South Beach Booty Today - Miami Florida with Dr. McAdoo

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Hello beautiful RS ladies! So, I'm finally going...

Hello beautiful RS ladies! So, I'm finally going to do it! First let me tell you about my journey. It began June 18 2012 when I decided that I wanted to have a breast reduction. I had already made the choice of having a TT done but thought "why not have insurance pay for a reduction?,,,,then my body can really be OFF THE D!MN HOOK for. Anyway I had BR on June 18th 2012 and TT on August 7th 2012. I'm most happy with BR but feel doctor could have done better with TT with his lipo (wish I would have know about Dr. J Curves). However I do look nice. After my surgeries I couldn't understand why I wasn't satisfied with my total shape but then realized that without hips and butt, I would never get the look I want. Now I've decided to go with BBL with Dr. J Curves next year February. I paid in cash but still owe $100.00 so needless to say,,,,,I'm not on the fast track list yet. I attached some pics let me know what you think and be honest because you know these hips ain't right! I'm also going to add a few pics of me playing around with the surgery simulator lol
P.S. I haven't told my husband yet because last time I tried to tell him, he had an attitude. I think he's just insecure and I know how much that man loves a nice round bootay SMH!!

Dr. Fisher

Ok ladies I decided to go with Dr. Fisher. Yes I paid my $ to Dr. Jimerson but I've reconsidered and will go with Dr. Fisher. I saw many of his patients and have been keeping in touch via text and phone with one who have excellent results. With him, you can get full back lipo without the added fee and he's really aggressive with it too! His prices are more feesable for me because I'll be staying for at least 10 days from California and also have to pay for air flight. Any Fisher fans out there please respond. Please be nice but honest!! I will update with surgery date. I'm waiting on the refund from Dr. J's office. I still believe in Dr. J as well he is excellent. Happy Healing

I told my husband

Please don't' laugh at me but this was a really tough one. I finally decided to consult with my husband and he took it better than I thought. He definitely was reluctant but he know that when I make a choice, it's a "done deal". He did add his smart AZZ comments in about me leaving him after I got my new booty but I assured him...smh...wth. Anyways,,,I start showing him pics of booties and asking him for him input and at first I can tell he was uncomfortable but hell I wanted to know what type of booty he would like on his wife lol. Of course I didn't tell him (YET) that I'm considering the DR but in due time I will. This one is tough ladies. I want it done NOW but with this surgery and considering leaving the country, you must take it one step at a time. I added some pics of my not so hot bod. Healthy Healing ladies.

Current pics of me

Just and FYI.

I'm not going to Dr. J. Anyone know how to change the primary caption? Not discredit to Dr. J, he great I just need more bang for my buck

Tummy Tuck redo

Hi dolls what do you think? I had a TT done in Aug 2012 but I never got the flat tummy results. Yes initially I was happy because I looked much better than I had prior to surgery. Look at my pics and tell me if you think I need a new Yily, Duran or Cabral TT. I sent an email to Dr. Yily and she said yes perhaps I might need one but won't really know until I get there in the office. I guess she has to see if I have lose skin or not. Please give me your feedback. I love Yily's TT with BBL

Dr. Jimerson office

Let me start by saying this,,,,,don't make a deposit to a PS until you are 200% sure you want the surgery done by them. I have been going through hell just to get my last $50 back from Dr. Jimerson's office. I paid the full 10,895 as a deposit but decided I wanted to go with another physician. Well,,,,,they told me that $500 was non-refundable ,,,,,Ok so I had to accept that. Once the money went into my account, I noticed that they kept an additional $50 (didn't think I was looking huh?) so of course I called them. It's been almost a month and this office has been giving me the run around with every excuse known to man. I've been waiting for KEVIN to give me a call back regarding the issue but he never calls. Every time I call the excuse is: "the computers are down" "we're moving to another office - computers are down" "Kevin is the only person who can help you" "Kevin is gone for the day" "he is with a customer" all types of stupid sh!!t. I finally called them back yesterday and told them to have Dr. Jimerson call me......has Dr. Jimerson called me? NO. Apparently KEVIN is the only person who can take care of me. This is insane. And I know $50 is not a lot of money but $550 is!!! It's more the principle than anything. Don't keep more of my money than what is agreed upon. I need to figure a way to get my full $550 back now!! Any ideas out there? This is insane.

How do I change my Review name from Jr. Jimerson?

I'm not going to Dr. Jimerson!!! How can I change the title to Dr. Fisher? Any help ladies!!

Decided to add some wish pics

I try not to look at too many wish pics because I feel it's being unrealistic however, there are some that I really like and although I might not be able to get these results I will be showing Dr. Fisher. Take care ladies

I'm ready

Ok I paid for my BBL in full, now it's time to start looking for flights. I'm dreading the flight back home. I was talking with another RS doll who flew from Florida to LA after surgery and she said it was awful. Any tips out there? Please help.

