swell like crazy ...

Any suggestions ladies? Looking at the fajate brand as well as faja disenos dprada (which is what I heard they use at CIPLA)..

Yaris Sanchez before n after..

I want yaris Sanchez body. Sculpted legs , round hips, tiny waist, sexy slope on lower back n big round booty. Awesome transformation.. Very happy 4 her..

Triangle board/foam ?

Good morning ladies! Doing amazing n you? Wanted to know if u could help me find a site that sells the triangle board for that sexy Coco triangular butt cleavage ? Considering the purchase.. Not quite sure if that only looks good 4 shelf booties or upside down heart bubbles (what I want)..

Also I'm doing great with my buddy search. Found one! She's amazing n we vibe beautifully so I feel blessed..

Also I plan on booking flight , but all supplies, book hotel and set up everything by August 1st (3 months pre op) for peace of mind lol ).. Duran has responded to all of my emails so be patient ladies she will get to you! She's become super popular ESP in recent days so don't worry dolls! Obsessed with yaris body. That's EXACTLY what I want :)

Found triangle board ladies!!

It's sold on it's $15 n I've attached pic of screenshot from 4 am this morning (I'm totally obsessed) lol

This site also has all the high end fajas (including faja disenos d'prada what yily n Duran recommend).. I wouldn't order one oine without trying one on first in person if u could make trip..

For my New York dolls there's a faja shop that sells the fajate n faja disenos on Webster avenue and east Fordham road and while its final sale you can try them on b4 u buy :)

Also copped the tummy flattening board

I've also ordered the large pear shaped tummy flattening board.. There r all types of shapes n sizes but figure the larger the better n was $32.99... Plus $10 shipping. Yay bought my first supplies :)

So obsessed with big booties I'm wondering if my newest wish pic looks 2 fake? :/

Another nice upside heart shaped bubble. This is Jessica Mericee aka super mega mami. Think it's too big? If yes then yay? Lol no just joking sisters .. I want it to be big n juicy but not fake looking.. What do u beauties think?

Jessica mericee waist line is cray

More pics of latest wish pic.. Not official wish, I think as cubanprincess pointed out after some resorbs ill look like yaris sanchez -- her latest newly re-up'ed look (my ultimate wish)

Just purchased some more supplies :)

Hey beauties! So I've received my triangle lower back board as well as my tummy flattening board (from and just ordered my arm compression sleeves, lipo foam and scar treatment gel from total $156 -- free shipping 4 orders over $150.. I've also finalized my supply list on (total so far $450) but that's including everything - from my x small squeem, to my vitamedica supplements to my $80 (smh) jobst thigh high compression stockings to female urinal, arnica gel n then some. Will post full list once it's super finalized..

Also chatted with Dra Durán via fb today.. Sent her my newest wish pics (of Jessica mericee) and my even more toned pre op bod (yay will post pics tomorrow) n asked if I had to gain n if so how much.. She said about 10 lbs .. Im 137 lbs as of this morning n def want fat ass so plan on Going in at 150-155 lbs .. Also sent her my wish boobs.. Always talking about wish booty but not wish boobs.. Going for this look ladies.. A full D cup :) which she said is attainable..

Been up from 2 am to 5 am on bbl supply/shopping duty..

Still considering buying stage 2 garment or back up garment to travel with.. Either going for the Salome or Fajas Disenos de Prada (Durans suggestion , haven't heard from her mouth but from another bbl sister here).. Ok my loves gonna try to catch some sleep now that I've successfully checked off a couple things off my list ..

My plan is to have all of my supplies , apply 4 passport , book flight n place deposit on hotel by end of this month.

My hard work paying off :)


Slimmer thighs.. Harder abs :)

Will gain the weight ladies.. I'm just enjoying getting fitter. A new me and can't wait to be a newer me!

Flight n hotel stay booked!!

Hey ladies! Had lunch n Booked my roundtrip flight (about $490) with my beautiful sx buddy. Very blessed to have found her

Another new Durán doll off her twitter..

Love love love the slim model shape (ESP upper body) n big juicy bubble. Omg nov 5th cannot come sooner!! :)

Pic of another Durán doll 2 mos post op

Workout plan!

Hey ladies ! Good morning! Keep In mind that I barely consume salt, I don't eat sugar, starch or red meat.. What do I eat? Sugar free/fat free yogurts, egg whites, all types of vegetables excluding beets, peas, carrots n corn (high in carbs/sugar), I drink at least 80 oz of water a day (sometimes with slice of lemon to cleanse my system) and don't eat after 730/8 pm ( i work until midnight)


I do 2 hrs of cardio a day (I prefer one hr on elliptical with arm handles and one hr on treadmill on highest incline speed of 4.5 mph which has helped my fat thighs (can't wait for Durán to lipo the heck out of them cuz some fat so stubborn -_-) get more toned ..

After cardio 30-40 minutes muscle training. Very important ladies! Remember I'm almost 100 lbs down naturally from 2011 (I was 226 lbs now 136 lbs (as I lightly tear of jou while I type this cuz everyone said Id never be able to do it being an obese kid/teenager/adult my whole life.. New iPhone so gotta get my fam to give me old pics so y'all could be my testimonial .. Even when I joined Rs u can c difference on my body but wasn't overweight.. You MUSCLE DO MUSCLE TRAINING ALONG TO PREVENT / MINIMIZE LOOSE SKIN which I only have on my breasts (which were a 38 DD NOW A SMALL 34 C sometimes B cup (depends on bra)

For my stomach -- 3 sets of 50 per side on torso rotation machine at 45 lbs (DONT go too heavy dolls)

Also leg lifts with ankle weights to rid of lower abs fat. Lay down n lift legs while hands flat on mat. Try 2 lb weights per foot minimum to feel that resistance..

4 sets of ten of bicep curl (5-7.5 lbs)
4 sets of 30 on tricep press (tricep fat sooooo stubborn so push beauties!!
4 sets of 30 on leg press machine at 70 lbs (again not too heavy ladies.. I have to stop this a little to not tighten my butt muscles too much b4 sx
4 sets of 20 on 90 lbs on hip adductor n hip abductor (for inner thigh gap n tone and for outer thigh definition)
4 sets of 20 back extension (I love this machine cuz it gives me that sexy slope in lower back.. Burns fat n I can feel the bone down there which used to be a mini shelf of fat b4. (Yay)

I want us all to get the best of our results. Lets be über sexy big booty beauties!!

Pls feel free to ask any questions!!

Yes I plan on gaining 10 lbs maybe even 15 for my Jessica mericee wish pic BUT will gain it the healthy way.

Come on ladies don't run to McDonald's n meat the most unhealthiest food to gain. We don't want to give high sugar/high sodium /high fat issues b4 sx . Would be debating to not have sx after doing such a thing..

I also don't consume fruit (during my personal weight loss journey notuced im carb sensitive) with exception of some raspberries/strawberries/blueberries once or twice a month -- which is high in antioxidants n less sugary particularly raspberries than other fruits..

So to gain I will load up on HEALTHY CARBS -- 100% whole grains, fruits (miss my banana n peanut butter ), nuts (which I minimized also to cut down extra fat), n will enjoy a little half n half in my coffee. I will still minimize my sugar n even then will only eat brown sugar (Splenda freak although not healthy I know).

Pretty excited to eat my Caribbean food again starting September -- will make couple exceptions for white rice (unhealthy high sugar processed carb) with my red bean sauce (fave), or seafood paella (yellow seafood rice), tostones n maduros (fried green n sweet pls fusion) n occasional fried pork (chicarrones).. Mmmm..

Not gonna lie gonna enjoy myself mid September :) (been a loooooong time)

So flight booked. Hotel stay booked. Got a couple supplies will have it all my the middle of this month . N happy, excited n READY!

God bless u beauties n happy healing to all the dolls from all docs n can't wait to be on other side myself!

My date is November 5th with Dra Durán :)

Bra-34c (def going for DD cup yay
Bust- 32
Waist- 25.5 (haaaaayyyyy)
Hips - 37

Wish -32-22/23-48? (Need hips in my life lost them with my massive weight loss)

Jessica mericee body a little extra dramatic but damn it I want that! Lol I need to n the curviest thing walking!!

Xoxo thx 4 the love n support beauties!!


I eat salads for lunch n dinner everyday.. Try spring mix ladies as its more nutritious than iceberg lettuce .. Allow yourself only 1 tablespoon of ur fav dressing (if lemon n extra virgin olive oil isn't your thing) n load up on the protein-- white meat , tuna whichever.. Add one- avocado, black olives, tomatoes, whatever u wish just be sensible :-*

Want to get prescription today..

Morning dolls!! I'm on my way to get a full physical with my PCP in about an hr. I need ur help as to how I can get her to prescribe me all the meds Dra Durán Asia ill news after the surgery? I'd prefer to fill them here AND my co pay is super low thanks to my insurance. Ayuda me por favor mis bellezas! I was thinking of showing her Durán's email but not so sure it'll be that simple I will be honest tho ..

Always smarter to be heart healthy b4 sx even when u have to gain ..

Hey ladies if u read my last post you'd c that I wasn't neccessarily going for losing weight but toning up. Not taking back anything from my new lifestyle. Just continuing to say healthy shape up and tone what I've made of myself :) nothing counterproductive about it. I know my body more than anyone and I'm extremely carb sensitive n it's extremely easy for me to gain weight due to my very slow metabolism . Starting in September id gain 5 lbs a month until my date and will have successfully gained at least 10-15 lbs for my bbl although Durán said ten pounds will do which is more than easy to do.

But to the supportive ladies who want to lose weight and or tone what they have follow the plan or make it work for you and let's get healthy!

Cardiovascular health should be a priority in Our health b4 and After Our Operation..

Durán never initially told me to gain any weight until I sent her a new wish pic with fatter ass (Jessica mericee) and said "maybe 10 lbs" .. She is extremely aggressive with her lipo sculpture ... Check her twitter page and RS Durán doll fluffytoo ..

I will continue to workout but only muscle conditioning 4 arms (want beautifully sculpted arms) , abs and shoulders as ill leave my legs n back to fatten up for my bbl..

Love y'all :-*

Yay :)

So had my physical.. Surprising my scale wrong n just off n currently 144 lbs but I'm sure it's from all the muscle I'm building cuz I'm slimmer /tighter than I've ever been . My PCP has agreed to give me my prescription for everything Duran lists in email (will go into detail later) with exception of the oxycodone.. (I already have my percs on deck lol)

I will get my test results in a week as well as my pick up of prescription. Yayyyy getting realer n realer!

Now gotta drop off passport app with pic I took last week, order supplies then I'm good to go! Scheduling another physical mid oct..


I went to faja store in Bronx n tried on the fajate disenos de prada garment that's suggested by Duán after sx. I was thinking I was a small but as of today I fit a 3XS! I was shocked n boy is that ish tight (duh I know right?! )

Couple things do I cannot get calves done as suggested by sakes rep cuz I wouldn't be able to walk (asked about the faja to the ankle ) ..

2- there is a thin stretchy comfortable material at crutch areas as well as on the butt. When I asked if I should cut out the holes I was told that when women cut the holes in the garments while they recover their butt is shaped like two basket balls sticking out which makes sense.. So she suggested leaving very light compression alone..

She also said to wait and hold on to purchase faja until after sx as they have a non refundable policy and that once after I'm done to come to her n she'd hook me up but not to waste money cuz 9 out 10 r never same size from what they purchased..

Exactly 3 months pre op today. Yay

Ok ladies will finally drop off this passport app today, n will post pics -- front, back n side of my 3 month pre op body by tonight.. Super excited. Will hopefully buy all supplies by this Friday ..

Ill get my results from my full physical this Thursday n will update you beauties.. Also I just ordered blood builder off As suggested by my beautiful sx buddy.. Here's a pic. It's all natural n bought a 90 tab supply.. It has awesome reviews on naturally raising hemo levels :) I don't even know if I have low ,normal or high level of hemoglobin but taking an all natural supplement to raise even more couldn't hurt :)

Also a pic of Durán's BA+ BL .. Love her boobs def want skinnier upper body though ..

Here's screenshot if Durán's twitter page 4 those having difficulty finding it..

More Durán contact info..

Here ladies cell number n info 4 Durán ..

Fajate store info in Bronx and NJ..

Here it is beauties...

BRONX (Fordham location)
387 East Fordham road
Bronx, NY 10458

4410 Bergenline Ave
Union City, NJ 07087

B4 n after post op Durán doll pics, BBL help list , and at docs office.. Waiting for my physical results n prescription...

Got these pix from future Durán doll laitcaramel's page.. I've been inboxes a lot of questions on her pix particularly breast pics since ill be doing my boobies n booty at the same damn time.. Here goes..

Also waiting at doc office. Hopefully she will prescribe me all my post op meds (except the oxy which she said she couldn't, but I already got my percs..) I'be been living super healthy lifestyle so very curious on my results-- particularly my hemo levels and blood pressure since I officially had my last sugarfree red bull last week..

BBL preparation list per Kirsty and others of RS

Thought it may be useful to u dolls :)

Hemo- 13.1

Ladies! I'm in "beautiful health " exact words of my PCP. Also below average 4 diabetes and high cholesterol.. She was beautiful spirited to put her own opinions on me going for new boobs n booty to side and send prescriptions for all my meds with exception if the oxy forte (which she told me she wouldnt cuZ its a narcotic).. Will give me the fraxiparine, mexapin, and amoxicillin at my next physical for my medical clearance...

She also said I'm in such great health that she'd give me my medical clearance at this very moment if I needed it for sx. Yayyyyyy!!

Slowly gaining..

Ok beauties now that I'm just about under the 3 month mark.. It's time to pack on the pounds!! I've reintroduced fruits into my diet (so far grapes, mangoes (my fave), kiwis (loaded with vitamin c), and apples) as well as 100 % whole wheat /grain wraps/tortillas/bread into my diet. Not consuming sugar/oil laden products as I don't want any blood sugar or cholesterol problems being that my health is "superb" (one of the words my PCP used to describe my health -yay)...

Enjoyed some white rice (no bueno) and red brand with some stewed chicken for 2 days (quantity of one large plate split for 2 days) n omg ladies when I say it's been about a yr since I enjoyed white rice OMGGGG - I've had a taste here n there- but first time I actually enjoyed it without wanting to cry afterwards (yes was a little obsessed) ..

Foods I'm officially adding my diet to GAIN WEIGHT THE HEALTHY WAY:

100% whole grain/whole wheat bread (make sure 100% ladies or its mixed with bleached white flour and will digest as sugar (no,no).. We need to avoid white flour 2 weeks b4 and after sx anyways so why not start now..

All types of fruits (particularly those loaded with vitamin c-- citrus, kiwis, mangoes etc.. Keep in mind there r several fruits we must avoid about a week b4 sx n will post once I get complete list as some contribute to bruising n swelling)..

Brown rice

Lean red meat

Goat meat (my fave)

And just allowing myself to snack a little more on things such as white cheddar popcorn (mmm whole grain ur watch out for high sodium) and sugar free chocolates (which I've been enjoying but limited myself to 1-2 pieces a day)..

More avocados (high in monounsaturated fat -- great for our heart)

Still continuing to work out but cut my cardio to 30 min as opposed to 2 hours and muscle training for an hr-- particularly torso rotation (want nice foundation in my abdomen area), tricep press, shoulder press and fixed row) .. Will allow thighs to fatten a bit.. I prefer my lower body to gain most of the weight .. Truly don't wanna lose these collarbones...

Dunno if I'm being overly stubborn but still wanna buy a faja to travel with just in case.. Found a couple on that I'm considering but perhaps I should purchase the suggested faja disenos de prada faja in a size medium as to not squish new big booty n wear with my purchased small arm compression sleeves and xs squeem if anything.. Sounds like a plan to me..

Ok dolls ..

Love u all! Have a great day! Found several pics of me I thought I lost 4ever on my laptop when I was over 200 lbs from a year ago.. Will post soon!!

And nuts..

One more thing I'm enjoying to contribute to my weight gain are NUTS! Unsalted (extra salt is never good news)

Need RH help ladies..

So I'm looking at the Real recovery armonia and the silhouette recovery house.. I've read the good and bad on both so while I know i cannot make decision solely off of opinions I can learn from them ..

As far as hotels go, Dra Durán suggests the plaza Florida suites , where she will send a nurse to care for you post op for $30 a day.. Still doing my research to find out how long "a day" is but I'm assuming a couple hours in morning and a couple at night? Will post info on all 3 and more RH options soon..

Any suggestions, beauties?

Ill be in DR for 12 days and have also read that a nurse really isn't used after first week.. I'm willing to drop however much I need to but would love a deal while guaranteed best aftercare ..

Travelers checks?

Anyone can give me insight on travelers checks? Unfortunately I've been told (not by Dra Durán herself) that she accepts cash only -_-

I'M NOT A RAP STAR ????lol so not comfortable carrying around stacks and racks on racks from country to country.. ????????????????

I'd truly prefer to carry travelers checks.. I've even heard that girls taped their cash on their leg for the trip (waaaow).. Damn right. Knowing my crazy self I'd prob hold it in places unheard of (just joking) lol

Pls help me out beauties.. Still waiting on final word from Dra .. Much love to you all!

By the way I just ordered this faja just in case in a size medium (weight 149-160 lbs).. I've officially gained 2 lbs (crazy right) but still working out (15 min cardio to get my heart ???????????? pumpin 4 health's sake )

While Durán suggests the fajate think ill buy down in her office (already received my foam n compression sleeves and faja fabric wash off

I just may also purchase my mastectomy bra and if not def the bandage...

Gonna start my blood builder supplements n try on faja..

I got both shipped to my cuz house so will try on my back up faja (although planning on buying official stage 2 faja from Dra Durán)...

Will let u beauties know how faja feels n of course update u on my hemo levels by oct 15th-20th when I plan on getting a second physical as well as my medical clearance :)

Startedmy blood builder supplement

Hey ladies.. So my hemo is at 13.1 now.. Shooting for 15 by nov 4th (my pre op)..

