Pre-op 32C - BA Journey - 400/425cc Mentor Memory Gel

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I feel like a bit of an outlier on here, but I...

I feel like a bit of an outlier on here, but I will admit I had never put much thought into even considering breast implants. Obviously, the thought had flittered across my mind in passing, but in no way seriously at all. I've always been quite satisfied with my breasts.

Over the past few months, I have found myself thinking, wouldn't it be nice to have a pair of super awesome boobs?! I've always been an admirer/envious of well-endowed gals - since seriously considering a BA, I have found myself obsessing over breasts (think most RealSelf members fall victim to this preoccupation!). Anyways, I am currently a "32C" according to Victoria, not sure how accurate she is. Probably a marketing scheme - a very good one - and one that has led to many of us ladies loving to frequent the indulgent lingerie store regardless of the costs. I don't mind my breasts from the front view, but good lord, the side view definitely isn't anything to write home about.

So about two weeks ago, I delved head first into my online boobie education. Thank baby jesus for RealSelf - this site is awesome. Fast forward one week and I landed a consultation (by fluke of a cancellation). I went to Dr. Ward in Surrey. He was nice enough and seemed knowledgeable and open to answering all of my questions. He was very thorough on reviewing the stats and risks related to BAs and was professional. His staff are wonderfully pleasant as well. We briefly went over sizing and he selected Mentor memory gel moderate plus profile 375cc and 350cc under the muscle (turns out my back is a bit of a pretzel - making me lop-sided in my rib cage). Has anyone else had experience with a BA working with slight scoliosis or two different breast sizes? I am a bit worried that the two different sizes will turn out more noticeable, but I will leave it to the professionals. Dr. Ward mentioned the sizes are about 2 teaspoons or so different. Anyways, I also have a BWD of 12.5cm.

So this is the biggest dilemma I am experiencing. I really want to go with 400cc and 375cc because I am worried it won't give me the desired size I want and all your hear is people saying they wish they had gone bigger. I keep reading though that you cannot exceed your BWD and the 400cc diameter is 13.1cm...I do have decent breast tissue compared to many others I have seen who have gone 400cc +. Any suggestions? I don't want to go with high profile as I really want the natural slope of the breast maintained. Has anyone out there gone with implants that were larger than their BWD and if so, what were your experiences???


Like many others on here, I am a but conflicted about which size to go with. During my initial consultation the doctor said 350cc then due to asymmetry, 350cc and 375cc. Except I never even tried on the 375cc so I decided to go back and try on sizers once more.

When I went back the patient liaison (?) looked through my chart and the surgeon had recorded 350 and 325cc, but I know he had verbally said we could actually go up to 375cc. Anyways, I tried on the 375cc/350cc combo and was happy with it. I'm just hoping this is what my surgeon will actually go with. I thought I would be speaking with my surgeon during my pre-op appointment, but it just is with the patient liaison. Is this true for others' experiences??? I never even got to show the surgeon pictures of what I am hoping for during my consultation because I figured there would be opportunity to review wish images and speak further to my expectations and feasibility of this with the surgeon at a later time. Now I worry that he has no idea what I'm looking for! Any suggestions? Should I bring photos with me to my pre-op and see if the surgeon can provide feedback on them? I just wish I could speak with him prior to the surgery to make sure we're on the same page.

Pre-op Appointment

So I had my pre-op appointment last week. The appointment went well. Staff was incredibly friendly and helpful as always. I raised my concerns once more regarding the uncertainty around the sizing as I was certain my PS said we could do 375cc, which was not reflected in my chart. I tried on sizers (for the third time!) and asked if I could see my PS once more just to review the sizing and discuss the possibility of 375cc mod plus or moving to a high profile. They were a bit resistant at first, which I understand the surgeons are busy, but in the end they went ahead and booked me for another consultation with my PS a few days later.

During my "second consultation" with my PS, he thoroughly reviewed the sizing (for another 40 mins!) and explained the risks, etc. with each option. He said I could go up to 375cc, but it would be a tight fit and may cause for rippling due to the wideness of the implant in comparison to my current BWD. In the end, we ended up ordering two sets of implants from which he said I could decide on the day of the surgery. We went ahead and ordered 350/375cc mod plus and 400/425cc high profile.

Although I was hesitant at first to go anywhere near the HP implants, after tracking down other HP ladies and seeing their beautiful results on here, I have decided to go with the HPs! I did not want to risk going too wide and am hoping for a D cup. (The PS said the 350 would bring me only to about a full C). I just hope they are not too I do have a decent amount of breast tissue now. I heard another lady on RealSelf say something that I think is quite brilliant and is what I hope to gain from my surgery. It was something along the lines of I want people to look at me and say "damn she has nice boobs, they must be fake!?" Rather than "Wow! Look at that girl's big fake boobs!"

Anyone have any pre-op and post-op tips and items that I should know about, please share! =)

Pre-op photos


Here's my stats-
BWD 12.2 & 12.5
32c in most brands (sometimes 34b)

Laser hair removal restrictions prior to BA???

