Hello ladies!!!!! I'm new to realself but luvin it...

Hello ladies!!!!! I'm new to realself but luvin it already. Me too have the spongebob squarepants problem like some of the pretty ladies I saw but I got theirs fixed. Well I'm trying to do the same and I believe well.....KNO I'm on the right path and with all the luv that's in here I kno I'll be okay. As far as looks I love the way I look but hate the ASS or Whateva that's behind me I wanna nice plump bootay and my Dr of choice is MR. J CURVES I love the results I have seen and I want the same. My only problem is the date for my consultation MAY 8 2014....Yes 2014 not 2013 but I guess while I patiently wait um.....yea then I'll stack the bread for my day sooooo I'm depending on my bbl family to help me through this journey like y'all have done for many of the others but only the positive peeps not the negative to make me discourage. Goodbye ladies until next time.

PS- if anyone have some advice or would like to inform of anything to help me along the way then please feel free to send me message. Also I'll post pics as soon as I find out how the hell to operate this stupid phone lol!


CAN ANYBODY SAY TIRED AS HELL!!!!! OMG....I was working mad ot to get my fatty. My feet was killing me when I woke up but I gotta keep telling myself it's for a good reason. Anyhow, my consult is over a month away but that's fine I'm not as far away as I was everyday I'm getting closer to my dream BOOTAY and I kno Mr J will hook me up. Can I have a moment of truth...??? Well....I have been looking at some of Dr Salama patients and their results looks good as well for a cheaper price I kno cheaper doesn't always mean better but I'm just saying if I can get the same results for a cheaper price HELL why not but that was just a thought. I'll be posting pix as soon as I can figure out hoe to do so cause I'm still not successful with doing that. Well ladies that's all for now until next time!!!!

Hey ladies I was just sitting here stalking a few...

Hey ladies I was just sitting here stalking a few girls post op photos and o man.....shout out to chocolate dreams and other various girls that had sx this pass week rather u were salamafied or u got j curvy either way we pray for a speedy but yet healthy recovery o yea and a giggly booty lol....;)!!!!! I wonder what it would b like to have a big ASS hmmm????? Could u imagine its like going to sleep flat back and wake up with a FAT BACK!!!! As for me and my boyfriend I know lock and chain will b my bestfriend but he knows or should kno I'm not goin anywhere hell u wanted me while I'm spongebob so y would I leave when I become BUFFY THE BODY (that's my wish pic) I'm patiently waiting on my consultation well.....I lied not patiently hell April 19 ain't coming fast enough but believe me when me and Dr. J talk imma tell em please doc make it fat but after please b GENTLE (wink) ;)


HELO MY LOVELIES IT'S BEEN SO LONG!!! I've seen alot more new asses on here dem gals gettin dat body right before the summer.....GO HEAD WIT YA BIG ASS LOL!!! Well as for me I was J Curve bound but now I'm looking towards Dominican Republic. Her name is Augustina Hilario Duran (please forgive me if there's a mistake in her name) after seeing a few pics of her work I really do love it I'm also thinking bout getting a Breast Lift get my girls to stand at attention again. I'm thinking bout making it a little vacation also since I haven't had one in sooo dam long. I was skeptical bout going out of the country for this sx cause #1 I would be alone with no family to accompany me, #2 I figured after having this transformation will I be up to taking a flight back home on my new buns for a long period of time, (I'm not sure bout the amount of time it would take), and #3 what if something happens like the sx takes for the worse (GOD PLEASE FORBID) but these were some of my greatest concerns. As of now I'm over it and my cousin agrees to go with me LMFAO.....too bad she doesn't kno the reason she thinks its a girls getaway and it is......to get rid of this old body and get a new ha ha ha ha but we tight as hell so she wouldn't mind. Now sistahs I need some advice if I decide to go to DR from reading other reveiws do anyone have any precautions me or care to share their experience with me that would be AWESOME....Considering that I haven't made my mind up completely any input would be a good help that's what we are here for to help each other along the way. OKAY! Now that I'm finished yapping I guess its GOODBYE FOR NOW UNTIL NEXT TIME!!! To my sistahs that just undergone sx I pray for a speedy recovery, happy healing, and more bootay than your back can handle!!!! LOL;-) SMOOCHES

I'm so excited I finally learned how to post pix.....

