21 Years Old, BA 32AA-32D Surrey, BC

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Hey ladies! I decided to start writing reviews...

Hey ladies!

I decided to start writing reviews about my journey because I think I'm talking my friends' ears off and my boyfriend has officially stated that he doesn't want to see boobs medically anymore LOL oops. Anyways, here I go!

Why mochibear?
If any of you guys were wondering as this sounds like the most kiddish name, however I heard someone refer to their new boobs as feeling like mochi, and when I think of mochi, they are just fun and squishy and it just stuck with me. But someone already took the username mochi, so here we go with mochibear haha

I think everyone on here either reviewing or just researching for their own interests know and can all relate to why we are getting breast augmentations. It just feels right. And I'm so excited to be finally taking this huge step and I know it'll make a big difference in my life. It's not just a plastic boob job to me, this is me, like this is completing who I am. My ribcage passes my breasts so I've always felt disporportionate to the rest of my body, so I haven't been happy with that. I am so extremely excited though! I'm like a kid in a candy store!!

Cost: 8500 CAD + tax

Consultation: March 16
Pre-Op Appt: March 31
Operation: April 19!!!

I booked all three at once and did so with Dr. David Ward in British Columbia! He comes highly recommended and I haven't even met him yet but his staff has been so amazing with answers over the phone and email and giving me so much information and flexibility with my work schedule. Also he has a big waiting list but I told them how eager I was and they were able to fit me into a cancellation date! Which means SUMMER HERE I COME!

I am looking to go to 32C, I haven't fully understand the CCs yet but Im sure Ill be a lot more educated once I go to my consultation. I am 32A but some 32A bras gape for me so technically 32AA. I literally have like no breast tissue..

Ive told all my girls at work about it! I couldn't keep my big mouth shut, sometimes I think maybe I could have gotten away with it because I do wear push ups, but I think its bound to come out and already enough, Ive gotten mixed reactions but atleast now they can just deal with that now and suck it up because its happening ladies, its really happening. Most are super supportive and it feels great, and feels like this confirmation of my desires as creepy as that may sound.

Well, that's all I have so far, I included all my info up there because I noticed myself looking for girls with the same stats as I do to really figure everything out, so hopefully I can help someone out there that have questions.



Wish Boobs!

Found a great instagram for wish boobs

I can't wait for my consultation so I can figure out how many cc's my body can handle and then go from there. I know most people get boob greed and I get it, spending so much money you don't want to regret you went bigger. So I hope I can at least get to a full C!! But would secretly hope for a small D shh.

I've been shopping for these tops I know would look amazing with my new boobs but oops LOL should probably wait. Also been selling most of my xxs tops, surgery is a month and a half away, I might have no tops by the end of this month oops.


Trip to Victoria's Secret!

I'm guilty hehehe.

I went on a 5 second trip to Victoria's Secret with my boyfriend and got a sports bra in 32c and a body by Victoria front-close demi in 32d cause the cup looked a little small. I know I might not fit these bras but they also have a great exchange policy so if right after post-op they don't fit, I can easily change them (: I hope they won't be too big for me.. Big fear

I'm so excited though!! My mind is like all consumed LOL however I should be focusing on my courses a bit more cause exams are right around the corner, I finish up classes a week before surgery and start summer classes two weeks after so hopefully I'll be all goods. And then I can drop and fluff for summer!!

PS. I was previously trained as a bra specialist so I'm excited to use my skills on myself finally. I just always accepted my 32a, soon I will have a lot more selection and different colors and styles and sparkles and yes!

Consultation is exactly one week away!!

Countdown: 42 DAYS!!

Consultation day!

I just finished meeting with Dr Ward and I'm so happy! Well mostly happy, a little confused because I went into the clinic so set on silicone however I am leaving thinking I am going with saline.

My bwd is 11.3

I have very little breast tissue so my restriction for silicone is 250cc which wasn't that big on my frame when I tried on the sizer.

