Officially 8 months post op. Became a Duran doll on this day in February. *Picture update

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*Treatment results may vary

Ok, like most of you dolls I have been a creepy...

Ok, like most of you dolls I have been a creepy stalker of this forum before I decided to join. I feel like I know you guys already, and find yall so helpful and supportive. Like yall have been some real ride or die bitches(no offense). You guys give me like (Tamar voice).

I never really had an ass, but when I was in high school being skinny was in. Then like 3 years ago all hell broke lose and now evrybody want big booty girls for they birthday. Ivalso have put on a lot of weight after over coming an eating disorder and just want to be happy and look amazing in everything. Everybody in my family have fat asses and I sure by putting on a few more ponds and doing some squats I could get an ass. I already have big ass thighs that I don't plan on getting rid of. Sure they rub together but I love them people actually think I'm think until they see me walk off after taking down they number.

But Ina rap this first post up. I am #TeamJimmerson and would lovw to find a travel buddy. I will be updating often and keeping you guys posted, cuz I want alk my sis to go through this with me. Ttyl & kisses

Typos are the absolute worst. Spell check do more...

Typos are the absolute worst. Spell check do more harm than good. Hope you guys can decipher what I intended in my previous post.

I am not a tummy sleeper, for it make my breast...

I am not a tummy sleeper, for it make my breast and neck hurt. Check out this tummy sleeper pillow that conform to the breast at BootyBeauty78 also mentioned it on her blog, and I was so surprised since I thought I was the only person who ever saw this pillow in Sears.

I know it"s to early, and I'm doing the most...

I know it"s to early, and I'm doing the most adding these pics but here they are.

Ok yall my babe have been pissing me tf off lately...

Ok yall my babe have been pissing me tf off lately. Like doing stupid shit; staying out late eith his boys. Going to this same damn club every Thursday. Picking arguements and shit. I feel like he is just picking them so that he don't have to answer his phone at night. And just other shit that is blowing me.

Something foul is definately going on, but at this point in my life I am just not distraut. Like I almost don't care about being in a relationship, because im so focused on myself career eise and physically. Besides I didn't want to tell him about this procedure anyway. Lol Iwas just gonna do him like he do me and just avoid him for a while ( but I was gonna take the shit to far and avoid him until I'm all healed and sexy. Cuz aint shit sxy about open incision, blood and fluid coming out of every, and being wrapped up in bandages like a mummy) but any way I was gonna avoid him and his calls then one day pick up the phone meet him and meet him (jiggly ass and all) like nothing ever happened.

So the moral of the story is: he keep acting up then that's good for me. I can just drop his ass and move on. Not have to tell him. But he out of the blue just become the best boyfriend ever then the question is to tell him or not to tell him. Im sure he's gonna find out, but do I want tp be the bearer of good news or do I want to surprise him. Idk this bbl thing is too much, but im sure it'll be worth it.

P.S these niggas be acting up, and just be letting em! Haha

Typos will be the death of me.

Typos will be the death of me.

- Yoga Pants(Walmart) - Spanx compression cammis...

- Yoga Pants(Walmart)
- Spanx compression cammis (Target)
- Spanx compression shorts (Target) After I grow out of level 1 garment I am switching to thong garment, and will were my spanx underneath for less conpression.
-adominal binder (instead of foam)
-lipo express tummy board
- steri strips (CVS/will use those instead of bandaids)
- Neosporin (will only use when I have open incisions)
- Biocerum (silicon scar treatment; to use when wounds heal)
- antibacterial soap
- sports bras or front clasp bras
- Squeem
- compression socks
- non sliperry socks
- majic bullet ( for protein shakes and kale smoothies (
- tummy pillow
- dermaroller (increase collagen production and induce a reaction in your body to heal which ever part you rool it with)*google it
-my mind ( Ima bring an extra one just in case I lost the first)

So I am slowly but surely falling head over heals...