Enjoying this food OMG (100% whole wheat bagels, sugar free full fat cheesecake with strawberries, pumpkin bread, brown rice and 100% mango/grapefruit/orange juice (haven't drank juice in over a year)
Gotta gain but still working out..

Love to u dolls n omg loving lolajae's and DuranDolls results. I pray 4 such a sexy dramatic change. I truly wanna look crazy amazing like yaris sanchez/ Jessica mericee/ bernice burgos.. Aaahh!!

76 days to goooo!!

Faja tiiiight!

This size n faja tight n snug but barely fits my bite sized ass now. Think it's cuz my thighs getting so thick with this weight gain..

I was able to hook all the well, hooks n zip up n everything (fits beautifully at my waist) but feel like it compresses booty too much (as is) although has a heavy cloth like covering on booty area.. It's a Colombian garment so yea it fits right but I bought the med for backup post op n it fits me just right now.. I've sent an email inquiring for an exchange for a size large or xl so hopefully I can get my wish ... I doubt it but trying to stay positive.. If anything gonna sell here (let me know if talk interested) or just cut entire booty part out cuz everything else fits fine..

Funny hiw in a 3xs in the faja disenos de prada n medium in the fajate garments. Goes to show u ladies , everyone cuts differently AND I ordered according to size chart which a medium should fit up to 160 lbs I believe ..

Will post pix soon gonna get ready 4 work.. Love to u dolls!!

N like the beautiful doll samcurves98 n other dolls said wait to buy faja cuz the size is nowhere predictable to to swelling n body changes.. Hope I didn't lose my $110 dollars (not including shipping and handling)..

Yay so I can return my faja n get diff size!

Very happy about that.. Looking like I'm either going with a large n cut butt out or xl which should give me just enough compression everywhere considering ill be swollen n not suffocate my booty (may cut out anyhow..)

What do u ladies think? Size
Large/XL/or 2xL for my back up??

Remember buying official stage 2 (whatever Dra suggests) but figured since I've already spent $100+ then night as well get some type of use out of it :)

Durán is unbelievable!

Like waaaaaoooowww! I want this!!!!

Gaining weight ..

Good afternoon beautiful sisters. Congrats to u recovering n looking fabulous -- Durandoll, lolajae, booty4real, zuluprincess, and plenty more I cannot think off top of my head ...

Def gaining will update n post exactly how much once I get on accurate scale-- I estimate 6/7 lbs.. I'm still toning. Cardio still very minimal (15 min) but going H.A.M. (lol) on the upper body workouts.. Def keeping these collarbones (so obsessed) ..

I haven't been eating the healthiest foods as I went on vacay n guiltily enjoyed funnel cake, penne vodka, lasagna, mashed potatoes and red velvet cake along with plenty of mangoes, pineapple, peaches, bananas (missed my fruits which I obviously enjoyed without guilt)..

Will post pix soon.. Waiting on my exchanges size large backup faja in the mail still (although I haven't been home in a week ) but will update u beauties when I do :)

Just enjoyed a whole wheat bagel.. Mmm

Hey beauties!! Happy Labor Day! Hilarious how little guilt I feel eating these carbs.. Guess I truly missed them after 2 years..

Love yaris dramatic hourglass and nicki's boobs

My q&a on stopping birth control b4 my big day..

The answers vary -- I will def stop btwn 2 weeks to 1 month.. I am a little skeptical if not stopping at all as I want to keep my body clear if hormones and anything extra.. Will post what to eat n what not to eat 1 month pre op n post op soon!!

Beauties! Can't believe it! In exactly 2 months ill be boarding a plane to get body of my dreams from Dra Durán! Extremely excited!!


Yaaaayyyyyy ! By the end of this month I will have had all my supplies packed and everything!

My man paying for it but u know I got my own backup ;) AND not to sound conceded but I get stares (thirsty dudes) n haters (broads) as is and he seems to be getting worried or a little more insecure but said he blessing me with it cuz he loves and trusts me. I hope so... Just the other day this group of dudes were like "daaaayym ma you a model right?" I just pretended like I didn't hear them n my bf gave them the "u betta take ur eyes off my woman look" n they quit it but later that night uses that as confirmation that I'll drive too many men and women (girls hit on me all the time 2) crazy and prays my character doesn't change. Lord. It won't.. I'm naturally have fun open bubbly personality but that's what makes me ME..

The shipper of my backup faja sent me email and said my size large (my sisters who read my last couple blogs know what I'm talking about but heck if u don't I bought a size medium full body faja (getting full body lipo) but fit me just tight, I mean just right lol but 4 real that ish was tight as hell n I had JUST made it.. The pix n company name r in my review from about 3 weeks ? ago.. My faja will be shipped today so waiting on it and will finally post pics. Love y'all!! Congrats to the new n post op dolls!

Countdown starts NOW!

Got my passport!!!

Hey beauties! I'm crazy excited! Just got my passport in mail n it's getting and FEELING realer and realer by the day!

Yes nicki! Weeeeerrrrrkkkkkk!

Love her slope + crazy projected booty!

aaaah bbls are in fact becoming the new craze (as getting boobs once was but hey).. Dr j curves def putting it out there but he does give big booties so hey..

got my (exchanged) size L full body fajate faja

Will try on today n post pics (4 real this time) lol

My boobs r def filling out. I'd estimate I've gained 8 lbs already (some one at work - a 50 something yr guy at that- who knows how much of a gym rat I am) made unasked for comment n said "um I see you're getting big, why?".. I said well that's none of your business however I do c u staring at my boobs so it doesn't seem to bother you as it doesn't bother me,thanks! He looks embarrassed but laughed n said yea your boobs look delicious. I rolled my eyes and walked away ..

So yea it's noticeable. My old shirts n pants (previously size 4) barely fit. I can say in officially size 6-8 but my size 4 uniform still doing me justice except not feeling the tightness on thighs but I will say men r appreciating my thickness more n more ESP my bf (who been playing with my bosom nonstop since they've ballooned to the full c/d cup they r now..

I still work out. Down to 15 min cardio n just upper body workouts .. Will post a bunch of pix today. I'm 54 days pre op n I can't believe it!! Yayy :)

Backup faja pix as promised!

This is same faja from my aug 15th post but ordered a size L as the medium JUST fit my formerly size 4 frame (I'm roughly a size 6 now but not worrying .. Durán will hook me up! ) while the part covering butt is cloth is still a little on the tougher side I kinda wish it had more elasticity but may not even use this .. Just wanted to travel with one full body faja just in case . Maybe I should've gotten the faja disenos de prada brand Duran suggests but thought I'd get some use out of this one cuz I like the fact it's black (not excited about seeing blood n other bodily fluids all over my garment.. This is solely to have while my stage 1 garment is being washed... I def plan on buying my stage 2 garment at Durán's office according to what she suggests.. About to try it on 4 y'all n post... I'm also getting a bl and ba as you prob know n chose to steer clear of a garment with built in bra as I have no clue what size id be so to be on the safer side..

More pix :)

Ok ladies problem this size large faja TOO BIG! N fits just right on my barely there booty so it's cray. Too big on arms, too big on waist , too big on waist just barely compressing my big legs. OMG think I should return n ask for my size medium back or just keep this? While my booty would be waaaay bigger n the medium would be too small I'm considering asking (and paying for shipping for the size medium back as I doubt a refund would be granted but ill ask)..

It's a Colombian faja n I expected the size large to be considerably tighter considering the size just fit me perfect. This size L would be way too big after Duran sucks the mess outta me.. Keep in mind tho I have my compression sleeves (which I surprisingly haven't tried on yet) and will buy an xs squeem to put over my faja and I also have my triangle board and tummy flattening board :)

HELP LADIES! Keep this too big size large faja that slips right on n offers ZERO COMPRESSION any spot expect on my fat thighs? Or ask supplier for 2nd exchange info size medium that offered PERFECT compression on my formerly suze 4 frame (about 8-10 lbs-an estimate- less ago ) ??

Will stop being embarrassed n post pix of my fat ass (by ass I mean body lol) 2morrow..

SHOUT OUT to my girl (and super informative Duran doll 2 be NJEXCITEDDD on her info for us Duran pre op n post op dolls..

I too am gaining weight...

*singing watch out for the big girls* ???????????? I see you , NJ ;)

My goal for sx is 160 lbs. think to be honest I may only have 5 lbs to go. I ballooned so quickly cuz of my reintroduction to carbs-- flour , brown rice, fruits, etc but still working out n trying to keep upper body strength in particular..

Y'all so sweet

I get flooded with emails asking how hard/easy/long/short recovery was and how I felt after sx, and that the Rs member wants to c Duran cuz of my results...

Very flattered sisters (thank you) but I have not had sx with Duran yet. In regards to where my body was in tip top shape (about 2 months ago) came from hard work n sacrifice (went from about 230 lbs to 136 lbs in 2 years) from dropping the carbs, sugar , trans fats and working out with 2 hrs cardio a day, 1 hour muscle training 5-6 times (sometimes everyday of week) I was a straight gym rat..

I love u dolls and thx 4 compliments and like you I'm excited for Duran to complete my transformation . Much love!

Will post my full body pix..

I know I've been saying that beauties but been at bf crib (no full body mirrors) and the gym locker room isn't my top choice cuz I've become a little more self conscious of my fatter body ..

People think I'm crazy but I know what I feel and see and know n I can tell u I'm uncomfortable.. But 4 u sisters I will . Just gotta finish work (midnight) n get home n finally post. Thx 4 the kick in the butt NJexciteddd. Lol

I gained 19 lbs in 2 months!! Geez

Hey dolls! Moment of truth! I gained 19 lbs apparently.. I'm sure only a little is muscle weight but knew it'd come quickly due to water weight from re introducing carbs and fruits.. No one believes I gained the 19 lbs although I feel And see it ! yuck fat arms fat back and everything! To date I'm exactly 155 lbs from 136 in July . At gym now actually just working on upper body, and abs n while I have a crazy layer of fat over my abs they're there! I was too ashamed to post but thanks to sis Njexciteddd she told me we're all here in this together. Much love to u sis! Ok y'all please be kind lol

I look n feel like a linebacker..

Crazy how when I gain it look kray on my back (I look wider) and my arms n my thighs rub n I feel gross but I do admit I love how more feminine I feel since some of my fat made my boobs go from a 34 c to a 36 full cn even d (depends on which brand).

Another Duran doll from her twitter page :)

Hell yeaaaa ! Can't wait til my turn 46 more days!!

Condolences to our fellow Rs sis and yily doll lolajae

Send her some prayers and well wishes :-*

Stay strong lolajae! You look beautiful and praying for your strength

These fat fux of men r so annoying at my job ..

Why are the fattest oldest sloppiest men at my job telling me they think losing my beautiful figure and to watch what I'm eating and why i stopped going to gym ..kindly told some "don't worry I got it under control" and not so kindly to others " my business is my business and my body is none of their concern and I didn't ask for comments or opinions so they are not wanted or needed , thanks".

I used to wear a size 4 uniform n buttoned all three buttons on blazer now can only button bottom and pants can barely close. Can zip up but clip not clipping and my thighs r suffocating inside pants but fine will pick up my size 6 Pants i had when we were first issued our uniforms I just need a size 6 blazer n lord knows what ill need post op ;) haaay but they can all kiss my bubbly sexy ass n body once I have it n feel stupid..

Sorry for venting ladies I just didn't wanna cry. Told y'all I looked like a linebacker :( one chef even said my back used to be so slim, what happened.

A lil over a month 2 go n dunno what to tell mom or if I should even mention it?

I love my mother with all my heart n while she knows some of my deepest darkest secrets I'm somewhat stuck as to if I should tell her about my ba n bbl coming up in 37 days.. She knows I've always been serious about a boob job ESP after my weight loss but she's always advised to wait after I have kids. I'm 25 n while I'm getting "old" I kinda still wanna wait another 5 years to have them. I've never been confident enough to party n enjoy my youth cuz of my past (hallelujah) obesity .. Sidenote - just 2 years ago was 226 lbs and im 5'5"..I've joked about getting a booty but she told me its unnecessary cuz I'm a "beautiful girl" but ugh moms will always try to lift up or self esteemed n we gotta love them for that.. But she seems more unhappy when I joke about getting a booty than boobs and little does she know I'm getting both at the SAME DAMN TIME, in LITTLE time! Aah..

I want to just tell her but like everyone else in family they think I've grown to be over obsessed and some even call it perfectionism and low self esteem with my appearance .. Sure we all have insecurities (I wanna get veneers in the next yr or so although ill admit my smile is fine..) but I don't feel like there's anything wrong bettering our appearance..

So ladies I need your help. Should I tell mom I'm getting both? One? And should I mention DR ? Which I know for a fact she won't be happy with. She's from the island..

All my vitamins I'm taking religiously until my date :)

Gonna tell my mom that I'm getting a bbl. I just don't know when .. I don't know if I should do it by next week or closer to my date (I honestly think that'll make her more upset)...

One more thing sisters--i just recalled one of mom's co workers got lipo and breast augmentation (no bbl) in dr and swhile she said she looked nice she said her surgeon "left messy stitching" (exactly how mom described it) all over her body and said she looked amazing in clothes but a "cheap rag doll" (cuz of "stitching" left behind).. I dunno if I'm looking 2 much into this but feel that dr left funny taste in moms mouth 4 medical tourism (and my moms from the island) so I dunno how to say it but I made up my mind to def tell her thanks to you sisters :-*

But I need ur help again. How to phrase??

My moms the sweetest woman I know but also one of the most stubborn..

Help pls :)

Meds.. N yesss made my goal for oct 1st--

I'm 160 lbs. feel like a cow but still have my collarbones n super honest cuz and mom said I look 140lbs now (said I looked 125 lbs at peak of fitness) so yay

Meant to say vitamins (not meds) though I'm on crazy cold meds ..

Cuz I think I caught my brothers strep throat. I'm effin loaded I can't get sick! Took all my vitamins from pic above (ESP vitamin c) n bf on his way with cold meds and soup (drinking tea too). I'm pissed but praying its not strep throat or ill need antibiotics..

Ok so I made my 160 lb goal for oct 1st. The scale at my home is about 3 lbs under cuz I was 160 lbs at my moms honest scale yesterday. Happy I made it and while I'm large I'M IN CHARGE so haaayyy ;)

Um is it me or r girlfriends getting more jealous the closer u are to sx?

It's like first with the weight loss, then with the fact my awesome bf paying for everything then crazy jealousy and attitudes more than apparent since my recent excited announcement (with squealing ) that my date is just around the corner ... Now bitches acting up n saying they happy 4 you but acting otherwise. It's like damn. U been jealous 4 a min but cut that hatin ass shit out 4 once or don't show it at least.. Makes u look weak you know? I'm always dealing with a hater - from every age and race but we fam (or supposed to be) so that's stupid

Yesss! Show off day projection , DEE!

Projection is crazy important to me. Def more important than wide hips, really. Don't want to look 2 wide from front or back.

Happy Sunday beautiful dolls! I know y'all prob saw this..

But I'm very excited n ready to see Duran. I have to admit I still have some more items to but (smh at my prob 16 items cart with $500 worth of stuff) but keep in mind my jobst compression thigh high stockings are about $80, my descansa breast pillow is $50 and my vitamedica pre op n post op supplements are $100 so there we go.. Included in cart is female Urumqi, arnica gel, sinecch arnica pills, Benadryl anti itch gel n other essentials which I will list completely soon ..

But some of Durans latest dolls have me smiling from ear to ear and I simply can't wait!

28 days :)

Personal life drama but nothing and I mean NOTHING is coming btwn me be my sx .

Um is Dr Duran getting paid for this?

While visiting my favorite ratchet gossip site, I see one of Durán's latest dolls exposing the bbls procedure .. And while it's nothing ri be ashamed of thought it was sad this patients photo was most likely posted without her consent n I say most likely cuz she was insulted and her body type was compared to Paula Patton which was unfair.. Anyway here goes


I need ur help ladies cuz this upcoming week or next week at latest is when I will talk to my mother .. For some reason I don't feel like she'll try to s*** on me as much as I fear but I'm not gonna lie .. I'm nervous so I need y'all help as to how to sit down with her n explain -

1- it's not gonna affect my psyche
2- I'm still a student
3- that I'm not doing this "for men" (carribbean fam sometimes assume too much)
4- that dr is safe

Aaahh help please :/

Correction to yesterday's post..

I just re read what I wrote n meant to say I READ THAT ONE OF DURÁN'S LATEST DOLLS WAS EXPOSED 4 THE BBL..

Correction... You dolls prob realized that reading the context but just to put it out there..

And to that doll if ur reading- YOU LOOK INCREDIBLE!!

Wtf RS ! I typed up a length post about the talk with mom went and it's not in my review!!!!

Im annoyed but will type a lil summary ..

So after leaving my dads (who called her n told her I was on my way after she was texting me back n missed my calls letting her know I was coming thru ) I went over to moms.. About 30 min away from pops. I was thinking long and hard as to this being "the talk"... I kiss her n ask her how she was n complimented her gorgeous skin (her trademark and thanks to her its mine too :) then she complimented my style n said she was in love with my pants (these cute med-high waisted jeggings with super cute hold zippers on hip area creating an illusion of hips :) n yes dolls I can't wait to get them..