My ribs stick out so the 250cc didn't do too much for me.

For saline he said I could do 350-390cc as it stretches after it is inserted and it looked pretty good. I'd say the 350cc on me was approx 32d.

I showed him my wish boobs and he said I'd have to go for saline to achieve that look.

Overall I'm really happy with how he explained everything and I was worried about the rippling of saline and the ruptures but he's eased my worries (:

I'm probably going to go 350cc+ because I've read an extensive amount about boob greed LOL

I thought he was going to say I wasn't a candidate for the BA and I got so worried.
He brought up that my crease was too high so during the procedure he's going to bring the crease lower, which sounds so scary to me LOL but apparently it's completely fine and it's so my boobs won't be sitting so high.

Positive: I have almost perfect symmetry he said so thats a yay

Extra positive: staff at his clinic and Audra have been so great and so comforting and make me feel so welcome and that i can contact them anytime if needed, which is great for me because I get social anxiety sometimes and am not very forward, so they make it really easy for me to open up (:


BTW not 9k
It's 8.4 (:

Still helps the wallet a little as I'm paying in full.

Silicone 250cc or Saline 350cc

Oh man I'm so confused :(
I really want silicone. I can't explain why. It's just something in my body that tells me if I'm doing the wrong thing. But I don't want just 250cc for silicone.. Does anyone know if it's true that I can't go larger than 250cc?

Saline 350cc!!

I had a long talk with one of the nurses at Dr wards office and gave me lots of the pros and cons of my decision and after realizing that even though I've been so stubborn about silicone, I am going to go for saline.

I was stubborn about silicone because I've read so many people that change from saline to silicone, but I mean the doctor doesn't recommend to go over 250cc in silicone and Im going to be smart and go with doctors orders and not defy him just because I've seen most of you gals on here with silicone, I wanted to get what everyone was getting but I'm accepting and am at peace with the fact that even though our stats may be the same, each body is different and the doctor knows best.

So I'm going with saline 350cc (or add a little more cause I'm going under muscle), and doctor will choose between mod+ or hp for me because I mean, I trust him. His 24 years must account for something right (:

And I mean down the road like ten years later if I wanted to switch to silicone, my breast tissue would have stretched enough.

Thanks for the support ladies (:

Anyone with saline implants?

I can't seem to find any ladies on here with saline implants :( which make me so nervous and feel like I don't fit in.

Some of my doctor's saline work (:

I get to try on sizers again on the 31st so I'll decide on my official cc then!

PRE-OP 350-370CC Saline

I tried on sizers today!!
Filled out all my forms.
Stephanie was amazing (:

I decided to go with 325cc saline filled to possibly 350-370 depending on what the doc preferred during surgery. The photos make it look way smaller than it actually was on me. They felt huge on me LOL

I hope he goes with 370 though!! Cause I'm going under the muscle but honestly if he goes 350 it's okay because it just gives me an opportunity to wear push up bras when I want to have that volume look and wear simple bralettes when I have a relax tshirt day (:

It should bring me to a full C hopefully!!

I'm so happy I paid in full today!! 3 weeks to go.

Ps. Happy my calvins will fit my new boobs

April 19th is my surgery date (:

Oh actually MAYBE 390cc

My nurse read the chart wrong, or I think it's the print out she had that looked a little off. However I am able to get 325cc filled to 390cc!
I will probably ask for the biggest I can go...

Oh my we will see (:
I'll post before photos closer to the operation day! For now, I have one and a half more weeks of exams and papers!!


I had such a great day at work today and everyone was really supportive and excited for me. I haven't been nervous like that guy-wrenching anxious feeling I assumed I would have at all. And it's tomorrow.. Wondering if I'll get nervous at all.