I'm so excited I finally learned how to post pix.....YAAAY GO ME GO ME!!!! I know it took me long enough the entire time I was doing it right I just couldn't upload any from my phone. This could be a bad thing cause now y'al finally see this bad shape and trust me not bad in a good way bad in a horrible and disgusting way but I'm on the right track to become amazing. I'm going to lay it down cause I was up all night researching my eyelids feel like I have bricks on them yea I know just a little exaggeration lol ;)/ ANYWHO...goodnight ladies I'll torture my sis to takepix of me tomorrow so y'all can see them and give me some input on what all should I have done DEUCES!

FINALLY....I post pictures of this awful body I'm...

FINALLY....I post pictures of this awful body I'm like really getting depressed this looks so awful :(!!!! I'm 29 walking round looking a flipping mess REALLY??? I don't have much to say but if anyone can help me out and give me some advice to what I should get please do so. For know I'm looking to get a bbl and thinking about a breast lift or what should I get done to the breast. At one time I was 235 and I lost weight now as of Friday I was 5'6 weighing in at 169 so anyone PLEASE HELP!!!

FINALLY....I post pictures of this awful body I'm...

FINALLY....I post pictures of this awful body I'm like really getting depressed this looks so awful :(!!!! I'm 29 walking round looking a flipping mess REALLY??? I don't have much to say but if anyone can help me out and give me some advice to what I should get please do so. For know I'm looking to get a bbl and thinking about a breast lift or what should I get done to the breast. At one time I was 235 and I lost weight now as of Friday I was 5'6 weighing in at 169 so anyone PLEASE HELP!!!

WELL THEN.......I finally heard the voice of Duran...

WELL THEN.......I finally heard the voice of Duran she answered and immediately put her brother on the phone. So I explained the reason for me calling and he told me to email pics and a date so I sent another email and include my pictures and wish pics. So today I finally created a Facebook account to see her pictures and I wanted to contact her that way as well so I called her cell again today and ask if she received my email apparently she didn't for some reason. She asked for my email address and I told her and she told me to send a friend request which took me a minute to figure out but I did and she accept it quick so I sent the email to her that way and now I'm waiting for her to reply back. I would love to go in December but I have to make sure its okay with my cousin first. I hope she gets back with me quick like she did with some of the other girls here cause I'm getting excited more and more as I see all these big booties on here!!!

Well after so much tries and not getting anywhere...

Well after so much tries and not getting anywhere I decided to GIVE UP!!! Duran does a marvelous job and I can't take that from her but I'm tired of trying. I'm ready to put a deposit down on a date and start planning for my big day. Honestly the more I look at myself I get depressed I look a freaking mess. I guess thats another reason why I didn't want to put no more time or effort into getting a quote from Duran I'm not mad because she has to make her money that is her livelihood. So I sent a email to Salama along with my photos when I called fhey told me to send it to cynthia and thats what I did. I'm waiting on a response from them and I guess we'll go from there I was thinking about February for a sx date depends on what the quote says. So bbl sistahs please keep y'all fingers crossed that all will fall in place for me until next time my lovelies

Hey sistahs!!!Well as some of you may know I...

Hey sistahs!!!Well as some of you may know I finally made a deposit with Salama. He was fast at responding and I was frustrated with going around in circles trying to get Duran to respond. Well today I took a nap when I woke up guess who sent me a message on Facebook DURAN. So now I'm wondering if I jump to soon should I had wait on her to respond. She said that she have my email and in a few days she would give me a quote. IDK???? I guess I'll just wait to see how much she quotes me for. Since my deposit with Salama is nonrefundable I'll just stick with him for my bbl and I may consider Duran for a breast lift but doing all both with her would be cheaper O BOY all these dam decisions. I think its a little too much for my brain. As for my sx its March 6 and I'm the first of the day which is awesome get it over with and start the healing process. Salama told me to lose 5lbs for the best results but I asked Cynthia if I stay in the 160s if I should be okay and she said that will be good. Since I want 1500cc she said thats alot and if I lose too much I may not have enough fat to receive the amount that I asked for in my mind I'm thinking really is that possible me not having enough fat I don't think its possible. I have really been stalking some girls on here FABNEWME, SALAMAVIXEN, and plenty more. For many years I always wanted to know how it felt to have the nice hips big a$$ and now I will finally know. I can't wait to wear the nice short dress o yea tight dresses the all in one suits and the cute leggings. Since this will be my 30 birthday present I'm going to enjoy it to the fullest. I'm still open to any suggestions or any advice about anything rather its the ps of my choice or its about what I should receive when I go into sx. TTYL CHICAS!!!!!