She asked what size n I told her a large n she said what?! In what country are u a large?! I said "haha thx mom but I'm huge. N feel huge. I gained 20 lbs" she said no way! I I thought maybe 5 lbs but that's it look at you! You still have your bones! ("Bones " are my collarbones I worked so hard for n never had until my dramatic weight loss but managed to keep with my upper body exercises - yay)

Me: "mom I gotta tell you something n it relates to why I'm a cow"
Mom: "first of all you're gorgeous and still look slim (I hide it very well with layers ) so stop calling yourself a cow " and please baby don't tell me ur pregnant "
Me : "no no no no no mommy never!! I've been on birth control religiously for 8 yrs now for a reason Mom and no ring on my finger (as i totally wear wedding band my bf gave me so my mom totally gives me this -_- face as she looks at it lol).. "No boo I'm getting a procedure done n had to gain this weight to have sufficient amount if fat for optimal ( cute word for my dream of a GIGANTIC VIDEO VIXEN body n booty right? Tee hee) results.
Mom- "uh huh..."
Me- "I'll be getting a breast lift with lipo of arms n legs and stomach with its fat grafted to my butt. I'll be--"
Mom (cuts me off n says) "I KNEW IT!" My mom is from the island herself n some Caribbean dolls here can relate to those dreams moms(and I) get too -- about someone being pregnant, or someone in danger or near death, lotto etc) she said "you're doing this in a matter of days overseasaren't you?"
Me- calm n barely creeped out cuz she always gets moms intuition plus detailed dreams about her kids ..
"Yes mom I'm leaving nov 4th operation nov 5th for santo Domingo
* mom gives a slight eyebrow raise /wtf is ur deal face *
And says " ok.. Well let me tell you. First of all ur gorgeous. U can barely walk on street without someone stopping you .. Please tell me you know that" I understand her worry for me having low self esteem cuz is say for 20 of my 25 years I was teased for being overweight/style less.. Braceface-four eyes (Yes I had braces and glasses) you name it. They even incorporated "fat" into my birth-name which flows very well actually but anyway..
I go " yes mom thank you but this is part 2 of my improving my look "( part 1 was my 90 lb weight loss)
I'm first relieved she didn't grab a machete upon my confession (just joking my moms the sweetest) then I grab my iPhone nearby after she interrupts me to excitingly tells me she has a twitter account (hehe I don't even have a twitter (which already had Durans twitter page on it ) n tell her cool! My doc has twitter too! N show her some pics n as she says "wow" she looks at me n tells me PLEASE don't tell me you will get a derrière that big!"
Me- no no mom if course not just some rounding out. (LIE LIE LIE--!Rounding out?! Haha far from it I'll be rounding out for 3 booties but didn't wanna tell her lol think this confession was big enough ESP since I'm only 3 weeks away..
Then she tells me something that threw me off--
Mom - "shes a female? Oh." (Mom just so happened to have bad experiences with many female docs n 360 deg differently positive treatment /attitude from switched-2-male doctors.. Sounds nuts but I witnessed it my own self ESP after she came to me feeling defeated after breast exams or Pap smears :( poor beautiful mommy .. think it cuz of her beauty n super kindness so they try to play her cuz she too sweet sometimes..
Mom "we I'd go 4 a procedure.. I want to get rid of these lines and she points to her barely there frown n expression lines btwn her eyebrows) n I excitedly say "yes! They can graft fat to the face! Better than putting foreign substance in ur face (I'm a hypocrite cuz I'm getting implants but hey)
Mom-sounding excited - "oh wow really?! I'd do that!"
Me- " yes well I can look up some docs here if u want as I prematurely say mention dr schulman can do it.. I can see if I can schedule a consultation 4 you"
Mom "ok..aah you've grown obsessive about ur looks n r never satisfied but thanks 4 telling me cuz I already knew (mind u dolls I haven't even told my cool but very judgemental sisters)
As one comes home from work n I give her the pls keep the secret face n she winks

So yay dolls!! Mission complete and mom hasn't disowned me.. Yayyyy!!!

gotta pick up rest of supplies..

picked up my meds this afternoon yay. I have everything but the fraxiprin which ill try to get her to prescribe .. now gotta buy some loose fitting clothes and buy rest In my amazon cart (total of $500 in supplies geez).. yayyy

19 days!!!

Omgggg! Bf bought my 24 inch spinner luggage case today yay n starting to pack!

Bought 95% of supplies :)

Will type up detailed list of supplies but spent a total of $500 excluding the $150 I spent a couple months ago ($100 pair compression sleeves , lipo foam , my tummy board and triangle lower back board) .. I have yet 2 buy my ensure, boppy pillow, some cotton long tanks , wipes (antibacterial and feminine) and most importantly clothes! Gonna buy 3 maxi dresses with carigans to hide arms lol, 2 comfy robes and 3-4 Victoria's Secret pink sweatsuits. Yay :)

Oh yes

Also gotta buy thick maxi pads (4 swollen popola/pum pum/va-jay-jay) and heavy straps 4 garment ..

17 days!!

Most of my supplies should arrive by tomorrow.. Only prob is my descansa breast pillow will reach btwn oct 24tg -nov 7th certainly praying it arrives before the 4th.. Aaahhh :)

By the way dolls tell me how mom texted me a pic of wish pic of back in day (girl had projected booty but kinda looked like implants/2 big basketballs) n begged me to keep it classy not trashy and to not get a huge booty. I texted her back n said of course I wouldn't dream of getting that look and pointed out the very unnatural looking shape n as she was relieved n that made me happy, um mama.. I'm sorry I want n need a HUGE upside down heart bubble but ill deal with a speech after ... I'm 25 and no longer a child n while I love n respect my mother with all I love for , I have 1 life to love and one body to achieve n keep .. I'm crazy excited dolls!!

Loooove Durán's results


More post op Duran dolls



16 days!! I have my physical/medical clearance spot on Monday the 21st exactly 2 weeks before my big day. Praying my hemo up from 13 to a 15 or more if even possible :)

My squeem vest, arnica gel, my facial mask (2 minimize swelling) , pEX female urinal,and one sheet of my 8x11 lipo foam that WASNT included in my amazon prime membership that I had to pay $8.00 shipping for (argh) has arrived but I realize ima need more foam. Only have (2) 8x11 sheets n want maybe 10 for my recovery.. Also planning on buying compression socks from compression (check it out ladies) search for 30-40 mmhg which gives highest compression ;)

Also considering the comfy breasts pillow as seen on Eli89?'s page also on njexciteddd for those of us getting a bbl and ba :)

*appt not spot

4 my neducal clearance.. Ugh I just wish my vitamedica recovery supplement kit came already..

Info from my " medical clearance"

Hey beautiful dolls!! 13 days until I am blessed with my new body!! Aaahhh!! Yayyyy!!

Ok so the reason I put quotation marks around the words medical clearance is due to the fact that my PCP hasn't given me a physical clearance note (think she paranoid )and while she supports me kinda doesn't believe I NEED to go for sx cuz she says I'm beautiful, young, Yada yada but hey she's a mom too n think she looking at it from moms shoes.. But anyway...

Also because my insurance covers only 1 physical a year, n I already waited almost an hr to see her after my scheduled appt and had so much to do today I agreed to just check my hemo count ..

Ok dolls. As y'all know I lost about 90 lbs naturally in course of almost 2 years.. I have pix up n need a not so known to jealous fam/friends pic to post as I know they r most likely lurking I my page but won't even acknowledge my presence #childishlameandpathetic but yes, a after my hard wrk n efforts to get closer n closer to my dream body was told by several docs I had virtual consultations with (salama -whom I never posted about cuz btwn us was only 1 email n wasn't 2 sure about but will say his post op dolls now (and yes b4 #nonegativity here)!look crazy incredible with the only hourglass, jimerson (who also does great work), and salzhauer (good rep n work) that I had to put on 10-20 lbs (depended on where my weight was at time of consult) but all generally wanted me at 160-165 lbs for my wish pix -- tiny waist n massive upside down bubble booty (a la bernice burgos, blac chyna or deelishis NOW -- all who've had touch ups n look perfect in my eyes )

It's almost 5 am so ima cut it a lil shorter..

I've officially gained 22 lbs (wtfffff) in past two months (when I had my last physical) doc said she couldn't believe it n I look like I've only gained about 10 n that she wishes me the best of luck..

My hemo is an 11.7 (NOOOOOO! I was at a 13.1 last appt but my period did in fact just end n she told me not to worry..

I'm 5'5".. And - omg I can't believe it-- wait for it dolls..

166.4 lbs!!!

WHOOOAAA! When she told me that I was floored like what?! I mean I've been enjoying my rice and beans, and guava pastelitos (stuffed sweet pastries)-- hey njexciteddd --, guanàbana shakes and my carbs again but daaaayum!! I've only been to mcdonalds once n Taco Bell once n was pretty shocked except not too much because being overweight my whole life and yo yo dieting since I was 11, I knew weight -- water weight in particular that turns info fat-- returns quickly after a no carb-no sugar "fast" which is exactly what I did about 9 months ago..

My bf took me to docs n patiently waited until I was done -- and is funding my bbl/ba - if ur being a lurk and reading this- I LOVE YOU!!- n was also shocked that I gained so much in so little time n also thought I didn't appear as much as scale said..

My blood pressure 120/80 (yay cuz I thought it was too high cuz I been enjoying my salt too which I will stop by next week as well as sugar n white carbs to minimize my post op swelling) so that was a relief..

Going to continue .. So yes dolls I'm actually a little over my goal weight for sx n curious as to if u think I should lose a little or keep what I have for my fat booty be??

Looking like ill get my 4 weeks off from work (yay) cuz of my closeness n good repor with my HR manager despite my hatin as boss wanting me to be back after a week ..

Also I've officially stopped my birth control a little "late" due to my super active lifestyle en la cama (sex life) with my bf (mmmmm) sorry if tmi n when I addressed fact that I've been (incorrectly) using spermicide suggested n if ok to take the morning after pill she immediately prescribed me a one dose one pill prescription for it (which my insurance fully covered --another yay) n when I asked if it poses a threat to me since it's kinda like b.c. She said getting pregnant on table or shortly after poses a GREATER risk n to take it immediately n I promised to use both the spermicide n condoms. My extra spoiled has had enough respect to not whine (like he was when I told him new proposal) n I told him hey- ur paying for this n while I thank you, if I end up dead cuz u wanna be selfish then that's guilt you'd have to love with file ever-- yes a little extreme but men r slow-- u gotta talk with aggressive stern-ness (sorry dolls can't find proper word) or they won't get it..

So yes. Today bought 2 packs of I scented pads at dollar store (thick) , I scented baby wipes (to not get infection but may also cop scented wipes to at least not smell like I haven't showered lol) , and dettol antibacterial bar soap (gotta check my order on to make sure I have hibiclens on deck)..

Still gotta buy cotton t shirts, cotton "wife beaters" (ugh hate that term) , my compression gloves (don't want swollen hands) and thigh high compression socks with garter belt (will get the only 30-40 mmhg heavy duty compression ) cuz I'm getting lipo to knees n will look cray without them n thanks to other post op folks who said to get ones high enough at least to reach thigh ..

Shout out to beautiful post op Duran doll NUKKO_NECHELLE for stage 2 garment suggestion :) think ill buy the one down to ankles (bad part is that no notches to decrease waist but think a cop an xs (size I was at fitting about 2 months ago) n cut butt out but then part of me says just to wait after sx to buy cuz I've already spent about $250 on garments that I won't use -- the most recent is a size large n will be too big post op for backup but guess will bring anyway ..

Ok dolls!! I have 13 days to go for my new body (aaaahhh)

Will post full list of supplies this week. The folks from
Descansa breast pillow did said (per my request) that they'll shop my pillow before by the 1st so I can recover in comfort..

Also gotta buy ensures..

And chux
And comfy slippers
And about 4 comfortable outfits.. Gotta check weather in dr n def gotta leave NY with weather appropriate clothes too but thinking maybe only 2 cute full sleeved ankle length dresses and 2 pink sweatsuits or something cuz I def plan on taking it ez and recovering indoors (will be staying at Angie's silhouette recovery house)

Dang. Already spent about $600 on supplies (courtesy of my bf -- again-- thank you n I love you)) but will spend about another $400 on the supplies mentioned (those damn compression gloves are $140 alone).. Again will post info this week ..

AaHhh can't wait!!!

Now I have 98% of my supplies :)

Bought my ensures (actually the Walmart equate brand but ingredients r exactly the same, hibiclens, feminine wipes, antibacterial hand wipes, a big comfy Minnie Mouse onesie , a robe, a pair of pjs , a fleece pj dress , more 65 mg ferrous sulfate , 1000 mg vit c (need that absorbic acid to help in my quest 4 better hemo levels) .. I know I only have 12 days I'm just praying for a a hemo of 14/15 by my date. Sounds crazy but hoping for best (remember dolls, my count was an 11.7 due to end of my menstrual period couple days b4)..

Will post pix of current bod, supplies n all that in a day or two. So excited!!

OMG 11 days!!

My dolls! It's 4:19 am in NY n here I am on RS smh lol ..

Ugh my ec pill got me with the crazy migraine n bleeding side effect (took cuz I stopped bc n needed it) . Freaking out dolls cuz I'm only assuming it's causing my hemo to decrease once again but just took 1000 mg vit c and another 65 mg ferrous sulfate .. Praying for a 15 hemo levels but a 13 at minimum ..

10 days

Still effin bleeding , but lightly so you could say I'm spotting. Gonna follow one of my same date bbl suggestion and get that purabsorb iron drink mix-in.. If anything I'm def getting an iron transfusion. Truly wanna stay away from a blood transfusion (even if I were getting operated on here in the States).. Heard the iron shot from the DR pharmacy is $8 . N u better believe I'll buy $40+ if it makes a difference. I need my boobs n booty AT THE SAME DAMN TIME! Lol ????

Ladies make sure u have a secure and emotionally stable man by ur side

It's important we reassure our men that we love them n that we ain't going anywhere post op cuz their insecurities really start to show.

Read a post about a doll who husband questioned her every day until her big date causing her stress and high blood pressure --unnecessary .

Another doll had to deal with her bf monitoring her RS page- also sad, pathetic , demeaning and stressful.

Another doll who was a military wife had to deal with her husband threatening to take the kids n barely took care of them or her while she was recovering -- mind you she opted to stay in hotel vs recovery house n instead of hiring a nurse she counted on him (as any wife would) to take care of her n instead ridiculed her while she cried n was in pain instead of comforting her n even had effin audacity to leave their 10 month old baby in soiled diapers for days.

For all the bfs/husbands reading this. Take care of your woman n be supportive. Like my mother n gramma say - beauty is a blessing and a curse and it takes a real strong , emotionally stable and secure man to be by a beautiful woman's side -- and ladies reassure them ur not going anywhere after ur operation and if u do plan on leaving do so cuz he'll make recovery a living hell. My heart goes out to those 3 dolls. You know who u are n much love to you. You all look great :-*

I'm lucky to have mine who like any man gets nervous but shows his support 100% without drama n stress. N he funding it so I'm very very grateful . Not boasting of bragging ladies trust me when I say he nervous but excited at same time so it's all good..

I'm 9 days Away!! Gotta get more lipo foam , comfy slippers n 6-7 outfits n I'm set! :)

My breast pillow came! Just gotta pick up.. Ordered my compression sucks n gloves 2 prevent swollen hands, and my chux. Yay

Oh yes .. Another thing on list

I also need to buy somebelkyvring retainers .. Don't wanna lose my 2 previous belly button ring holes

Picked up my supplies from cuz crib..

Used her address for shipping n officially started my recovery support program . Yay in the kit is the clinical support morning formula/evening formula, bromelain (which instructs patients to start 3 days pre op to a week post op) and arnica pills. I'm 8 days re op n decided to start the program in addition to my daily cocktail of vitamins (featured in previous post -- 1000 mg vit c, 65 mg iron, calcium, my one-a-day women's , magnesium, b vitamin complex and my mega foods brand blood builder supplement..

Also bought glue on French tips n toes haha cuz I know I'll be sticking to that no sitting rule for at least 6 weeks.. So can still be a glam doll after all yay

Been up on here for past 3 hrs smh

So my bleeding from EC had officially stopped 2 days ago (yay)...

Will buy liver to build up hemo n will eat for 5 days straight. (Thx mom/bf/njexciteddd)

I bought couple outfits but need 2 cute super comfy sweatsuits and comfy slippers to walk around in..

I wish for a 22-23 inch waist. Sounds nuts but at peak of my fitness I had a 25 inch waist so it's possible.. ESP with Durán's skills ..

I'd love her waist (Laura Doré, model with 23 inch waist)

Post office giving me stress with this breast pillow business but gonna try to cuz to pick up 4 me today.. Long story.

N daaay yum dolls that foam cushion to cut out 4 my booty 4 when I wanna sleep in freakin HUGE!! I have no clue how ima travel with that ..

Ok my loves! 6 days!! Aaah only thing stressing me I wish I had moved out my apt by now (it's a steel 2bd floor walk up ) but ill deal.. Much love to you all! Thx so much for the well wishes dolls! Good luck n happy healing to the pre op n post op doll (of all docs)

This is my fav machine 4 my collarbones

Which obviously aren't as defined as before (when I was 22 lbs lighter) but still there..

* luv that it sez to 4get plastic surgeon.. Yea right! lol *

Foam cut out

My love said he can roll up for me n should fit in suitcase so hopefully that works :)

Got from another RS sister ..


This site,, is great for both ore op n post op dolls. Check it out. Got from another Rs dolls page forgot name, sry :(

Was happy to c that one of the brand of garments Duran suggests are featured here as the best in the market.. The marena brand which I recall post op Duran doll geemmy
my posted on her page too :)

One of Durans latest breast lifts ..

Just got off twitter..

I'm getting lift with implants cuz I never wanna HAVE to wear a bra (not that I won't lol) I'm sure they will get sifter a sag over time since they're still "natural" but her boobs look great.


4 days!!


Will pick up my breast pillow and boppy pillow this morning from fam's crib n will update you on its size n feel with pix tonight :)

Honored to be a real friend btw..

Thanks kirsty/RS community managers and all of u beautiful dolls :-*

* feel like I'm giving an academy award speech but I'm honored *

Pics of my supplies..

Will type out full list tonight my loves! 2 days away!! :)

Here dolls :-*

Staying at silhouette recovery ..

Hey dolls!

I'm stressing a little bit -- it's already 12:30 pm, I still gotta c family (all over Brooklyn cuz I don't plan on seeing them until 1 month post op cuz u know Caribbean families always poking n touchingly I'll be crazy annoyed .. There was a little drama /mix up with my reservation but Angie hooked us up (yay) will post her info shortly

Angie -owner of silhouette recovery house..

