1 year post op!!!! 375cc Mentor mod+ 5'6 130lb

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I have just been in to see Dr.Ward and I feel...

I have just been in to see Dr.Ward and I feel really good about proceeding with my BA. Now I just have to take the plunge and book it! I am currently between and A/B and would like to go to a C, which was recommended also by Dr Ward.

I am 27yrs, no children, 5'6" 140lb. I will be getting 350-375cc Silicone implants under the muscle.

I one of my biggest fears is being able to feel the foreign object inside all the time. Is this crazy?

Dream outcome

Wish list

Current situation

Wish list

Adding photos doesn't Seem to be working very well on my phone... Sorry

Before kids?

I really want to call and book my BA! I hesitate because of the unknown... I don't have plans to have children any time soon but I wonder if I should wait until after?! I'm getting married in 2014 and I would really like to have my BA done before that. Because they photos will be around for a very long time, I want to feel my best! But is that a reason so get them done before kids? Any experiences you all can share with me on getting them before children would be appreciated!
Here are some of the concerns I have:
-Skin stretching too much causing stretch marks
-if I can't breastfeeding, will they stay bigger?
-how they look after breast feeding

Thanks ladies

Rice test

Thought I would give this rice test a try today. Not sure if it helped but here are some pics.

Rice test

Thought I would give this rice test a try today. Not sure if it helped but here are some pics.

Made up my mind!!!!

I was browsing (for the millionth time) thru Dr wards photogallery and found a set I haven't seen online before . It really semented my decision to book my BA! The stats for this patient is almost identical to mine and it's even my doc! I love the natural look of these. I'm going to call Tuesday morning to book (holiday Monday) !!!!!! So excited! Thank you to everyone on realself for sharing your experiences.. Good or bad. Wish me luck

Booked today!

Its official, I'm booked in for Feb 18th 2014!!!! I'm so happy I took the step to book it, I feel relieved. I had a dream last night that I was standing in my mirror looking at myself after the surgery... cant stop thinking about them! :D :D :D

I was surprised to learn that I have to spend the week in the hotel (im traveling from out of town). That is going to hurt my pocket book a little bit but then again at this point whats another 500bucks! I will have my pre-op on the 17th, surgery on the 18th then on the 21st I will go in for an appointment to see if they are okay with my going home for the weekend. Then I have to be back again for the 24th for my post op. kinda bummed out that I wont get to lazy out at home with the recliner and new Smart Tv ... but oh well.

I am so so so happy that the doctors office provided this website for me to do some research, it has been such a big help for me to read everyone's stories!

Does anyone have any recommendations for the hotel stay? anything I MUST have?? :)


I had a weird conversation with a co-worker yesterday that really upset me. I recently posted a picture on Facebook of some pretty clip in hair extensions (recently cut my hair and i hate it :( ). i only wear them now and then and only on a day off work. I also get my eyelashes done (just started to a few months ago a bday present) and i get my nails done.. nothing CRAZY! well this lady at my new work (and new town, small island, very hippie) came up to be and said something like "so fake hair, fake lashes, fake nails.. whats next big fake DD's?!". i laughed it off and said "maybe one day, you never know"... but i find myself really bummed out! i don't want to feel that everyone's looking at me as if i'm "fake"! i'm making the best of life!! anyways, just wanted to vent that out and see if anyone had any suggestions on how to deal with people like once i have my implants?

Also, wanted to share the amazing customer service Dr.Ward's office gives! One of the ladies at his office read my previous post about booking and having to stay in a hotel. She sent me an amazing email with lots of tips on staying in a hotel for recovery and also sent me an attachment with lists of hotels near by with a listing of deals and features of the hotels! Yet another reason why i KNOW i've chosen the right doctor :) thank you Christina!

My daily secret

So I wanted to share the difference between me o-natural vs my triple padded bra I where everyday!

I'm hoping because I've done this for soo long that people think I have some boob already! Will be so nice to not have triple padding :)

Weight loss before surgery

I've revamped (not dieting) the way I eat in the last 6 weeks and I have noticed my clothes fitting looser. Today I stepped on the scale for the first time in a long time and it seems I have lost about 12lb! Was not my intention but I'll take it :). I sent an email today to my doc office so now I just have to wait to hear back.. Anyone know if this Will change anything with my procedure?

Downside to the weight loss is my triple padded B is not fitting as nice :( ... My fiancé makes me feel better by saying "not for long baby". Yay!! About 2 months till they're all fixed up :)

Rice sizers and wish pics

I haven't updated in a bit because there's not much to update ... I'm just patiently waiting for my date.

