Surgery was 110% Worth it!!

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Hello, i am 29 years old, 5'7 and 130lbs, i am a...

Hello, i am 29 years old, 5'7 and 130lbs, i am a mommy, and a wifey and pretty pleased with my world, unfortunately i cant say the same for my body. Ive been contemplating whether i should do plastic surgery for a couple years now..and i finally said to myself..just do it! for yourself! :-) so May 8th i will be having a full TT with MR and lipo.
My tummy has been on my mind a lot more then i want it to...and id like to change someone looking at me, they would think im pretty thin, and would never expect that my tummy looks like it does, and thats thanks to high rise jeans, tunic tops and shape wear! lol!
I am so ready for this change, hoping for the best through it all, I am nervous but excited at the same time, after reading the journeys of others on this site, i feel heaps better..less nervous, much more excited!! cant wait to feel good in my own skin! :-)

Alrighty! so today was my pre-op appt! i was...

Alrighty! so today was my pre-op appt! i was looking forward to this day...i did however feel kinda like ummm..ahh! :-(...when i had to go over all the forms that listed the complications..but fortunately that didnt last long :-D, i know their are risks..but risks exist in pretty much everything else we do in life, and i dont want my apprehension to hold me back from the chance of feeling great about i got over that feeling real fast! and i left the appt feeling more excited and determined to not let my nerves get the best of me, i can do this!! :-D
It was quite a long appt with tons of info! to say informative is a understatement! but the fact they were so thorough and took the time to make sure i understood everything was very reassuring i picked a good ps, his staff are wonderful :-)
So whats next on my to do list, is to get my prescriptions filled and purchase the necessary supplies, then i have to re work my home a bit...ive got a spiral staircase..its about 15 stairs and..yea..i dont think after surgery i'll be wanting to use those stairs right? lol! looks like i'll be chillin on the main level for a bit.
Gonna start on all that asap, May 8th is gonna be around the corner before i know it!

Hey fellow TT'ers :-) Sorry in advance..but i...

Hey fellow TT'ers :-)
Sorry in advance..but i gotta vent a bit here...i told a friend about the procedure i was going to have...a long longgggg like since i was 14-15ish friend about it. And i got a email back today from that i'd like to share a few lines from it k...
- "why on earth do u wanna be under the knife for nothing!"
-"OMG i cant believe you actually listen to what the world says and u r gonna undergo a operation"
-"try going for a brisk walk in the morning and evening and then tell me if there r any results...any which way to postpone ur surgery"
-"plusssssss do u think after surgery u arnt gonna face the same problems later on in life"
-"beauty magazines, tv and mags do nuthing but promote low self esteem"
-"im sure the doctors must have said its completely safe and blah blah blah"

Arghhhhh x100!!...well i guess i wont be having that friends support eh!...its really hard to make some ppl understand, i cant lose this tummy, ive tried, and screw a brisk walk! i pilate and cardio the hell out of myself pretty much everyday! a size x-small..and jeans r a size sure i must have abs hiding under here!...i just wanna show em..not like prance around town topless! i just wanna look in the mirror and smile for once..its for myself and its funny how ppl assume when its plastic surgery its always to conform to what we see in hollywood or something..its also crazy how quick u can be judged by someone u think knows u so well...
Anyways at 1st i was pretty bummed..but let it be known i am not trying to become a victoria secret wanna be! this is for myself, and for my health, both physically and mentally. My hubby is team rainbows :-D and so is my mom and im just gonna let that email roll off my back! On the plus side i picked up all my prescriptions today, so another step closer to being ready for the big day! :-)

Oh wow! im sitting here smiling like a fool...

Oh wow! im sitting here smiling like a fool reading all ur comments lol! :-D
Thank you ladies, it means a lot!!!!! xoxo

Hey ladies! So im hoping after my surgery i'll...

