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Hi ladies, I'm so glad I found this site. I have...

Hi ladies, I'm so glad I found this site. I have an upcoming phone consultation with Dr. Jimerson. I live in NY and hopefully if all goes well will be flying out to GA for my BBL. I'm nervous but this site and you ladies have given me so much hope and motivation. I will be posting some before pics and hopefully amazing after pics soon. Hope to track it all here.

Hey ladies, me again. I have not had my procedure...

Hey ladies, me again. I have not had my procedure yet and wanted some information from some if the veterans. For the ladies that used Dr. Jimerson and are out of towners, how did you schedule after care services? I'll be alone for my procedure and I'm not sure how to schedule a nurse or care attendant. I'm flying out if New York for my procedure. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Hey ladies, I'm super excited. My consultation...

Hey ladies, I'm super excited. My consultation with Dr. Jimerson is scheduled for tomorrow at 1:30, so believe me I will be glued to my phone until he calls. I've sent in my photos from every imaginable angle and hopefully Dr. J will give me the good news and tell me that I can finally have the dream body I've been hoping for. Wish me luck ladies. Hopefully I can also lock in a surgery date. Happy Holidays ladies.

Ok so today I once again waited by the telephone...

Ok so today I once again waited by the telephone for hours and still no one called me. I am very disappointed. I waited almost 5 months for this consultation and was not even given a courtesy call as to why Dr. J didn't have time to call me yet again. {sigh} I just think that that he probably forgot about me. I'm now looking into probably going with Dr. Salama or Dr. Perry as I have seen some of their work and they look impressive. Needless to say I am disappointed, I would have thought that the office would have been a bit more professional. and at least call me back. I know Dr. J is one of the best but I'm not having good feelings right now about what happened. Needless to say my quest to find the right doctor is not over yet.

OK Ladies so unfortunately I still did not get a...

OK Ladies so unfortunately I still did not get a call from Dr. Jimerson's office even though my consultation was scheduled months in advance {before the TI and Tiny Show}...lol . No one from the office called me to reschedule nothing, not sure what went wrong {sigh} Anyway I reached out to Dr. Salama and one of the patient coordinators got back to me the next day. She was very pleasant and professional. I will be calling back to schedule my consultation and lock in my surgey date as I have already financed $5, 000 of the total surgety cost. I hope I can still get amzing results and that BIG booty that I want. I'll update you guys soon. Have a great day ladies.

Ok ladies, so after whining and being...

Ok ladies, so after whining and being disappointed, I have good news. One of the patient coordinators responded to me and I will recieve a call on Wednesday with my new condultation and surgery date since I have my financing almost in place. Wish me luck ladies. So for now it looks like I' m back in business with Dr. J.

Ok Ladies, so I got through finally. I'm in!!!...

Ok Ladies, so I got through finally. I'm in!!! Surgery scheduled for July 29th so now I'm planning everything now. I can't wait to share my journey with you ladies. I'm so glad I found this site and you ladies have been a major source of inspiration and motivation for me. I can't wait to be on the other side with the veterans....

OK ladies so I'm thinking of getting a Breat...

OK ladies so I'm thinking of getting a Breat Augmentation done as well to complete the whole package and truly give me that hourglass figure that I've always dreamed of. I've already starting shopping for things I will need and looking at cheap flights and hotels/motels close to Dr. J's office. Not much else to say today, waiting patiently for my July 29th surgery date.

So Ive finally decided to be brave enough and put...

So Ive finally decided to be brave enough and put up before pics and Im unable to put anything up. I click the option to add photos but nothing happens. On another note, while Im impressed with Jimerson's booties, I am in live with Yily's sculpting skills. Five months to go but still so many questions.

So at this point I guess until I find a way to...

So at this point I guess until I find a way to post pics on my cell phone my profile will be pictureless. I'm excited but reading so many bad reviews has definitely got me nervous but still ready to face the reality that even though this is elective surgery it is very serious surgery. Will wait patiently for my July 19th date.

Ok so now I feel like Im making some progress. I...

Ok so now I feel like Im making some progress. I have my aftercare service set up with Clarice for the day of my surgery and 3 days after. I hope that's enough time as I will be alone. Good night ladies.

Ok so I'm preparing for my surgery but may still...

Ok so I'm preparing for my surgery but may still be a bit short on funds. I have about $8, 000 but is still short 3, 700. I know that I have a few months but I'm anxious that after I pay for travel, and everything elsethat I won't be balr to pay for this booty...lol...If anyone of the ladies that have had surgery with Dr. JImerson knows that answer please answer this post or pm me. Any help would be appreciated. I guess I could always call the office as well to ask huh...I say what you ladies have to say...Thanks...