I got an email back from my dr office saying that it's a good idea to have a preop appointment a month before so we can make sure we picked the right size for my body. So I will be going over Jan 20th :)

Here are some wish pics and a 375 sizer I tired on before my weight loss

No bra vs 375cc sizer

1 month to go!!

So I have one month to go before my BA... Somedays I freak out, others I'm soo excited!

I have my pre op on Monday, trip to the big city with my man :) lookin forward to getting off this little rock I live on! I know that once I see the staff at Dr Wards office I will feel much better, they are soo great at making things clear and calming.

I'm thinking about what I want out of this procedure and I keep thinking about cleavage. I want natural cleavage... Been on the hunt for photos of some examples. I will attaches them... Hopefully this is obtainable :)

On the topic of cleavage... I can't get this one profile out of my head.. Can't find the profile but she has a photo of this beautiful green bikini top before and after. That is exactly what I want but I can't find it anywhere! I guess these wish pics will have to do. I wish there where more clothes photos.. I really like seeing the nude ones but just find there are a lot of those and not so many clothes ones :)

Thanks for reading my ramblings!

Pre op done

So i have my preop a week ago and it was very well. Dr and I remeasured me (due to weight loss) and he said i could go down to 350cc or stick with 375cc. He also said i should stick to my current weight so that i dont risk thin skin and potentially "showing " my implant. Dr said that sometimes when woman have thin skin you can see the implant along the sides. NOT the look i want. I'm going to stick with 375 for two reasons.
1. I read so many woman saying they wish they'd gone bigger
2. I'm getting them under the muscle can make then appear smaller as well.

I got my preop booklet in the mail last week as well. I read it front to back twice. Since reading it, i've become very calm about it all. I'm not worried about surgery at all, just very excited. Some things i found interesting in my preop

1. My pain meds will be Advil 400's and back up T3s if needed.
2. No infrared sauna... ever!
3. No showering for 48hrs postop (I really enjoy showering every day :( )
4. I should be avoiding garlic (amongst a million other things)
5. No tanning for approx 1 yr (or incision must be covered/sun screened

That is all i can think of right now but i'm sure there's more. I picked up some things for recovery today like Gravol, Bendy straws, ice packs, wet face wipes, neck pillow. I want to get a back up sports bra in case the surgery one is too uncomfortable (dr office said thats okay) but i dont know where to start.. im not good at bra shopping. Any tips?

3 more sleeps :)

Wow.. I cannot believe I only have 3 sleeps left! Today was my last day of work until the 25th!

I have been making my list and checking it twice... I'll do some seriouse house cleaning tomorrow and pack as well. Being organized helps me stay calm.

On the topic of being calm... I'm oddly calm! Haven't been stressing, I've been sleeping well and getting excited! I cryied the other night a quick second, pure tears of joy... Can't believe I'm actually going to get my big girl boobs! My friend was sized today and she found out she's a 34GG! Wowwy! I told her she's going to have to teach me the wropes on bra shopping :)

Any last minute recommendations ladies?

Travel day

Today's my travel day. I was planning on leaving early this morning and having my fiancé fly over later but plans have got all messed up with a big wind storm here. He's been working since 8pm yesterday and will be off at 1... So I'm waiting till 1 and then he's gunna sleep in the car , poor guy! He's so great, so happy he'll be by my side through all this!

I'm all pack and ready to go now, just have to sit and wait. :) 24 more hours!!!! Hehe

More pre op

In my waiting room!

Arrived today at 1230 and goin out they are running a bit behind today... Fine with me, I've already waited this long :) plus I'm still feeling great! Well besides my stomach screaming for food!! Here's hoping everything goes smoothly! See you ladies on the other side :)


I have boobies

Just a quick update! Thank you ladies for all your kind words and support! I'm all done, back at the hotel . Honestly my pains at about 2! It was an amazing experience! IV went in smoothly and then some oxygen then I work up!

I'm going to sleep for a bit the try and take a peek :) pics to come!'

( . )( . ) !!!!!!!!!!!

Day 1

So far so good. When I got back yesterday and had some ginger ail and non salted crackers. For dinner I had some chicken noodle soup.. So tasty! I'm only taking advils.. 2 400mg ever 4 hours. Seems to be doing the trick :)

Nurse told me day 2 and 3 can be the most unfortable so I may need a T3 but hoping not to have to use those.

