Team Yily ;-) As requested some before and after pics for comparison. Feedback is greatly appreciated!

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Finally......I have been researching the BBL for 3...

Finally......I have been researching the BBL for 3 years now! I have always had booty, but just not the fullness and projections I seek. Financially I am nowcapable and mentally I'm ready to do it.

Dr. Jimerson's work has impressed me thus far, but just recently I came across Yily in the DR! I have a phone consult with Dr. J on 31 Jan, and I just emailed Yily to see what her availability is. With my job I only have a limited time to take off for the surgery, but I know I want it ASAP! My fingers are crossed that maybe I can secure something like soon!

I just heard back from Yily and she quoted me...

I just heard back from Yily and she quoted me $3000 plus an extrs $325 for inner thigh lipo. Has anyone had complications from inner thigh lipo? She explained to me that "the lipo of your inner thigh will depend on your hemoglobin levels because this procedure provokes a large loss of blood." So now that has me wondering will it make the sx and/or recovery worse.

GREAT NEWS! I just received my surgery date! March...

GREAT NEWS! I just received my surgery date! March 5!!!! I'm excited and now I can't wait! Whew, let these next 2 months go by right away! :-) Question ladies? I just emailed Yily back, but does anyone have the information about the medical clearance and any pertinent supplies needed. I want to have everything all lined up and ready to go. About to purchase my ticket to the DR right now!

Well...I've finally broke down and told my...

Well...I've finally broke down and told my sweetheart about my plan to get a BBL. He swears I don't need it, but what he fails to understand is this is for me and no one else. Plus, I let him know that he gets the perks of enjoying it. Regardless, I have made up my mind...all my money is set aside and I'm going to do this. I have an ok booty, but it only looks good at certain angles! That is why I chose to post the worse shots of myself. I know the look I want to achieve and am confident that Dra Yily can give me that.

Finally! I fly into the DR on March 3 for my...

Finally! I fly into the DR on March 3 for my surgery on the 5th. It's been a long time coming. I think I will try to gain a few more lbs to ensure I get the results I want. Gonna post an updated pic of myself.

Sorry ladies I have been on a hiatus, bit guess...

Sorry ladies I have been on a hiatus, bit guess what! I'm all marked up for SX! Dra Yily is very no nonsense and gets down to business. Once I got to CIPLA and visited sons of my fellow BBL, BA, TT, & lipo divas! They have just given me the blue pull as well and all I will say is GAME ON! Prayers for myself and all the other ladies going under shortly for their SX as well.

Out of SX and I'm so sore! This was a totally...

Out of SX and I'm so sore! This was a totally different experience that is in no form or fashion comparable to the U.S. but nevertheless I adjusted as much as possible to maintain my stress, comfort, and mental status. I fell asleep in the suite they put us on after taking my blue pill, my roommate went first so I took those couple of hours to just relax. I remember waking up when they wheeled her back in, but she was completely out of it! Then the guys helped me get on the stretcher and I was off to the operating room. I was laying in the operating room while they prepped and set everything up. I remember random surgical techs, and/or nurses coming in and out. One guy even sat n sent texts on his phone. Upon finishing the anesthesiologist came to let me know he was getting ready to administer the anesthesia. I started out on my stomach first and ladies let me just say I was in and out during the entire SX! I can remember so many details so it all. There were tender parts that even had me saying ouch. My bra roll area and another area between my shoulder and front breast area. I went in to SX roughly around 2045 hrs and when I returned it was around 2235. Right now I am lying in the bed with this tremendously tight faja on. I begged the nurse to allow me 2 gulps of water seeing as I have not had anything since midnight of 5 March, it is now 1344hrs of the 6th Extremely hungry and weak. Well ladies these Meds are kicking in and I am going to try and nap at least. Will try to take pics in the morning.
Besos Chicas!!!!!!!

*correction* it is now 0144 of 6 March

*correction* it is now 0144 of 6 March

Well ladies I guess everyone handles the BBL...