P.S. Dr. Jimerson's office still hasn't deposited the $50 they owe me and they are continuing to tell me that they will have Charles call me. I'm beginning to think there is no Charles. I also demanded that Charles's manager call me and they said that Dr. Jimerson is his manager. Well guess what? I asked to have Dr. Jimerson call me so that this could be resolved and nope no call from neither one. I'm SO HAPPY I won't be getting surgery with them. I know $50 is not a lot but it's still owed to me and they already kept my $500 for cancelling with them WTF!


Kevin NOT Charles lol,,,,this is how irrelevant he is,,,whoever he is!

Fully Paid

I am fully paid with Dr. Fisher and now I'm anxiously waiting for the date. I've been busy online checking for air fair and places to stay. air.bnb is a great place to start.

Flight out of Florida

Finally! I purchased my flight out of Fort Lauderdale with Virgin airlines. Since I'll be flying across the United States to California, I decided to go first class. I hear that Virgin has comfortable seating with lots of space so I'm hoping first class will give me all the space I need considering. I purchased a window seat in the very first row because I don't want anyone in front of me,,,,I only want to deal the person next to me (not really) because he/she will looking at me really crazy when they see that I can't sit down lol,,,,,anyways I'm so excited but still need to pay for the apartment that I'll be renting. I found it on and it's a really nice, clean place located 2 to 5 miles away from Vanity. One of the owners said that he would take me to my appointments.

Update - Dr. McAdoo

January 9th 2015
Happy New Year! A lot has gone on and it's been awhile since I've updated. Well I'm going to Dr. McAdoo because apparently Dr. Fisher is on vacation until Jan 22nd which would push my surgery out. (so frustrating) I don't have good things to say about this doctor. I'm a fully paid patient (paid in full June 2014) and was upset when I found out I would have to wait, plus it made me nervous that he could do this. And according to a lot of the reviews I see he cancels on a lot of patients....SMDH! Anyway my surgery is scheduled for Jan 14 with Dr McAdoo and I have faith in this surgeon and that I'll be just fine. I purchased a Penthouse in North Bay Villiage for a week via air.bnb and I'm really excited about that! It's a one bedroom with balcony and windows throughout the apartment. I'll be bringing my 22 year old daughter to help me and she's excited because this will be her first time in Miami. We'll rent a car so that we can enjoy the beach,,,,yes I plan on taking at least 3 to 4 days to walk the beach for recovery purposes! We fly into Ft. Lauderdale via Virgin America on Monday Jan 12th and on this day I will meet the staff and doctor of Vanity. Take care and happy healing!

I fly out tonight

Hi all,
I fly out tonight at 10:30PM via Virgin Airlines. I'm flying from San Francisco to Ft Lauderdale where I will pick up my rental and drive to Miami. I'm so excited but I'm hoping to get some sleep on the plane. Another RS doll I've been communicating with just landed today and will have her procedure done by Dr. McAdoo on Monday. I'm hoping we will run into each other. I'll update when I'm in Miami. Take care and happy healing.


Hello Dolls!
I just made it to Vanity for my pre op with Dr. McAdoo! I'm so excited and can't believe how time flew. Ok ladies I'll update you to let you know how the pre op went. Happy Healing


Just had my labs done. Waiting on Dr. McAdoo

less than 12 hours away

Hi ladies, thanks for all your "wish you wells"!! It's 1:33 AM and i can't get to sleep. My surgery is scheduled for 8 AM this morning thus the update here on RS. I already told my daughter that she'll be taking pics so i could upload them. I took pics of the Vanity office yesterday but RS kept sending me a error message when I tried to upload so, I'm hoping it has resolved. By-the-way...Dr. McAdoo is such a funny and down to earth doctor - had me and daughter cracking up and never made us feel rushed as matter of fact he kept talking and we were walking out the door as if he wasn't ready for us to leave lol. Ok dolls good night/morning


Picture of the Miami facility during my pre op visit on Jan 12th.
Today, Jan 14th, I'm waiting at the Hialeah office for my BBL

Made it

Hi Dolls, so much to say but I'll update with more details and pics tomorrow ( I know your anxious but I'm a hot mess) its 2:30 AM and I just wanted you guys to know i made it and that I'm ok. I'm hella padded but see a difference. Dr. McAdoo had great bedside manners with me and while marking me he was educating me and whistling a song lol. The anesthesiologist is a cutie pie!! I think his name is Peter..... yaaaas honey. Later dolls!!