My buddy n I are paying $65 a night for 2 double bedroom.. I believe it's $75 for king bedroom ..

3 meals and snacks are included.. There was so much to do so I'm still waiting for confirmation for our massage lady .. (Ugh)

My compression socks n gloves never came thru -_- I'm pissed but will buy in santo Domingo today..

Also I ate some liver and whole wheat crackers for breakfast so I'm sure I won't be able to get my labs done today but will ask (doesn't hurt)..

I'm waiting at my gate (crazy excited) n will board in next hr and 15 min!! Yayyyy

ok RS im pissed cuz i had one more sentence to type b4 i posted my review but i love you all and will type again -_-

ok ladies will try again but will type shorter version...

met my buddy (RS member) at JFK and we hugged each other (we've met up a couple times in the city for lunch/dinner/etc and boarded our plane as we chatted..

while we boarded the plane a nice flamboyant gay black flight attendant who asked if we r here for vacay and is it our first time, etc.. my buddy told him we were gonna get "new bodies" and I laughed and agreed and he said he was only 1 week post op and he would find us on plane to tell us about his experience..

so after a cup of cranberry juice, terra blue potato chips and a mini bag of Doritos later (courtesy of JetBlue) he came back to us and asked what exactly we were doing.. she said a breast lift without implants and lipo to full back and full abs with fat to hips and butt... I of course said "ok are you ready... lipo to full back, full abs, circumferencial thighs, arms, armpit , breast lift with implans and fat grafting to hips and butt for a big beautiful booty.. he goes DAMN ur pretty (to both of us) and that we're gonna come out looking great.

he got lipo to full back, full abs and thighs (no bbl) and let us feel his Faja Salome (who has a store one block up from here at Silhouette Recovery.. ) said after sx with yily (who he said was nice) that he was placed in a M and is now wearing a XS faja. yay. and we exchanged numbers with him.. come to find out he from Brooklyn so u already know we gonna show out in the streets of BK!! haaayyy

but will post pics of recovery house soon (sorry our room is a little mess now) but took video of ride from Angie's driver (forgot his name :/) car for about a couple min from airport ont he road. I gotta take more pics of the officers with the ak 499's just parlayin in the streets. young officers too..

ok dolls. 9 pm is our cut off time for food/liquids but angie said we can do water...

we've eaten tostones (fried plantain), BBQ chicken, and yellow rice for lunch and penne chicken Alfredo for dinner. fresh grape juice, and fresh pear juice,. yum.

im still feenin for my seafood paella, guanabana shake , mango shake and a slice of bizcocho dominicano (Dominican cake) but I know ima have to leave the cake alone post op but its kk..

will wake up 5 am to leave at 545 am and be at CIPLA by 6 am for labs..

love angie.. she has made arrangements for a private nurse for me and buddy (who will most likely share same room with me) cuz I asked about the real on the trifling nurses (who I heard are really only the PM shift nurses and that the AM nurses are kind and sweet as pie) and I expressed how I don't want to recovery in misery (more than the trauma my body will be put through-- heard that aggressive lipo they do here in D.R. is no joke but beauty is pain so i'll deal but will pryaing wont be bad or unbearable)..

we're also gonna ask Duran about massages since she is the one to clear us for massages..

Thx 4 all the love dolls!!

Forgot to mention yesterday that CIPLA was closed yesterday cuz it was constitution day ..

So we will do our labs today..

Angie got our driver to pick us up at 5:45 am and we basically walked into an open clean dark lobby CIPLA B4 sunrise .. We're told Duran will be here by 730 pm.. Angie says she will be here shortly and age "spoke to Duran" half hr ago. I doubt that but guess she wants to reassure us that she got our back in this..

Enjoy the pics :)


Smh @ RS cropping pics

Excited you guys!!! Gotta calm down.. Don't want high blood pressure lol

I'm going in my loves

I'm waiting for blue pill (midazolam) and I'm ready !

More pix

La oficina

My weight , hemo n more

My blood pressure is normal, hemo 12.9 (thank God), and I weigh... Are y'all ready..

169 lbs!! Whooooaaaa! I've gained almost 30 lbs wtf! But when I took off my clothes Duran said I was beautiful with a beautiful body and that I will look more amazing than I do now..

Duran is a doll. Nice makeup. Cute suit with a couple buttoned undone gray blazer over her white button down dress shirt . I said her boobs are beautiful and asked how many ccs she had , she says 450 cc which look like a full c cup.. She said a 400 cc (kinda medium sized implant , not too big) would do me well since I already have sufficient breast tissue..

DURANS SPEAKS FLUENT ENGLISH. All she has is a lovely soft Dominican accent .

Met mamacita 1875 in lab room (hey boo) n we chatted about RS. She asked to take simple nice pic but I prefer to keep my identity private but still continue to share my story n photos at same time :)

My room @ CIPLA

Pics of my room

Trying pix again

Still waiting.. Still didn't take pill. I'm second of day. I'm ready n hungry lol


Will post details when jgace more strength but I wasawakefie a lot of operation.. While it wasntlainful really, I did tell Duran n her team "tengo dolor" in as loud of a voice as I could n they heard me.. Felt it when they were doing my arms and hips n breasts..

I have no idea what I look like cuz I was wheeled back to my room in the blue gown n lifted onto my bed n I know I look amazing cuz Dra Duran actually just sate road into my room n told me I'm beautiful n she was able to lipo almost everything I wanted -- I don't think knees cuz she didn't bring up when I asked questions but she did my ARMS, inner thigh, full back, full abs and fat transfer to hips n butt (I asked to just round out my hips didnt want them huge) n breast lift with implants..

Only thing painful right now is my breast lift scar..

Let's pray for my beautiful roommate,T, who is about toreceive a blood transfusion ..

IM A DURAN DOLLL !! And I feel beyond blessed!! God is everything ! When I c mamacita1875 I'll let y'all know too :(

My Spanish works

So Im over here thinking my Spanish sucked but did not only everyone think I was Dominican when I said no (reppin Haiti over here) some were ignorant and said your color was beautiful n didn't think u were Haitian n others said my Spanish is great n that they couldn't really tell .. So that's my experience and the DR folks. The ignorant ones were still polite n kind n hilarious a couple men on staff asked for my # ( and no not cuz they knew I was going for a bbl lol) but anyway.. It kinda sucks they don't e have pillows here BUT they raised my head section of bed so I could feel like I had a pillow n offered extra sheets. I'm very happy with CIPLA, my room and the staff and of course getting the works with Dra Duran. She asked if she could use my pics on Instagram during the pre op pics so that was cool.. I accepted but need to mention I need my tats covered .. What ejse..

Oh by the way dolls we cannot eat anything until 4 hours have passed post op cuz mixed with the anthesia n cause us to get sick n nauseous so 2 hrs down n 2 to go cuz u could imagine I'm STARVING!


Called mom , sisters n bf n they all happy (over relieved - think while they supported me were still worried about me flying down here (since they know both sides of island very well)..

Hey dolls moment of truth

Booty still on fire n arms bleeding like crazy from the arm lipo.. Can't wait to c Duran later .. One of the very sweet cipla nurses came in to remove some of the gauze n tape wrapped around my stomach (hurts like hell although she was as gentle as possible ) cuz my skin is crazy sensitive and sore after lipo n told. Me n my buddy she will return in 20 min to put on our faja. Not looking forward to it n was told not to take additional medication other then what's in my IV now -- 2 liquids one clear one for hydration n another dark reddish yellowish liquid for our hemoglobin. My buddy had a blood transfusion y'all but she doing great n is super strong n blessed to have her with me..

Nurse is here kinda getting nervous for this faja business ... OMG so uch pain but u gotta suffer to be beautiful so I'm dealing..

I have a Drain tube, a catheter and an IV.. Kinda feel helpless with out these nurses but I haven't met nor had a single rude one. Thank God :)

My faja pix n more

Hey dolls. I will start by saying n yes I know recovery is different for everyone but when us dolls go for something like the " triple play" like mamacita1875 told me while we were getting our labs done , it's not a joke..

Remember dolls I got lipo on my ARMS, INNER THIGHS,FULL ABS, FULL BACK, ARMPITS with a breast lift with 400 cc implants. I got the works!!

My waist n booty n breasts look amazing n I will be the millionth person to say pics don't do it justice at all.. Looks flat without production I pics but far from. Duran was very happy with how I look n asked if I could be on her Instagram which I just read was canceled (dunno why).. But I was forced into a size L I think marena brand faja that cute a little b4 the knee n when I asked Dra Duran if I may pls buy the full leg faja instead she said she didn't have any so I this wil do with my compression stockings I bought at cipla had my knew and ankle support that I bought With me just In case I needed it..
I accidents peed a little on my faja while using the pEZ female Urumqi n while it's easy solution my drain give got in the way but got my faja cleaned .. I aj also wearing the marena compression vest 4 my new arms, new boobs n flat smooth back :)

How do I feel honestly? Recovery is tougher than I thought n everyone from Duran to RS sisters warned me about how stuff n painful arbs would feel with chance of lee song cuz arms in general bleed a lot n yes I messed up two changes of sheets while my barn vest faja was soaking in blood-- the right arm in particular..
I am sleeping on my boppy with a pillow n sheet under my back that's how ima sleep until I can flip to add or over (which don't be until I am 3-6 months I will flood these rules to a tee.
Duran suggested sleepin on back n Angie (who also had work done -- tummy tuck n lipo full abs n full back plus implants no lift n looks amazing.. She went to a make dr doctor u forgot his name I think Riodroguez..

Here r some pics to enjoy n trust me I have a dramatic silhouette n big round booty which fifths n Angie driver was like wow look at ur waist, tits n ass so I'm very happy can't wait to c myself without these pads n wifebeaters n faja !! :)

More faja pix

Sipping on my fresh mango milk shake I asked for n Angie's nurses r amazing

Pain during sx

I woke up several times n felt my tits getting cut with implants being put in (didn't hurt) but lipo to waist n arms hurt. I said dolor dolor especialmente en mis brazos! ( lots of pain especially in my arms) n Duran said don't worry beautiful we're almost done (in Spanish) she was schocjec how great my Spanish was n I was pleasantly surprised how great her English was :) I dunno what's going in but seems like RS is copping pics big hopefully it's just the view on my phone.. Will try to answer as many questions as I can soon cuz even holding this iPhone n semi weighted leather case is hurting my arms..

Dunno what I would do..

Without these angels of nurses .. They rotate in shifts but my favorite two are Gabby and Stefany-- nurses Angie has here in house.. I'm will be completely honest with you dolls. Now that the epidural has worn out 100% I'm in a lot of pain , everywhere.. My beautiful new breasts are very sore and I feel the occasional internal electric -like zapping (that's prob the nerves trying to find their place )..

Also the back big my thighs, booty and arms hurt like crazy cuz of the aggressiveness of lipo that was used on them but jas yes that arm lipo business is cray. Got me feeling a little helpless at the but I've been getting ions mind n walk several stood feet b4 I feel the pain is unbearable..

What else? Ugh peed in my faja again but luckily enough my camishaper(order on cami

Ok dolls gonna try tub cheek b thanks fit tray thank you :)

My bf is the best he just guy me m

Pardon my post with spelling errors..

Passing out while I type it.

Yay it's 2:34 am and ..

Guess who was able to wake up n pee directly into my P- EZ without soiling my faja!! Yaaayyyy they jey

Love my bf

While I hope n pray that my bf doesn't drive himself crazy with the new (added) attention I'll be getting -she on the jealous possessive side), i thanked him a million times 4 my beautiful flowers had asked if I heard the wedding belo. May say yes bug like njexciteddd i gotta be sure I'm positive he the one n he gotta wrk on his insecurities first..

Oh yes dolls .. When Duran came into our room post op I asked she by I asked about LIPO FOAM and AB& BACK BOARDS. She mentioned they don't sell here in dr due to the heat and that the products would contribute to swelling cuz they ADD HEAT to the skin .. So I'll follow her advice n prob start wearing when I return home.. I have my post op appointment with Dra Duran on Monday so sny questions dolls write up on here n I'll ask as many as possible :)


Food , faja, etc

Dunno if I'm being stubborn but wanna nice to second row although skin very sore n in pain so I did first top row by myself .. That's all my arms would allow me to do lol

The food at Angie's is great but I suggest for the folks coming here or elsewhere to ask nurses for as little salt as possible. We're eating mangú, Dominican macaroni salad, (also I think a no no) stewed beef, hard boiled eggs n toast for breakfast, chicken soup with crackers but I think we should minimize our salt as much as possible to drain easier n to heal faster. Food was good but ate only a 1/4 cuz I'm not trying to leave here looking like the Michelin man lol so hopefully they'll fulfill my request. My calves r burning (as they always do when swollen) n nurse was kind enough to rub arnica on them n gave me a little massage n they feel a little better .. My backup faja cane in handy fur when they had to wash my original marena so I say bring a size medium/ large faja with out just in case. I'm in a size medium vest n faja .. Can't wait to feel better n like I said I ding regret at all just regret the pain n please ladies bring ur own pain meds cuz they aren't strong here in dr (from what I was told)

Hey loves..

So I cleared it up with the nurses. Thank God I speak some Spanish.. Told them the good was delicious but not appropriate post op.. We were served fried sausages and tostones (fried plantain) n after taking a bite of sausage n ate three tostones I said I could no longer eat for my taste buds and that lipo + added fat /oils DONT mix. Also told them that the saltiness from the foods served since we've been here has been contributing to our swelling and ultimately our pain and healing..

I've tipped two nurses $5 n was kinda turned off that another one asked for $20 more (girl u better fall back) although she has been great to me.. She (stefany) is by my side every second n listens (never sleeps) to hear me moan in pain or when I try to get up to she bathroom alone she literally rubs to meet me at my bedside to help which is cool so I have her another $8 just now n told her more later. I was planning on blessing her with a lump of prob $10 or $20 anyway but she lost some bklynbeauty points 4 that.

Also I had my first bowel movement earlier this evening. N dolls OMG . While I felt better my hard booty against hard toilet seat was OD painful. Plus straining to push out was a b too (was killing my stomach) I haven't taken any stool softener yet-- what's my problem right but will do in morning.. Oh yea n cuz my arms so freakin stiff n in pain from lipo, Stefany was kind enough to wipe my ass with tissue and wipes .. Still don't like that she asked for more tip $ n told me this convo was btwn me n her. U better believe ima tell my buddy but I acted like I wasn't gonna cuz I need her. Barely any upper body strength. I couldn't imagine how crazy I'd feel if I weren't keeping the chest press, bicep curl and tricep extension a part of my everyday without routine ..

What else.. I've missed two days of my recovery support from vitamedica from being too weak and in Pain to care but started again yesterday .. My room is nice n cold but my lower arms n hands swollen like crazy (compression sleeves only cover 3/4 of my arms )..

OMG dolls I get my first massage tomorrow (nooooooo) n then when I asked Stefany (who is 24, has 2 children ages 8 and 4 -looks incredible like she had a bbl with yily -- hips ,tiny waist and just enough butt to look like a butt) if I could move my garment to second row now she said not as of yet but will def be able to do so tomorrow..

I'm in a size M Marena brand garment for both vest and body faja..

Ok my loves I think that's all for now.. Hit y'all up after my massage :/

Oh yea so they blast reggaeton/merengue / bachata all night on the streets n I danced a little for the nurses like "Mira mi culo!" Look at my ass lol.. Ok I love you all n thanks again for the continued love and support.

Will ask how much fat removed/re implanted in my booty and hips /etc at my post op appointment with Duran on Monday :)

Um so honest opinion ladies..

As we know this sx can make a bf/husband a little anxious and nervous and maybe a little more insecure cuz they love us to the point that they become a little posessive and jealous which is normal..
But what do u think about a man who (behind your back) secretly goes into your blog then send a message on RS to say his thoughts on a big butt as opposed to smaller sized butt and then call you afterwards to tell you that he's hurt for he fact that you posted the pics on RS before you sent to him?

Ok. So yea that's my situation. Hopefully he's secure enough to not go into my blog any longer but here's where I stand -- n if you're reading this love understand me well..

1- I wanted to send pics when I looked a little better. Ladies we all know we look blah first couple days after our bbl especially since our asses kinda look like nothing. Considering he paid for my entire sx and stay and supplies (thank you love) I honestly wanted to send him a pic to show him his $ was worthwhile so I was kinda waiting after my post op appt Monday in my stage 2 faja..
2- when you have your girl's cell and recovery house# which you call nonstop and shows me you care and I'm on your mind what's the point of secretly making a page on a predominately FEMALE blog to snoop and go thru pix? Like what?
3- I think it's just wrong. While I appreciate and love my bf to the bottom of my heart I think that was over board ..

How would u deal with this ladies? Am I wrong to feel upset and disappointed ?

Any way back to MY well being and recovery

The nurses heard me very well..

This morning I had 2 hard boiled eggs with only ground pepper and crackers with a no sugar added papaya milkshake :)

For lunch a nutritious chicken soup with carrots, celery, yuca, chicken on bone, little spinach, some noodles and no salt with low sugar iced tea :)

Drinking plenty of water n walking around.. Feeling better .. Pain still there but glad I have control of my female urinal now just bothered about my bf situation. I dunno I can't stress about this during recovery. No way ..

Couple pics

Will prob post some more on Monday or maybe more tonight

Yay frutas no fritas! (Fruits not fried stuff)

Mmm snack time

I can't sleep :(

I just can't . Thx for ur insight on my personal life he apologized n while u think he means it he doesn't get how sensitive I am right now n doesn't seem to understand /believe that I wanted to wait to show him pics smh. It's disturbing that thus is what I gotta put up with but that's what I chose (subconsciously).. Sociopath? I think not but that comment was sincere n heartfelt so thx for looking out fairytales.. I just pray he fixes his mind cuz just like my mother told me it takes a strong man to be by my side (love you mom).