So I am slowly but surely falling head over heals for Dr. Campos. I love his lipo-sculpture and the dramatic hour glass shape he gives to everyone. Even straight up and figured girls like myself. He also give huge hips and butts unless specified. His lipo don't seem as aggressive as Yilly, but much more agressive than Dr. J. Don't get me wrong I love doctor J's work but everyone seem to complain about his lipo suction; which is no biggie cuz he probably use a delicate technique just so he won't ruin very sensitive fat cells and risk cell death. As far as Salma he has always been out the question. Too many women complain about seromas or it's just always something that someone is complaining about that man

But back to MMH; I have been so interested in Campos like almost obsessive so I decided to go on Make Me Heal because that site specifically offer more support for girls that go abroad. Like I love the description in their texted reviews, but almost alk of them have password protect photobooks. Which I understand people's need for privacy, but damn most of them don't return after months of updating the site, so how in the hell do you get a password from them. Plus Realself is more convient; like mostvof the women join realself becausr they want it's not a necessity to join just so you could pm a bitch for a password ( excuse my french) Anway that site just throughly pissed me off omg the inconvience of it all. I mean if cutting your head off a pic or disgusing your tattoos isnt enough privacy for you then maybe you shouldn't be posting on "The World Wide Web" hence world wide.

Anyway so glad a lot more Campos and abroad girls are posting on realself now adays. You guys are truely giving me life. But damn I'm so tempted to change my ps, and the reviews on Clubmed are even more tempting. Anyway my rant is over

Hey loves I know we all stressed out finding...

Hey loves I know we all stressed out finding Doctors, wrecking our brain about changing our Drs, or extremely nervous and anxious awaiting surgery but on the bright side Golden Girls is soooooo fucking funny. This is about the only thing on tv right now so I gave it a try and child letbme tell ya. I can't stop laughing. That damn grandma is so damn mean and hilarious. And let's not even talk about Betty White. Hahahaha carry on chicas; have a bootiful day girlies!

Lol you guys always crack me up. This recent...

Lol you guys always crack me up. This recent PhotoShop scandal is no new news I am sure, but I must say I can do for a little drama; as long as it's directect toward the right people. Why get on RealSelf and be fake about shit? How does anyone benefit from that? Well girls if I notice anything suspicious Ima post on there blog like "Peak-A-Boo. I see you!" Lmbo . In honor of my sisl MsPeakABoo; since she not into being messy I will definately be on the look out and doing the most on fake profiles. Haha Goodnight lovelies

Lol the last two days; I should say, was actually...

Lol the last two days; I should say, was actually quite an experience. I mean arguments were breaking out everywhere. Haha maybe I'm not mature enough; who knows, but I actually found the drama pretty funny. But then again I am just a light hearted, chill person so drama don't effect me. But some women yesterday were thoroughly pissed off about all the bickering. Lighten guys people will argue, and people will also get over and move on. Don't get your garments all up in a bunch and threathen to leave the forum. At the end of the day the forum is about support and regardless to rather a few people argur or pop off, the site will still remain one of support. So laugh a little dollies. Be blessed and have bootyful days ??????????

Lately everyone is so mad. If you're not mad over...

Lately everyone is so mad. If you're not mad over your results; then you're mad over the Photoshop incident. If you're not mad over the Photoshop incident then you're mad cuz other people are mad about the incident. And if you're not outraged because others seem to be outraged over such a petty incident; then you're mad because someone is talking shit about Dr. Salma. Everybody calm the fuck down, share your journey, and move the fuck on.

People have the right to be unhappy with their...

People have the right to be unhappy with their results. Why would you attack that person and tell that person what they should have done. I am under the impression that none of us live with the other, so how do we know what that person did and did not do? How do you know if someone was unrealistic or not?

Most of the unhappy women I see on here really do have uneven lipo, really do have uneven butts, really are developing seromas and infections. I have never seen someone on here complain about volume loss and not get over it. Those that are complaining seem to have great reason. And majority of the complaining seem to be coming from Dr. Salma patients. We should support them; not play captain save-a-ho for Dr. S, or just not say shit at all! If you love your PS then love him, scream it from the mountain tops. Write all over your blog about how much Dr. S amazes you, but don't defend him against other realself members; he have attorneys and contracts to do all that.

And you're not getting paid for it so boom.

So happy to see that all my bbl sisters that has...

So happy to see that all my bbl sisters that has had surgery are doing so well and recoveeing at lightspeed.You guys look fantastic???! Enjoy the new you girlies. I'm so jelly btw. Lol ?????

So happy to see all my bbl sisters that have had...