Maybe it's cause I'm so ready for this.
I'm so excited.
My doc will be choosing anywhere from 350-390cc tomorrow (:

I've been a little hesitant to post updates because I realized you can't delete what you write which is tough when sometimes you don't wanna accidentally give off who you are but I'll for sure be writing in for my post-op because I know how helpful I found everyone else's reviews and hopefully I can help another lady out there hehe longest run on LOL

Surgery done!! Saline 390cc

So I met an amazing nurse named Brenda and I think she made this whole experience so much more amazing. She was so nice and so sweet and kept me smiling and comfortable.

I wasn't nervous at all until I stepped into that operation room. Looks just like the movies Haha a little freaky.

Before the surgery dr ward came to check up on me and said that we are using 325cc filled to 350-360cc and I trusted him like yeah do whatever you think is best. But the last second I was like "I'm cool if there's space to go bigger tho" LOL I'm glad I spoke up.

After the surgery he popped by and told me he did 390cc which I'm super happy about.

He also said he moved my crease lower but I'll have really high frankenboob because of my frame.

Will update more later with some before and afters!

Some photos!!

Day Two Post-op

Oh man the first day was rough. I puked all the water I drank and all the pudding I attempted to eat. It was definitely because of the oxycodone meds (percocets) that they prescribed. It was way too strong for my body. I couldn't sleep either. So i have not slept for more than 24 hours..

ALSO I got my period like half an hour before my surgery though I was 3 months late LOL great timing right.

Everytime I dozed off, I would hallucinate and then wake up and have to pee twice an hour. so that was a stressful night.

My boyfriend picked up prepackaged soups from this nearby healthy soup place, costing him a $100 LOL so atleast today I had some chicken vegetable soup and Saltine crackers.

I've been watching the Netflix show "unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" Haha but I'm already getting so bored. I painfully tried on a few bras and tops I had bought before but they aren't fitting well because of the swelling. Only time can tell!

Here are some more update pictures.
My right side (your left) is a lot higher than the other. Can't wait till they drop and fluff.

Everyone says 3rd day is the worst but I can't imagine how that would be LOL :(


My legs went completely white and had no blood circulation as I believe it was a side effect for the percocets as they were way too strong for me. So it's great if your caregiver massages your legs and keeps the blood flowing, my boyfriend did that for me all night thankfully (:

Day Two evening

I'm not doing so well..
Feeling very sick and dehydrated and throat hurts. Feels like I'm coming down from something bad, somewhat similar to a homesick feeling mixing with anxiety.

Just cant wait for all this to be over. Might just suck it up for the pain and just deal with it since these drugs are making me feel so terrible and queasy.

Air bubbles or crunching noises!

Under my boobs around my rib cage, I can feel and hear little bubbles crunching if I put pressure around it. Scared me at first but apparently it's normal, just aches :( anyone else experienced this?

Day Three Morning

I can notice a little, very minimal dropping but it's something and I'll take it!

I'm just so tired of the side effects of drugs.
I'd much rather be in pain than feel nauseated and dehydrated and anxious.

Other than that, I'm trying hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. (:

Day Four

I'm still only getting 1-3 hr long intervals of sleep and then I'm wide awake. Also can't find a comfortable position to fall asleep. I think the sleep deprivation and heavy medication I'm on is putting a strain on my anxiety. I have a high pain tolerance..but this just such a consistent pain, it's getting to my head :( and I'm tired and sleepy and want to rest. And I miss hugging and cuddling my boyfriend, he's been home with me this whole time but I feel so far away from him because everytime we touch, some part of me hurts.

BTW when I say day four, I'm including operation day as day one, I think that confused some people. My operation was on Tuesday April 19!


My boyfriend went to go buy a heat pad for my back and it has been working magic! Maybe now I can finally sleep at night. I feel so much more relaxed (: hopefully my recovery goes up from here.

Post-op Bra

I need to buy a post op bra that I can wear when I go back to work, I know it'll only be temporary but i need one thats comfy for sure.

The 32d bra I bought isn't quite fitting because I'm so swollen :(

Any suggestions?

Day Five

I went all day without any pain killers and stayed in bed but I felt super weak. I still haven't showered cause any action I do I get out of breath. I feel disgusting.