Today has been good. Resting, drinking lots of fluids which means I'm getting up a lot to pee. Pain wise id say I'm still at a 2. The girls feel tight and sore. I read woman saying it feels like an intense chest workout and that discription nails it! I slept well last night. Woke up here and there but went right back to sleep. Overall I'm very happy so far. Hoping to have another good night sleep :)

Tight, hard and bloted

So last last I took a T3 and gravol before bed. I got a little overwhelmed by the weirdness of this all. Slept well almost through the night.. Besides waking for advils at 4am.

Today's is okay as well. I'm able to sit up on my own a bit easier. Only taking Advil again today. Planning on showering after dinner. Then hopefully an early night because tomorrow is going to be a stressful day.. Morning appointment to see if my dr will allow me to go home for the weekend. If so then we've got a drive/ferry ride. Then rest at home for the weekend and then come back for Mondays post op appointment where I learn to message.

I've been trying hard eat healthy and drink lots of fluids but still no #2. I'm super bloated which hasn't been hurting it's just so ugly! I look really pregnant! How long does bloating last?!

Home bound

So last nights shower didn't go as well as I hoped.. Was too cold standing out of the water and I started getting sharp pains in my right boob. Didn't even wash my hair :(

Had another good night sleep though so that's good. Got up this morning on my own as well. Usually after lying in one position for a while I get sore and need help up. I feel much better today, swelling is going down and my skin doesn't feel nearly as tight. I had a bath by myself and washed my hair. Feel much better!

Had my first post op appointment today before leaving town. They said everything looks great! I don't have any brusing which is crazy because I bruse so easy! Sharon (nurse) said that is a testament to Dr Wards skill and I have to agree!

Now I'm on my way home for the weekend.. Will be nice to be out of that hotel :) talk to you all soon!

Feeling so much better!

Made it home yesterday with no issues. No pain during the drive just uncomfortable in the seat for so long! Heated seat rocked for my sore back.

Had another good night sleep.. No T3.. Just Advil at 10pm and 4 am. I'm down to 1 Advil every 6 hrs hours now... So far so good!

The girls are still high, hard and I'm sure swollen but getting better everyday!! Here are a few pictures. I'm seeing the light at the end of this recovery tunnel!

Photo update

Day five is the best yet! No more pain pills! Here are some comparison pics

Post op day 6,7,8

Day 6
I had my post op appointment on Monday had to travel in a winter storm back to Vancouver. Appointment went very well Sharon said I was healing very well and she showed me how to start my massaging. I have to do my massaging twice a day (morning and night) for a while and then once a day for the rest of the life of my implants .

Day 7
Total write off..the day should have been my first day back to work but the winter snowstorm prevented me from getting anywhere. stayed home without power for 24 hours not ideal way to spend my day . Was pretty cold during the day without a fire or firewood , or being able to chop firewood like I normally do so I had to wait for my fiancé to get home from working all night restoring power for him to chop Some wood so I could have some heat! The day would've been fine pain wise if I hadn't been so cold and not even that I was in pain was just too cold! Also had a bad night sleep on the couch because trees were falling all over the yard /house and I didn't want to sleep in my bed upstairs in fear of the roof collapsing on me!

Day 8!
So today was officially my first day back to work and it went okay although many people noticed I was quite stiff told them I hurt my back ..hopefully they believe me! The outfit I wore to work you definitely couldn't tell that I have my boobs done I just have to find a way to move better. Hopefully once my boobs get softer and less tight I'll be able to be more comfortable. I have some shirts I want to try on today because I'm feeling really good so I'll post those later here are a few pics now

Pictures- 8 days post op

Quick update

Hi ladies,

So I'm driving again, have to take things slow and easy. 3rd day back to work and I'm feeling better and better each day! Here are some new comparison pics.

Overall I'm very happy :) just waiting patiently for them to settle down

Post op day 20

Tomorrow is my 3 week post op mark.... Times been flying! I can take my tapes off tomorrow and start my kelocote scar treatment. Im driving fine now qlthought turning is still tough.. I think maybe I baby them a little! They are starting to soften up although they are still hard. They are coming down though.. Little by little :) here are some photos.

Tapes off and they good great!!

So I took my tape off this morning and started my scar treatment using kelocote. I have to put it on twice a day for 60 to 90 days. I started having some bad dreams about how the scars will look when the team comes off. this morning I took the tape off and they look fantastic ! I'm shocked at how small the line is and now faint they are! I'm starting to really love the shape to. Here are some more pictures . Oh and today is my 3 week mark.. Whoop whoop!!!

New pictures

I can't wear bras yet but I just had to try some on! I tried on C's and D's and I liked the D's better.. I bought one that has no padding at all because it was super cheap and really pretty. If it doesn't fit when I'm done D&F'ing then oh well!

