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I have considered a tummy tuck since before I had...

I have considered a tummy tuck since before I had my first when I saw how terrible my stomach looked while pregnant! I just knew I needed a TT.

I am so incredibly excited to have booked the day as March 26th! I have 5-10 more lbs to lose. Very excited! Will post my entire story when I have more time. God bless all you beautifuls out there!

My story: Carried a very large healthy baby....

My story:

Carried a very large healthy baby. My stomach was so destroyed (will post a photo of me the day before my baby was born - I was huge).

Anyways... Lots of extra skin, stretched muscle, & some separation. I lost the 50lbs and my stomach almost looked worse than it did when I weighed more.

The second child was born a month early so that pregnancy didn't cause too much damage aside from stretching my muscles more.

I also have a severe spinal deformity that was fused over ten years ago. I've especially noticed my overall health has been poorer since this second pregnancy. The stress on my back is greater causing numbness in my legs and intense migraines. I'm hoping a tighter core will help with that. Some days it's unbearable.

So... To wrap up my naked truth... I decided to do the surgery this year. March 26th to be exact. I hope to lose ten more pounds prior & come out of it with a new confidence. I'm a single mom... With two beautiful children. I want to feel sexy rather than repulsed. I know this sounds absurd... But I feel unworthy with my stomach the way it is. It impacts me physically and emotionally. I just hope it changes my life as much as everyone else I've read about.

My surgeon was fantastic. He explained everything very clearly and does not use drains which I hear is exciting! I'm just very optimistic. I don't feel any fear but pure excitement. I have the best family in the entire world who plan to support me through this. Although my life is not what I planned... It's imperfectly perfect. God is good. God bless you all!

I just read a post about lipo. I decided I did not...

I just read a post about lipo. I decided I did not want lipo but hearing that a TT enhances your love handles if you choose against lipo. Is this accurate?
I've always had love handles. Nothing major if I kept my weoght good. What's your advice on this? I didn't even discuss lipo with my PS...

Sooooo... Two months before the big day. I'm...

Sooooo... Two months before the big day. I'm pretty pumped to say the least. I'm going on a vacation with some girlfriends in July and will have a bikini bod to rock! It's pretty incredible to even say that!

Last week I decided yes on liposuction as per the reviews of others. I carry my weight in my hips and don't want to look all funny afterwards. I'm paying an arm and a leg as is... May as well do it the first time (should get my boobs done too haha jk - I wish but still breastfeeding).

Anyways... New this week is weight loss! My son is on this new diet for his allergies (he's gained 3.5lbs in a week) and its been doing the opposite for me. My goal was 120 for surgery but I'm thinking I may be able to smash that! Between this new diet and swimming with my old swim team... The fat is melting off of me. Oh how I love it!

Anyways... Wanted to update. I'm so ready for my new bod. I could do this tomorrow! Ahhhhhh.

Before I end my comment for today.... Has anyone out there breastfed post op? All comments and suggestions appreciated. Love!

45 days to go and not at all nervous... The only...

45 days to go and not at all nervous... The only nerves I have is in regards to finances! Blah... I wish money grew on trees (or my child's father actually provided). Aside from that... I'm down a few more pounds to lose! Should be breaking 120 by March... Yippee!!!! Can't wait to be on the flat side.

Figured its time for another update. I've been...

Figured its time for another update. I've been down the last couple days... Although so much is going right... I can only find the wrong. Single mom blues I guess? And definitely sleep deprived.
I was in the shower tonight looking down at my stomach and thought this time next month ill be 1 day post op! Amazing. Can't believe ill be flat.
I'm 122lbs right now and I seriously feel so fat thanks to my belly. It's awful. I try to love it as it carried my two beautiful children but that's impossible to do. I hate it.
My kids have both had separation anxiety which makes me nervous. Both are mama mama mama mama mama everything. I'm encouraging sleep overs at my parents for right now to help the transition.
My daughter will be starting to walk right around surgery time which I hope I can witness as I missed my sons first steps. Tear.
Lastly... For those moms (if any) BREASTFEEEDING....

