Botched Rhinoplasty - Sumter, SC

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In terms of my experience with the doctor and...

In terms of my experience with the doctor and staff, it was fine. My problem is with the rhinoplasty itself. We agreed to a surgery plan a couple of weeks prior to my surgery, meaning we agreed on what results we were aiming for. I wake up from surgery, everything seems fine, and then he says that he decided to "change my surgery plan" once I went under. He did this WITHOUT my consent. So basically he decided to go for a different look for my nose without asking me. He didn't do this because it wasn't physically possibly to do it the original way we agreed, he did this because he said he saw my mom's nose and thought it should look more like hers. WHAT!? I did NOT agree to that at all. For the first few days my nose looked ok, but over the weeks it got bigger. My septum started to droop, the bridge of my nose got really bumpy, and my nostrils became very asymmetrical. The tip of my nose leans to one side. I followed his instructions to a T, so this is not from lack of post-op care on my part. At every follow-up visit, I brought up my problems I having, and he did nothing about it, nor did he offer to fix it. Now I have pieces of cartilage that stick up and are painful, its hard to breath through one nostril, and I get nosebleeds at least once a week. It has been 3 1/2 years since my surgery and it is still a problem. When I brought up the issue about the cartilage, he told me not to worry about it, things will smooth over. This was basically his answer for all of my concerns on what was happening to my nose. Now I have to pay to get a revision surgery because it is so bad. I will NOT be going back to him for that surgery though. I am so angry/annoyed!
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