Hey ladies!
So im hoping after my surgery i'll look back at these pics and think.."was that really me!?!"...and also think..."yeeeee i luv my brand spanking new belly button!!" :-D
I do have a lot of thin stretch marks rather then thick..and my belly button i think looks like a black hole in space!..i am sooooo ready to finallllly get rid of all that!
Its funny how for some reason im feeling like time is kinda slowing down as the day gets feeling soooooo excited though!!! but still a iffy feeling does creep up on me from time to time...i have never had surgery before, never had anesthesia to think of those gets my nerves going a bit..maybe a little more then a bit..still not chickening out though!
More about my procedure..i will be having a Drainless full TT, with M.R and Lipo of hips and flanks.
My surgeon told me that for me, i will have a incision that goes a bit past my hipbones...which doesnt bug me..i just hope its still gonna be low!
No pain pump..for pain i am prescribed percocets and tylenol 3's
also i was provided with Sinecch for swelling and prescribed Fragmin to reduce the risk of blood clots.
No over night stay either..gonna be in and out the same day.
Right now to prepare for the surgery im still keeping up my same workout routine, i am trying to be in the best of shape as i can..i've read that helps a ton with the recovery process, and also i have started on a daily multivitamin.
And im planning on seriously cutting down on my sodium intake the week before surgery hopefully that helps some! :-)
Will update a bit later on in the week, best wishes to everyone!!!!

I have less then 2 weeks to go! getting really...

I have less then 2 weeks to go! getting really anxious! not scared really...more just unsure of what to expect and the unknown, which i know is normal. I find myself having day dreams about my surgery...when i lay my head on my pillow at night i have all these thoughts run through my mind about how it will be like, what to expect..some not so good scenarios run through my mind as well...i guess this is all normal.
I read a lot of posts where TT'ers have said there recliner was fantastic to i thought about it a lot and finally decided to purchase one last week, my darling hubby was so nice to bring it home yesterday and it was so exciting! I thought maybe id rent one..but after recliner shopping i realized wow! this is freakin awesome lol! so comfy and great to have even if i wasnt having a TT. I was very fortunate to have gotten a great deal on it too! One of those..come in from 6pm to midnight one night only sales, Its a power recliner which lays all the way flat too, and has heated i think i got pretty lucky! :-D
I am all done with everything now, supplies, prescriptions and recliner, now its just waiting...i wish the PS office calls me and says they can get me in earlier! that would be wonderfulll!!! I guess im nervous and impatient too right now lol! :-)

This time next week i will be flat!!! I cant...

This time next week i will be flat!!! I cant believe i just typed that! I have wanted this for so many years, so to be a week away from finally getting it done feels very unreal at the moment..
I do have some nerves though...not about what to expect post op, but about the surgery in general and being under anesthesia...haven't had surgery before so i do have fears. I hope i am not a wreck the day of surgery..i try not to give myself much time to dwell on my fears, cuz i know doing that is not a good i try to just keep busy right now..keeping busy helps a ton also focusing on what i hope my new tummy will look like and all the fabulous clothes i will get to wear really keeps me upbeat and peppy and drowns out the nerves! :-)
I am sooooo ready for this though! i even have my day of surgery outfit all ready to go!...comfy sweat pants, and i figure i wear a tank top with a hoody jacket over top that zips up from the front, and after surgery if i cant put the tank top back on i can just wear the hoody anyways...soooo yup that is the wardrobe plan! I cant wait!!! :-D

OMG!Called this morning to confirm my time of...

OMG!Called this morning to confirm my time of arrival tomorrow...i think the receptionist sensed my nerves..she was so great though,

Oops lol! sorry i accidentally hit the update...

Oops lol! sorry i accidentally hit the update button anywhoooo like i was saying, the receptionist Christine was great and i felt so much better after talking with her :-D, im still hellllla nervous though!!!!!
Well tomorrow i go in at 7am! Tonight i gotta take my sinnech and a fragmin shot, but other then that sounds like tomorrows all set to go!!
Its funny how when your caught up in the excitement of actually booking your surgery, and thinking wow i am really able to do this! you dont really think about how it will feel the day before you actually go in surgery...well its the day before now and i am nervous, hubby seems to be extra extraaaa luvy duvy with me today, i think he is a bit nervous as well, alrighty..i'll prob not be able to sleep tonight, im still really excited though and cant wait to be post op! :-D

Woke up surprisingly calmer then i expected.. :-)...

woke up surprisingly calmer then i expected.. :-) going to be leaving the house in a this is really gonna happen eh!...feels a bit surreal right now...hoping for the best today and lots of luv to all the TT'ers out there, past present and future! next update i should be post op!

At home resting...I think im all drugged up at the...

At home resting...I think im all drugged up at the moment, will update later on, just a quick ladies who may be scared, u can do it too!! :-)

Hi Ladies, feeling good today :-) so far this has...