I SPOKE TO OUR PEDIATRICIAN AND THE NARCOTICS AREN'T HAS CONCERNING AS MY PS TOLD ME. OUR PED WANTS ME PUMPING AND DUMPING THE FIRST COUPLE DAYS WHILE OUR PERCS AND T3s BUT CAN RESUME BREASTFEEDING ONCE I STOP THE PERCS. The Fragmin is safe to breastfeed while taking which is exciting too. Yay! I began to wean but I'm going to keep three feedings rather than two. It will be rough the first couple days but I can do it.
Anyways that's enough of a rant. I'm so close to the flat side. Cannot wait to be tiny again. I haven't bought anything until after surgery has with lipo ill likely go down a lot of sizes. I carry all my fat in my love handles so I'm excited to see those go!

Anyways. Bless all you TTs out there. Happy healing and thank you for sharing your stories.

The countdown is on. Couple weeks to go and I...

The countdown is on. Couple weeks to go and I haven't done anything to prepare but buy new comfy sheets which I probably won't even enjoy.
I've pretty much reached my goal weight but have been eating like junk. Could have would have lost another two pounds but I won't complain. Going to eat extra healthy these last couple weeks.
I took some photos tonight to post so I can compare after. I'm going to do swimsuit photos too but this way I can look back to what I was. I will post ones were I suck in and where I relax. I also posted photos of the extra skin...
I have told a few people outside of my close circle about the procedure... But still feel judged. Whatever.
Anyways..... I'm excited and I'm even more excited when I see all you ladies on the flat side. I'm almost there...

I am quickly realizing my front butt semi pregnant...

I am quickly realizing my front butt semi pregnant tummy will be gone in just over a week. I cannot believe it! The first thing I'm going to do is feel my stomach. I've never had a super flat stomach so this will be the first time in my life I've had flat!
Other than the surreal excitement... I've weaned my daughter to twice daily with breastfeeding (she may wean herself completely after I have surgery... She's at that age where she loves to look around). I need to pick up my medications and supplies and get organized. I'm still in disbelief that I am actually getting my tummy fixed.
Anyways that's all for now.

Well ladies, I'm 2 sleeps and 1 day away from...

Well ladies, I'm 2 sleeps and 1 day away from surgery! Wish me luck. I'm stressed out and really not prepared. Tomorrow will be a chaotic day. I haven't prepared anything, I'm fighting a cold, and I'm emotional. Ahhhhh! The time has come.

I'm not even nervous just stressed out! Wish me luck.

I'm not even nervous just stressed out! Wish me luck.

Hi Ladies, I'm home! Feeling a little sore but...

Hi Ladies, I'm home! Feeling a little sore but better than I thought I would. I know the pain is only starting. I am so tired so I've been sleeping lots.
Photos are to come Thursday. I have a lot of bandages so sneak peaks are impossible. Thanks for the words of encouragement.

I am sure feeling it today. The next day is the...

I am sure feeling it today. The next day is the worst with any surgery. This isn't the most painful surgery I've been through but definitely is similar to that of a C-Section except its you're whole tummy.
My anesthesiologist was the same for both my kids which was neat. I knew he was good. My doc came to see me after surgery but I was ok drugged to talk. I asked him if we managed to get my skin to move above the belly button and he did! He told me that he'd try but it was a little too generous. I had a lot of extra sagging skin which has it perks I guess?
Anyways, advice for surgery. Take your meds every 4 hours and set an alarm. Eat light. Always keep pillows under your knees. Don't forget your Sinnech. Keep your binder on at all time. Ice ice ice! Ice and your drugs are your best friends.
That's all for now. Will have photos tomorrow. With my lodorsis... I wasn't warned that my stomach won't be as flat as the typical TT. I'm sure it still looks fantastic! We will see. Have a good day ladies!