OK, lately I've seen a lot of girls on RS who has...

OK, lately I've seen a lot of girls on RS who has had less than perfect results going to Dr. J. I'm concerned that I may fall into that boat once I have my BBL. I still believe that he can produce good results but I'm not impressed with his lack of aggressive lipo. He just doesn't seem to sculpt an hourglass shape like some of the doctor's in the DR or even dr's like Perry or Salama. What is a girl to do. I'm going to continue to do more research just so I can be sure before I make any hasty decisions.

Ok so I just checked out Yily's website and I am...

Ok so I just checked out Yily's website and I am impressed with her scultpinng skills. I would actually prefer to have a nice hourglass shape with a decent sized butt than to have a big butt and a big stomach. I am so confused a this point. I had my heart set on Dr. J but at this point I'm just not sure if I still have faith in him. He does seem to gove big butts but he does seem to suck out much fat in the abdomen area...WHY?????. I have to do more research. I am afraid to travel outside the country, I'm sure Yily is very well qualified but leaving the country may be a stretch for me. I'll be checking out other doctors in the interim...

...sorry for all the typos...

...sorry for all the typos...

Ok so I emailed Yily last night with my photos and...

Ok so I emailed Yily last night with my photos and this lady was gracious enough to email me this morning....she quoted me $5,000 for a tummy tuck, BBL and BA. I can definitely do this. I still have more research to do but this id looking good. On top of this one of my good friends has agreed to accompany me to the DR and YES she speaks spanish, so happy right now. I will not make a final decision yet still have quite a bit to figure out and decide, but I just may jump ship from Dr. J to Yily. I feel like I will finally have a nice shape and I'm happy right now.

Ok so at this point I think I may definitely be...

Ok so at this point I think I may definitely be going to Yily for my surgery. I am loving the communication and prompt responses from her. I decided to have my surgery on July 10, I intend to stay for 14 days to make sure that I am nice and healed up when I return home to NY. I'm looking into different placed to saty after surgery and I think Recovery House might be my best bet as I amy be traveling alone after all. The trouble is the website that I was given by Yily {I believe} is invalid. I received www.spamedicaljm.com but when I go there it's not coming up. I need help. At this point I will just call the Recovery House myself and see about reservations, payment methods etc...I'm getting so exceited about this whole process.

I originally had my heart set on Dr. Jimerson but it looks like I will go with Yily. I'm about 75% sure at this time. I based my decision on several things and not just results from other people. I agree that Dr. J is the best "butt doctor" but I want the whole package not just a big butt. I still have to make a final decision and hopefully in the next month I will make a final decision.

Ok so now I'm about 85% sure that I will be going...

Ok so now I'm about 85% sure that I will be going to Yily. I have my quote, I have found the RH site and I think the price is just right for me. I hope all goes well as this is still major surgery regardless of where I decide to go. I'm hoping for a nice shape overall. I made my decision to go to Dr. Jimerson based on all the big booties that he was producing and never really focused on the rest of the body. I think he is very professional and very nice when I spoke to him. However I have major concerns about his lipo techniques and skills. I would really like the total package..meaning I want a small waist{ or at least a smaller one}, a nice butt {doesn't have to be huge} and a bigger bustline. By May I should have complete confirmation. Like I said I have my quote I'm just waiting for my surgery date to be confirmed before I can book my flight. I will begin buying little items here and there but not too much as many girls before me have said that they didn't use half the stuff they took over there. I'm excited but so nervous about this journey. Hopefully by July I will be on the other side and telling {and showing} you guys about it all.

Ok so today I received my confirmed surgery date...

Ok so today I received my confirmed surgery date of July 10th, I so happy and nervous at the same time. However I'm having difficulty wiring this money for the deposit to Yily's bank. I will call the office agin because Yily did not give me the bank address which I need. I have so much planning and things to buy. Wow I can't believe this is happening. Surgery is literally 70 days away...YES I counted.....Anyway that's all for now until next update.

Ok so at this point it is safe to say that I am...

Ok so at this point it is safe to say that I am going to Yily for my surgery however I'm having difficulty wiring the deposit to her Chase account. I also bank with Chase and was thinking it would be easy....NOT...my bank advised that I would need Yily's address and her bank address in order to wire her money. What am I to do? I have sent countless emails so at this time I will buy a calling card and will call the office on Monday and hopefully get this infomation. OAN I have 68 days until surgery....Insane...