My clinic advised me that I am not allowed to have any laser hair removal treatments on ANYWHERE on my body one month prior and after my BA. Has anyone else been advised this?!? I don't see how such a superficial treatment and one not anywhere within the vicinity of the surgery would not be allowed. Anyone know why?!

Au revoir mes petites amies!

Five hours to go! Woke up this morning in a slight panic, thinking "wtf am I doing?!?", but then did a realself troll and came across a profile of 450cc HP who has very similar pre-op breasts to myself and her results are splendid! So now I'm thinking "Hells yes! Bring on the boobies!!" Feeling good! Just doing some last minute cleaning, including organizing my bra collection to pass along to my girlfriend.

Post op Day 1!

Day 1! The surgery went very smoothly. Was super quick. Went into the OR around 2pm and woke up just before 3pm. Had no nausea whatsoever. My anesthesiologist, Dr. Lee, was wonderful and along with the other staff made me feel very comfortable. Woke up with no pain at all! Came home and laid on the couch and even did some work on my computer. This morning I woke up and felt good so I thought I would attempt to switch from Oxy to T3s...wasn't a great idea so late afternoon took an Oxy again. My pain level is about a 3/10. Mostly just tightness. Have been doing arm stretches every hour since I woke up from my surgery. They're a bit difficult, but not too bad. Other than that, I'm doing well. Boobs look pretty good for Day 1. I have my post-op appt tomorrow morning. Will update soon :)

Post-op Day 4

So it's day 4. Feeling pretty good. Stopped taking Oxy after day 2 and starting taking half a T3 every 4 hours or so yesterday. Today I've taken only one Tylenol. The girls are still riding very high. I hate how they look from the side - makes it quite difficult to dress, but I know they'll change! Hoping they'll drop down over the next few days so I can disguise them when I've returned to work. Happy so far! Think they'll turn out great! Pretty sure I'll be a double D once they drop and fluff...slightly nervous.

Post-op 1 week

Quick update - it's been 1 week. Stopped pain meds a few days back. Feeling good with the exception of experiencing some pain on the side of my breasts similar to the feeling of a really bad bruise that hurts to touch. I started my massages yesterday - twice a day which entails pressing my hand to my ribcage on top of the breast to move the implant down and same for the bottom moving it upwards. I'm not really sure if I'm even doing them correctly as the nurse was unable to fully demonstrate at my last appt as it was too soon to do them. Anyways, slight progress on dropping. They're still really high and abnormal from the side. Quite frustrating trying to dress them in the summer heat without revealing how odd they look right now. I slept on my side for the first time last night. Not sure if that was a great idea...anyways that's all for now!

2 weeks!

So it's been 2 weeks since my BA. Not much to update on. Initially at my post op the nurse said my left one was riding higher, but now it's the complete opposite. I'm also quite concerned with the size difference. My left one (400cc) looks huge compared to my right one (425cc) from the side. From straight on they look more even. Anyone else experience this vast of a difference at the start?! I really hope this is caused by the difference in dropping and not a result of my asymmetry in my rib cage and something permanent. Also hoping that this isnt a result of not having a large enough difference in the cc's between my implants....have a little pain still. Guess my skin is stretching. I just want to be able to wear a top without feeling self-conscious about how ridiculous my side profile is! Ugh. Will update next week following my next post-op. Happy healing!

Pre-op photos

1 month!

I haven't posted I'm awhile and I apologize this will be a quick update. I went for my second post-op and the RN said everything was looking good. Still doing my massages twice a day only. My right is still being stubborn, I need to learn to use my left arm more! Lol. Took the tapes off over a week ago. I was scared to see what was underneath but was pleasantly surprised to find all the stitches are done internally. My scars are in a good position - thankfully!! Using the scar gel twice a day. I feel like they are still quite high but I know they changed and feel better about wearing tank tops out. I have a slight numbness around my scars but no weird sensations anywhere else, luckily. Anyways, happy healing!

Just over 3 months!

Here's an update three and a half months! They've dropped a lot since my last post. My right one is still stubborn and needs to fine down. It's the larger implant and was the smaller breast in terms of width and size pre-op so I know it likely won't ever be exactly the same. Also, my breasts were asymmetrical to be begin with so I knew this would not be fixed and may even end up more exaggerated. You can see my asymmetry in the photos. Overall, I'm really happy that I had my surgery and am happy with my results :) Happy healing all!

14 month update

A quick update - at the 14 month mark. Still loving my results! They have dropped more over time. My scars are still visible but nothing horrible as they sit in the crease they don't bother me. I haven't kept up with my massages or scar cream. I think after 7 months my after care declined. The only thing that does bother me somewhat is the flexing of my pec muscles. Whenever I workout or even pull a door open my implant will contract. It's amazing how much you actually use your pec muscle for! I just wear high necked tops at the gym to avoid any embarrassment over this. I don't know how other ladies feel about this, but I'm quite self conscious. Other than that things are good. I still have slight assymetry, but again that's what I was working with pre-op so that was to be expected. :) Happy healing everyone!

Photos 14 months

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