So happy to see all my bbl sisters that have had surgery recently are doing so well and recovering at lightspeed.You guys look fantastic???! Enjoy the new you girlies. I'm so jelly btw. Lol ?????

I just absolutely love Dr. Campos; he's an amazing...

I just absolutely love Dr. Campos; he's an amazing sculptor so I decided to take my money to Tijuana. I also love Dr. Yilly's lipo suction if a round to is needed I will go to her...especially for my peaky upper body, arms and chin. I rather not have my entire body lipoed all at once, so I'm sure of Yilly in a year even if I don't intend to do fat grafting.

I also love Dr. J but I don't appreciate how Hollywood he has become and I just have a funny feeling that Campos sexy self is right for me.

I sent photos to Dr. Perry also and he is professional, humble, and skilled but again my mind is set and stubborn.

#TeamCampos baby....can't wait to get a quote and schedule my date. I am excited all over again...!! I am about to start my healthy veggies, proteins, and fats diet. Hopefully I would develop more healthier eating habits as a result of this sx.

Will begin muscle training for abs and buns soon so that my tummy will be ripped after all this fat is removed. And so that the muscles in my butt will be bigger and make it easier for the transferred fat to get an adequate blood supply an survive. Just simple biology...

Be blessed guys muah

Excerpts from the email I received from Dr....

Excerpts from the email I received from Dr. Campos office; didn't feel like copying and pasting the entire thing.

"......I suggest Liposuction in the abdomen, waist and lower back to define your figure and give the hour shape body you want and optimize your buttocks look with your lumbar area.

This is your estimate:

Liposuction in the abdomen, waist and lower back 2600
Fat grafting in to buttocks 600
Discount - 500
Surgical Facility 1100
Anesthesia Fee 500 (Epidural, Sedation)
Girdle and epifoam 120
Post op Medication 125
Because of the opening of Skin Med we are giving you 5 courtesy massages.
Total 4565 usd..."

And my patient coordinator is Angie. It took about a day to get a reply. I plan to send her an email regarding the payment process later tonight. I need to find out how to send money to Campos and how much to send for my deposit.

Any Campos girls can shed light on how to send money before sx please let me know? Later girlies and have a bootiful day.

Every fucking thing is not all rainbows and roses....

Every fucking thing is not all rainbows and roses...bad things happen everyday. And elective surgery is no exception. ..!! Not all post on here will be positive sometimes people need to be informed of the dark and gritty stuff..!! This blog is about experiences and how can you guys be so bias and ridicule bad experiences. This shit happen all the time on here.. and you guys need to grow up and realize that in real life... everything is not a walk in the park

But just know that Ima always keep it real with...

But just know that Ima always keep it real with yall....!! So I hope I never experience any of this backlash in the future if I decide I don't like my results (the results that I am paying for by the way; not any of you) or if I find something unpleasant. .!! Anywho...have a bootyful day guys..... and chill tf out..!!

Pregnant and engaged; so can't do surgery until...

Pregnant and engaged; so can't do surgery until further notice. My my how things change. My quote 4, 565; 5 massages included. Contact me asap my lovelies!

Oh by the way girls, castor oil is a natural stimulant. It can be used in place of laxatives and stool softner. And prune juice also do wonders. Happy healing.

I could just cry. Wish I could block all Campos...

I could just cry. Wish I could block all Campos girls. I can't wait to get my new body after the baby. I'm trying to stay level headed and less selfish, but all I wanted for my birthday was a big booty girl. *tears

Feeling much better today. Better than I felt...

Feeling much better today. Better than I felt yesterday anyhow.

No one should every have to feel lile barmimg...

No one should every have to feel lile barmimg themself. I hope that she get better and that the Lord will keep her mind strong. Pray for guys.

Realself The most is what you guys are doing.

Lmao. All this scandalous stuff going on . You guys are doing the most!



Sime items to consider adding to you guys supply lust.

I was at meijers last night and saw somethings that would make the bbl life much easier.