HELLO CHICAS!!! I'm back man all I can think about...

HELLO CHICAS!!! I'm back man all I can think about is asses, boonkeys, rumps, and hips. I'm back and forth from this gal butt to another gal hips what am I gonna do!!!! I don't think I'll make it till next year I want my lovely lady humps now! Then I'm scoping out these different clothing sites like go jane and other various ones and the clothes I'm not comfortable wearing now I will be next year OMG!!! BOOTY BOOTY BOOTY BOOTY ROCKIN EVERYWHERE BOOTY BOOTY BOOTY BOOTY ROCKIN EVERYWHERE that'll be me.... this summer imma chill ya kno stay low key then next summer BAM.....here I go here I go the girl right cha the girl right cha!!! I talk bout it with my bf he so jokey I told em go head this your summer 2013 do the dam thing boy and he said o yeah well guess wa you don't have no dam year you think next year you gonna have your big ass out bouncin in the clubs NOT!!!! Bahahahaha we bust out laughing that ish was funny especially the way he looked when he said it smh....men. I'm not going to think about Duran quote because I'm confident that Salama would do his remix on me and I'll come out smiling everything happens for a reason and besides I'm tired busting my brains over this so it's final I'm team Salama if someone hears well sees me talking bout switching ps please email or comment me a slap.
Do y'all think its too soon to buy stuff for my sx? I like to get stuff way ahead of time instead of waiting for the last minute cause for some reason I wil always forget something. Also I wanna thank all my bblnvets and upcoming vets for the fery informative review I'm not going to start calling names cause I will screw up or forget to mention someone so thanks to all ;-) Everyone that had sx I'm praying for y'all a speedy recovery and lots of booty meat!!! =)

HELLO BBL FAM!!! I'm not going to make it til next...

HELLO BBL FAM!!! I'm not going to make it til next year I want my big assests NOW!!!!!!!! OMG.....I tale my hat off to the gals that waited this long with patience caise dammit I can't do it. I went to various stores on Saturday and saw some pretty cute outfits and I wanted to buy them but my sis stop me. So much jumpers and rumpers they were looking dayum good I just stared and imagined my big booty in them. I think matter fact I kno I'm going to buy some dresses now for my sx and put them up cause when it starts getting cold the stores start putting summer stuff on clearamce and hey I'm trying to ball on a budget lol! I did put some more money on my sx so thats a plus. I'm wanting to go head and pay for my room and start buyimg stuff for my big transformation but does anyone think its too soon? I want to have everything done ahead of time so it'll be less stressful besides I'm still not sure if my cousin coming and to be quite honest if she doesn't thats fine I see some girls hired a nurse so thats always another good option. Lol....I told my mom about it finally and she was laughing she said girl you better not come back here walking rpund looking like a donkey and all I did was laugh cause I dun know what time it is. I showed her some girls on here before and after photos and told her how supportive y'all gals are ;-) nothing but love for everyone! Thanks to MZ NEWBOOTY I plsyed with the plastic surgery app and MY LAWD if this is correct I'll need a dam uhaul behind me I'll add them to my photos so y'all can see this ish is crazy. I told Salama I wanted 1500ccs but I wonder if he's going to take away from this amount to add hips are will he put the whole 1500ccs in my cheeks and take out more for my hips hmmm...... I just wonder. Does anyone knows of someone going in march of next year it wouod be nice to know that I won't be the only one undergoing this sx there during this time? I was thinking it would be effed up if I get this sx and end up pregnant smdh.....I would be man down REALLY!!! Before I forget shout out to all the new booty meats on here y'all are looking good girls and to everyone thats next month or coming up within this month I pray all goes well. TTYL MY CHICAS!!!!! XOXOXO

YAAY!!!!!! I called and spoke to Cynthia and they...

YAAY!!!!!! I called and spoke to Cynthia and they moved my sx date to February 11 I'll have ass for VALENTINES LADIES!!!! I'm sooo excited. She asked if I wanted October I think it was the 31 but I figured it would be a little to rushing. Anyone going in February cause I'll be there with my cow bells on making all kinds of noise LMFAO!!!!!!

Why the hell I'm still up at 3am posting comments...

Why the hell I'm still up at 3am posting comments on people blog SMDH.....I need to take my ass to sleep!!!

I just realiized I put the wrong name on my...