Just when I found a comfortable position to sleep after staying yo for three hours due to throbbing knees and throbbing electricity -like feeling running thru my right calf (which bye gave me problems b4 sx) n right booty cheek I honestly just want to feel better. I'd exchange longer time 4 stiffness n soreness from this pajn anytime . For those who going for full body reconstruction it's a true relief to have done but the recovery is serious (and I have ah ugh pain tolerance) 8 tats n 2 belly rings n used to have two tongue rings (crazy right smh) this is cray I feel like I can get thru childbirth as crazy as that sounds. Ok inns try to sleep. Kinda hard to breathe with this faja but gonna be a trooper pray n try to sleep.. Just took some arnica n more recovery evening support from vitamedica along with a perc. Much luv to y'all . Xoxo

Pain still here..

The rawness, soreness and pain in my back , stomach, arms n legs persist but somehow feel less excruciating (or maybe I'm getting used to it) but the pain in my butt is the only thing that hasn't changed . Feels heavy stuff n kinda unbearable every step I take but like I said I thank God I'm alive , no fever , n doing well. It's just something I gotta get used to so il try not to complain to u dolls about it anymore ;)

Upon my request we had plain mashed plantains with salt to taste and bacalao (mmmmm) also a side of mixed fruit nectar which I'm currently flushing down with a lot of water.. I was able to nap 4 an hr (yay) cuz that's huge n about to nap again. Wearing my compression sleeves size small - I bought on under solidea brand - over my marena fajavest Duran sent me home in..

Walked around a little today n I asked for a rough massage kn my calves n knees which as u know been giving the most pain post op after my booty.. I paid her$2 to massage me n my buddy (who looks beautiful ) Will shower tonight n let u know how it goes .. Buddy hard her first bath n I told them I'd take it later cuz everytime I try to take off I feel like ima pass out (same feeling wheni take a du*p )

Ok love you all..

Yay feel better n my first bath ..

Hi beauties. I for one will say I'm happy n relieved. My bf is acting sweet n normal (hopefully this lasts but I don't have strength or time to focus on negativity now).. I don't feel that crazy electricity running through my veins every second from head to toe and my butt isn't throbbing any more (hope I didn't kill too many fat cells sleeping on it :/ )

But I had my first bath with some dettol antibacterial bar soap I bought with me n some lukewarm water n feel so much better.. Seeing my body naked for first time was very rewarding :) my waist is tiny , I have tits that beautiful about a D cup n perky (finally aren't best friends with my navel anymore -- I'm slightly exaggerating ) and I have a butt on me :) it's not huge at all but this is day 5 n im far from fluffing. I have projection with faja on and off n can't wait to ask Duran about how many ccs per cheek, ccs per implants , stage 2 faja questions n more.. I will also ask her about when I can sleep on breast pillow cuz I'm growing paranoid about sleeping on my butt for so long.. My arms still feel weak but stronger than before..

I got my nurse to give me n my roommate a mini leg n foot massage (and I particularly need it considering I'm collecting lots of fluid in my knees and calves :( I gave her (LaCie) $2 n since it's her last day I see her until we leave ill bless her with a little more tomorrow

I'll give full proper review on shout te recovery house upon my return but tv only worked on first day , thank god I speak Spanish cuz these "nurses" don't speak any, and other little complaints but just trying to keep positive ..

Can't wait to show u beauties new pics tomorrow! Gonna try to sleep we gotta be at cipla at 8 am n leave here by 7 cuz heard the traffic is cray on Mondays.. Xoxo n happy healing to all u dolls :) hope to bump into some of you yily n Duran dolls at cipla tomorrow :)

My eyes have been open for past 3 hrs..

From about 1:30-now 4:55 am) I've been in so much pain I haven't been able to sleep. Yea, my lower back n booty r flaming but my it's my legs that are on fire ESP my calves n knees which have acculmated a lot of fluid :( cuz the faja cuts right above knee.. I prayed, got up to pee (feeling like an expert with this PEZ female urinal even after arm lipo) and walked over to help roomie who felt like she had her second fever (thank god she didn't this time) , wet a cold rag for her n then walked around for about 3 min. Called a "nurse" while I was walking no answer so I had to schlep myself to her room to wake her up (I understand if ur tired but don't just get up immediately cuz I'm standing in front of you like u heard me the first time smh) and got her to check my buddy n massage my calves with arnica gel. She tried to give me the only 5 second massage.. Mind u this is the one who had audacity to am me for $20 US dollars the other night smh.. I said (in Spanish) ima need u to massage a little more than that plague me at least 1 min each n hard pls.. She looked annoyed but did it (cuz I think she got $ on the brain) n I feel about 25% better. Ugh I feel like day 3 post op minus to unbearable electricity/fiery feeling. This time that same feeling felt about 60%..

When she was done I drank rest if my Dominican iced tea with some water and took 6 arnica tablets (I wasn't playin -- I gotta be up in an hr) and 3 recovery support morning formula tablets. These roosters r so cute but ima need them to relax for another hour.. We're right across from a poor fam mini farm but it's so cute cuz they got everything they need right in their home -- the live animals, the fruit trees, and the large space to dry their clothes. A simple life that's beautiful n makes me more grateful for what I have..

Ok dolls xoxo gonna try to get some zzz (my eyeballs r burning)

At cipla waiting to c Dra Duran :)

My buddy n I are here n I've finally met the pretty n sweet Xxxotica .. My legs n booty hurt so I'm standing up while I wait... The other girls here (pre op) are nice.. One from United Kingdom, Chicago , New York n more :) can't wait to update u all :)

My post op appt :)

First of all ladies ill have you know from the start I totally forgot to ask her about how many ccs in breasts and booty. Her office was flooded with patients for their post op and sx combined.. But I have my next post op appt on Thursday n that might be my last chance to talk to her (face to face but will explain just scroll down later)

So it's kinda late n ill try to be as detailed as possible but I love the crazy driving here in dr . No lights really just courtesy passes and crazy traffic at early morning omg in Santo Domingo at 7 am is crazy. N I loved it!! Just reminded me of my usual dollar van (gypsy cabs- some illegal) ride from Kings Plaza down Flatbush Avenue :)

So we arrive at her office and after meeting Xxxotica (pretty as pre op) and jamdollyfireal (who looks great post op) Duran is looking all fly with her shirt but conservative black dress, beautiful jewelry and hair to side.. She has her assistant give me my euro silicone implant card (the one that njexciteddd - hey boo -spoke of ) n was very happy to c me n she complimented me n my body n makeup :)

Ok fast forward to when I finally get my one on one with her. Ladies. I love my body. I am black n blue in some stress but way less than I thought I'd be (think cuz of my bromelain supplements) but she said wow look how beautiful your breasts look (in Spanish cuz she takes advantage that I speak some Spanish n can tell she is most comfortable communicating this way) n I say yes! Dra they're gorgeous thank you!! I love them ! She was also happy with my waist and booty n mentioned the need for massages today cuz of crazy inflammation on my legs , arms and on stomach. We did a little chit chat n then the moment if truth.. 1-2-3 the drain was removed. HALLELUJAH . Was painful but very short :) I showed her my crazy swollen knees n calves n asked her if I could get a painkiller since I can't sleep cuz if the pain n she prescribed me oxyforte also also stressed a massage is a must to get rid of All my fluid ..
I was to be fitted into a medium FAJA DISENOS DE PRADA brand faja but cuz of huge thighs n knees was impossible n when I asked maybe ill wear a size large she points out to me that my waist was way too small for a large (yay) so I asked if I found the long leg of same grand if I could buy she said yes but go for a size small cuz that's the size I'll wear in about 2-3 weeks :)

Ok so I kissed her n thanked her for my body n said you're an amazing doctor n u truly touched my life :) she smiled n said anytime n called me by my buck name

Next - my massage I'm kinda falling asleep as I type this but long story shirt got one from Elizabeth for $25 for about 49 min-1 hr n she uses her special oil and ur arnica gel n when I tell you omg tuck not only did I feel the liquid shifting from arms to stomach to back which was her objective I cried n hollered 10 min straight ESP when she had to cut my drain hole cuz it had already closed up (ouch) but when I decided to stand over that chux pad n let the fluid rub down my thigh I was disgusted, mortified, pissed off (like damn all this for a banging body) , and felt like a million bucks. My chux pad was thrown out by Stefany, who I complained about to Angie (say a prayer for her pls , she's in good health though) n she got right with me ASAP but so much liquid it was crazy. Elizabeth was shocked I had so much in my liquid.. The mama of a yily doll staying here gace me a trini painkiller n I was able to walk around n function n I swear I felt like a million bucks so ladies. Get those massages.

Also Duran said she prefer I stay longer than. Friday to monitor this crazy fluid biz but that's y I started my massage tonight cuz I wanna travel back to nyc with my buddy:)

Love u all falling asleep n will post pics soon :) good night xoxoxo

Had second massage today ..

Was less painful than first time but got a lot lowuid released. Was tempted to take pic of chux pad for y'all but it looked crazy (like murder scene lol) so I didn't .. I love my hourglass and booty (although not big but nice n round..) was told after swelling goes down around it it'll be as I wanted (upside down heart bubble).. Truly can't believe my love freaking out about its size n texting me at 1 am talking about he hope it's not "too big" like damn papi I already had sx n now after apologizing insecurities rise again n asking oh it depends in the faja I choose to wear? Ugh I life him but that's taking it too far. DONT ALLOW INSECURITIES TO INTERFERE WITH YOUR MENTAL, SPIRITUAL and PHYSICAL HEALING LADIES!

Ugh. Ok sorry had to vent life y'all post pics soon :) I'm just looking like Michelin man with all the foams n padding under faja ..

Thx for the love and encouragement dolls.

Ugh I told him either he gonna love and support me or worry and be insecure and selfish and continue to think of himself and that if he chose the latter I'm not riding with it ..

Anyway. Back to my body.. Ok dolls.. I get my third massage today around 5 pm (Santo Domingo time-- now it's 9:54 am)...

I'm in pain particularly cuz i chose to wear my lower back triangle since 5 days post op (since Duran told me I could start with the Foam and boards.. I wore the ab board for 2 days but the pain was waaaay too much cuz of all the fluid and soreness of my an skin..

I'm homesick and think ill indefinitely go home as planned on Friday, with my buddy :) I'm in a sh*tload of pain n I woke up in middle of night like lord why.. (My calves in particular then I realized as I was peeing it was flipping time). Ugh I have minor cramps but my calves always act up n get swollen during my period. But haaay not pregnant :) my stopping my birth control for first time in 8 years freaked me out although I was protected 99% of time (I know dumb right ) , paranoia got best of me.

Gonna c if I could get my stage 2 faja (from the faja disenos de prada brand) but with the long legs (to ankle) gonna call Angie to c if she will keep her word on hooking us up with the faja lady from "up the block". I have been disappointed with lack of communication and the "leave you 4 dead" type attitude we've received from the recovery house. I'm being honest when I'm saying yesterday was the first time my buddy n I were properly being taken care of -- with finally disinfected bathroom , food being served without reminding a "nurse" who I will officially call a mere aid , and wait for it , wait for it-- a working tv (smh) . I guess every experience is diff n I'm sad cuz I've read great things about silhouette recovery house but it's literally a beautiful condo with 3 bedrooms n no English speaking aides. Like I said if you speak some Spanish like me then you'll be ok but if you don't, this ain't the spot for you. ESP if ur mummified n feeling (or not ) feeling miserable/immobile. N remember I'm In so much pain cuz I opted for that full body lipo (including arms n inner thighs which are rough ) my thighs kind of look same but still very swollen so ill he patient :) my arms r shrinking though as is my waist n back (no back fat -yay)..
Gabby our 7.5 month preg aid from yesterday is a sweetheart-- actually asks what we WANT to eat, what we WANT to drink , reminds us about our meds and actually checks on us. She is amazing n I'll miss her when I leave. We were watchin a Dominican tv program with dancing girls n as I pointed out on all the bbl dolls she was joking n said yep I bet they all have work done but they look great like you ( I said aw gracias gabby ) n got my crippled feeling self up and gave her a hug..
Just drank a delicious low sugar banana milkshake with fresh bread (n wow yay dolls we didn't have to pay for it this time smh-- please bring some food with you if by chance this doesn't stick -- but perhaps it will because I spoke to Angie about expectations for any healing patient or any human being that there just be fresh fruit and foid in pantry in house without us having to order it AND pay for it.. Remember 3 meals n 3 snacks were included? I wanted to go to armonia but tried to make best of it but I will credit Angie n say she listened so we lived normal day 7+ post op .. Sorry if I sound upset but it just can't believe what we've been thru n my buddy n I are very humble n kind /polite and I guess my (our) kindness for weakness has once again been misread n we had to put it out there..

Anyways I love y'all very much dolls happy healing to you all n yes thank you for ur patience with my pics I'm still super swollen n stuff n promise some soon :)

Got 3rd massage today..

Will get two tomorrow.. Booty rounding out .. I also get my second post op appt with Duran tomorrow n promise to ask all the questions dolls :-* just as y'all imagined the faja lady didn't have what I was told she has so yea. No faja . Ugh so fed up with the lies. No food in the cupboards here. No fresh fruits. Nada. Was served fried cheese , mashed potatoes n cold cuts which my roomie n I did NOT eat n when I called owner to days cuss the matter no accountability was taken. U got $65 for each of us n there's no bread in the house n you claim you went grocery shopping? Wow. Ima just keep it simple and say it had to bring a little Brooklyn to Santo Domingo and y'all my witnesses to my discussed comp for lack of support/care/and food. So my request was verbally agreed upon but you better believe it MUST be fulfilled TOMORROW . But anyways dolls my massage left me with flatter stomach n smoother back (which has accumulated fluid today) .. Arms still sore from lipo.. Loving my results.. And would u believe my man had nerve to bitch about possible size of my ass again talking about he won't be ok if it's too big n won't accept me getting harassed on street and etc. I quietly said "love, please don't worry I'm with you, etc. " then the man decides to bitch again (mind u this is at 11 am) so I snapped , yelled, dropped f bomb n hung up and dolls when I say I immediately felt my blood pressure rising, my heart rate speeding up then I bursted into tears but it's like I regret I accepted him paying for it (it's like I thought it was from love and the heart-- n mind you ladies I never asked for this payment -- it was a GIFT) so his insecurities caught my off guard n all day n night apologizing once again with profession of love n etc (same as b4) but enough about that.

I gotta be up at 6 /630.. Leo our driver will be picking me n my strong beautiful buddy, T, up tonc surán when I can and WILL ask the juicy questions.. God bless beauties .. Ttyl

This is the faja I need

Full body coverage Angie told me faja last had n bam all the sudden "oh they don't sell those here cuz it's hot in DR" while that makes sense why would u have me get my $ ready for it . Disgusted (I hate being played or lied to) but just focusing on recovery or trying to .. :(

Faja options

A little annoyed Angie lied n that I'll have to spend the $120 (or so) 4 a faja that's not gonna suit me cuz she told me lady up block had the long legged one in fajate brand for me to buy . I guess I'll call that the airplane /1-2 day faja smh gonna have to order mine online

Doing better my dolls but lies.. That's that sh*t I don't like !

Ima just watch n see what happens next cuz I have my proof so I'll leave it there..

But my dolls tonight is my last night in this place n yesss NYC here I come ! My amazing buddy n I have created a sincere bond friendship from taking care of each other during our most helpless and emotional stages and very grateful to have found her :)

I love Duran to bits. Told her about my bf n what I've been going thru n she said "f" you are a beautiful girl and don't allow this to stress you during your recovery. Your body looks beautiful and he should be happy .. She is incredible n is a mom n so after hugging n taking a pic with her she tells me to keep in touch with her and to please send photos (she is very happy with her work as am I ) yayyy

I have 400 ccs euro silicone implants n could u believe I forgot to ask how many ccs for booty but when I asked Elizabeth (after the beautiful Duran kissed me b4 she headed off for surgery n after giving me aftercare instructions on keeping my breast lift (thin n beautiful) scar dry n have me preceptor for special Powder to put on it n if I don't ill have an infection for months :/ (yikes) some of my realself dolls who c me say my booty beautiful n big but I just see a developing booty day by day that's I'm very happy with :) I love my waist. I love my "mamas neuvas" my lil joke for my new boobs, love that I have hips now (yay no more dents..

I'm searing a size medium fajate which thank God cover my knees enough to diminish the swelling (especially now that I have my period) .. It's just my calves and my feet that I'm concerned about .. My faja was $150 n the brassier vest was $50. $200 on two amazing high quality post op products . I feel so much better with this second stage faja..

I have so much more to update u on .. Gonna take little nap. Brb n will update you on the character of Angie. Only time can tell ;)

My beauties!!

Still post pics ASAP I'm sorry I know I've been saying that but honestly wanna keep bod as little surprise in case my man decides to be a creeper and check my page again.. I want him to see first (ill then deal with our issues n probs soon) I hope you dolls still love me the same as I love y'all.. Promise to post pics ASAP.

Still in plenty pain.. Excruciating migraines , ass throbbing .. Chest feeling a little sore but being around my mother and sisters who are taking beautiful care of me is truly contributing to my healing..

In regards to Angela Paredes. I chose her because both my buddy and I read an axing reviews in her.. I honestly feel maybe she was jealous if my results (crazy sounding I know ) but she always pulled a disappearing act shortly after my sx. After my buddy and I discussed (smooth tone AND as u was sharing my $83 USD I bought for me and the house from Boga Boga -- a high end dominican restaurant seconds away from CIPLA and damn expensive and kinda worth it (although I truly wanted red beans and rice and stewed chicken -- u know with that side of tostones with that lifetime supply of sauce on the side lol - but anyway Angie agreed to fulfill my request to comp our first 3 nights (I am a guest services front desk supervisor at prestigious hotel so I know my stuff) and what's crazy is that she agreed said she was gonna run to the bank and will be "right back" with our $195 each. (I have this all on tape dolls) I don't like to play dirty but to be left for dead , and lied to everyday and then disrespected AND THEN shared my food with you to make peace, is sad , cruel, hateful and just plain wrong and for when I sincerely try to have normal convo and you tell me "whatever" and that you are "booked solid until June" is terrible . Anyway I'm done with talking about Angela Paredes and the Silhouette RH. I forwarded this all to Dr Duran and she was very sad n disappointed to hear me n my buddy's story and I made it very clear I would post a warning for you dolls. PLEASE THINK TWICE BEFORE BOOKING AT SILHOUETTE RECOVERY HOUSE. While I know every experience is different she currently has a blood cousin recovering there who she hasn't call or visit (and even as family made her pay) .

