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So I have been a member since early 2012 and I...

So I have been a member since early 2012 and I guess Im ready to share my journey. I'am a 27 years old mother of three and a new graduate nurse. I am vey ambitous and when I want something I GET IT!!! So my journey started with looking into a few surgens.The first one being Dr. Salama out of Florida, Dr.Campos from Mexico and Dr.Jimmerson from the ATL. I have went back and forth dozens of times with which Dr I will choose. I believe that Jimmerson is "The man". Here are my reasons ,Constant perfection,When I emailed his office I recieved a instant response w/prices,He is well known and once again his work in my opinion is pure perfection I have yet to read a bad review or seen a bad pic. But.......He is very expensive so in order for me to get this done I had to pinch pennies and everybody elses pennies too!!!
When I was considering Campos I was sure he was the one. His results are very good projection in the hips is the best I have seen and his prices are very reasonable. But do I really want to travel to a place I have never been and send money out of the states!!!!. One wrong decision could end it all so yes I have to spend the extra money so what!! Spend the extra money and feel more secure!!!

Dr. Salama has some great outcomes but...... he has too many compaints for me about projection and maintaining volume. So I am certain that I need to go with Jimmerson!!!!! Tommorrow I will call the office to set up my consult. Yah!!! I m ready to get the ball rolling to a new curvier ,sexier me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I was going to go with Jimmerson and bust my...

So I was going to go with Jimmerson and bust my butt to pay for it. I called to get a consult and was told I couldnt get one til 12/30/13. Wow!!!! No thank you. I dont have time to wait on all that .So yes im going back to Campos. I just wish that everyone wouldnt be so terrified of Tijuana!!!! When I talk to my fiance about it he makes jokes about me not comming back!!! Oh well I have faith and I've followed many journeys and have heard many success stories. So I contacted Angie and was told to send in my pics so I guess thats what I will do! Iam of course nervous and dont wanna travel alone but I girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. Im also willing to hook up with a buddy if anyone is intrested. I would like for my best friend or my sister to come with me but I dont want any scary people getting in my way or being a burden once in Mx. Im gonna post my horried photos today and send them in to Angie for a quote so until next time Adios!!!!

I have finally uploaded pics and sent them into...

I have finally uploaded pics and sent them into Angie. Now I'll just wait for a response. So basically what I would like to achieve is a very small waist, nice contoured hips and a big ol butt yes big,big big mostly full. What Iam concerned with most is that small teeny weeny waist a flat tummy w/o stretch marks. I also asked for a quote for breast implants. I forgot to ask for chin lipo but I will just ask later I've heard it cost about $600.

So today I got my quote from Campos. Which was...

So today I got my quote from Campos. Which was suprising cause everybody complains that it takes forever to get a quote. I just sent my pics in yesterday morning so Iam happy for that. Anyway here it is............Your Estimate will be as follows:

Extended Tummy Tuck 3000
Liposuction, lower back, and waist 1800
Fat grafting into the buttocks 600
Discount -700
S. Facility 1200
Anesthesia 650 (Epidural, Sedation)
Girdle 120
Post op Medication 125
We are giving 5 courtesies massages, because of the opening of Skin Med by Campos Leon.
Total 6795 usd
Dr. Campos

I guess I wasent expecting it to be so steep, but oh well. Time to get to work to get this money up. I want this transformation bad so I plan to send in my deposit within the next week or so. I also didnt understand the last sentence of the quote " we are giving 5 courtesy massages, because of the opening of skin Med by Campos Leon". Dont know what this means but Iam expecting my 5 free massages since it was sent in this email!!!! Also Campos says he can get 800-1000 cc im not worried about that number because many women have got the same estimate and ended up getting more. I want a big nice round bubble butt with moderatly wide hips and a teeny tiny wast. Nothing more, nothing less. Im getting so happy that the wheels are now turning and I plan to update, take pics and inform everyone who can read my story and follow my journey so that I can help the next person.

Im just curious as to why I cant change my doc and...