-A portable toilet support bars (so you could easily hold yourself up and over the toilet whilst you go #2)
-portable shower support chair
-pill organizer
-"Naked" juice drinks (packed with protein and antioxidants)
-Greek yogurt (packed with protein and live cultures; i assume it would replenish good bacteria that the antibiotics wipe out)

* also ladies cold compress is good fot swelling. That's why we put ice packs/frozen peas on swollen eyes...because cold temperatures help reduce swelling. Causing blood vessels to contract to normal size and blood to flow normally rather than rapidly like it does when swelling occur. So keep your bodies on ice ladies.

might give in to the Dra. Duran trend...!! that bish can give some dramatic hips and ass...!! lllaaawwwddd..!! I can't wait to g

Dra. DURAN results are so dramatic. ...lllaaawwddd I can't wait to give birth so I can get my ass so fat...all my haters gone need lap dances...!!

Really thinking about changing to Dra. Duran in Santa Domingo, DR

I think I might give in and go to the DR for my bbl! Dra. Duran does the most awesome bbls. And she is really good at lipo. She quoted me $4, 000 for full back, abdomen, arm, and chin lipo with fat grafting to the butt and hips. It seems as if she's dramatic with her hour glass like Campos, but a bit better at liposculpture. And she also will lipo everything you need without all the hidden/extra fees.

Live...Love..laugh...and love again...!!

Hey dolls I'm just up thinking. I don't really talk to my loves ones about how I feel inside, so tonight I want realself to be my diary.

I have been going through it. This month has not been my month at all. I miscarried on the 13th of June, my found out my boyfriend was cheating on me, lost my job, and am just feel so lost. I have been seeing a social worker just to keep my mental health intl tact. I can't say for sure if its working yet, but I can say it feel good talking to someone and crying.

I really feel like getting a bbl will make me happy. I am always very excited to catch up on you girls and whenever I think about my sx I feel like happy endorphins in my brain are being release. But I will give myself time to heal from all the series of unfortunate events that have unfolded in my life. i will continue to see my bsw and work on being happy.

The only thing really making me feel horrible is the fact that I lost my baby bear. I keep feeling like its my fault this happened. As many of you who read my blog know that I was not happy about postponing my bbl when I first found out I was pregnant. I feel like I put negative vibes in the universe and this was the result. Sigh man. Life is so irritating at tines.

Ok thats as far as I want to dive into that situation. I will have surgery in December with campos/duran/or cortez. Ttyl loves

Do anyone have Dr. Cabral's contact info!

Do anyone know I cam get in contact with Dr. Cabral. If so respond below. Thanks Chicas!

Bbl with Dr. Cabral Dec. 12th

So excited. Scheduled with Dr. CABRAL on Dec. 12th. I really wanted to go with Duran but damn it was so hard to get in touch with her. Like damn bitch how bad to I have to beg you to take my money.

Any who am so excited!

Need Dec date for Duran

Got some disturbing news in regards to Cabral. Was able to het a surgery date in Nov. Need December Date...if anyone can help me out...inbox me. Also need buddies mmmuuuaaahhhh. Lata dolls

Need sx buddy

New date will have bbl on the 16th of December. Flying out to DR on th 12th right after I take my last exam lol. Will arrive late as hell on the 12th so I want a buddy. I will like to split cost of a hotel or share a room at the real recovery house.

I'm traveling to a foreign country and would just like someone to have my back. I won't say that I am scared, but will say that I don't want to go to DR alone. That's doing too much. Inbox chicas if you will be in the Dr around the same time.

December Duran Doll

I'm so excited and anxious. I have the perfect date. And will be able to have my consultation for my vaginalplasty with Dr. Rajas while I'm down there.(Thanks a bunch Pain LA for the info)

Any who I will be having bbl with arm lipo. Im so happy I switched from Cabral to Duran. This has a journey already. just choosing a doctor was an headache. But I'm so confident in the choice I made. Now tje real planing can begin. I have m o supply or recovery house scheduled. I will be buying my plane ticket tomorrow.

I will also be putting my before photos back up. That's all for now. Good night and bootyful dreams dolls.

Duran has fucking horrible response time.

Duran has fucking horrible response time. I'm starting to think her and Jazminie alcan up with this idea to charge people to get in touch with her and coordinate surgeries. Because now it seems like she can't ever respond back to no damn body unless they pay through Bella Vita. She is a great surgeon no doubt, but she suck at communicating. I almost called that woman a bitch after I found out she replied to all these Bella Vita girls. And the sad part is that I'm trying to send her my deposit everything else has been taken care of.