OK, finally success....I was able to wire Dr. Yily...

OK, finally success....I was able to wire Dr. Yily my deposit and have now confirmed a new earlier date of July 2nd, so happy but nervous as well...Time to shop for the necessities, and see my doctor to make sure I/m healthy enough for this surgery. Thank you to all the ladies who have helped me so far, without you guys I would be lost, thanks again for the support and encouragement.

Ok so now I think I may just be slightly addicted...

Ok so now I think I may just be slightly addicted to this site. All I think about is this surgery and can't wait to get it done. I'm still looking at flights and it will be booked by end of the week. Have to buy my supplies and some other little things. I have 57 days until this surgery and I'm counting down everyday and checking the days off on my calendar daily. At this point Ihave to see if I can get a portion of my deposit back from Dr. Jimerson. I assume I won't get anyhting back but I'll try. Does anyone know if Dr. J gives back a portion of deposits? Anyway I'm excited and preparing for this surgery. That's it for now.

Ok, so I've been thinking alot and I'm just not...

Ok, so I've been thinking alot and I'm just not sure if I should get a TT. I'm afraid of the scar and the down time as well. I've seen some women on the site whose tummies were way bigger than mine and they were able to get great results so I'm just not sure if I really need a TT. I want a flat tummy but not sure if a TT is needed. ****Confused****

OK so today makes 48 days before I transform. The...

OK so today makes 48 days before I transform. The day id getting closer and I'm nervous but excited at the same time. I have concerns of how I'll be ale to sleep being that I am adding BA to my surgery, not sure how I'll be comfortable but I plan to get a breast pillow as well. Hopefully that will make my recovery a little easier. Below is a list of things that I recentlt purchased for my trip. I was told by many girls not to over pack so I plan to go to the DR lightly. Also today I went to the post office to process my application and I was told I will get it by June 25th just in time to travel. Here is my list so far:

face wipes
feminine wipes
female urinal
Always feminine wipes
Dial soap
maxi pads
surgical tape
maxi dresses
dried fruit and snacks

This is is for now, until next time. I'm waiting patiently.

******42 days to go*****Still fare away but so near, still excited and nervous

So today makes 42 days before my surgery. I know that is quite a ways to go but I have it on my mind constantly. I still have not booked my flight and still is getting everything together. Like I previously said I plan to pack very lightly and most likely will only go with one bag, I refuse to drag heavy bags and strain myself in a foreigh country. Anyway not much of an update, just here scoping out everyone else's great results and hoping that my day will soon be here. Take care ladies until next time.

***I almost forgot, how do you get your doctor to write you the needed prescriptions?, I'm not sure if I should show my doctor the email from Yily or what. Not sure what to do, I guess I figure that one out. Later...*****

******42 days to go*****Still far away but so near, still excited and nervous

***correction on the title***

*****************42 days to go**************so excited and nervous

For some reason I don't think my update posted , oh well, until next time...42 days to go..

Decided not to get TT

So I decided not to get the TT. I've thought long and hard about this and have come to a final decision that I may not need the TT after all. I have seen many girls much bigger than me and only with lipo have gotten great results. I think I will be just fine. At this time I do have 1 son but I have very little stretch marks if any at all. I believe that my skin will be fine. However if Dr. Yily feels like I need one I will bring enough money with me just in case. However at this time I think I'll be ok.

*************25 Days to Go**********BBL, BA, and probably TT

OK so today makes 25 days before my surgery. At this point I still don't have a place to stay. I have gotten most of my supplies, suitcase and packed all my maxi dresses, well 7 of them. I'm still waiting on my passport to arrive and have yet to purchase my ticket. Not sure what I'm waiting for.This is all getting real. I'm exited but so nervous. Months ago this was only a thought and a dream, from chosing several doctors and finally narrowing down to Yily it sure has been a journey. I'm taking my vitamins and hope to have a place by next week. Not much more to update until next time. I will update again in a week or so. Goodnight ladies.

***************20 Days to go************ Going to see Yily soon

Ok so today marks 20 days before I leave for the DR. My surgery is scheduled for 07/02. I bought all my supplies and I'm packed and ready to go. My passport also came today. I will be buying my ticket by the end of the week and putting a deposit on either Silhouette RH or Jasmin RH. I hope it all works out. I will be contacting them asap as I will need a place to recover for 10 days while I'm there. Not much else to report, just patiently waiting for my time and hoping all goes well.