Hi Ladies, feeling good today :-) so far this has been much better then i expected...only thing that hurt me..well literally killed! was when my alarm went off this morning to take my pain meds...i think i was in a deep sleep, cuz when the alarm went off i jumped up when i woke up...and omg that felt horrible!! not gonna do that again!!!
So yesterday i was very zen through it all, everyone at the surgery center was so great and caring, made me feel much more at ease, Dr.Ward came in, and marked me up, shortly after that i met with the anesthesiologist, he was wonderful and reassured me i will be just fine, after that the nurse came in, walked me into the surgery i have never had surgery before, so for me it was like walking onto a movie set lol.. it was exactly how i pictured it would be like on tv..after i layed down, i felt the nurse put my legs in a massaging machine at the end of the bed, the anesthesiologist told me he was putting the meds through in the IV and it should work in 15-20 seconds...i guess time was going real slow..cuz i swear in my head i counted to 20 and thought omg maybe im one the odd ones and its not gonna work on me!! but before i knew it i was awake in recovery, not in pain but feeling soar and like i was gonna throw up, luckily i didnt :-) i was ready to go home so i met with Dr. Ward he told me everything went great, so before i was allowed to leave the nurse said i have to pee, and thankfully that all went very easily, hubby came to pick me up around 2pm and home we went, ride home went smoothly too and since then ive been all comfy on my recliner, and keeping up on my pain meds, and drinking lots of water, im having no issues with eating, just feel full fast thats all, and eating fruit mostly for now. I can walk with out much issue, just soar and hunched right now but taking it easy for the most part :-) ..took laxatives last night..and stool softener this we'll c how that goes today..kinda nervous about that eeek!
Tomorrow i have my post op appt, they remove my CG and i can finally see whats going on under there! and im so excited! cant remove the CG till then, so tomorrow hopefully i can take pics! :-D
I was so nervous the night before and today i am so glad i did it! i overcame my fears, and that feels unbelievable!! Happy healing everyone!

I dont know what it is but i havent had much...

I dont know what it is but i havent had much discomfort at all, not even from the lipo, maybe i was expecting the worse and ended up pleasantly surprised, but whatever the reason im so happy!! post op day 1 i started to feel some more sensation in my incision and from the MR so i thought maybe i should start taking 2 percocetes every 4 hrs instead of 1 so i can beat any pain before it starts, but that just made me sleepy and the oversleeping made me feel nauseated, so post op day 2 i said ya know what! id rather be in pain then have this nausea feeling, and ended the percocetes, and took 1 regular extra strength tylenol in the morning, and i was just fine!! i went to my post op appt later that day and the nurses were blown away by how well i was doing and i was blown away by my new tummy!! :-D i havent taken any tylenol since, so im on a take it if i need it basis now, and sorry about this TMI..but i finally had a BM this morning and my plumbing was in working order no issues there lol!
Even though i feel good, i am not over doing it with anything, still just chilling on the recliner :-) i do have some swelling though and swelling in the areas that Dr.Ward did lipo..lipo areas are a bit numb, my belly button area is really numb..feels weird, plus my bb is a bit awkward looking right now, but so far so good and i hope things continue to progress for the better! also before my tt..i went shopping and bought 2 swim suits...that looked pretty on the hangers not so pretty on me lol...but i took before pics in em, they show my tummy troubles a bit more and hopefully when the tapes come off in 3 weeks i can take after pictures in them, so thats all i have to update so far, take care everyone!!

Hard to believe last week my emotions were all...

Hard to believe last week my emotions were all over the place regarding doing this procedure...and now..its aaaaaamazing! how time just flew by and i am one week post op already!! feels like all that anxiety was just a 2 second blip in time :-)
So for my 1 week post op, i have to say im doing really realllly well, i can stand straight, i can sleep on my sides now..which is a relief..i have two small incisions on my lower back, which was where the lipo entry points were and after a while of sleeping on my back and putting pressure on that area it really started to feel uncomfortable, felt like a burning sensation, so sleeping on my sides feel much better, i cant turn over fast, or roll around or anything like that yet..i put any pressure i need on my legs and making sure you have good leg and arm strength before the surgery helps out a ton!
Swelling is going down, especially in the hips and flank areas too, belly button looks a bit ewww...but i keep telling myself...all in good time :-) not stressing one bit. Last friday i had my post op appt and i was told to clean the bb area lightly with hydrogen peroxide, then put a dab of antibiotic ointment on gauze, and tape it to my that twice a day till monday, over doing can cause a bumpy rash which is actually a yeast infection on you now since that routine is finito!..i got a scabby bb..but i know thats a good sign, also most of the numb sensation around the bb is gone, just got a small numb area, right bellow the bb. Wow i said bb a lot there lol...Cant wait till i get my tapes off, and not have to wear this CG, so i am just counting down the days till my 3 week mark for now :-) Happy healing everyone!

take it easy even if you feel fine!!