Definitely over did it today. Some stuff happened...

Definitely over did it today. Some stuff happened which I had to deal with and I did not rest as much as I should have. I paid the price. I seem to be reacting to the Percocet so I tried the T3's instead and they weren't strong enough. I rather be itchy than in more pain.
The bruising has gotten worse and there is a lot of swelling. But I did have a BM tonight which was awesome! Anyways, first post op apt is tomorrow! Ill be able to see my tummy for the first time (yay)! Photos to come. Good night ladies!!!

Had my 2 day post op appointment today. Got to see...

Had my 2 day post op appointment today. Got to see my tummy and I'm honestly in shock. I am so happy with the results. He said my hernia was pretty big and needed to be fixed and took out over a pound of skin (1 cm above navel) and 550cc's of fat from flanks. I see my hip bones! He removed a ton of stretch marks... not all but definitely more than I thought would be removed. It should heal up nicely. Very happy!

Day 3 has been the easiest of all the days so far...

Day 3 has been the easiest of all the days so far and I hear it only gets easier. My post-op apt went well and I was blown away with my new tummy. Came home to flowers from my doctor which was so sweet.
The doc gave me another prescription for Percocet but I don't think I need to bother filling. I'm managing with the T3's and once I'm able to cut down on my T3's... I can resume breastfeeding (hopefully tomorrow).
I've been stressed out. Our dog ran away on day 1 PO and ended up in the pound. Then my sister and I got into a huge fight. We've been at it for weeks now. She feels this should have waited (no time is a good time) and "my stomach was just fine" (she doesn't have to live with it & has a flawless body herself). Childcare has fallen on her shoulders on the days that I don't have any which irritates her. But her boyfriend and her and living in my place rent-free for a month until her bf can relocate. The deal was she was to provide daycare. My daycare took vacation last minute on me for the first week. What a pain! It's just been a nightmare... Suppose to be an exciting time yet it's really put my relationship with my sister in question.
Blah... I feel selfish. I know if the roles were reversed, I'd be there for her.
Now that I'm done venting.

Here's my ADVICE for future TTers:

1. Lazy boy is definitely much nicer than a bed the first couple days. A bed does just fine if you don't have a lazy boy. Save your money... Don't buy if you don't own one.
2. Throat lozenges are a must for sore throat post surgery.
3. Benadryl is a must.
4. Sinnech does help with bruising.
5. Take your laxatives.
6. Sleep as much as possible.
7. Ice as much as possible.
8. Drink lots.
9. Wear a clean cotton shirt under your binder.
10. Keep your knees up.
11. If your kids are younger, make sure you have scheduled and organized day care!
12. Be excited. It's a surreal feeling.

Tomorrow is shower day. Will likely take more photos if I'm feeling up to it. He did such a fantastic job. Very pleased and highly recommend Dr. Ward. On my way to the car after surgery, one of the nurses called him the "Tummy Tuck King"... Totally true. Happy Easter everyone.

Hi ladies, I skipped a day. Healing is going...

Hi ladies,

I skipped a day. Healing is going well. I'm off the pain meds except for nights (they help me through the night). The pain has subsided but the discomfort has increased. I take my comment about the lazy-boy. I can only sleep on the lazy boy as when I'm in bed the temptation is there to roll over.
I don't know if any other ladies experience the tightness and stretching. It's very uncomfortable. My pain meds seem to help but it keeps me up. It's strange. I want to fold into a ball.
I was prepared for swell hell but not this. The swelling is there but not as bad as most... My only complaint is the tightness. It makes everything tough including breathing!
My PS did say my hernia was much larger than he though and it was necessary to fix for more than cosmetic reasons. I'll post a photo but you can see the bruising all around my tummy from the hernia repair. Otherwise all is good. I am so thankful I don't have drains. Everything else is a pain in the ass as is... Couldn't imagine carting around a couple drains like some ladies do.
This procedure definitely kicks your butt. I am very tired... And tire so easy. If anyone has advice on what to do about the tightness... I'm annoyed by the discomfort. These last two days have been great in regards to pain but rough otherwise.
I hate having to be lazy... Being a solo parent... It's go go go. I am hating recovery... I could skip this step haha.
Pain is beauty! Anyways... I can barely hold my eyes open. Happy Easter ladies. Will update when I can take better photos. Bandages come off tonight so hopefully my belly button starts healing quickly (wishful thinking - a lot has happened to my BB). Talk soon!