***OAN I don't have wish pics up because I want to be very realistic about my possible results. I don't want to set myself up for any disappointments or unrealistic expectations. I know that I don't have a lot of fat or curves so I will not have a "donkey" or "stallion" booty. I also know that I will not look like a "video vixen". I just want nice results that enhances what I already have and creates more curves on my body. That's all for now.

The countdown has truly begun. 18 days before I leave for the DR

I bought my ticket today. I have all my supplies and I'm just waiting for Angie to get back to me about the deposit for the RH. I've sent Yily my flight info and my next stop is paying the surgery in full before I leave as I refuse to travel with over $4000 in cash on my person. Not much to report. I've been taking my vitamins faithfully, including, Vitamin B12, iron, Vitamin C and a multivitamin, along with lots of dark leafy veggies and other healthy stuff. I've been working out a bit and unfortunately I lost about 10 pounds. I hope that Yily will find fat to give me the body that I want. I'm trying to gain back those 10 pounds but at this point I just don't think it's possible. Wish me luck. Anyway until next time I'll be counting down until my day comes.

***********16 days before I leave for the DR***********

Not much too report at all, just excited and nervous. 16 days to go before my BBL and BA. I dream about what my body will look like and just pray that I get the rsults or close to the results that I want. Below is a list of everything that I've bought in case anyone might find it useful:

Hand sanitizer
feminine wipes
white tees
medical tape
compression socks
face wipes
feminine wipes
female urinal
Dial soap
Arnica gel
surgical tape
maxi dresses
dried fruit and snacks
Vicodin {from previous surgery}

***I also added Travel insurance in the event of anything going wrong or any unexpected events like needing to stay in DR for a few additional days. Anyway I believe that's it for now.

Recovery House Info in case anyone needed a place to stay

I've been so thnakful to receive so much help and guidance from so many ladies at RS so I've decided to post the info at the RH that I plan to stay. Below is the email that I received from Angie. I think it's a great deal.

My recovery home fee is $85 a day and this includes :

24hr care
3 meals and snacks
Fresh fruit juices
Cable, WiFi
Hot water
Backup power generators in case of power outage (which is a given in DR) lol..
Transportation to all pre and post office visits
Help with all your needs while recovering like bathing, getting in and out of bed etc...
Washing of your garment
This is on a 7th floor and you get a full panoramic view of the whole city!!! Elevator included!
Airport transportation is an additional fee of $40 each way

I can run you by the store or beauty shop if you'd like!

I have both private and semi private rooms

If you share a room with a friend the rate is of $65 per person / a day.

I do have a semi private room with two beds available
let me know what you decide. I would love to have you!!!


Took pics down

So after one of the members pages was hacked it has freaked me out to the point that I took all my pre-op pics down and at this time I have decided not to post any post op when I have my surgery in 16 days. I am afraid that my pics may end up on a Exposed FB or Twiiter page. I'm not sure if you ladies were aware of the mess/drama, but CabyBakes blog was hacked by someone claiming to be her boyfriend, he printed her phone #, credit card #, real name, birthdate, everything and went on a rampage abusing members, cursing them out writing nasty and perverted messages on their walls, abusing them, etc. It was just too much for me. I am scared at this point. Sfter my surgery I may feel different and possibly email pics to some of the ladies that have been so supportive and helpful but right now I'm too afraid to put up any image of myself even one with my face hidden.

sorry for typos and grammatical errors...

sorry for typos and grammatical errors...

Maybe adding arm lipo due to lack of fat :(

So I lost about 10 pounds and I'm not happy because I've been working out and trying to stay healthy. I'm trying to put it back on but its very difficult as a recent dental procedure I just had has forced me to be on a semi-soft diet. I plan to transfrom myself into the complete package by the end of the summer. At this time I think I'll be adding arm lipo which is only $250 more to my surgery, not sure yet. I will email Yily when I decide. Anyway not much more to report. I've decided to put up some post-op pics after surgery but only for a short time after the fiasco yesterday with the whole hacking profile mess.

Some more RH info and contact #

809-565-9429- Ana Maria's RH
809-273-7071 Wilson's RH
829-596-0126 Dominga and Virginia RH
809-595-3109 Angela Valentino

14 Days to go

Well it's now 14 days until my surgery. I can't believe the days have gone by so fast. I have everything I need. All my supplies, my ticket,my passport,my RH is booked, my taxi etc...I just have to pay the rest of my deposit and I'm done. I am so excited to do this for myself. I have very realistic expectations but I also expect Yily to give me a nice shape. I'll be counting down until my day comes. That's it for now.

Very disturbing news....CIPLA was closed down ........

This is the translated article taken from Brown Betty Boop's page..

