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I have never had acne until graduating from high...

I have never had acne until graduating from high school. I never use beauty products until two years ago , I became interested in the one beauty product that is introduced by one of my friends .

since september 2015 , I began to breakouts , I've tried a few alternatives , go to a dermatologist but my acne worse and made ??my stress.

I started using accutane 2 weeks ago , and my face breakout . My treatment has entered the 3rd week .

Just post a photo

3 weeks accutane

almost 4 weeks

my face become dry, my lips too. there some pimple just came out. my skin feels tight.
this is a long jorney. i've been sad when i look in the mirror. I was hoping for a nice change .

i'll share my pics soon .

Accutane progress today

I hope this treatment will give me some good result.

Now i feel my face become dry. Not much oil in my face. I use lip balm, drink water much, no makeup until today . Wish me have more progress in the next few months

Week 4 on accutane and still counting

This week , my face totally dry. Sometimes my lips bleeding . I use lip balm everyday , drink more water. My head sometimes feels dizzy but it does not happen every day. I was in the mood less stable lately. acne on my forehead has begun to diminish and dried. on the right cheek too. The most severe left cheek because many inflamed pimples because of the breakout.

I hope to get a very good progress every day.

Five weeks

6 weeks

Its been 6 weeks and getting worse :'(( . Everytime i meet my friends they keep asking me why. is there any one who get experienced like me?
I don't know this my best decision or not , but i still hope the best result.

6 weeks

Its been 6 weeks and getting worse :'((
I don't know this my best decision or not , but i still hope the best result.

is there any one who get experienced like me ?

My face getting worse :') 8 weeks on accutanr

i don't know i can look my face without crying or not. but in this course i give everything my patient to look the best result. sometime i think to stop this course. but i didnt. i always read every review who those survive with accutane until have a best result . this is my face until 8 weeks on accutane and still counting. :')) getting worse in my forehead.

After a long time . 14 weeks and still counting

I just want to share my pics after long time i never update any progress. And now i'm on accutane 14 weeks . Afrer 3 month my doctor never increase my doses. Still on 20 mg. My skin getting dry. Sometimes my skin flake off. What should i do? After 14 weeks my face almost the same. My forehead still put out a few pimples. And the scar getting worst ini my cheek.


if I could do the peeling when taking Accutane ? I am very confused. doctors recommend peeling and facials to help eliminate acne , but I 've read and heard that we should not be doing facial peels or when taking accutane .

OMG my face :''((

after 5 month battle with accutane and still counting

Hello. this is me again. im sorry I didnt write my review because of hectic work schedules as well as the internet connection was very bad :( , so today I decided to write a review again. after taking accutane for about 5 months I feel a very significant change. FYI, I did not raise my doses. still 20 mg. my acne on my forehead is greatly reduced. My left cheek was getting better but my right cheek still on fire :( . I am not confident . I finally decided to use makeup to cover the shortfall until the scars disappear. doctors always advise me to do the peeling but I dont want to do peeling because i read a lot of statment that if we consume a accutane for a long time for medicial its not good to do peeling, the result maybe dangerous. is there another way to get rid of black spots acne scars? i upload my pics as soon as possible.

Post pics.

This is my face after almost 5 month on accutane.

after a long battle with acne, finally

i'm sorry for not update my review after a long time. i just want to be serious and focus in other things and not to be over focus in my acne. because everytime i spend to focus on my face most on my acne i'm become over thingking and stress.

i'm finally done with this acne. i said it's over. my doctor gave me accutane 20 mg since last years and today my face is totally clean. i try to not listen other opinion because its make me depresion and not believing my own self. i want to share this journey for you because i want you to trust the process. i know its hard but WORTHED. a long journey its done. for you guys who still in this course i want to support you because i I've been through this almost 1 year. and finally i'm free . a good things take time . Good luck
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