Well ladies I guess everyone handles the BBL differently. I left the CIPLA clinic around 1030 on 6 March and I have been up and running since. I only had to find comfortable positions to sleep in, but throughout the night I rotate from my left side, stomach, right side, and propped up on my back. Today 7 March I went out into the city with my nurse to get food, a second faja for my roomie, and groceries. This has caused my feet to swell a little, but other then that I am good! Also, my back and abdomen area are very swollen. Pre op my waist was 29, now its 31, my butt was 42, now its 45! i hope it stays and the waist shrinks!
The nurse took my faja off and washed it today and gave me a complete wipe down. She also pressed on my whole body which caused me to drain more fluids out. Putting that faja back on was no joke! OMG! I had to lay back on the bed while she struggled to hook it. I've been on my feet all day so now I'm about to take a quick nap. Will update you ladies later on.

Hola Chicas!!!! Well I made it back home safe and...

Hola Chicas!!!! Well I made it back home safe and sound on 11 March and overall the experience was not too bad. Now that I am on my laptop I can actually type a bit more detailed and concise. I was just too lazy to make an effort on my iPad mini! (lol)
Well of course you know my SX was on 5 March and I can honestly say it was a very eventful day. It was very trying to not eat anything from midnight on the 5th up until SX. Seeing as I arrived to CIPLA around 0730 that Tuesday morning and it seemed like the day would be ok. We were able to get our cardiac test, bloodwork, X-ray, and final paperwork complete. This was all done by 1100 I would have to say. From then on it was a sheer waiting game. Dra Yily finally came to the room I was assigned roughly around 1700 and asked me if I had a previous BBL which I stated no, I'm just unhappy with the current shape of my rear and desire a bit more fullness in the upper region. She def made my day when she had me do a 360 and responded you have a perfect shape! This lady is built like a str8 up stallion so she def helped boost my confidence! :-)
She then started marking me down and had me put on my gown and take the blue pill. The nurse came in and told me to lay down. So I'm laying in the bed just thinking and concentrating to see what this blue pill does to me. My roomie took her blue pill and was out in less then 10 min. So I'm wondering why it's not having the same affect on me??? I watched the guys come in and take my roomie off to SX around 1815. At this point I remember dozing off and awaking about 2000. Thirty minutes go by and they are rolling my roomie (So her SX was roughly about 2 hrs) back in and she is still under, but sort of moaning and moving slow her body slowly from left to right. Suddenly, it hit me!!!! I'm about to have SX! I'm excited, scared, anxious, and praying all at the same time!!! Lord what have I gotten myself into?
Since I'm alert the guys don't even have to help me get on the stretcher I just lift myself up and then I'm off to the operating room. *The time shows about 2035* They roll me in and from that point I observe my surroundings. The operating room was not even set up. There was a guy sitting on a stretcher next to me texting and I'm looking around and I see the room is pretty much unorganized. I'm looking at the equipment and I'm thinking (0_o) JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL! But then I have to remind myself "I serve a GOD who sits HIGH and looks LOW! My faith is restored and I know that the Angels will guide the hands of those about to adminIster and/or operate on me! At that point I am at peace. I continue to lay and wait as a nurse dressed in pink scrubs with a prego belly is laying out all the surgical equipment.
The anesthesiologist comes in and he is just the best! He is joking with me about my name being La'Quinta and I don't speak Espanol! (lol) He def helped me feel at ease even more. As he does his thing and sticks an IV in me I'm lying and thinking about what I want to purchase when I get home! :-)
Now for my SX I remember being alert for just about the entire thing. They started out with me lying on my stomach and I could feel the poking and probing. I'm thinking in my head this is supposed to hurt, but I don't feel anything?! I do remember when they got around my shoulder blade area and armpit I felt discomfort, but it was not pain. Also, I was shaking uncontrollably and I kept moving my head from side to side. The anesthesiologist kept telling me to be still, but I could not help it. I wanted to get up, b/c the shaking was getting on my nerves! I remember being flipped over on to my back and getting my abdomen worked on. At that point I was thinking I hope she does not forget my thighs! As soon as that thought processed they were on my thighs. The thigh area went so quickly! I remember them putting my faja on my legs and then I blacked out for a few seconds. The next thing I remember Dra Yily was pulling me out of the operating room and then the guys were wheeling me to the elevator. Once I got back on my floor I remember a female crying in pain NURSE, NURSE, NURSE! Then I was wheeled to my room and put in my bed. *The clock showed almost 2240* The shaking was out of control! It was more on the line of convulsing and I asked the nurse how long would this last? She said 2-3 hours! WTF!!!!!! I remember staying up b/c I just couldn't get comfortable to rest, but something took over and those eyelids were closed!