I made it. It will be a week in the morning!...

I made it. It will be a week in the morning! Feeling great. Still hunched over and my back is killing me (the middle upper back muscles are so sore... I stress "so sore"). The stretching is still bad. I can actually feel the stitching in my stomach.
Tomorrow I get to start straightening up!
I hate Fragmin. Two more doses left and I won't miss it.
Bruising is still there and turning yellow. My stomach is pretty bruised so I haven't posted much for photos since it looks gruesome.
Also... The numbness is insane. I can't feel anything on my tummy and where lipo was done which is all my sides.
That sums it up. I haven't been doing much but helping with stuff that I can sit down for... Or hold a kid. I have been laughing a lot and laughing is evil right now!
Next time I update... Ill be sure to post some photos. Happy healing and good luck to future TTers.

Holding a kid while sitting to specify. I dare not...

Holding a kid while sitting to specify. I dare not pick one up right now.

Tomorrow night is my last dose of Fragmin and I...

Tomorrow night is my last dose of Fragmin and I think I may have a glass of wine to celebrate. I hate Fragmin as I've stated before.
The pulling wakes me up usually around 2-4am which is why this is being updated early in the morning.
Weighed myself yesterday and I'm down nearly two pounds yet still a bit swollen which was exciting... Until I thought about how much muscle I'm probably losing. Going to do some light weights once I'm cleared.
I keep thinking how I would not do this again. I don't regret the procedure in fact love the results. I just hate the type of annoying pain and the fact that it kicks your butt for so long. I know it's only been a week but I can tell I won't be 100% for awhile.
With that being said, life is much better one week out. I'm moving around pretty good. Trying to stand straight but that's hard because my abs are so tight. I'm definitely doing no picking up. I take a T3 to get me through the night (well to 2-4am) then I'm up for a couple hours usually. Going to try only Tylenol tomorrow.
Sucks because there is so much pulling in my top abs... Pulls so hard it hurts. I just keep reminding myself of the results. Pain is beauty.
Anyways this is enough for now. I'm blessed with little swelling but lots of bruising. Healing is going excellent but I was in pretty good shape going in (better shape usually means quicker healing). Laughing and coughing still hurts incredibly. Sneezing is not an option right now either. Posted new photos. My apologies on the poor quality of the second photo. My confidence is already better and it's only been a week!
Take care ladies & happy healing!

Hi girls! I will post some different photos...

Hi girls!
I will post some different photos later but I wanted to say... I feel great. Was able to start standing straight at a week. PS wanted me to give my MR a week before stretching it. Now that I'm standing life is good. My back no longer hurts and I sleep so much better.
My stomach is still stretching but its not as bad.
Ladies with upcoming surgeries... I stress the importance of a healthy diet and exercise regime before surgery. Each body is different but I found this surgery easier to recover from than a C-Section. This surgery is more invasive and a much larger procedure. But I was in better shape for my TT!
I've been strict with no lifting but I'm doing everything else! Light housework, cooking, playing with the kids (on my bum). I don't need a nap... And I have little swelling! Point being, the better shape you are in, the better recovery will be!
Have a good weekend TT sistahhhhs... Photos to come!

Feeling pretty good and on my feet. Still no...