Happy continued healing to you beauties! My mom n sisters love my results as much as I do. One sis think booty huge (but mom says it's just right-- she so cute) it just looks bigger cuz I'm training waist to be small. I cut my faja (butt part) too high -- I actually asked Dr Duran to cut it for me -- but I think I requested too high cuz it's giving me a little weird high projection thing but I'm not stressing it-- it's still early and will buy second faja n cut my little holes a little lower..

Will update you all tomorrow . Happy healing n best continued luck. I will email my doc tonight for my ccs booty count. Xoxo :-*

RH to consider..

I've spoken to 3 patients of MARIA's RH , plus have been in touch with one of her drivers and will I cannot attest to it's amazing services it's something to consider-- and the driver showed me it was only 2 min driving from CIPLA (aah wish i knew of it for me and my buddy)

Took these in admiration :)

Blessed to have mom and sisters and taking care of me

My sisters became weak handed and semi nauseous when I took off faja to use bathroom and out back on cuz of indentation my lipo foam made on my skin but said I looked beautiful and that my booty n tits were bangin. Yayy should be seeing my bf tonorrow n then promise afterwards will be taking n posting pix ;) xoxo




LEO, OUR DRIVER IS BLACK AS WELL AS DAMN NEAR EVERYONE ELSE IN DR-- fruit & vegetable vendors , store owners, police and the like. So rest assured ladies (of all races) you'll be fine. My issues with Angela Paredes and the SILHOUETTE RH ARE NOT RACE- RELATED.

Like um n there's still drama ?

Dolls y'all amazing but seriously pls keep the negativity on ur own pages. Like we're grown . Please.

2 weeks post op..

The moment we've been waiting for .. PIX! Ok ladies keeping my bf update short n sweet but his jaw dropped in excitement and satisfaction then went on to say he felt bad for my suffering but he is here for me whenever I need him (he came over to moms where I'm
Recovering -with flowers ) he said my butt was huge n hot (climate wise cuz it is) n also said my tits r huge but I look "marvelous" and that he only concerned about the extra attention and "harassment" I'd endure in the streets n then went on to say he knows ima like it. I said ok just chill. Then he did. We talked n he helped me with my every movement etc and get this ladies after us recuperating from my brothers bust in blow out (my 6'1 over protective brother n best friend continually asked him his age - remember I told y'all he was significantly older? - my brother guessed it right on the nail - n my mom n I tried to calm him down. My mother likes my bf but like any mom questions his intentions along with his age etc but said she harsher opinion but it's all up to me. ) anyways long story short he whips out a gorgeous diamond engagement ring ???? and tells me he loves me (I tell him I love him too) and says he wants to marry me and can't wait to long-- holdup I mean what's the rush-- As he puts ring on my finger I said its gorgeous but I cannot accept and need time to think, review and heal first. He said ok fair enough but that he loves me very much and again please not make him wait too long. I gave him the calm it down look n he chilled.. After about 2 hrs we watched tv stole couple kisses (remember mj at moms- but not like I was mobile or not in pain anyway- I thanked him for the flowers kissed him n mom n I showed him door n continued to discuss my brothers anger n agreed he had a point and that id deal with the whole thing..

Anyways loves I have a shelf which I here but was SELF MADE cuz i cut (asked Dra Duran to cut) two holes in my faja butt out that were way too high -- again my plea to her although she was against it- but now wearing second new faja (same faja disenos d'prada brand) but with the sleeves and built in bra .. Posting pix..

I'm pissed

I'm freaking trying to post these pix so you dolls can understand my concern I been sleeping n sitting on my butt since day 1 post op as advised n feel like it's literally flattening at bottom (like you could c where I apply most pressure n keep in mind I wear boppy pillow n at less tone pillow under thighs religiously ).
I'm laying on my descansa breast pillow now n while it hurts LESS than me sitting /sleeping on my booty it hurts at chest.. Wish pillow were a tad softer but if think I'm defgoing along this route until 6 months up cuz projection means everything to me .. Every doc has their reason -- both yily and duran tell their patients it's ok to sit/sleep on butt n as my boo njexciteddd pointed out lolajae and njprbeauty were sitting n they have big beautiful behinds so I'm going to stop crying and trust God that he will further bless my booty along way. My fam ESP mom r going crazy 4 my body .. She legit glorifying it and thinking of stomach lipo and filling lines on face with fat herself. I said let's go boo -- I'm down for a round 2 (for knees a and maybe more inner thigh) in 6 months to perfect my look and hopefully get my veneers b4 my sx date (if I decide I'm going for it.. Legs look great now I need slim knees .. Lol

Ok y'all 14th attempt

Kristy was kind enough to tell me her n team fixed the issue RS was having with uploading pics n if these didn't load I could send to her n she'll upload for me but I'm trying again :)

Also it's day 2 if new faja n I barely have shelf anymore! It's not a thong like I mistakenly cut (or had Dra Duran cut for me) but I cut the two holes lower causing part doing down from lower back to crack to be a thicker lower triangle causing me not to depend on that stuff painful triangle board which ill do once healed a little more.. Also wearing corset size small from faja disenos de prada brand featured in pic on third row (yay) -- pic shows second row- n booty looks better naked today than two days ago. I love you all n please honest opinions (but kind please) and suggestions. I truly pray sleeping n sitting on it for 15 days straight nonstop hasn't killed too many fat cells and flatten too much but it's still hard so like you dolls have told me-- ima try not to worry n trust it'll fluff n drop :-*!

*also wearing foams in pics*

Finally New Pics!

Back still swollen -- give illusion of back roll but no más dolls! :)

Heyyyy check out new tits n slim waist n omg no more dents in hips yayyy

See dolls ? It's like y'all could see that flatness on bottom is where I've been sitting (obviously) lol .. That triangle I've made from cutting holes slightly lower is acting like lower back triangle board :) will re introduce soon as soon as my skin gets tougher -- literally lol

This is faja Duran suggests except with thicker suspenders strap ..

This is faja I'm wearing now plus size small corset on top on third row.. It holds me in so well

Last nights sleep...

I'm getting stronger by the day. Still pain in my arms back and booty but I truly can't complain compared to the pain I was dealing with two weeks ago.. Last night was second night sleeping on my chest and like I said while little pain n pressure (mom have me neck pillow that I put neck inside U shaped hole instead of back of neck so I can level with the big head pillow ahead) it's doable.. Anything to save this booty!! Bf think he slick telling me to continue to sleep on booty (he think it's huge but I don't it's just a bigger nicer rounded booty-- HUGE hopefully will come in 2 months ).. He is something else but has been sweet and supportive (still staying at moms cuz I don't want or need the stress) ..

Anyway dolls some of you have been telling me y'all c the flatness but not to fret cuz it'll drop and the fluffing fairy will come my way .. It's so funny cuz yesterday mom n I went out to find two older ladies staring at my ass that was fully covered by my beautiful green coat n mom was like yay! You see?! It's there -- large and in charge! (See where I get my personality from ?! Lol) she gave me a high five and I slowly got back into boppy pillow on passengers seat .

Yay cuz on her way to visit me! So excited!! Happy healing to you all! Love y'all n pls keep the suggestions coming!

More close up of profile

Now wearing curser at thurs hook haaay!

Dolls keep in mind this faja/corset business is annoying but we are partially responsible for our results . We must follow proper diet (healthy fats n lots of water), walking around , making sure we wear these 30 min-1 hr to put on fajas and these rib crushing corsets but if we made it thru sx we could easily put up with the 6 months of this regimen ahead n you better believe I can't wait to hit gym once I feel ok again (prob a month post op )...

Will post new pics soon dolls

Yay waist training

4 new pics - if they don't post now kirsty will post for me by tomorrow loves

Shout out to my girl njexciteddd for blocking the tats :-* you see dolls? My booty rounding out a bit and coming together and I truly think it's cuz of me and my crazy self cut booty holes in my faja.. It's shaking my booty and hips and I think it's here to stay.. But keep the suggestions (and objections) coming my loves. I value your opinion and comments ..

Hey my loves..

Will post boobs tonight.. In less pain but it's like the stiffness particularly in my stomach n back is up to the max.. Booty looking better everyday as the surrounding swelling goes down..

Had 5 glasses of wine last night (with him) Def excessive but broke up with my love yesterday . It was time. Still love him but gotta love me more.

What else..

My xs squeem vest is crazy tight. I was honestly barely able to close more than half.. Maybe I should try without the foams but my skin still so sore I'm afraid to.. My booty as of 2 days ago isn't scorching hot in temperature (crazy it took this long).. Still hard as a rock but gonna be patient and wait the 3-4 months out ..
I have these two mysterious small kinda painful (they only hurt when I press them) bruise (one pictured in my butt out side profile in faja pic from my update from a couple days ago) but I think I hit myself in those areas (or one bruise from the bleep who opened door on me at bathroom airport causing thin pointy knob to slam against my hot (temp wise), throbbing booty while I was gonna sit my bag at changing station on my night back to the States from DR.. But yes dolls that's about it n yay I have mastered removing faja and putting back on in under an hr-- takes about 15-20 min now yay.. Think a lot of it has to do with fact the swelling in my legs have gone down dramatically as well as in my back , arms, stomach :) ok gonna try to post these pics here but you aj ready know if they don't post will email to Kirsty (who said I can) so she can post for me. Love you all. Been a rough day for me but will heal emotionally and physically as time passes :)

Update on MARIAS RECOVERY HOUSE- Remember dolls she is 2-3 min driving from CIPLA, has electric beds (great for tummy tuck patients) , 3 meals and snacks and actually has more than water in the house (yay) .. And more.. Ok dolls xoxo thanks 4 the well wishes and compliments. I feel like we're a family . God bless you and happy continued healing :-*

Maria's recovery

I wanted to update website info -

Posting boobs today (sry thought I sent to kirsty) xoxo

Very stiff ass isn't throbbing too hard anymore . Yay. Just random weird electricity zapping all over body ESP in boobs :/ but very happy


Ok dolls I was told it's against RS rules to post ads of business cards which was y I couldn't post her card.. But she is holding a special until dec 31st for those who book with her for $120 total for two double bed..

Her email is

Night of surgery is FREE :)

You select your choice of meal from menu (wish I had that option.. Heck wish I had food to eat without dropping my U$D for every other thing-- like bread n fruit- neither which were in the house. I know money talks but damn I pay u cuz I expect to be fed but sorry dolls I looks back n feel foolish but hey..)

Electricity n A/C and color TV for 24 hours.

3 meals and a snack included

Plus more and very important..

Yayyy - ENGLISH IS SPOKEN great for the non Spanish speaking dolls or you'd seriously be assed out ( lol I'm corny but I meant that)

Hey my loves

Aaah I'm smarter than I act.

Spent thanksgiving with bf (shortest breakup ever). If dumb of me I'll simply learn but I wasn't as ready to let go as I thought . It was romantic and sweet and I was treated like a princess but yea everything happens for a reason.. I'm smarter now and not gonna tolerate the red flags of jealousy and over insecurity anymore which he agreed to change-- let's see how long this lasts but gonna enjoy it while it's still awesome .. Didn't eat much -- soup and seafood but I'll let u know this afternoon. My fam packed up lots of yummy food for me ;) won't od-- I just put my corset on to minimize my eating . I didn't go with fam cuz I went out to awesome lounge for cuz birthday as a celebration /test drive n all her friends was like "she seem different" or "bb, are you ok?" I was like yup.. N my sister best friend was on my case ESP when I folded my gorgeous coat (smh) to place underneath thighs so my butt only lightly touched the seat.. My sisters n cousins said my ass was huge even though I tried hitting it with loose dress so yay. I see a huge difference but still waiting for it to be huge, u feel me? And THEN we'll c how my love acts then ill act.

Hope y'all enjoyed your holiday.. Posting boobs today- which my bf enjoyed very much kissing top n sides of course.. Lol sorry if tmi. And yes dolls had fun with faja on if u feel me so u can too ;-) so you got this ;-)

Sent kirsty email with my boobs

B4 she after n close up snaps on my scars (which by the way are powdered with prescription powder to keep dry.. #noashynippleshere )

My boob stitch ripped :(

Will send Kirsty new boob pic . I just sent Dra an email with same pic attached .. No freakin peroxide in sight so she put my prescription powder "tecasol" Duran prescribed for me on my hole n put a lightly powdered pantiliner over it and put my faja bra part back over it. Trying to keep positive , truly, but 24 days post op n feeling a little moody n upset. I gave myself serious massage but Ima have to just find a place n get it in.. It's almost like my skin more sensitive from corset n triangle board even though I'm wearing my foam (only on stomach tho).. I go to work in 2 weeks n no one better mess with me (take advantage of me and stress me with the crazy guests cuz I'm the friendliest most accommodating employee ) cuz I'm already honestly little stressed but trying to keep my head up. My bf has been super sweet supportive (yay) n is re arranging n fixing my crib with groceries for my return home so that's nice.. Ok dolls happy continued healing n love u all


She = my amazing mom


Cried like a little baby for 5 min from my stiffness pain n frustration then mon cheered me up n mentioned recovery from so much work done was bound to be tough but said I was gorgeous, I was doing great n should be smiling. Thanks mommy I love you

Couldn't sleep last night dolls..

Morning beauties!

It's 810 am n I finally caught a little sleep once I finally took off my rib crushing corset at 6 am.. Mom said I was wimpering all night n that damn electricity crap was painful enough to keep me up ESP in boob area. My faja sleeves rolled up to exact middle of my arms n felt like I cut it's circulation n my elbows were sore cuz I positioned myself to apply most upper body weight to then instead of my healing boobs.. And with this pain n upsetting discomfort I looked in mirror just now (from
Using bathroom ) n was like " haaaauyy!" Lol so let me stop complaining lol

I <3 Dra Durán

She replied to my email I sent late last night in regards to my concerns with my boob stitch opening and she sent the following response.. Yay so I'll be ok :)

Since I'm focused on getting boobs to heal as quickly as possible..

I've reverted back to sleeping on my back :-(

I've been good for the past 10 (uncomfortable) nights but been trying to make the most out of them by resting my sore new boobs in hole of my big boppy pillow while I rested head, arms and elbows on the "U" part -- waking up with still sore boobs but even sorer neck n elbows but somehow woke up every morning happy I made it another night without sacrificing My booty's future fluffing plans..

Unfortunately since my little boob wound n my stitches r getting dryer (n yay dolls I took my first shower today with antibacterial soap n felt good to wet my nips lol)

So I made my little pillow set up I had from day 1-15 post op -- two pillows under thighs, n boppy under my bundha (Haitian -creole and Portuguese word for butt -- I think it's an African word actually) n pillow behind my neck .. Kinda sad but mom says I'm being a little ridiculous and that I won't lose a single fat cell (but she doesn't know like we know doll) and says my ass is big n if I were to lose no one could tell difference (I wish) but ima keep positive and just pray the fluffing fairy has a hot sexy fling with my bundha in next 2 months for real . Lol

Ok off to sleep.. Xoxo beauties :-*

27 days post op

Hey dolls ..

I'm sad cuz I still have to sit down /sleep on my butt but u already know I got my 2 pillows under thighs n boppy in place.. I've even stood for three hours (after my successful and refreshing germicidal soap + peppermint body wash shower , my self massage to my whole body- Gosh I'm so glad I worked out those lumps in my back and inner arms and inner thighs, put the tecassol powder on my tender nipples and lollipop scar -I accidentally scratched a little piece off w/my sharp nail - ouch), but I WILL admit booty n waist n hips n boobs look bangin when naked .. I honestly can't say it's smaller although I cried last night thinking it got flatter n drove mom half crazy trying to get her to touch the "flattened" part that I could swear I feel flattered at a diagonal how I've been sitting on the bottom half of my cheeks but still looking round n hot. I just wanna turn up the heat u know what I mean dolls? I want that bubble like daaayum, bklyn (and I'm absolutely in love with my boobs.. (Despite the zapping n the sensitive scars /slowly healing stitches).. our quick visit to my gramas was interesting. I had to sit down (ugh) on grad chair for about half hr until mom grabbed me a pillow but poor mom she had lied to the other love of my life (my mons first, my grama is second) n told her I got surgery on my leg n grama not her sister tried to massage it for me n I felt so bad n prayed for forgiveness. My grandmother is my heart n during her toughest chemo days I was by her side and we've been crazy close for past 5 years (after my awesome best friend of a grandpa passed of pancreatic cancer ) so I feel guilty about the lie n that I can't bathe or massage her like I did every week n haven't been able to do for last month :-(

As far as my telenovela/soap opera section of my blog bf and I been great . Communication and all n yes yes ladies I know some of u thinkI'm silly/stupid to get back with him, but as of now my heart says yes.. If I must learn my lesson a second time then I will but now I'm happy n focused on myself more though ESP during this looooong recovery..

Ok dolls.. Gonna get back to my vanderpump rules marathon lol n maybe go for a pedicure in next hour or just leave that for tomorrow ..

Wow can't believe I'm 4 weeks and a day post op!

Hey loves!

Was so confused on trying to get these ripped nips healed I forgot it was my 4 week anniversary yesterday! Yayyy!

I was supposed to work on the 12th but just sent boss extension until after the New Year because I am physically unable.. I can walk.. But still cannot stand too long (I stand all day at work ) Sitting of course dolls has to be kept at super minimum , and can't deal with the stress during the heavy holiday traffic hours at my hotel.. I burst into tears 3 times today cuz of the burning of my nipples but they burn as they tighten with the prescribed powder so I tell myself to embrace the burn and be happy to know the wounds are drying .. I accidentally ripped off a couple of more scars from stitched area but once I ran out of my powder My bf n I went to organic shop n bought 100% pure cornstarch which was totally my idea n praying it works just as well or better than my prescribed powder (which mom approved )

Enjoyed dinner and mmmm mmmm dessert (wink) with bf tonight and it was great..