*****BREAK****** Let me take a breather and I will continue where I left off to let you know how day 1 post-op went. If you have any questions, feel free to inbox. I may not get back with you ASAP, but I will def answer you in a timely manner. ~BESOS~

Ladies! How are you lovelies? As requested I am...

Ladies! How are you lovelies? As requested I am posting some before and after pics. Hopefully, it will allow you all to get a better assessment of Yily's work on me. I opted to show you the after with my faja off, b/c the garment can be very deceiving. *shout out to my C.Gray!!!!! ;-)

I am currently writing another detailed update to...

I am currently writing another detailed update to my blog. Considering I can't be on Realself on the Govn't PC I will write my blog on Word and then copy/paste when I can. But just a few quick things I have noticed.
Susan is a great nurse who speaks excellent English. She works at CIPLA P/T and attends the University in DR. Her number is +1 (809) 968-1600. She was such a doll. She took me to KFC, the grocery store, and the pharmacy. I have heard people say the RH sucks big time, but I guess you will have to take in the fact that would you prefer to be solo after SX, pay for a taxi to get to and fro, and pretty much just fend for yourself. Honestly, had I known prior I probably would have stayed at the RH myself. In the long run it would have saved me so..... Much money! I won't even begin to say how much I ended up wasting when things hit the fan in DR! But I ordered room service, taxi rides, a week's stay at the hotel, groceries, and odds & ends. Sure, I've been told they are overcrowded and currently expanding due to the fluctuation of PS patients, but in the end it may not be such a hassle. One thing that was great was they take you everywhere you need to go, which beats the heck out of taxi service any day. So for those of you on a tight budget, who think staying at a moderately priced hotel will save, please be mindful to take in to account where you will have to dish out money to survive comfortably on your own.
Also, my experience with Dra Yily may have been totally different from others so I would like to share a quick synopsis of my experience. I will definitely say that Yily and her assistant do not run things like a well-oiled machine at all. There are so many things that could have been done way better. Such as the communication part before even arriving in DR. That in itself is such a task!!!! It can be very frustrating at times. Then once you arrive there are so many unanswered questions and if you do not open your mouth and ask you may not get an answer. I view the whole process as an assembly line of patients coming through. There is not really much time spent on one patient, it's more like just getting everyone through.
But at any time I could have said NO I don't want this SX, so as an adult it was my choice and decision to have this SX even with what I witnessed.
Once my SX was over and throughout my whole recovery process I have had NO major issues arise. The one thing I can do without is the discomfort. The swelling, fluid, stiffness, and itching get on my nerves! (LOL) But that comes with the territory when you have lipo so I will just deal with it and not be a big baby! Even though I have made my friend rub me down like every day!!!! And it feels oh so good!
I think a huge factor that also needs to be taken into account is with each individual. Have you prepped your body and taken care of it prior to SX? I'm talking at least a month out or more and not the day prior. Did you follow the doctor's orders and not engage in drinking alcohol, smoking, or the use of any recreational drugs? Are you someone who is in decent shape and health that eats right and exercises regularly? Did you make sure you took the necessary vitamins and supplements? No, I'm not trying to take sides and say it is the patients fault, but at the same time you know your body will be getting ready to go through a major operation and if you did not abide by the guidelines what can be expected? You simply allow yourself to be open and at risk for so many negative things to happen. So please take precaution if you have an upcoming SX. Your life is way more important than that wine, liquor, beer, blunt, cigarette, pill, or whatever your clutch of choice may be.
Yes, the Doctor plays a huge roll in this SX process as well and they def have to be on their P's and Q's, b/c they can be responsible for a person's life if things take a turn for the worse.
With that being said, please take in to account that there are always two sides to every story. Let's not be so quick to bash a Dr. b/c if at least 90% of their patients love their outcome that in itself speaks volumes! Sure some people will be ecstatic with their results, some will be just ok, and others will just plain out hate what turns out. N with a BBL let's be for real. If you came in the office working with a pancake, don't expect to walk out with an onion! I'm a realist so even I didn't expect to come out with a Buffie "The Body" booty! If that's the case I should have opted for butt implants and that my dear is nowhere in my future EVER! (LOL)
N never be spontaneous and just do something if you're not 100% sure. I have contemplated having this SX since 2008 and it took me 5 whole years to go through with it. So I knew the in's and out's and what could or could not be given to me.
Nope, it is not my intent to offend, degrade, or insult anyone. I believe this website is for everyone to share information, opinions, and anything that can be helpful to others.
Later Chicas and I will be back soon to update my blog with the rest of my BBL journey. *SMOOCHES*