My recovery was going beyond better then id had hoped for, until Sunday that is :-(
I was approaching on my time of the month and i had the usual abdominal cramping i usually experience before my period, so i knew my period was coming, and Sunday
afternoon it started. No big deal...till my lower left side of my abdomen..below my incision..pelvic area to be more specific, started to more then just cramp,
i thought it would pass, but later that evening it got worse! like a throbbing pulsing pain, that really reallly hurt!! i took two ibuprofen and went to sleep that
night thinking i would sleep it off and it would be gone by the morning...but nope...the next day i woke up..the pain wasnt too bad though, it eased up so i thought
yay! progress!...i took a shower that morning got dressed and shortly after the pain had come back, well the pain never really left more like it was a dull pain when i
woke up but got more intense later on, it hurt to walk, to sit, to get up, i just sat on my recliner trying to stay in one position fearing if i even moved a bit more
the pain would get was bad, like i didnt want to drink anything cuz i knew id have to get up and go to the bathroom to pee..and the getting up would feel
like a stabbing pain, to sit on the toilet would be another stab! then getting up stab again! sitting back down more stabbing!!!!..i tried researching what it could be
but reading about what it might be freaked me out even is long weekend here, so yesterday Monday was a holiday, and my PS office was closed..and i figured if i
called my PS at home id just be told to go to the ER, my incision and tummy felt fine, even when i lightly massaged the incision there was no pain there, so
i figured it most likely was nothing to do with the tummy tuck...well i couldn't wait it out any longer, and around 8pm that evening my mom drove me to the ER.
I've been to the ER twice before, once when my son was little and had the stomach flu and another time when he was playing soccer and rolled his ankle, i've never been as a patient so this was new to me, there were some
interesting characters seeking medical attention, like a couple..i am assuming intoxicated..were yelling that they were blind and couldn't see...yet the man walked
directly to the wheelchairs and pulled himself one, and the woman screaming how she couldn't see, could clearly read the 'critical patients will have priority' sign..
she kept yelling she couldn't see, and yelling how she should be seen first cause she just read the!
Anywayssss, i finally got called in, had to give a urine sample, and laid down on a bed, the doc came, and he removed my tapes on my incision! i was like awww man!
my tapes are not supposed to come off till the 30th so i was seriously stressed, and the doc did not peel the tape off gently at all!!, even the doc said, you may get
a bit of a wax job here..but after the tapes came off, even though in serious pain, i was thrilled, my incision was closed completely, and sooo thin, a thin clean
uniform line :-D, the doc pushed on my left lower pelvic side, and it killed!!!!! so i got a IV and morphine, gravol, and a anti inflammatory through it, and soon felt so loopy, my mom said i wouldn't stop smiling and touching my tummy and my incision lol! during my visit i was poked and omg! had some pretty uncomfortable pap testish tests done, and a ultra sound, around 1am, my hubby found out where i was, he left out of town and was coming home that night i didnt tell him i was in the ER i assumed id be home before he made it back in town and my mom assumed i had already told him, plus my mom forgot her phone at home and i had mine on silent cuz of hospital rules so my dad told him i went to the ER and my mom had taken me to a farther away hospital she knew would most likely be less hubby drove around to hospital after hospital looking for me..oops on my part, super sweet on his part


hmm..sorry dunno why i got cut off there...well anyways, he finally found me, and my mom, my awesome mommy got to go home and sleep, by 3 am, the doc came back in and said everything looked good, and it is most likely a pulled muscle, and i should take it really easy from now on.
After all that, turns out its just me probably pulling something...well i am happy it wasn't super serious and in hindsight i wasn't taking it as easy as i should have though..i felt
so good so i did more...this was a big learning lesson for me, and i am now taking it very easy, and feeling much better today...oh and the ER doc didn't put new tapes back on me, he said it didn't need tapes anymore, so this morning
i called the PS office gave them an update on me, they were very happy i went to the ER and got checked out, no worries about the tape but i should still have tape, to keep the incision flat.
I was given tape at my pre-op so i just had to re tape myself, and go see them on the 30th still, so moral of the story folks, take it easy even if you feel great! For me i think
the fact i just had surgery and all of a sudden after feeling great have this set back, it freaked me out! i still have slight pain in the area now, but its
much much better...the fact i got checked out and i know whats up now definitely contirbuted to feeling better today :-)