Im just curious as to why I cant change my doc and when I try to find myself on realself I never run into my profile unless Im logged in? Anybody else have issues with that?

Im noticing that most people are not posting pics....

Im noticing that most people are not posting pics.....maybe I should take mines down. Im 100% sure no one will be able to identify me no face no name no nothing. I just want to share my journey and be informative to others, as others have done for me. I have been searching RS for 2 long years and those who have shared ever step have inspired me, without them I would be paying $15,000 to some Beverly Hils Dr who would give me an average tummy tuck and a semi full a$$ with no hips. So in advance I THANKyou ladies who had the courage to share and I respect those who choose not. Ok im done....lol

So Iam 5" 160 lbs and muscular I was suprised Campos didnt want me to loose weight maybe because Im not flabby and more muscle. My measurments are:
Bust 36 B
Waist 35
Hips 39
Pretty much sad... Straight up and down I also notice that my suppose to be hips are sunken in that sucks I would like to be:
Bust small D
Waist 26-27
Hips 42ish
So hopefully Campos can bring this body alive. Iam going to be focused and stern on what I want. I know he can do it and Im ready. I wish I could bring my kids being gone from them for 7 days is alot. Maybe I could rent a condo and bring them with my lil sis. My kids are big 2 boys 11 and 9 this year and a six year old little girl. I think they could hang. I recently had the flu and my oldest took care of me like a champ. If I brought my sister she could keep them occupied and help me out too. This idea will probaly cost me too much....neva mind!!! Until next time Adios:)

Switching Doctors

So I'm posting my pics back up and changing from Campos to Duran!!! I need to go ahead and get in contact with Duran to secure my date. I can only go in March so I hope she is not booked already. Im soo excited Ive seen some amazing results from her twitter account and I hope she can give me some serious curves. I want a small, small waist. This surgery has to get done in 2014 no more excuses no more waiting. Its been claimed!!!! If anyone is going around March 15-20 please get in contact with me so we can buddy up.

Duran Doll!!!

So I posted more Pre-op pics

Pre op Pics/ Duran Girl!!

More Pre Op

Contacted Duran

Ok so I just sent in my pics and request to Duran, telling her my height weight how many children I have had and that Iam healthy with no medical problems. In addition to telling her my wishes. That I would like to have a tummy tuck, bbl and breast augmentation. I sent her an email on her website agustinahilario.com, on her facebook and at her email address I used freetranslation.com to send my emails in spanish. So hopefully I hear back real soon and I can get the date that I want which is around March 14,2014. When I hear something then I will update. XOXO

Updated pics

So here are some updated pics of myself.

Still Waiting

Sooo.....Ive still been waiting on a response from Duran and Yilly and nothing. Although I did receive a response from Dr.Robles. She requested for me to loose weight (never heard that before). But anyway I requested a date from Campos and Angie asked me to send in new pics for a new quote. Hopefully this quote is the same price or lower. I'm gonna stop changing my doc until I have a flight paid for and I'm on my way!! I called Duran's office and talked to Elizabeth and she told me she would have Duran check my email and send me a quote that was over a week ago.....nothing back. I know these doctors are busy but so am I and I have to make sure I can get a date now rather than later because I can only go during a certain time frame. I have been researching Dr.Campos since early 2011 and I' pretty confident in him and his work. It will be a cheap flight too when I tried to find tickets to Dominica it was way expensive so I will wait to hear what Campos says and if anybody else responds what they have to say. Then I will secure my date and get the ball rolling on this thing. I want to be 2014 summer ready!!!!

Duran Doll All The Way!!