GNC is having a sale on their iron complete vitamins

GNC is having a sale on their iron complete vitamins. Buy one for $9.99 get the other free.

I'm most likely not going to Duran in December

If you need a December 16, 2013 date inbox me

Bbl with Dr.Contreras or Dra. Duran this winter

I'm back excited about sx. Will get all my supplies the weekend after next. My recovery recovery home and flight have been book since like Octoberish. So all I have to do is decide which Dr. Is best for me. Will meet with both in DR and make my decision from there. I'm so damn excited all over again. 2014 is looking so promising. I'm already gorgeous, now my body will match my face and personality.

Apparently I was trying to get $300 from 2 realselfers.

I am going to upload the convos I had with two realsef girls about taking my date. Please tell me if it sounds like I was trying to take them for $300. My messages are in green. And ease note:
-I mentioned calling and confirming date change on 3 way with Duran's office
-I was willing to wait until everything was ready and good to go before taking and money.
-I was trying to help bitches out, but these hoes can't be saved. Lol

Thanks Dolls, love you guys. Eventhough these newbies ain't shit I tell you.

conversation between me and the first girl


let e figure out how to make the photos smaller then I will finish posting.

Realself is cropping some words of. Let me figure how to make them smaller right quick

conversation ith girl #2

Now why would a extortionist give you her number, real government ass name, and offer to call Durans office on 3 way with get everything confirmed ...before any money was exchanged. And as you can see, after I found out she couldn't use my deposit I let her know.

Get it together CoCo. Cuz you didn't know what Texas and I talked about before you started making accusations you rude rat.



Looking for surgery and recovery house buddy(ies)

I am desperately looking for a surgery buddy. I really waited to the last minute to decide to go to Contreras. I really feel like he is the doctor who will give me the results I seek. His facility is said to be modern and up to date, so that was another deciding factor.

I will be staying at Angie's and looking for a buddy to share a room with. I really don't have to stay at Silhouette Recovery House, so I am open. help me dolls aaaahhhhhhhhh. I am stressed tf out, and I would hate to do this alone. The girls who have buddies seem so happy lol.

got to DR at 4:41am. Taking everything in. Will update after sx.

Pray for me dolls. Sx today. I can't believe this day came so fast. ttyl

Second Times the charm. did not have surgery with Contreras first time around. left DR empty handed now Im on my way back

The first time I went to the DR I could not bring myself to have surgery with a doctor that OK did not know much about, I did have consult with Contreras and he is really sweet and humble. But since I didn't have surgery I was able to have consults with several popular DR doctors even Duran's busy ass. I also got to scope out some recovery homes before I returned back to state side. I will go into details later. Right now I'm back on my way to the Dominican Republic and am having surgery with my boo Cabral on Tuesday. Today lol. Laterrs dolls. Send those praises up

Duran Doll

Didn't go with Cabral because:

1. When I got there his price went from$3200 (email quote) to $3800, so that pissed me off and I felt like he give people quotes to get them in the door and then change them. Drastic AF, I didn't leave my home country to be apart of a scam.

2. When I saw him his smile creepes me the fuck out. He didn't say anything in the consult, except I will make you look beautiful. He literally touch my belly with my shirt on and sent me on my way.

3. After I mentioned going to a different doctor lying ass Maria Isabella bung price down to $3600. I was over it after that. With all the other shit you had to pay for I just ran around cipla tryingto find the best wifi connection and called my mama. Shecussed me the fuck out and told me to bring my ass home, that she knew it was a scam. So iI went to get my money back. They didn't give me a portion of it back because it was supposedly locked in dr canbrals office, but lying ass Maria Isabell told me I could stay at cipla for a night and only be charged $75.

I was in the process of taking my ass back home when something told me to go see DRA. Duran. So I did. Y'all I was so sweaty and stinky. I had just spent all day in the air, coming from the cold ass New Hampshire and got to the DR and almost had a heat stroke. I wasn't ready lol. But Dra,. Duran didn't mind she check me up with all my clothes off. Told me truthfully that I had a lot of visceral fat around my intestines that she can't touch. She was honest about what she could do. Told me my tummy may not be completely flat. Urged me to start exercising regularly and eating better. Made me sign some forms and scheduled me the next morning.

