Superb FUE hair restoration

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Pasadena Hair Restoration Surgeon

This entire review might sound hyperbolic, but it's not. I had an FUE procedure done by a different clinic (a very respected one in Southern California) and they are nothing compared to Dr. Jacques and the entire team at LA Hair Clinic. If another place is better than these guys then holy sh*t, props to that place for being better than the best. I had my FUE procedure done October 2016 and couldn't be more pleased from the moment I contacted them to the day I was walking out with my new hair. Florina will most likely be your first point of contact and she's with you all the way through the entire journey. She's top notch in customer service, graft placement, after-care, and so many other important roles. She always made sure I had all the information I needed while making me feel at ease. I'm super anal-retentive and she easily met my unrealistic (aka idiotic) standards. She's absolutely amazing and goes above and beyond whenever you need to reach out. John, Hector, and Telma are also part of the team and took care of graft placement, IV fluids, and many more tasks on the day of procedure. They're all as polite as can be and their attention to detail is superior. They'll count your grafts, split them into single (or double or triple) hairs, and place them into your recipient area. And if you don't know already, FUE is tedious as f*ck; not for me since I was just laying down the entire time, but for them. Since I was able to hear and watch them work on me, it was blatantly obvious they were all putting in top-notch effort and had a passion for details. Which leads me to Dr. Jacques... He's the worst on the team - just kidding! Dr. Jacques is absolutely fantastic. I met with him a couple of times to go over number of grafts and their potential placement before signing on the dotted line. He was never pushy and always listened to whatever my concerns were. He's an easy going guy, but again, the attention to detail is impeccable. He pokes you with some needles, extracts the grafts, and helps with graft placement. He checked, re-checked, AND re-checked my graft placements to make sure thicker and thinner hairs were in their appropriate spots. Come on, that sh*t's laborious to make sure every hair is perfect! It was definitely music to my ears when I heard him say (and do) that as he's working with the team. Enough with the good stuff. What was bad about it? Depends on the person. Maybe getting poked by needles for local anesthesia injections? Maybe sweating and being stinky as you lay there for multiple hours? I honestly can't say anything bad about their clinic and the team. Also to note, you get a great lunch and post-op care package as part of the entire cost of procedure so that's quite generous of them. Speaking of generous, Dr. Jacques even gave me extra complimentary grafts because he wanted to make sure the coverage was where it needed to be and he didn't want to shortchange my density regardless of the grafts and price we agreed upon. Hold on, maybe these motherf*ckers are just in it for the stellar reviews? Yeah, that must be it. They just like seeing nice things about them posted online... Or they care about their work and their patients. Well whatever the case may be, as far as I know, they have the best hair restoration clinic in the business. So was this all hyperbole? To an outsider, maybe. To someone who has been a patient of LA Hair Clinic, I think it's just honest. Kudos, George

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