Feeling pretty good and on my feet. Still no lifting but I am likely doing too much. Doing housework and running errands almost like I was pre-surgery.
My scar is itchy. Swelling isn't that bad, mostly to flanks and upper abdomen. This brings up two questions:
1. Does anyone else have swelling to upper abdomen? I guess I fear that for some unrealistic crazy reason, but stitches tore in my upper abdomen and I'm back to what I was before surgery. Unlikely.
2. Is anyone else's belly button a really big scab? My BB is UGLY.

I am comparing photos and just unsure of if it's normal. It's the weekend so I don't want to bother my PS. All is fine otherwise. I feel great! Off pain meds completely and even slept on my side (although not very comfy).

That is all. Good night ladies!

Well ladies, I've made it two weeks. Recovery has...

Well ladies, I've made it two weeks. Recovery has been easier than I thought. Last week I would have said differently but this week I'm feeling pretty close to 100% aside from the muscle tightness every now and then. Sneezing is still my enemy!
Anyways, today I woke up & dealt with the kids (still not lifting and being very strict about that). Made breakfast, did the dishes, packed the kids up for daycare but had help with getting them both and and out of the car. Changed out my Carseat or another carseat then went shopping. First was the grocery store. All lifting Above a couple pounds I had someone do for me.
Then it was off to the mall (was dying to try on jeans)... Anyways I tried on the entire store but didn't buy much. I fit into size 26 jeans which I haven't seen in 3+ years!!!! Walked the mall a bit then came home and picked up the kids from daycare then came home and made dinner.
Very busy and still got energy so I'm on my third load of laundry. So now its later and I'm updating this and I'm not all that swollen. I do swell but nothing crazy.
So there's a couple questions I have. Am I overdoing it? I seem to be fine with pain, swelling, and tightness however I am able to blow my tummy in and out... Weird.
Also my sensation in my tummy is coming back a bit. It's not so numb anymore. I still have massive scabs in my belly button... And it's still weirdly shaped.
So I think that is all for now. Of course still worried I'm messing up my surgery recovery by going bak to being a single mom fulfilling all my duties except for lifting anything above 5lbs. Rest is not an option.

Happy healing ladies and update soon!

Saw te scar yesterday - thought I split a stitch...

Saw te scar yesterday - thought I split a stitch in my BB. Bit of blood... PS is on vacay so the PS on-call saw me (I was thinking of having my TT done through him... Which was awkward. His staff and office were fantastic!) and all is fine. My scar looks great. Will post a photo soon. I like keeping tapes on it for whatever reason. :)

Feeling great. Had my 3 week post op today....

Feeling great. Had my 3 week post op today. Everything is great. Onto the silicone "Kelo-Cote" and tape scar treatments. No more compression garment (thank goodness). This should all heal up perfectly. Posted my post-surgery photos from the doc... Made me squirm at the sight. I am a new me... And it radiates. I am so thankful to be able to have done this. I feel so great. So sexy. So pretty!
I have to mention that I love Sharon... My PS's nurse. She is such a gem! Highly recommend Dr Ward and all his staff. They have been so fabulous.

By post surgery photos I meant Pre surgery photos.

By post surgery photos I meant Pre surgery photos.

I'm feeling pretty much back to normal. Energy is...

I'm feeling pretty much back to normal. Energy is great. No working out or heavy lifting even though I feel more than capable... I don't want to jeopardize the healing process.
I'm as flat as they come in the morning and a bit swollen and distorted by the end of the day. Loving the results so far.
My belly button hasn't scarred well but it could be worse. I've been doing a scar treatment on it and it should fade... Or at least I hope!
Scar treatment I'm doing I highly recommend. I use silicone on my belly button twice daily. I use silicone (Kelo-cote to be specific on the brand I use) on my scar twice weekly but cover with tape to avoid a raised scar. I scar terribly so I'm religious on my treatment. I change the tapes Monday and Thursday. I should have a banging body for the summer which I'm excited for given I'm a single mama! I haven't been this small since Pre-baby. Keep in mind I do have a very clean diet to help with my weightloss! I feel great!!!