The next morning I get up erarly shower ( Spent the night at Cipla) do everything and head downstairs to doctor Duran. Do all my intake stuff, pay for everything, next thing you know I'm being searched for bybadministration office saying pay $100 dollars. I'm like for what Lying ass Maria said it was only $75. I'm not paying a $100. I didn't have any sheets, any pillows, the toilet had blood stains on it. The shower over ran with water no fuck that. So I go and get Duran's assistant Elizabeth and she straighten everything out and get my money that was supposed sly locked in dr,. Cabral office.

I went to surgery and now have a tiny waist and big ass. DRA. Duran really bout did herself. My stomach is really flat despite having a lot of visceral fat.

I wouldn't wish this pain on anyone and I would not do something like this to myself if I had to start all over. I will tell y'all about nasty ass Cipla tomorrow. I'm talking about I was literally drenched in blood. Blood was everywhere on my bed , floor, table. It was so nasty. I spent that entire night praying for the morning to come. And Jesus delivered me. But that's another post. I'm fucking tired. Excuse my French, and good night. I will say I'm ready to go back statewide though. I'm never been more proud to be American until this journey. God bless you guys, and God bless America.

photos. not much but whatever

Belleza Potencial Consultung group helped my bff get a date with Duran.

I was just tells ing a Duran Doll about a consulting agency that help pwople having a hard time communicating with Dominican Republic plastic surgeons.

My bestfriend saw my results and jumped on the Duran train. She couldnt get in touch with her for almost two months, so she decided to have a medical tourism agency plan help her get her quote and schedule her date with Duran. It cost here $125. I think that is cheaper than Bella Vita.

She is going in March. By that time i will be 1 year post op, and I am thinking about doing round two. Ladies when i say booty greed is real; I mean it. Everybody always commenting on my ass, and these mean are just team too much when it comes to girls with fat asse s. They dont know how to act. But i juat want more surgery, and the thing thats been holding me back is the fact that I really cant bring myself to understand why I want a round two. No body is perfect and I have very small defect. Like things i dont like about my body. But we all do and we will always find something to not like about ourselves, because we are our own harshest critics.

In all honesty my butt is too big. All my cheecks runneth over out of jeans and big booty problems are real when it comes to clothes shopping. But these are all good problems to have. I will post photos soon. I dont reallly have much time to be socially active like before my procedure but I will make it up to you guys. With loads of new pics.

Anywho the email address to contact the agency to set up your appointment is
The consulting fee is $125 the last time I checked. And I will be in the DR in march to help my bestfriend out, so if your going around that time lets meet up and turn up. Love you girls

this new realself update and format is the worst

I dont know if its just my phobe or what, but I am not feeling this new realself update. The layout is so irritating. I much rather just see the blog type format.

8 months post op. Pictures are extremly late but better late than never.

I kinda fail off the realself train after getting my surgery, but I am trying to get back into blogging. I love realself and even when I am not updating I am lurking. I think all vets lurk the site and stay up to date with you guys even when we are not posting.

I love my results. I wasnt feeling my body today so I didnt think any of these photos were cute, but i am going to upload them anyway. I will also upload more photos tomorrow hopefully I will feel better, but I have my days. Over all I am happy, but i do have my days. Especially if my hair not done and i havent been to my estetician to get my waxs lol.

I will do a more detail review tomorrow also. As i mentioned before i may or may not do a round two, but I am going back to the DR with my bff for her procedure. My sister also had to contact belleza consulting to get help with scheduling and gettung her quoye with Duran. As a vet I wish I had more pull to help them out, but that haffah Duran is booked with a capital B (does my best Tamar voice). But then again i had to go through the same thing with issues communicating with Duran, so I dont feel bad for them lol, you earn your keep. They took the easy way out by contacting a surgery coordinator anyway. I just hope i have better luck contacting her if i do decide to get a revision. Anywho i am babbling. Here are the photos. And the contact info for the surgery coordinator is
They offer the same services as bella vita, but are cheaper.

Talk to you dolls later. Much love.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Going with Dra. Duran. Her communication skills suck, but hopefully she can transform me perfectly, and make up for this headache.

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