The Ministry of Public Health reported the closure of four health centers that did not meet the requirements and standards set by the General Health Law and Regulations 42-01 Enabling 1138-1103.

According to the note, the establishments are closed International Advanced Plastic Surgery, located in the La Esperilla National District, the Medical and X-Ray Clinic Doctor Mojica, located in Las Gaviotas No. 278 in the District's Americans, and were closed Duarte Avenue San Carlos Dental Clinic and Dental Centre Eddy.

The Director of Accreditation and Qualification, Dr. Ramon Lopez reported that these centers do not meet minimum standards for operation.

As for the beauty center, said that serious errors introduced biosafety and defaulted on the agreement made in November 2011, to regularize their situation, so they will remain suspended administrative services center to both catch up with requirements.

He said the closure was then arranged that the MOH inspectors verify and report on different visits revision to this health center and find that the property does not meet conditions to deliver quality health services.

He said the Ministry of Health, through the address directs, continue the interim and final closure of health facilities that violates the General Health Law and Regulations 42-01 Enabling Health Facilities and Services, with the in order to ensure the quality of home health care.

At this time I don't know what to do as I have surgery in 14 days.

11 more days until I'm in DR

OK it is now 11 days until durgery. I can't believe this is really happeneing, I'm so close. I'm also concerned and worried and for god reason scared. However the doctor involved was not Yily and she will be relocating to another facility. I have sent an email to Yily expressing my concerns and hopefully I get a satisfactory answer. Not much to report. I'm all packed and ready to go. Below is a list of everything I have set to go:

Plane Ticket
Recovery House
Surgery Deposit

10 days to go...

Nothing new to report, just counting down the days before surgery. I'm still waiting a response from Yily or Yira as to the whereabouts of the clinic/hospital that Yily will be operating from. That's all for now.

Can you have surgery if on your cycle?

Hey ladies not too sure if any of you can answer this question, but is it possible to have suregry and be on your cycle? I think mine will be here right around the time of my surgery and I don;t want to have to postpone it. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

Is CIPLA still closed down, what is going On?

OK I still haven't heard from Yily, I am getting mixed reviews, some girls are saying that CIPLA is open, others are saying that its closed and Yily is at another clinic, what is the real story. Yily or Yira has not responded to me, I'm getting anxious. I leave in 10 days. I'm getting so stressed out over this mess.

8 days to go

8 days before Im in the DR, 9 days before surgery. Not much to report. I may have to find another place to stay bc Ive heard not so many good things about the RH that I booked to stay. Thats it for now.

7 days to go

Nothing special to report. 7 days to go. I'm excited and nervous but hoping for the best. All packef and ready to go. Received my confirmation email from Yily yesterday. I'm all set to go.

6 days to go

Nothing new just counting down the days until my day has come.

5 days to go

5 days to go, needless to say I'm nervous. I can't believe I'm actually doing this. I hope all goes well.

3 Days to go

3 days to go, just patiently waiting . That's all for now.

Reflecting if I'm making the right decision...

As excited as I am, I have to admit I'm afraid. I'm afraid of not waking up and or having severe complications after my surgery. In no way am I trying to be negative I'm just looking at every side of this. I've been reading so many blogs and seeing beautiful results achieved by so many women and I think..... am I going to be the one who dies or have something really horrible go wrong? I have 3 days to go and at this point it's too late to turn back, I've spent so many money already. My family doesn't even know I'm doing this, I've only told one friend of mine. I feel guilty for doing this sometimes because I would hate to leave my son motherless especially because I'm the only parent he has. Many people have told me that I don't need these procedures but I just don't feel as attractive as I used to be. I want to do something for myself for once. After getting out of an 11 yr relationship I was devastated and whatever self esteem and confidence I had disappeared. I am slowing getting back to the person I was but I feel like I need a little help. I have great friends and a wonderful supportive family, but unfortunately that is not enough to make me feel the way I want to feel. I believe in positivity and trust that Dr. Yily is a capable and qualified surgeon but I do realize that she is not a God and still only a human being. I trust all will go well and I wish all the other ladies good health and a safe and speedy recovery. I just had to get this off my chest in order to concentrate on leaving for the DR in the next 3 days and havinjg this surgery. I swear if I make this out ok, there is absolutely no round 2 for me, this is it. Until next time ladies.

2 days left to go

Nothing new to report, 2 days left to go. Thank you to the ladies that have reached out and been supportive to me. Patiently waiting.

1 day to go

1 day to go. Im all packed and ready to go. Got everything I need. Not much to report, just once again patiently waiting.