Update after surgery - pics coming moments later via my cell phone

I’m very happy with my results. I didn’t want anything too large because of my small frame and my skinny thighs. My surgery was originally scheduled for 2:30 January 14th. Vanity called me an hour later after the original schedule and told me that I was rescheduled to 8:30 AM and I was elated. I was a little late for my appointment because I was lost (surgery at the Hialeah office) so I got there around 8:40 AM. I was checked in and told to have a seat. Let me tell you,,,,I didn’t have my surgery until about 5:30 that evening! I was so upset but didn’t let it get to me. I ended up meeting a young lady there who was having her BBL after me and I felt sorry for her because she had been there since 1PM and had already been seen for a consult in the Miami office earlier that day.
**Dr. McAdoo**
He was very down-to-earth and talkative while marking me. I have skinny thighs and didn’t want to get a large ass because it looks funny and unnatural so I showed him a picture of Tiny’s ass so that he could see what I DIDN’T WANT (google her ass, it’s too large for her thighs) and he totally got where I was coming from… disrespect, I like her – just not her butt. Ladies if you want a really large butt, Dr. McAdoo is probably not for you. I think he gives more of a natural size which is what I wanted. He’s great but Fisher and Hasan are probably the Beyoncé, J-Lo, Janet Jackson type booty surgeons. My hips look naturally rounded and I pray they don’t go down and I pray my butt won’t neither. I can’t wait for the fluff whatever that means.
Staff at the Hialeah office is much, much more professional than the Miami office. My daughter and I dealt with Manuela who is three days new to Vanity. Most of our wait there she was apologetic about the wait and told us that one of Dr. McAdoo’s surgeries had complications. Her and another staff member gave me blankets and pillows and let me rest in a private room but I really couldn’t get any sleep because I was really anxious.
**After Surgery**
By the time I got home, it was 10:30 PM but that’s including picking up my meds from Walgreens in which they gave my daughter some issues plus we stayed 25 minutes away from the facility. I’m still wondering if the other girls had her surgery. She hadn’t been on RS long enough and wasn’t really researching like she should have and she couldn’t remember her screen name lol. I hope everything went well with her. She was originally scheduled for Dr. Hasan and her main concern was hips. She ended up missing her flight and apparently he had to leave on an emergency or something and wasn’t able to do her surgery so the staff suggested McAdoo. Let me say,,,, I’ve been working around doctors for 11 years and NEVER have I seen so many emergency leaves from doctors!!! I’M JUST SAYING.
So far I’m feeling great! I’ve been taking my pain meds but I think also I’m feeling good because I was on Tylenol for three days prior to surgery due to menstrual cramps – yes on my period while in surgery. I’ll be sending a few pics via phone after this review. There aren’t that many and you really can’t see much because of the padding. Ladies I made a delicious and healthy recovery soup. White meat chicken, rice, freshly chopped garlic, 2 caps of white vinegar. Boil until rice and chicken is very soft. Don’t add salt because it causes swelling. After the soup is how you want it, add fresh cilantro, basil, green onions, and avocado, so damn good and healthy.
I forgot to mention earlier, I bought an empty spray bottle (Walmart garden area) so that I could spray parts of my body before wiping it down. It’s the closest to a shower I can get! Happy Healing ladies. Pictures to come.

pics as promised

more pic Jan 16th

3rd Massage

Hi Dolls,
Today I had my 3rd massage and it seemed more painful than the first 2. I purchased a smaller Faja and had the masseuse put it on for me. My last 3 will be Mon, Tue, & Wed. I leave Thursday morning and I don't look forward to that long flight to Oakland Cali. I'm hoping to get the drains out on Wednesday which is my next follow up. Today I went to the beach with my daughter just to walk for an hour and it felt good. Ok ladies take care.
Happy Healing!

updated pics 5 days post op

I wanted more projection. I don't like the feeling of thinking about round 2. I also was hoping for rounder and bigger hips. I should have told him I wanted a Nikki M butt.


Hi ladies I'm finally home. The flight back to California was grueling and that's an understatement!! I had purchased a yoga mat, yoga blocks, and boppy pillow but ended up accidentally leaving the mat behind. Sitting on the blocks was a mess but I was determined to not let this new booty touch the chair. The good thing was, the flight stopped at Denver and hella people got off so I was able to move up to the very first seat which is business class and that is where I was able to get more room and so for the remainder of the flight to Oakland, I was on my knees with my face on my chair lol...i was SO swollen after that flight. I'll be posting more pics today but I needed my rest. Later dolls!

updated pics

Nine days post op and I'm wishing dr McAdoo could have given me a lil more projection. I'm a little bitter because I found out that Dr Fisher was in the office on the day he was supposed to do my surgery. The reason why I went with McAdoo was because I was told Dr Fisher wouldn't be in town on the 21st but it turns out that he actually was. Vanity is on some real bullshit for real. Anyway here are my pics! I can't wait until my final shape takes place. Happy healing beautiful ladies.


I'm so mad my last post with pictures somehow did not get loaded or either got deleted. I'll redo later just pissed at RS

4 weeks post op

Hello beautiful ladies, I'm doing well and I can say there are no real changes so far. I still wish the booty was a little bigger but hey I'm not going to stress about it. My shape definitely looks better than it did before the surgery.
Aventura Plastic Surgeon

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