Just popped ably her oxycodone n gonna try to sleep as my nips n lollipop scar heal :)

Will post my pics exactly one month post op (12/5/13),,


I'm officially 1 month post op

I promise to answer all your questions -- comments and inbox tomorrow..

Dealing with a nasty yellow liquid filled abscess on my right butt cheek .. Mom tried to squeeze the huge hard white pus in in but it barely budged .. It popped last night n I thought it was over until it continually leaked THROUGH the thin maxi pad I put over it , through my panties and through my favorite black (thank God) Victoria secret pink sweatpants.. My nipples still burn the same but look a tad better .. I put the cornstarch on it cuz I ran out of my prescribed tecassol powder (will post pic of the Duran suggested powder tomorrow as well ) and 100% organic cornstarch is def an old school home remedy used to heal wounds .. This was my own doing so please don't twist it n say Duran is x/y/z for the cornstarch etc.. I haven't even notified her of my doing which i will do tomorrow when I ask her about my ass abscess .. Lol

Ok trying to go to sleep (boobs won't let me ! I need to pay attention to what I type but the circumference of my entire areolas is in fact what is painful .. The nips burn but my areoles r scorching but hey it's cuz they're healing ..

I'm having these BL scar issues because :

1- I was told to lay on back n butt dye to my breast work but after 15 days post op when I got paranoid I started sleeping in stomach with breast pillow for 10 consecutive nights, adding pressure to my stitches which was a huge no bueno and FAIL ..
2- I was lifting heavy things-- water gallons, filled buckets if water and my suitcase into high table. I think I was just acting stupid and bit busting attention cuz I was just so relieved to have some upper body strength back that I used it (another FAIL)
3 I used vitamin a&d ointment and covered them with plastic so that it would or betrayed and woke up to see my under /barely healed scars come off with the plastic dressing that was sitting on top of them (SUPER FAIL)

OK MY LOVES GOING TO TRY TO SLEEP.. Just took 2 Advil pm and I think it's working (yay)

Ok much love happy healing n congrats to the new dolls!

Pics tomorrow :-*

Ok my beautiful dolls..

Gonna try to post my official one month booty /body anniversary pics now if unsuccessful gonna send to kirsty ASAP..

My measurements are 34-26-44. I'm a little sad n teared cuz I'm officially down 3 inches off hips and ass but still gonna be hopeful of fluffing by next month or next 2 months or so..

My areolas r healing.. Burning but not as painful as yesterday (yayy)

The abscess on my butt leaking uncontrollably n disgusting . I am wearing paper it n wearing cotton panties over n while I'm still debating on whether or not I should post the yellow pus filled 1/2 maxi pad I put on the abscess cuz it was saturated n actually leaked through my panties and through my sweatpants (that I mentioned earlier.. Gross) guess y'all could do without.. U get the idea. Lol

Posting pics now..

Going to ER

Will post emails when I get chance but doc said I gotta get my abscess on butt drained ASAP and get on antibiotics and to keep her posted .. This recovery process is a pain in the ass (pun intended )

Answered questions in triage room

Told them I have abscess in my butt and my areolas are oozing with yellow liquid (prob normal in healing process-- Dra Durán said my breasts don't appear to have a problem .. Ugh I feel my THREE folded paper towels under abscess already getting saturated :-/ cuz it's on my pants again.. Wearing big cotton panties on top of my faja ..

It took me about an hr to get ready (to take off faja, bathe, put makeup on and take out rods in hair, and put my foams, size small cami shaper,faja and corset on before I put on another PINK sweatsuit. Lol..

I may be a sick doll but had to get dolled to, even for the ER. Lol

Thx for the well wishes :-*

Discharged and home..

First of all I want to thank you dolls for all of your prayers and well wishes during this special recovery of mine..

I was admitted to New York Methodist Hospital this evening and when I spoke with Dr (who was a kind of rude and impersonal 30 something yr old female ) of my concerns and issues she was making it seem like my issues were so huge (as if to make my already nervous anxious self even more nervous) ugh.

My blood pressure was 132/59 so that was cool cuz that bottom number is low..

Anyway fast forward to the facts, I was told that 1- she was very concerned about my areolas leaking with yellow pus through the spaces of the healing crusts they were forming and said that I need to see a plastic surgeon to check my breasts to speed up the healing process .. She gave me 2 referrals (of which neither plastic surgeon were under my insurance plan but no worries I called my insurance company and got 2 others instead ) so I will call today (doubt the office is open on Saturday but will try) to schedule appt for next a available date ..
2- she said what's on my right butt cheek is a bacterial erosion - caused from fat rejecting from my butt n pushed itself out with bacteria to form such a "pimple".. She said although she notices it leaks nonstop with again semi thick yellow liquid that it's not sufficient to drain cuz it pushes itself from inside out n that it's not a fluid filled abscess.. I found her explanation weird but will ask the plastic surgeon I'll see for my breasts about it..

She has given me two prescriptions for my "erosion" (mind u I told her I had fat grafting to my butt n hips n caught her stRing n getting oogly eyed while I was putting in my coat n she looked embarrassed I caught her.. Looking like she wanted to bite it or throw a stack on it or something smh but when I told my mom she cracked up ..

I was prescribed-
CEFADROXIL (generic for Duricef ) 500 mg to take twice a day -- 1 every 12 hours for 7 consecutive days and
2-SULFAMETHOXAZOLE -TRIMETHOPRIM (generic for Bactrim DD) 160 mg .. Which I must also take 1 tab twice a day for 7 consecutive days ..

She removed my pus filled paper towel I had sitting on my infection site off my booty and put gauze with tape over it (which felt so much better I think cuz it's softer) and said to try to see plastic surgeon ASAP..

What's funny is both mom n Duran (who has been amazing and sent 2 emails while I was in ER about her concerns and asked me to continue to keep her posted and ultimately said the breast issue is an issue but not a problem but that she prefers I see the plastic surgeon for second opinion on my erosion to see whether I truly need it drained or not) were more concerned about my erosion while all doctor kept stressing was the lack of healing of my areolas (I truly think she didn't know what she was talking about and was going off of what looked visually worse )..

Anyways I took 1 of each antibiotic this evening .. Put on some new gauze which I had to go back to doctor for to ask her for some (the dum dum didn't even offer any smh but she wanna state at my booty) ..

But long story short Dr and Dra Duran both agreed in urgent need for antibiotics to cure from inside out...

Will call tomorrow n update u all. Areolas still burning but less n when I asked her if she could please prescribe me new "tecassol powder" or something similar she was rude n says "I have no idea what it is it's all in Spanish" I said well it's to heal my breast lift scar she dryly said "go ask the plastic surgeon" so it's cool..

Much love to u all and will update you tomorrow.

*this lower back triangle board with corset on top killing me but keeping up with this pain cuz I wanna make best of my results no matter what obstacle comes my way.*

Oh yea and the looks of everyonetp me and my big ass boppy I cleverly stuffed into my gym duffle bag was hilarious. I whooped it out in waiting room. In triage, in treatment room and in nail salon where I went right after getting discharged to brighten my mood (although bf did his best over the phone while at work as did my mom n sisters and cousins) and got my superstar link n white uv gel permanent French nails which felt so good cuz it's been 5 weeks.. Got color gel French pedicure n nails so yay..

Aahh :-(

I was 34-26-47

Now 34-26-43

Sad and cried like a big baby earlier but simply gotta focus on my health first and aesthetics second .. Plus my booty still hard n thanks @ MissAri (who looks crazy hot-- my dream bod) who said to relax and fluffing should help in another month or 2 and that she had lost 2 inches n then got it back so gonna stay hopeful.. Gonna post pic I took earlier and then you can honestly ask me where my booty went :-(

My areolas..

My areolas feel much better .. The crust fell off during shower after I washed with anti bacterial soap and while they kinda look worse cuz of how pink /red the lining of my areolas are, they feel much better..

I put more cornstarch on them (which is an awesome home remedy) n actually covering them with non stick Johnson n Johnson pads and closed the bra part of my faja n I feel good :)

As for the booty..
My "erosion" wound is still painful and throbbing but tonight is night 2 of 7 of antibiotics so def reminding myself that is helping.

Thank you to all you dolls who posted today and beforehand for the encouragement and love and will answer your questions soon..

God bless love.. Will post pics of my boobs and by post I mean email the ever so awesome and opaque my RS community managed Kirsty ( thx again K)

By the way..

Dr Duran has sent me 1-3 emails a day since I was in ER .. She sent me 2 today to ask about how my butt and breasts feel.. I sent her pics along with expressing how I lost 4 inches but still happy with my body and she said to please keep her posted on the surgeon's analysis and that My breasts look better :)

Wanted to hear her thoughts of my future fluffing but I gotta let that go and trust that's what's going to happen for me without obsessing (I'm really trying beauties but it's hard not to :/ was so crazy in love with my swollen booty) but got a short and sweet message where she ended it with her usual "kisses" n of course with my bubbly perky personality I say "kisses" back lol

Ok dolls just put 2 fresh gauze pads on this nasty leaking abscess (which is exactly what I will continue to call it) and cornstarched these areolas and nips n gonna call it a night WITHOUT any oxycodone. It's mind over matter now no matter how hard that thing throbs n stings at least my breasts aren't on fire anymore.

And I truly thank God for that.

Hey dolls

Waiting at docs to 1- get my doctors note for extension for work
2- see if he has any thoughts on my abscess (may not even show it to him being that he is not my PCP , whom I'm told needs to give me a referral before I see a plastic surgeon if I want to be covered by my plan .. I called had office several times and didn't have any luck so gonna try again tomorrow and hopefully I can book an appointment for tomorrow (sucks that she's kinda far but it's kk ill just be standing on train for as long as possible ..)

I bought the arm slimmers from .. Got the idea from another RS doll's page. She suggested the thigh slimmers but I've owned the same arm slimmers and maybe the tighter cuffing on bottom of my cheeks would do me some good. What do u think dolls??
I also bought 5 more sheets of


.. I bought 5 sheets of lipo foam (truly dunno how ima use/fit them on my arms -- still have hardened lumps on the insides of my arm from armpit ) and also need to use some on my super sore and stiff back ..

Also yay got my note for extension to return to work on Jan 3rd ..

Dolls! I Think u should stock up on lipo foam (at least 5 sheets , cuz they do get dirty & you can buy off amazon -- but 5 at $7.50 each and get free shipping ) or in (company amazon purchases them from anyway but on contour I think it's a $100 purchase 4 free shipping)


Sorry dolls for complaining..

But ***damn ! These itchies r really intense/crazy!! I've used my liquid Benedryl anti itch gel which gave a slight relief (maybe it was psychological ) but aaahh underneath my foams (on my stomach and back) n elsewhere I can't stop scratching! I've read on this but geez it sucks to have to write own "itchies" complaint review .. lol

Feel better other than that . Areolas healing nicely , thank God, and my abscess is leaking at much slower rate :) yay ok dolls gonna try to go back to sleep for the next 3 hrs ..

Xoxo :-* :-)

Hey babes!

Feeling much better. Dunno if I've partially fluffed or cuz I got my waist smaller (by 1/2 inch) but it looks rounder n getting cuffs underneath-- think it's cuz I've pulled the top of my leg garment higher n it cuffed a little .. Gonna try to post pics now but u already know if it doesn't post ill post thru the amazing Kirsty ..

Got my two new cute belly rings (but short) in now-- I was notorious for wearing the long dangly ones lol -- but I had to re pierce the bottom second piercing as santinarily (think I made that word up) as possible .. But it's in!!

OMG tomorrow I declare it'll be an awesome night m def gonna go for it without the faja. No faja fu*king lol (although my man has been more than supportive about it) .. Yum -- top and plumbing easily-- thank you & shout out to all the faja companies who gives us the opportunity to enjoy these things-- although yes yes I know it was for urinal purposes only..

Anyways I lucu all n thank you all again 4 the love and support during my most trying times during my recovery.. I can happily say other than stiffness n and eft up back I think it will only get easier from here (yay) .. Following y'all journeys n will post more soon!!

My measurements today ..


I honestly just assumed my chest measurement was 36 but had only measured my waist and hips ..

Measured myself today & was happy to c 34" inches . Perhaps I was in fact 36" cuz the swelling in my full back has gone down but think it's cuz I started using foams on my sides of upper back .. Still suffering from the only pain n stiffness :-(

Ok dolls gonna try to post again but sending in email ..

Top n a little waist :)

Hopefully this pic attaches but I can't wait for my skin to finally toughen up so I could start wearing my xs squeem cuz my small faja disenos de prada corset is on third row n not suffocating me as I'd like-- I'm just joking but under belly button not enough compression n tightness even with Duran sheet underneath ..

Posting full body pics tomorrow

Yayy my pix r posting


N what on earth is a Duran (who by the way emailed me again asking on update on my status (love her) ,sheet ? I meant foam sheet ..

New pics..

Yes, yes I'm still waiting to fluff but very happy with hips waist n boo sn way more booty than before.

I cut my faja since day 7 /8post op (when I got into new faja -- stage 2) in BUTT & HIPS area as pictured to allow hips to spread and grow.. I asked Dr Duran to only fill in dents n that I didn't want big hips at all.. A couple days post op I realized once healed I wanted them a little wider so I cut my stage 2 faja for that effect. Def thank Dra for her artistry but ladies WE ARE RESPONSIBLE for our best results.. I caught maybe 4 hrs of sleep cuz of my rib crushing corset pain but dealt with it cuz ultimately I want super tiny waist so I just deal.. I'll look at myself in May (6 mos post op) n will say I'm glad I was religious with my waist training n consistent 23 hr (1 hr less for massage n shower)faja wear and I think ill even wear a faja for a year or more.. But anyways dolls, I love you all, ease be honest with these pics but thanks 4 the compliments -- I appreciate it ..

I see pics as cropped on my phone :-(

Hopefully it's just my phone? But chest pic measurement is a 30". Dunno how I lost 2 inches off chest other than tightening corset but I prob measured wrong ?

My lipo foams , n other supplies arrived :-)

Crazy disappointed that I just picked up my compression gloves and socks (that I bought to minimize my swelling on hands and legs) but hey happy to have them... Will try on the thigh high compression socks -/ they're at 30-40 mmHG (which is tightest &very crucial if we get crazy swollen in legs n feet like me..

New pic ..


Didn't wear my faja for a night (not last night but night b4 cuz I couldn't sleep) cuz I bought and used a medium compression body shaper from Burlington coat factory, size M, cut the booty and hips out , which gave me compression on whole body -- wore my size small cami shaper underneath that , which also had high back-- and wore my fajate bra/sleeves top over it, used foam on stomach and wore waist cincher and thigh slimmers over it. I will admit it felt good to sleep a little (hence a little cuz my waist cincher was digging into my ribs ) more comfortably. Put on all my "gear" like my bf calls it last night after my shower n as uncomfortable I am -- I shrunk my faja-- washed in hot water and left it for hours on moms super hot radiator -- girls OMG it was a fight to put on but I got it on. maybe I got a little swollen from taking my 24 hr break so that could've contributed to the fight lol..

LADIES PLEASE REMEMBER OUR FAJAS, FOAMS, WAIST CINCHERS, THIGH SLIMMERS, COMPRESSION TANKS, ETC ARE THE KEY TO A BETTER SHAPED BODY! I am 1 month and 15 days post op n still dealing with swelling, inflammation, burns (which I will post for you but healing) and pain/stiffness. Be prepared mentally before during and after sx . Our results are ultimately our responsibility . I'm here for u dolls , on RS and not but please remember trying to cuss out n discredit ur doc and not taking ur part in after care is a little silly. Sure the fajas and all this "gear" is uncomfortable but I honestly I been through hell and back (hate to use such a strong word but my full body lipo pain had me crying n regretting I did too much at once) and refused to not push thru pain even after my slight health mishaps n infections just cuz it was uncomfortable .. So please dolls pre op and post op. WEAR UR FAJA/WAIST CINCHERS /ETC RELIGIOUSLY, USE UR BOPPY-- I still don't sit on hard surfaces (other than that time I went to c my grama n fam and didn't wanna look suspect @ about 4 weeks post op) , and EAT CLEAN.

I am 100% guilty of not having any lymphatic massages but will do this week and was stupid enough (b4 infection) to not do so cuz of painful skin ..

Love u all.. Happy healing and beat of luck to u :-* and posting new pics soon!

I think I gotta stop sippin wine..

Think it's contributing to my swelling .. I only take my faja n all my gear off for an hour, or 2, or 3 ;-) for sexy time (mmmm) but notice that my inner thighs seem to swell soon after my 2 glasses ..

Like a couple other RA dolls have posted (sorry forgot ur names) a steel bond corset is in fact the more permanent way to shrink waist .. Will invest soon but once I can try to get my bf to squeeze my body into my xs squeem after my massage this upcoming week..

Sounds crazy but seriously want a 22" waist and I will make sure I at it no matter how long it takes! Can't wait to hit gym ..

New faja photo and wearing total of three foams underneath -- one full sheet in front of stomach, one cut in half for two upper corners of back and one sheet on back a couple inches on top of my lower back triangle-- which is honestly killing me and can't sleep even after a couple glasses of wine and after my boo gave me the business-and another piece on my lipo'ed mons pubis (crotch)... Lol

IM a mess..

On my 3rd glass Pinot noir tonight snh but def plan on dropping it for New Years until at least 6 months post op.. Think I'm subconsciously trying to fill the void from dropping Mary Jane (about
5-6 months pre op) left behind .. I used to be a drinker but dropped it for personal reasons.. Anyway dolls .. Much love n thx to y'all for ur encouragement .. I'm happy with my body but damn booty greed is effin real ! I mean I started out with flapjacks n now a big difference but going crazy here wearing my thigh slimmers n lower ago triangle n ish. N ugh n after enjoying a hot xxx session with my boo- who the way going nuts and by nuts I mean Knut ;-) sorry if tmi-- over my body ESP my boobs -- he is a boob man- I'm truly trying to stop from driving myself crazy from thinking I'm killing fat cells with every any-- which was sincerely a valid concern-- but anyways -- * tipsy typing smh* thinking about buying steel boned corset as per RS Duran doll@ alixir n a smaller faja (still in my size M) along with my cami shaper and thigh slimmers.. New pix coming soon. God bless beauties

I'm learning ..