3 weeks today!! :-)

Hi everyone :-) today is my 3 week mark...tomorrow morning i have my 3 week post op appt, where i will be able to take off the tape! and get rid of this annoying CG! cant wait to sleep tomorrow night with it off...hopefully i sleep like a baby :-D
Well as for an update, all is back to normal pretty much..i am not pushing myself though, definitely learned my lesson from last time, so far though things have went back to routine pretty much..i am able to do housework, cooking..laundry..the usual, i can bend, i just dont lift anything heavy..and i still feel the tightness from the MR, so i dont laugh hard, coughing isnt pleasant still...and i move slowly when i need to turn over when im sleeping..but all in all i am just great and soooooooooooooo flippin thrilled i did this!! Oh! and i can shave my legs, omg! what a relief to not feel like a yeti lol!
My belly button is still a bit scabby inside but looking better and better everyday, i still feel some shocks and zaps (nothing painful) in areas..i guess its just the areas getting back to normal and nerves the morning i am flat as a board and by the end of the day i am swollen, i know thats to be expected. But no rolls!!! no rolls when i sit down, no love handles! last night i tried on a bunch of dresses in my closet that i normally would have to wear shapewear underneath in order to wear, and no shapewear needed anymore! :-D Tomorrow after my appt i wanna see how low the incision really is and then try on my bathing suits, so i hope i get my afters in my swim suits up tomorrow. Today i took some 3 week pics while i was getting is still scabby and i have some dermatitis on my tummy..i get random outbreaks from time to time, it always clears up so im not worried about that, i just hope when i c the PS i can start a scar treatment routine to lighten up any dark areas, since i am one to scar dark.
Alright well one more thing to share..i was asked yesterday if you had to do this all over again, would you?.....well if i had to do this all over again, i would in a heat beat! :-)

oops typo..

heart beat, not heat beat lol!

Before and After 3 weeks!

Yesterday i had my 3 week appt, everything went super well, i got my tapes off..only to get new tapes on though, which have to be on for 6 months!...the tapes will give me a better scar..also the tape i got this time is different..more comfortable and not too different from the color of my no biggy :-) Also i start scar therapy next week..i am to apply a product called Kelocote twice a week, a thin layer on my incision line..wait for it to dry then re tape, also i put a thin layer around my bb and let that dry, so thats a routine i will start next wednesday, twice a week for 6 months..hopefully it'll be all worth it and i end up with a light scar...fingers crossed! :-D
Took before and afters in my swim suits...afters are kinda was a cloudy day..didnt get much sunlight in the bathroom...i am sooo happy i cant even explain, i am sooo happy!! i cant believe that was me before..feels unreal to look at my 3 weeks and still swollen i am beyond pleased! No more CG whoooo hoooo! but i have a lighter more comfortable high rise control top i wear when i am feeling like i need the compression...the CG was annoying to wear but the compression it gave me was such a relief, i still need that relief so a garment like spanx or a high rise control of some kind is definitely helpful. At 6 weeks i get to start working out, not aggressively..gotta gradually work into that, i cant wait to start though! before my mid section didnt respond to anything i did, pliates..cardio..nothing! now i feel like i got a body i can work with!!

pics before and after at 3 weeks!

Today has been my flattest day yet!

Seems like everyday i fluctuate when it comes to swelling, today has been by far the best day yet!! Its amazing to see how in just a couple days things change, i drink tons of water...which yes, means i have to pee like every 5 minutes lol, but i find drinking water helps a ton with swelling, and also for me keeping compressed makes a big difference, i dont wear my CG anymore, but i do wear more comfortable firm control high rise panties, like spanx and then i like to wear my sporty capri pants over top, like Nike dri fit capris with a wide waist band..or old navy compression capris, Its not to tight its actually pretty comfy, well way more comfier then the CG. Alrighty well i was psyched to be so flat this morning so i thought why not share with all ya'all! Happy healing everyone and best wishes to all the upcoming TT'ers!
Surrey Plastic Surgeon

Had 3 consultations and out of the 3 i picked Dr. Ward. For several reasons, firstly i had a really good feeling about him when i met him, his staff were wonderful, his office was very pleasant as well. He had so many pictures of his work to look through which was something the other 2 surgeons i had consults with did not have. During the consult he was just a nice guy, so informative and caring, and took his time explaining everything and made sure i understood it all as well. He was not the cheapest quote i got, but i figure the extra money is well worth it in finding a doctor that i feel would be the best for me.

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