I hate feeling nauseous and its not going away. I feel like I'm in a fog or a bad nightmare and there's no way to feel comfortable or to relax. I am so exhausted emotionally and physically and I have work in 4 days. I really don't see how much better id be by then.

I'm having one of those days where.. I question if I made a smart decision. I just don't know. I feel so sick. I'm just tired.

First day back to work!

Pain is very minimal.
Just dealing with my nauseous feeling which is constant, feels really uncomfortable and feels very similar to homesickness. It's just a gross detached feeling like im missing something, like I'm secluded or something is wrong. Really messes with my emotions. I'm assuming it's just a result of the anaesthesia and all the medication I was on for a week. I've been taking gravol everyday :(

Other than that, I am loving my new girls and they are slowly but surely settling in. I'll update you ladies on how my first day at work goes as it's a lot of standing and running around.

I have very little to no bruising (:

Incisions are covered by a tape for 3 weeks so I won't see those for a while!

Also kind of wish my doctor would have seen me for my post op appt but I know he's a busy bee.

ALSO BREAST MASSAGES ARE PAINFUL LOL is not as fun as it sounds. Feels like I'm going to pop when I do them.

1.5 week post op

Still frankenboobs!
However they are slowly slowly dropping (:
Literally everyone at work has been touching them haha but commenting on how hard and tight they are, I can't wait till they drop and fluff and become soft!!

I definitely have to return this shirt that I bought before my operation. I bought a size medium but it ended up being WAY too low cut.

So far off all medication (: nausea is getting better! Glad the worst is over.

Two weeks!!

Have any of you ladies gone a few hours without wearing a bra? It gets so uncomfortable :( I don't know if it's bad for my drop and fluff if I go braless. I don't want to regret it if it messes up my recovery. What are your ladies' experiences?

Enjoy my new ladies (: 32d now!! But no cleavage yet, so stiff LOL

Good boobie day (:

Love this top I bought before my BA!!

Two weeks!!

Received an order from lasenza today!!

Support Group

Hi ladies!! Whether pre-op or post op, the ladies on here are wonderful (: been such a great support and they are so swift with their support and a lot of knowledge and experience and love! Definitely recommend this Facebook group.

Also here's a new photo (:

3 weeks post op! First look at my incisions (:

Beginning my scar cream today!

I'm pleasantly suprised to see my scars healing so well and not bring scared by them LOL THEY ARE SO TINY. I guess that's definitely a benefit for saline

One month post op!

Feeling good (: able to sleep on my side sometimes. I feel like I'm finally getting back to normal!! Still dropping though but I love how they look when I raise my arms Hehe.

Almost one year post op

My life has changed! I am a new woman. And I am so so so happy with my results. Everything is perfect and I am so happy with my decision. It couldn't be more perfect.

Wow it's been over a year.

My iPhone was updating this realself app and realized how long it's been. I just want to say Dr.Ward was amazing. He truly works magically. I recommend him 1111000%. I am so happy. I dealt with an eating disorder for most of my highschool years and first couple years of university. This breast augmentation has made me healthier and love myself and treat myself well. Everyone deserves to love the body they are in. Don't let anyone judge you on your decisions. If you wanna do something for you, do it. You won't regret it.

Hope you all are doing amazing. I will be stepping off this website, however I hope my review helps someone out there. I deleted all my pics just to keep it anonymous, so I apologize. But there's no doubt, I love my breasts.

Thank you Dr. Ward for changing my life.
Surrey Plastic Surgeon

Bedside manner 10/10 Professionalism 10/10 It's been over a year since my breast augmentation. I am so happy with them. They could not be any more perfect. I look at myself in the mirror everyday and I'm happy, I'm confident. Dr. Ward changed my life. I recommend him 110%. Don't need to read any other reviews or check out other doctors, I promise he cares about your well-being and wants the best for you. His work is great.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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