So happy!

Took some new photos today.. I'm really starting to feel amazing and confidant with these new additions .... I'm so so happy I found and choose Dr Ward! I keep forgetting to share that he sent me plant to my hotel during my recovery! So thoughtful and brought a smile to my face. Now at home when I see them I think of the staff and how wonderful they have all been.
On a more detailed note.. My boobes are get much softer, a little giggley even... Brushing my teeth the other night I noticed :).

5 weeks!

Things are going great ! Can't wait for next week when I can start excercising. Here are some new pictures. Hope everyone's doing well.. Thanks again for all your support!

5week continued..

Stupid iPhone!

I just wrote a long detailed update and then my iPhone lost it before I hit update!

Long story short... I'm doing great . Dr ward says I'm healing great, he cleared me for excercising, wearing any bras, sleeping on my side . Here's a few pics

7 weeks post op

Last night was the first I had a great night sleep on my side... Amazing!! The girls are feeling so great. I've told a few more girls and they all have very nice things to say like "they look great" and "they really suit you!" :) makes me feel even better! They are getting much softer too. I can now squish them together yay!

So so happy

Photo update

Feeling amazing... Looking forward to not hiding them as much now that I'm transfering to a new location with work. I'm still massaging twice a day (haven't missed any!) and kelocote twice a day(also haven't missed any). They giggle now which my hubby loves. He says they are amazing which I think says a lot :) I've been out hiking, running ect and that feel fine. I don't notice them much now (in terms of weirdness ) they really do just feel like part of me! Hope you are all doing well!!!

Comparison pic

3 month post op

So it's been almost a month since my last update.. I've always read girls saying "it's crazy how time flys" ... But now I get it .. Things are so normal again! I feel great... Mostly.

To be very honest.. I still feel weird sometimes. For example.. I was gardening yesterday, leaning over felt weird... Heavy almost. Another example... Hubby and I getting busy, the girls move lots ( which I great!) but still weird feeling ! I'm sure it will all get more natural but I just had to share with you ladies. 3 months in I exported to me all good but I still have my moments

My scars are healing amazingly and my friends are being super supportive :)

Getting married this weekend

So I'm just about at four months post op and still very happy! I'm getting married this weekend! This weekend marks our eight yr anniversary and I am so happy this day has finally come... Mainly because I've wanted to marry this man for years but also because planning a wedding sucks! I'm no the kinda girl for this... I don't care enough about all the little details!

Onto boobie talk now... I bought two new bikini tops today from target for our honeymoon! So happy with the suite and the boobies. Here are a few pictures. My scars are still improving... Still amazed at how great they look (scars). I've been using kelocote since the beginning twice a day. Talked to the doc's office about when to stop (kelocote bottle says 60-90 days but I've still been doing it twice a day) they said to keep doing it until my 6 month appt in aug/sept.... Interesting. So I'll keep going :) also I'm still messaging twice a day too. I have only missed two massages in total ... Stressed out each time too... Like I said before I baby these girls!

Anyways, hope all is well!

New pics! Very happy

Pretty close to my six month postop mark and very happy ! no concerns it off of capsular contracture. does still feel ...different ... when I'm sleeping . been a hard thing for me to wrap my mind around. I don't regret getting them done but I do wish that sleeping was more comfortable I've started sleeping with cami bra to help keep them together. I feel like they are heavy to each side at night.my husband and I have gone camping for a few weekends and the difference between my bed and foamy on the ground definitely make my boobs more tender for the next couple of days.
Here are some new pictures.. Really loving the share and size. Dr ward is wonderful !!

1year post op!

I can't believe its been 1 year already! I feel amazing! They are squishy and beautiful ... So happy with my experience and the doctor I chose!

I'm still getting use to the weight of them.. Sometimes I get uncomfortable in positions.. Like lying on my back.it feels like the centre of my chest gets very tight. Not a big deal, just different than what I've been use to :)
I've also started tanning again, had to wait 1 yr before I could tan naked (scars had to be covered). Getting excited for spring and summer :)

Hope you all are doing well!

Two years post op

Just thought I would give a quick update... I'm two years post up and so happy! I sleep great, hike, run, do weights, 4x4, dirt bike, swim, horseplay with my dogs... And all without any worries! This is just my experience but I hope you all have a really great experience as well!
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I have had the privilege of watching the process of having a procedure done with Dr Ward and staff from start to finish. Only after watching first hand have I started thinking I could actually have my dream come true. Dr Ward answered all of questions and provided so much information. He provided me with all the information so I can now make my own decision.

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