Ok so Ive been meaning to come and update but I'm always so busy. So I was complaining about not hearing back from Duran. I had actually left out a letter in the email address and when I went back to check I realized what had happened and emailed her again and received a response within 2 days. My quote was for bbl, tt and lipo for 4300 and If I wanted breast it would be 6700. So Iam going for everything and I have began to save, which suprisingly has been very easy. On my next payday Im going to send in my deposit, get a passport and book my flight. I'am planning on staying at Real Recovery Armonia. Which is very beautiful and looks very clean. I haven't got a response back yet.
I hope I can get a March 13-22 surgery date,or a first of April date. So its becoming real. I did run into one problem I had an EKG done and it came back abnormal and I was told I would need to have a echocardiogram done. So Im gonna have to get that squared away I m not too worried . Plan on hitting the gym and starting a diet. I am currently 160lb I have neck and arm fat that I need to reduce before surgery. Maybe loose 8-10lbs at the max. I'am defanitly gonna be looking for a travel buddy as I will be going on this journey alone, so after I secure my date I will update to let you guys know!!

Duran and Breast implants

So Ive been looking hi and low for some pics on Durans Breast Augmentation and I could only come up with one pic. Im thinking maybe I should hold off on the breast aug. Ive seen some pics of yillys BA and they look good. Anyone had a BA with Duran and have pics avaliable?

Duran Doll I will be ????

So I went and had an EKG done and it came bk as abnormal...wtf. So I'm gonna get a second opinion cause I just don't wanna believe that!! If all comes bk well I will be finally sending my deposit, booking my flight , paying for the recovery house and applying for my passport.
Unfortunately I don't have the support I need. Boyfriend wants to make me feel bad for spending that amount of money on myself. I had one person tell me I was gonna die!!! My cousin said she was gonna pass on going after she told me she was!! So I must go now to become a Bad Bitch and to prove these assholes wrong!!!!! Imma be laughing all the way to the Dr ????. Nobody better not ask me where I went who was my Dr or how much I paid. I'll have they ass in Australia somewhere looking for my Dr. lol.....


So its been a long while since I've updated. I unfortunately talked my self out of having the surgery. I lost my job and then spent all my surgery money....:( So now I'm in the process of getting my shit together getting a new job and saving saving saving. It won't be hard I just need support because I'm really nervous about this whole thing. I also need to see a cardiologist to check out my heart since I had an abnormal EKG. So the process begins again for me but I never give up.

Dra Duran

So I have been sitting here looking at reviews and pics going through page after page. There are some amazing pictures out there Duran is THE BEST hands down in my opinion. I want this surgery so BAD I wish I was at work right now making money just to send for my surgery. Really wishing I would have sent the money when I had it but oh well. I m thinking I will schedule for the beginning of December, while the kids are on Christmas break. So that means I have to get saving and fast. Luckily flights have went down that time of year im looking at about $640 round trip. Duran quoted me $6700 for BBL,LIPO,TT and Breast Augmentation. I feel as though that is not too bad. I was quoted $5900 in the US just for Breast Aug. I still need to send for passport and I plan to stay at Real Recovery Armonia. I was quoted $850 for all inclusive private room or $750 for a double room for 10 days. I dont mind sharing......... If anyone is thinking about that time of year let me know so we can hook up. So final decision and all systems go!!!

Plan comming in to action....

So I needed to find a job and now I have 2. I am soo happy right now!! I will be sending in my deposit and booking my flight on my first check. I really cant wait and I am not backing out this time and I am not telling nobody but my real self friends not even my dude. I will give him a two week notice cause if I don't I wont be going. I told my cousin and she said she would go with me, then all of a sudden she brings it up in front of her "friend" and says Im not gonna be able to go with you.Then her friend had the nerve to say "You gone die"..... who the f*** asked you and why are we talkin bout this shit in front of this chick who I barely know????? I don't need people to know what I am doing. Its me not you I live in this body not you I don't even flippin know you. So I wont be speaking of this to anybody (as they only bring you DOWN) The people who care about you should be a support no matter what!!!! IJS
But guess what??? When I come back looking like Hollywood they will be in my face asking me questions and I will be telling them I went to AUSTRALIA...boop bye Felicia!!!

Workin Hard......

So I've been working my butt off but I have soo many bills right now I cant seem to save a dime for this surgery. I cant wait until I can get my finances straight I need to get this done at least by the end of the year or by the first of the next year.


Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Not sure on what doctor yet

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