Today I leave for DR

Today is the day. I leave this evening and will be in DR at about midnight. Surgery set for tomorrow. Im excited but so nervous. I've done all I can to prepare and this is it. No turning back. I want to wish the other ladies a safe travel and a speedy recovery. Hopefully by this time tomorrow I will begin my transformation. Hope to update with lots of pics. Thank you to all the wonderful ladies that have helpef me from the beginning until now with this crazy journey. Thank you for your suppory, info, kind words and encouragement. I'll update once in the DR. Ttyl ladies.

sorry for the typos


At the airport, flight cxl'd due to severe weather

Is this a sign that I shouldn't have this surgery? The next flight is at 11:17 if there are any available seats left. This is a nightmare.

Still stranded

My 11:17 flight has been cxl'd, so I will now be on the 11:59 arriving at 03:39. Im so tired.

DreamBody and I just took our blue pill

So Dr. Yily is very nice, straight to the point bit very respectful. She is beautifil indeed and has a great shape. She also advised me that I did not need a TT. Apparantently my skin is better than I thought. So fsr so good. Im all marked up as nf waiting for the pill to take effect. I also chose my implant size anf told her I wanted hips and a booty. Hopefully she is able to come close to what I want. That's all for now.

DreamBody just went in for her surgery

Ok, DreamBody just went in and Im next. Wishing her the best of luck. Today has been quite a day. First of all my period came this morning. I was afraid that my hemo levels would be affected but they weren't. My levels were 13.7.


Everything elsr was good and then I found out that my BP was pretty high. I wad nervous and anxious. Eventually the dr gave me something to lower my pressure and I was fine. I'll update a bit later bc this phone is dying. Ttyl

Surgery completed. In a lot of pain but ok.

Today is day 2. The pain is unreal ladies. My boobs feel engorged and my butt feels lie I have bricks in them. Yily gave me exactly what I wanted. My waist is so small and I have nice boobs and a booty. I didn't want a huge one so it fits my frame. I also didn't eat the TT because Yily said I didn't need it. My pressure was very high but my hemo level was 13.7. I promise to take lots of pics ad update again with a full review by end of the week. Ladies I'm very happy, I feel lie I'm sitting on top of the world, I feel so sexy, it's unreal. Thank you ladies for all the well wishes, support ad encouragement, I couldn't have done it without you. I also met DreamBody@24, she is super nice ad a sweetheart. Yily was very nice as well. I'm at Silhouette RH and it is very nice. Angie is a sweetheart and very helpful. I'll upas with more details bc the pain is unreal. Thanks again.

Sorry for the crazy typos, meds setting in....


Few pics

So I had one of the girls take a few pcs. I'm very swollen without the faja. I love my results, they look very natural. Yily gave me what I wanted. Also keep in mind I'm still very swollen. And for the negative ladies, if you feel my results are not drastic or good enough keep your negativety to yourself, I'm very positive and just wanted to share with the ladies that have supported me and asked to see me post op. thank you. Will post more pcs tomorrow when swelling goes down.

Preop pic....

This is me before, so embarassing.

Will post booty shots soon

Hey ladies this recovery is no joke. I'm still in pain, I thought I had a high tolerance for pain but this pain is winning. I got my 4th massage today and it was as painful as the first, however I do feel better. Today I met a few more RS ladies at my post op. I met Fixmyazz, she is so funny and such a doll. I met another nice young lady but she was not on RS. This site and you ladies have truly given me the strength to do this and continue to be a positive source for me. Thank you. I know my booty has been under wraps but I promise to post by end of the week. Unfortunately I don't have access to the net bc my phone and laptop is not working, they just won't connect, guess the wifi is weak. Anyway I promise not to keep you ladies in suspense and will post as soon as I can. Thanks.

Just a pic...

My butt is not huge, but I like the roundness.

Need new garment

I have to move down to an x-small garment bc I'm retaining lots of fluid and my garment doesn't give a lot of compression, I'm in a medium right now. That's it for now I have to eat and take my meds. Btw I will do a review on Silhouette RH, it's very nice, glad I came here, later ladies.

A few more pics

So these pants can't fit at all. I am still swollen but just wanted to show you guys that Yily did give me some booty, it's not huge but perfect for me.

Another one


Another one

For some reason can't add multiple pics at a time.

Pics to come and full review...