... To appreciate my body day by day but my concerns ..

Like I said dolls our docs job is start transformation and our job is to enhance and complete it...

I haven't been able to sleep really ESP last night from my super tight waist cincher wear (everyone asks me why I don't just chill to sleep) but I'm a little obsessed and can admit I prefer the discomfort and to give myself piece of mind that I'm actively taking part to give myself best results possible After Dra Duran did her thing .. But please dolls out doctors aren't miracle workers! I've been in touch with Duran/Yily/DR J/salama dolls and I think it's incredible some still want to curse out these docs (who are human by the way) but Admit to not diet /exercise/ but STILL refuse to wear the faja /waist cincher etc . Aah I'm not perfect (hence my wine drinking) but I religiously mummify myself 23 hrs a day with my triangle boArd, foams, waist cincher, squeem (yay dolls I successfully squeezed myself into my XS small vest yay but hurts cuz of my sore skin but shouldn't complain cuz of my stupid lack of massages ), and thigh slimmers..

Obsessing over booty and I measure 34-25.5-43.5 today but I've read our booty will go thru the flat booty stage one and off until the fat settles so I will try to relax and let it go..

New pic for y'all. Much continued love to you and any come RS/ advice R more than welcome :-) thanks beauties !

Aaah just like I thought ..

So while at our annual Christmas family gathering , I walked in feeling cute in my navy blue fitter coat-dress and out blabs a nosy ex hatin aunt like (mad loud) "OMG !! Where did you get this hourglass from?! And when on earth did you get a big butt?!"

This was the face I made -__-

F.Y.I she was the nicest shaped big booty female body in fam (until now -- tee hee)

I was like "I dunno what ur talking about" . She says " come on you were always flat in the back and I remember the last time I saw you , you only had raisinettes for boobs (after my weight loss I went from a saggy DD to a VERY saggy B ) so come on! "

I just denied and just when I thought the scenario couldnt have have been more ridiculous my lil fresh male cuz (5 years old) ran over to my ass n spanked it n said "I like that!"

My mom n grama (who know) laughed and shooked their head then grabbed him and scolded him..

Aah it's crazy that I have booty greed and everyone sees my booty as huge . Interesting..

Anyways much love to you.. Happy holidays (totally guilty of downing 5 glasses wine -- had 3 at dads with my sisters n caught him staring at it but didn't wanna ask any personal questions -thank God- in front of my cousins and sisters to not embarrass me-to day) to you beauties! New pix coming ..

Booty flattening stage returns?

Ugh wtf . I noticed from this journey that after booth seems flatter than night before for whatever reason couple days later it seems to fluff n drop a little more.. Dunno if it's happened to me from
Sitting down damn near the whole Christmas dinner to hide this thing but geez it seems flatter n it's still pretty hard. I been crazy obsessive to be honest to look at dr salama and dr campos , Cardenas for round 2 next year-- I love Dra Duran. She is incredible and truly a beautiful caring doll /doctor but wish she was here in the States. Will
Keep her as an option
If I decide to go forth with round 2 to re gain the projection I had cuz I truly believe I killed fat cells from recovering on my back but hey it's still early and I don't want to drive myself crazy .. I already warned my mom n bf who both think I'm nuts but would do more lipo to inner thighs and finally add my knees and calves and add to booty :-) bought some cute clothes at H&M from the day after Christmas sale including some dresses so will post tomorrow or day after .

Much love to you dolls :-)

RS deleted my post :-(

Hey beauties! Take 2.. lol

long story short ..

1- I'm considering round 2 in a year for : lipo of inner knees (since I couldn't get them done cuz of everything else I got lipo'ed n done) , hopefully calves, and inner thighs again (they're naturally thick and still a little jiggly so while I know I can tone and tighten I'm going for that yaris sanchez/bernice burgos body-- slim not skinny legs , round hips and a seriously projected booty, and of course get a little re up in my booty.

Yes I know it's very early but I def want to at least get my genetically fat knees done once and for all.. Even at peak of my weight loss they were slimmer but still noticeable and annoying so no doubt it'll be painful but anything 4 beauty , right beauties?

2- I went HAM at H&M's after Christmas sale yess terse and today so I took a couple pix for u dolls..

3- I'm happy to say my booty miraculously (well not really but my mummifying gear regimen helped) rounded out a little overnight lol. I'm officially sleeping on my stomach but I wore my gear plus my tight thigh high compression stockings (ouch) to sleep along with foams, xs squeem (ouch-- still sore skin but yay first lymphatic massage tomorrow since my return to the states but for those who read my blog you know what I had to deal with )..

4- I'm extremely happy and grateful 4 my transformation and I know it's still early but I don't see what everyone else sees.. My fam n bf think I'm in denial and obsessed but I'm not. I know what I want and won't stop til I get it. #bklyngogetterrighthere

Guilty of not wearing my faja all day cuz I was gonna get my massage done but had to reschedule

Ok much love to you dolls as always :-*

Trying to post pics again ..

Ok dolls..

Pix will post later today ..

1- in black non form fitting strapless dress-- I think it cool that even in a size small that it's still too big on my waist so it doesn't show my hourglass but still cute ...

2- In navy blue dress (shorter of the 2 dresses) think it's fun my booty poking out a little bit.. This is a form fitting size small n booty looks bigger n more projected cuz of scooping lower back (thank you painful lower back triangle board lol) so I def bought :-)

Check out your nearest H&M dolls. Awesome finds!

Getting ready for massage

A little anxious (cuz skin still pretty tender) but if I can force my boards and corset on this skin I can deal with intense rubbing..

Thanks for the compliments dolls.. I just read RS salama doll - bigbootytinywaist's - post and it's making me hopeful that fluffing will come to me soon *crossing fingers*

I just gotta be patient until March. My bday is in April so a bigger softer booty would be best bday gift ever (which is still thank my bf for ). He got me a gorgeous pearl necklace for Christmas but him paying for my sx, everything that comes with it and everything since (still not working) makes me super grateful for Thanksgiving, Christmas and my birthday and etc.


hey dolls ..

So today was my grama sis 60th birthday party dinner. I wore a oversized navy blue sweater stress with my faja n foams and allat lol and why were the stares so serious? First of all I hated what I wore cuz I looked straight up fat. Didn't wanna remove my foams and opted to not wear a belt to give me somewhat of a waistline cuz my goal was to hide my silhouette... Well everything looked huge-- my arms, back and apparently my booty cuz one of gramas sis pinched and grabbed (can't speak for all Haitian descendants but the female fam are very touchy feely ) ESP at top of booty and as a reflex I forcefully grabbed and threw her hand down --1- automatic reflex and 2- it hurt .. I felt bad n said sorry I didn't know it was her and hugged her ..

Then I decided to hide n sit just like u did for Christmas dinner (everyone earlier was at Christmas dinner plus 10more heads) and I'm hearing "why are you sitting?" & "what do you have to hide" from across the room (of course from the 40+ Ur old haters ugh)..

My mom quieted them a little bit by telling them to just eat (love you mom) and doing some screw story telling to get attention off me..

I didn't have a sip of anything tonight #haaaay BUT I ate some rice and beans, baked Mac and cheese, Haitian style chiccaronnes, and upside down pineapple Haitian rum cake.. Dunno if this is safe or not but immediately grabbed 3 diurex water pills to keep from retaining water from the carbs ..

I plan on starting my diet & exercise for NewYears ...

I've also sent my pics and details to Vanity Cosmetics in Miami to see what I'm looking at for a round 2 for next year .. Considering Dr Fisher for lipo to front of/back of /inner thighs, inner knees , maybe back if ill need it at the time n calves (if possible) and a little more fg to booty.. Of course I'll wait for May (6 months postop) to see how booty comes out but I def wanna fix these legs (even at my thinnest n fittest still chunky ) ..

I can't believe I'm almost 2 months post op already. Dra Duran said I looked beautiful and was very happy 4 me and sent me "kisses" like she does for most of us..

I also made a new friend (u know who u are). Met a future yily or Duran doll thru a business transaction and long story short just so happened to be on RS and followed my blog , wants a bbl and i will be helping her every step of way! Much luv to you, "B"!

Also my homegirl NJEXCITEDDD has 3 days until she is a Duran Doll so please show her some love and support (so excited for you mami!)

My massage was a success. I paid $30 for an hr (the ladies were fond of me for almost 2 years .. So they shaved off $40 for me) and were in live with my body ESP boobs. I love the Asians cuz they're so damn blunt and said I was beautiful before but now I'm "perfect beautiful" and very happy for me and some even she'd to touch which I let... Lol lumps in arms 95% gone and since then been peeing and feel more comfortable.. Still some stiffness and sureness in arms and back n other lipo'ed areas but sooo glad I finally got my massage..

Like Dra Duran says .. "Kisses" and update you soon!

Happy New Year's Eve dolls!

Gonna start my super healthy diet and workout regimen tomorrow (only 100% whole wheat cabs at a minimum, no sugar, eat red meat only on occasion and plenty of water) yay

Will take pics tonight and ladies let's celebrate our new bodies (to the vets and dolls-2-be and Happy New Year to u all!! Have fun tonight :-) xoxo

My beautiful buddy NJEXCITEDD waiting at cipla...

Please keep our beautiful sister in Your Hands.. allow all testing to run smoothly so that she may be cleared for sx tomorrow and be a Duran Doll as well. Thank you Lord on advance..

If u check her page (please do and support) she's been a true friend N cheerleader to and for me throughout my journey and checked in me EVERY day while I was in DR via tango/whatsapp/viber. A true sweetheart. WE LOVE U, "K"!!

My New Years pics :-)

Ugh all I had left to do was to post my pictures after typing whole post but ill do it again .. Ok beauties...

So yesterday was my first time wearing clothes WITHOUT a darn thing underneath .. NO FAJA, NO CAMI SHAPER, NO FOAMS, NO WAIST CINCHER, NO ARM COMPRESSION SLEEVES , etc but daaayum dolls while that's a big no No in the quest for a beautiful bootylicious hourglass body (at least to me plus diet n exercise) I must admit it felt DAMN good and liberating ! All I had on was my teeny thong..

So i spent it with my bf and let me tell you dolls as he surely had his insecure /jealous rants about how he hopes I don't leave him or allow another man to "steal" me #smh, he was showing me off at the bad area and kept telling one of his friends daaaayum look at my baby's beautiful body and what an ass she has! (And afterwards kept his eyes on his buddies ) lol but he was drunk .. He usually way more reserved but thought it was cute/funny/refreshing..

Here are some pics dolls.. Wore same navy dress from the other day and wore it with the beautiful water pearl necklace my love bought me for Christmas :-)

Plus vanity cosmetic surgery called me this morning but was still asleep.. Will call back tomorrow to find out what dr fisher, dr salas and dr ghurani think of my photos and what I plan to do (peep my chunky calves and thighs but hey ill fix them by next year with exercise and more lipo )


Congrats to my boo njexciteddd. She is officially a Duran Doll!! Please go n show her love on her page!! :-) yayyyyyy!!

Thx kirsty :-)

Nvm she added my pics


I mean bf was showing me off at the BAR area not the BAD area lol

Felt good for my man to feel even more proud to have me only his side..

But yes will call Vanity and update you all for quote and consultation details :-)

Famous BBL doll

I remembered seeing the pic on left years ago n found again . Lol

Update on my round 2 consultation

Hanks so much for compliments dolls! A couple things.

1- unfortunately to this day I DONT know how many ccs I have in my booty (everytime I ask Dra Duran I never get answer ) so I guess I should've asked immediately day 1 post op.

2- my breast implants , again, are high profile euro silicone brand 400 ccs implants

3- same .. I DONT know if under or over ABD doesn't say in my warranty card but will ask again for the 6th time but I'm ok and happy. I'd be more concerned if I didn't like how it looked or felt and didn't know what on earth was going on..

4 - I had part 1 of my consultation with Vanity Cosmetics in Miami with Jessica Garcia.. She is nice and said I already looked like a Barbie (aw thanks) but I feel my vison is only about 65% complete. I want thinner more shapely legs and a more projected booty.. Yes I want a fatter ass. I'm happy but once I decided to change my life and lose them 90 lbs naturally with old fashioned diet and exercise (and blood sweat and tears lol) I had a vision and sounds crazy (according to bf and mom) but won't stop till vision is complete (body like jessica mericee or deelishis now that she's had her 600th round lol) ..

I had my consultation with Dr fisher (who still not in office but was answering ms garcia's emails) and dr ghurani (who is no longer working at elite plastic surgery with dr salama)... They both want me to gain 15 lbs (aw heeeeellll naw!) and I sent more pics and told her to please get back to me tomorrow so now I'm waiting :)

I told her I'm crazy enough to go thru hell and back and get full body lipo again to avoid gaining any weight .. I also feel I have sufficient fat on thighs alone and she said generally these docs use thigh and knee fat as "fillers" and that there Kant enough fat to give me a noticeable result as fat as projection goes so yes dolls.. Will update u tomorrow. I know it's early but I feel more comfortable planning for late this year (might shoot for September) ..

Will update you tomorrow :-) thanks again for the kind words dolls !! You look great yourselves pre and post op!!

My first post op workout ..

Hey dolls!!

I had my first post op workout this early evening and felt damn good. I didn't go crazy. Half hr cardio -- high resistance hill easy walking -- 15.0 on the incline (to built my glutes) and easy speed of moderating btwn 2.7 and 3.0.. I also did the hip abductor and adductor to try and get inner thigh gap and further define my booty muscles.. I did 6 sets of 10 -- bicep curl and tricep extensions--with 5 lb weights for my arms and shoulders And while working out I peeped this on the tv and I smiled and was kinda praying they legalize that ish already. We're freakin in NY!! How Colorado got that and we still waiting ? Ugh but anyways.. Haha I still haven't chilled with Mary Jane since I think 5 months pre op so it's a while but yea I haven't put the champagne or wine down but I plan on it soon. Promise dolls. I just like a little buzz and relaxation after all the obstacles from my sx ..

Wow! Can't believe I'm 2 months post op :-)

Haha I can't believe I'm even post op! I wake up everyday like yay! I did it :-) to be honest I'm not gonna say the time flew or anything cuz I def had my ups and downs during my recovery kinda making it feel longer and tougher but I made it :-) half asleep so I'll take n post pix later.

WARNING - a little XXX talk so please skip to last sentence on bottom if this is not your thing..
And for my sex kittens , our love life was a 10/10 b4 sx but when I say 6-7x a night vs 3-4x a night before sx... Mmmm let me tell ya! 4 y'all freaks like me.. Enjoy ;-) only when ur healed and better of course. I still have stiffness and soreness in back arms and stomach (getting another massage this upcoming week) and unfortunately still can't take the biting and spanking I miss so much :-( but can't wait til I can!! :-)

Ok sorry if tmi but I did try to give fair warning .. Lol

Will post my 2 month pics later today and Talk to you dolls later :-)

I need vanity cosmetics @ Miami to get it together

This is 3rd day I'm waiting for my call back so ima try to be patient .. I understand dr fisher just god back from Vacay so I'm waiting but been waiting on dr ghurani too .. Will call back tomorrow and update you dolls

On phone with Jessica..

Still on phone but damn was told I gotta gain 20 lbs for the difference I want and that simply ain't happening. I don't know my weight but I'm 5'5 and prolly 150 lbs but most I'd gain is 5-10 lbs .. Was also told Dr. Fisher can't lipo my stomach (didn't ask for that though) cuz he doesn't want to damage my skin and that the fat from my arms and thighs are not enough and would barely make difference in booty projection and that it's 20 lbs to gain..

I pleaded my case (2 not gain that much) and jessica said Dr Fisher asks for more close up detailed pics to see what the minimum weight gain can be cuz as of now I'm too "skinny".. So I'm about to take these pics now.. Is do 5- 10 lbs dolls. MAX. Let's see what he says..

Then gonna ask for Dr. Ghurani's official word from my new pics (he wanted 15 lbs) ..

My rd 2 consult details tomorrow

Being the stubborn Taurean I am I asked for new official consult tomorrow because I want more projection and thinner legs from more lipo to inner thighs and also to inner knees (which Duran couldn't get to), outer thighs (keeping my new hips), and posterior thighs and hopefully calves.. I'd also like more lipo to arms (including lower part of arm of possible but if not will just go HAM with my free weights which I have already started) and more back if I am indeed to gain 5-10 lbs (ugh)

I asked for Dr. G (although I was confused cuz I read that Dr G not doing bbl @ Vanity on sexy bigbootytinywaist 'a blog so I gotta ask too) and Dr Fisher quote and it's only $4500!! Yayyy . Ok dolls update u tomorrow

Part 2 BBL Blog

Hey ladies,

This is Kirsty, from RealSelf. Bklynbeauty is so popular that she's figured out how to slow her page down, with all of her updates, photos and comments. ;-) So, we've started a BBL Part 2 page for her, where she will now be continuing her blog. 

If you want to continue to receive an email each time she updates her new review, as you used to when she updated this review, then you'll need to pop across to her new review and leave a comment on her page. By leaving a comment you'll automatically be notified each time she updates her review. :-)

The link is below, so please go show her some love on her new page as well! :-))

BBL Part 2 Blog

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Funny this is the 4th time I'm filling in this box but DURAN is the ONE! Absolutely in love with the ultimate upside down heart bubble booty she consistently gives as well as her tiny waist, round hips, breast implants, perfectly aggressive lipo (I'm getting full body lipo) and her kindness ! Can't wait to be a DURAN DOLL this fall and finally get the body of my dreams from head to toe!! :)

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