Sorry I've been so busy ladies. Work, work, and...

Sorry I've been so busy ladies. Work, work, and more work! I'm currently prepping to deploy overseas for a short amount of time, finally! I'm just making sure my body is 110% as I'm not a month post-op just yet. I decided to snap a few pics to show my progress. I'm currently 36-27-45 and still swollen in my lower back and abdomen region. I plan to post bikini pics real soon as well.

Please forgive me for getting way....,,,,,behind...

Please forgive me for getting way....,,,,,behind the power curve ladies. Recovery has been going pretty good. The hot weather has caused my body to retain fluid so my swelling goes up and down from day to day. I have been getting my massages twice a week and I can not stress to you ladies the importance of the lymphatic drainage massages! Ur body will need them! I started to develop a small amount of scar tissue on my left side, but luckily the therapist found it and has been working on it. I tried cupping massage therapy for the first time and it worked wonders! The picture attached shows the vacuum cupping which leaves circular hickies on your body for about a week. I did the cupping with the glass cups and oil as well which I prefer over the vacuum cups! But I will say the vacuum cups caused my body to release a tremendous amount of fluid that was built up in my lower back. I see the dip finally coming in now! :-)
Also,to aid in the excretion of fluids from my body I take detox baths after I get my massages. They consist of 2 cups of epom salt, 1 cup of baking soda, 20 drops of lavender oil, and a tablespoon of ginger in a hot water bath for at least 20 min.
Since my sx I have invested so much $$$ in my fajas! I have a total of 8 now! Considering I work out I need them. I have posted pics of a couple so you can get a visual.

As of know I am satisfied with my body. I think my body is very proportionate and natural looking. Which is def the look I need as a professional. I think once I'm fully able to get back on my regular workout schedule my progress will show even more.


Almost 3 months PO.

Not having access to consistent Internet has been a hassle, but throughout it all I have managed to not neglect my post-op regimen. Trust me it has been difficult to travel out of the country and still maintain. From sleeping in a community style barracks and having limited access to any privacy almost made me say screw it. But, I sneak and squeeze my body into my faja so as to not stir up any questions from others. It is not easy to do while laying in a bunk bed under my blanket. LOL But I refuse to let my progress so far go to waste. I have fully incorporated my entire workout schedule back into my life. It feels like a breath of fresh air! How I have missed the calisthenics, strength training, and HIIT. I can't wait to see how quickly my body will begin to tone. :-) That and my clean eating have to work hand in hand.
I have a more detailed review I wrote on my laptop so once I fly to my next location I can get settled down and upload it. I posted a few pics with subtitles to explain their purpose.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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