Hey ladies, sorry been m.i.a. This revovery has been kicking my behinf. Im stiff as a board and have some painful hard spots in my back. Hopefully the massages will help to resolve it. So far I love my results. My waist is even smaller and I love my overall shape and booty. Yily did a great job on me. Im very thankful. I promise to post a few more nude frontal and back shots by end of the week. My boobs are softening up and I love them more each day. I will give a more detailed review soon when I feel a bit better. Thank you all for the lovely compliments and well wishes because this surgery is no walk in the park.

New Pics!

Silhouette Recovery Home

Silhouette Recovery Home was great. I was picked up at the airport by Wilson, Angie's driver. He was pleasant , helped me with my bags and spoke great English. I was dropped off at the RH and was greeted by Gleisy, one of the girls that help out. I was taken to my room. It was clean, spacious and I had a queen sized bed all to myself. My room had a huge plasma tv with cable and lots of English channels. I didn't get to meet Angie until the a few hours later when I had to get up and go to CIPLA for my labwork and x-rays. Angie was very nice and pleasant. She greeted me and welcomed me and told me that whatever I needed I just had to ask. Angie stayed with me throughout the day at CIPLA and even after my surgery. She never left my side once. I was very happy to have her by my side. After my surgery she visited me during the night and then came back the next day when I was ready to leave. She was fabulous. She spoke with Yily about how I was doing and communicated all my needs and questions. I could not have made it with her help. When I got back to the RH Angie made sure I was comfortable and immediately made sure that I had a meal and was taking my medication. She hardly ever left my side and constantly checked in to make sure I was ok. Angie filled my prescriptions and had them delivered to the RH, she went to the store to get me extra baby wipes and other things that I needed. Angie even kept me and the other girls company and made us all laugh. Angie took us all to out follow up appts and to the bank when we needed money. She took us to the grocery store if we need something and even took us for a treat at Baskin Robbins. Some of the other girls got their hair done along with manis and pedis but I wasn't up to it. The caretakers at the RH unfortunately did not speak English but Angie translated and some of the other girls were able to translate, none the less they were still great. I received 3 meals a day, was helped getting into and out of bed, bathing, my garments and otjer clothes were washed and pretty much anything else I needed. It may be helpful to download a translation app as well. Anyway I have to say I still communicate with Angie and some of the other girls I met at the RH. Angie still checks on me daily.I miss them as well. It's strange how you get so attached to people in such a short time. The girls and I bonded and I feel like I may have made some life long friends through this journey/surgery. I highly recommend staying here. I was taken care of and was able to comfortably recover for the 11 days that I was there.

My review of CIPLA, YILY, and my journey

I was originally scheduled for an 8:55pm flight. My flight was delayed twice and eventually I boarded the plane at 11:59. I got to DR at about 3:39am. At the airport my driver had a difficult time finding me but we found each other and I was taken to the RH. I got there a bit after 5:00 am, I took a shower and fell right to sleep. I had to wake up about an hour and a half later to go to CIPLA, I was very tired when I got there. I met Theresa, Ana, and I forgot the other lady name..oops but they were all very nice and sweet. My blood was taken, the nurse wore gloves the entire time and the needle was thrown away immediately. I was then taken to the X_Ray room where I had a chest x-ray. I then saw the cardiologist. After that I was asked a series of medical questions and my blood pressure was unfortunately high. My blood work came back at 13.7 which was great, but I was advised that unless my pressure went down or stabilized my surgery would not be done. I was upset but glad that precautions were being taken. I was then taken to my room where I finally met DreamBodyat24, she was super sweet and such a doll. I had been communication with her for about 2 months so I just felt like I was reuniting with an old friend. We talked for a little while and then the dr came back and gave me a pill to stabilize my pressure. I was told to relax for a few hours and then only if my pressure was stabilized they would perform the surgery, if not I was told I would probably have to go back home. I relaxed for a few hours and then the dr came back, checked my pressure and advised me that my pressure had been stabilized and normal again. I think because I was so nervous that my pressure spiked. Not long after I met Yily. She came in greeted me with a hug and kiss and began marking me up. She specifically asked me what I wanted and I communicated to her I wanted a small waist, and butt and hips if possible. She also advised that I did not need a TT. I was happy about that. Angie was also with me the whole time as well. Yily left and then marked up my roomie DreamBodyat24. We were given our blue pills and then DreamBody went in for her surgery. After a few hours it was my turn. During my surgery I woke up twice. I was not that coherent, it was just for a moment. I did not feel anything just pressure but soon after I was out again. When I woke up the next morning I was sore but I immediately noticed that I had boobs and a tiny waist. I also felt like I was sitting on bricks. Overall my experience was great, I have no complaints. I never once felt like I was in a chop shop. That day Yily only did 3 surgeries that I know of. She did not 9 or 10, which I'm sure isn't even possible, and if she did I didn't see it. She did have a few post op apt but that was handled by Ana, she is a doctor. The OR was also being used by other surgeons so naturally we had to wait. We were given soup when we woke up in the morning and put into our fajas. Yily checked on us several times during the night and during the day before we left as well. She hugged and kissed us before we left as well.