Upper abdomen gets quite swollen. Begun lifting...

Upper abdomen gets quite swollen. Begun lifting the kiddos as I'm becoming more independent. Hope I don't mess anything up. They told me 6 weeks and I've done my best to honor it but I'm going crazy depending on others! Anyone else have this distorted swelling? It hurts a bit too... Like an uncomfortable pain.

I'm miserable today. Progressing swelling of upper...

I'm miserable today. Progressing swelling of upper abdomen. Recovery was a breeze for me but this last week has been a nightmare. First it begun with a bit of swelling in the upper abdomen to a lot of swelling that behind as soon as I'm up. Not to mention, there's pain associated with it. Posting more photos. Hoping I didn't mess anything up.

So I tried calling my PS today about my stomach....

So I tried calling my PS today about my stomach. Left a very brief undescriptive voicemail thanks to some jerk who got me all flustered while I was leaving the message. Needless to say, my doc hasn't called me back. I'm beginning to think I have a seroma as its hard and can move around... Slightly painful and completely morphed my tummy. It use I go down in the morning but now its constantly large and makes me look pregnant in the upper abdomen. I am miserable and sore. Blah!!!

Went to the doc today. No seroma (thank God). No...

Went to the doc today. No seroma (thank God). No ripped sutures in my abs... Muscle repair is healing nicely. There's no definite answer to my random swelling aside from weak upper abs and maybe bloating that's pushing through (which I don't feel bloated but ill take it). In all fairness, I haven't been on my usually "clean" diet the last few days so its possible. Either way I'm happy.
When I got into the shower tonight, I did notice I had a crease in my flanks. Hope it's not permanent. You can see the shadowing in my photo.

All is going well. Been at the gym working out and...

All is going well. Been at the gym working out and I feel great. There's tightness at my incision which I'm sure is normal.
I don't really like my belly button that much. The scarring isn't very flattering and I don't like the shape. Other than that I love the results!

PO week 9

Just a quick update. Feeling great! Still swelling but otherwise all is good. Definitely do not regret my decision to do this. Not only has my body changed, but my attitude and my confidence. I'm beaming! I feel so good about myself! Highly recommend this surgery to anyone.

PO Week 12

Well... I'm pretty much cleared for everything now although some things still hurt. I've begun to incorporate core and abs into my workouts but it's still sensitive.
My belly button seems to be getting better and my scar looks amazing. I've been religious with my tape and silicone treatment.
Two things that I've been thinking about.
1. I feel like the liposuction was a waste of time. I still have love handles and a little dimple. It's not even and well... I'm not happy with the liposuction.
2. I was expecting a flat stomach but it's not exactly flat once your muscle recovers from the muscle repair.
I had high expectations and they have still been met; however, I am still bummed I have very noticeable love handles after spending a couple thousand to have them gone.
I eat clean and work out and my body has kind of plateau'ed with my weight loss. My weight has gone up but it's definitely just muscle as my pants are the same fit. I'm staying optimistic as persistence is key.
I definitely feel 10000000000% sexier than I did 4 months ago!!! Definitely recommend this surgery and my doctor!

PO - 4 months

All is good. Actively working out. Feel better than ever!!!! Worth it for sure.

6 months!

I can't believe its been 6 months. I feel amazing. This has been the best thing I've ever done... My confidence is beaming and I feel so good about myself. I'm pretty much back to normal with everything. Best decision of my life (one of them).
Surrey Plastic Surgeon

I know a couple women who have had their TTs done through him and their results were fantastic. I knew he was my best choice for me. He does the drain-less TT procedure which most plastic surgeons do not. He will spend time at your consultation and explain everything to you and his staff is fantastic. The care provided was superb and exceeded my expectations. I definitely recommend Dr. Ward.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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