Venus Viva Review

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When i went to get a consultation about Fraxel...

When i went to get a consultation about Fraxel treatment my doctor recommended the Venus Viva laser as an alternative saying the results are similar but was sort of unsure about it. She said the down time was less and the results were similar. I took her word and paid. After receiving the Venus Viva laser resurfacing my skin felt burning but not overly painful, like a bad sunburn. I was told my face should scab up and peel slightly leaving fresher skin. My face didnt scab one bit and i looked quite closely and found little to no immediate results. The odd things is that the laser left a dark burn in my face about the size of a dime even though no other area scabbed even slightly. The burned ended up scabbing and healing leaving a small scar that is slightly depressed. I waited the recommeded time to see any sort of results which is 30-60 days and saw maybe a 3-5 percent improvement and a 0 percent improvement on any deeper areas. If you guys search the internet and try find any data on venus viva you will notice there isnt much. You cant find useful before and after photos, in fact you cant find much that isnt direct from venus viva. That shows this product needs more of a history, more people needs to do it and comment in order for it to be called useful or not. If you cant find sufficient before and after photos and enough data to get this treatment than dont. Use your own judgement.

Venus Viva update

Good news. the burn went away almost 100 percent. I went back to the doctor and got before and after pics. this laser isn't bad for surface improvements actually but like I said in my last review there is little to no results for any deeper scarring. my scars aren't even as deep as some and it did nothing. I can picture this laser being effective for general complexion if you want to pay 700 bucks for that. as advertised tho there is little to no downtime.

Venus Viva laser 4 months

Hi guys. Just an update here. results still the same as 3 weeks after treatment. My dermatologist is confident though we can get results so I will do another treatment later in the year when I get the funds to do it. Ill post an update if anything changes but I think ill do another session in 6 months.

Venus Viva update 2016

Hey guys. Since I got the Venus viva laser done I got pretty much no results from that laser. The goods news is that I went to a totally different doctor and got treated with the Erbium laser. The hyper pigmentation was severe. The areas treated were bright red for 6 months after the treatment. But the results were amazing. My deep scars went away by 20 percent after just the first treatment! I don't know how I'm going to continue though because the hyper pigmentation was so bad but if you want a effective no BS laser I would suggest the Erbium. If I did have the money I would try get 4 or 5 Venus Viva treatments and see because I've been told you have to go a few treatments to really see any result.

New treatment 2017

I jusr recieved a new treatment with the venus viva laser to give it another try. Im going to commit to another 3 or 4 treatments and see what kind of results i get. The power was higher than than last one im one day post and quite red but healing quite fast.
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