New Pics!

3 weeks po....

The stiffness in my back is seriously killing me and I'm wondering when I will feel normal again. My breast are so much softer anf don't hurt at all. However they are hyper sensitive. My waist had gotten smaller as well. A lot of my swelling has gone down and I think I lost some volumr. I hope I fluff soon. I still am satisfied with my results. I still have some painful and sore hard spots in my back. Im still getting massages twice a week. That's all for now.

Little over a month..few pics. still swollen.

So Im a little over a month. My back still hurts. It's still stiff and sore. If I lay down for too long and get up suddenly the pain sets in. Feels like my skin is ripping. I still like my results. They may not be very drastic but it's 100% better than what I started with. Needless to say I am having fun. Im still swollen in my stomach area and especially in my lower back. I still wear my garment 23 hrs a day and have added my squeem. This whole process is truly a trial and error trying to figure out what garment works best. Anywho just a little update.

2 month po..Yily

So Im a bit over 2 months and Im so much happier with my results. My waist is tiny. I love my hips and perfect sized booty. ..not too big and not too small. It's hard to take booty pics so I'll try to have one of my friends take it soon at multiple angles to give a realistic view. I have considered a rd 2 but I like my results and they seem to just get better. I still wear my garment 23 hrs a day along with my foam and board. I have about 7 different fajas now. I also wear my squeem or waist cincher at night. I still get stiff and my scar tissue is pretty much gone. I am in no pain. That's it for now ladies.

Almost 4 months. ..couldn't be happier

Ok ladies I'm sorry Ive neglected my RS family. So sorry I've been having so much fun. BBL truly changed my life. Ladies don't think twice just do it...lol. Not too much of an update just a few pics while playing around in the mirror. Until next time. Take care ladies.

a few more pics...4 months

Ladies I was having fun...hope no onesis offended by my photos





Almost 5 months. ..a few booty pics

I'll be 5 months Dec 2 and I'm still very happy. I'm a bit bloated because I didn't wear my faja all weekend and ate way too much. Anyway the gym had helped to tine my butt a lot and I love it. That's it for now ladies. Good luck to the ladies having their surgery.

booty pics..5 months

booty pics

6 months update....Yily

Hey girls.....I'm 6 months now as of yesterday and I still love my result. I still wear my Faja 23hours a day. I still get swollen at the end of the day if I don't wear it so I faithfully wear my board, my squeem, and I work out at least 2 to 3 times a week. Nothing much to update really. I'm dating now and I love it so much. Like I said ladies don't think twice about this surgery just do it. Your life will change. Enjoy your day ladies.















success I was able to upload mu own pics....finally

Pics updated. ....

A few more pics...Yily 6 months po

Just posting a few more pics of my stomach. ..You can still see the lines from the faja.

Rest of pics not updating as usual..smh....


Another pic....



So just a brief update. I still wear my faja at least 23 hours a day. At first it was a hassle and I hated it but now I feel like it has become an extension of me, I know that's weird. I work out at least 2-3 times a week and I think that working out has truly helped me to maintain my results. I may not have the most dramatic results or biggest big but I love my results and what Yily has done for me. I guess not much really to say right now. If any of you ladies have any questions feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer them based on my own experience. I'' update when I'm 7 months with a longer review and more pics. Until them ladies stay safe and good luck.

sorry for typos...

* I meant biggest butt....

a booty pic...

Just posting a booty pic. These types of pics are so difficult to take because of the angle of the camera. I hope this pic gives you ladies an accurate representation of what my butt looks like. Like I said I don't have the biggest butt but I love what Yily has done for me. Hope my profile has helped. Good luck ladies.

8 months po...few pics...Yily

Ok so it's been 8 months and not much has changed. I still love my results and work out as much as I can. Anyway ladies here are a few pics.







rest of pics not uploading














9 Mon po


9 month po


9 month po


9 months

Hey ladies so not much has changed. As of April 2nd I became 9 months po. I am still happy with my results and I still try to work out as much as possible. Not much really to say at this time. When I become 1 year po I will no longer update as I don't think my results will change much. If you have any questions or concerns I'll be happy to answer them. Take care beautiful ladies.
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