I just realiized I put the wrong name on my previous post I'm so sorry it MZ PHATBOOTY that's how I started playing with the plastic surgery app. PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!!

HEY CHICAS!!! Well its nothing much that has...

HEY CHICAS!!! Well its nothing much that has change. Thanks to Mz Phatbooty I have decided to use the picture that I have photo shop as a wish pic for Salama just a idea of the kind of projection I would love to have. To all the SALAMA VETS I was thinking about hiring a nurse but I would like to know approximately how much money I would be spending if I hired them for 4 days? (Thanks for your help!) I was looking around on different websites trying to find a place to stay while I'm there and hell a good bit of places are booked way in advance. If anyone want to recommend a place for me to try that they stayed or saw while they were there I would appreciate it. As far as my weight loss goes I was at 171 for a long flipping time then finally I went up to 173 and now shux I don't kno where I'm at to scared to get on the dam scale. In the past while I was dieting I would do this then the weight would start falling off but its just hard to get on after seeing that you gained and know you was trying hard to lose bjt eventually I'll have to get back on to see where I'm at but I guess I can wait another week, I was thinking about the vitamins we have to take prior to sx and I wanted to know how much vitamins a day do we have to take? I don't mind three a day but Lord knows I hope its not more then that. This was just a little update on where I'm at right now like I said before really nothing much has changed so TTYL LADIES!!!! =)


Good Monday morning sistahs! I kno yes I was M.I.A for a while I was on here browsing through but not really in full effect like I was. I'm not going to go on bout life obstacles and hurdles cause we kno thats what makes us stronger and stronger as the days goes by. Well lets talk weight yassss I gained I had a dr appointment and now I'm at 180!!!! SMDH.....THIS SHIT IS SAD FO REAL!!!! So now I'm back on the pills phentermine I was told by Cynthia not to take em but I'll do it for a month and stop. I picked up another maxi dress yesterday for my sx it was only $8 I wish I knew Ross had some before I spent $13 on the other 2 =) I'm picking up things little by little so I wont be so stressed towards the end. I was wondering how much clothes should I take and should I pack any leggings or stick to the dresses? I've seen plenty new bootys on here and I'm glad you girls made it out safely I pray y'all have continuous happy healing????? I'm starting to day dream bout my booty again and how I'll start loving my body I do have times where I start thinking the worse but I don't let it get the best of me :) Well ladies that was just a little update to let you gals know I'm still here and focused on my big booty MUCH ??????!!!!!!

I'm still here little has change but not much!!!

Hey everyone I've missed yall I'm still here in full effect just concentrating on this balance and trying to get it all paid before next year. I changed my sx date to may 29 cause thats the only way I wouldn't be going by myself. As for everything else its going good oh I lied I gained and I mean a lot but I'm working on It but its hard I'm glad to see some of yall are still here and we are on this journey together still. Anyhow good luck ladies and I'll be checking in lata!!!

Pics of me at 184lbs!!!

Hello again ladies I figured I should post pics of me at 184lbs so yall can see the difference. Salama said I should be 165lbs and thats where I'll be for my surgery date. I apologize for the big undies lol but I have a tattoo on my lower back so I needed to keep that covered as always chat with you gals lata!!!

Me with pants on!!!

I took some pic from the side with my pants on wa ya think will I walk out with a big donkey booty lol

6 months and counting before I'm Salamafied!

Well its been a while but everything is going well I have 6 months before I'll be joining the big bootyland. Tine has went by quick just not quick enough I'm already packing as I buy things I still have alot to go but so far I'm buying pretty steady so I should be finished by February hopefully so far I bought:
3 sleeping pants
2 8packs of wifebeaters
1 pack of white socks
Veddette 128
7 sheets of foam
8 maxi dresses
A romper (I couldn't resist lol)
Toothbrush, toothpaste, bodywash, antibacterial soap
2 6pack of panties
Thats all I can think of for now but like I said I have many more things to buy I'm not even half way finished. Do you kadies think I should buy anither garment or not I was thinking I should just in case but don't want to get it if its not really necessary. The closer my time gets the more anxious I become when January gets here I'll be four months from my dream. Being that my surgery is in May and not too long after that I'll be 30 I wanna be able to have a banging hourglass shape by then no waist just a$$ and tits. I was thinking after this surgery hell why not do a breast lift do it big hell I only live once but it was just a thought. I've basically covered everything when I update again prayfully I'll have my surgery paid in full lata chicas :)
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