32yrs old 3 wonderful boys!! Ready for a flat tummy and to feel sexy again for my husband.

I was a young mother, so my body was never the...

I was a young mother, so my body was never the same after my first son. My stomach went back flat but the stretch marks were still present. I visited a couple of PS. Some I wouldn't give a second thought to return and others have made it hard for me to choose. I am now at the point in my life where I can focus on me and my husband is awesome to be here and help me through the process. I had my last child 2 years ago and it's time for MAMA!! Im nervous, yet so ready. My surgery won't happen until June 2017 because I want my kids to be out of school and it will work with my job schedule.

New date set

I'm so excited to be able to move my tummy tuck date from the summer to spring if 2017. I'm excited and ready to get this over with. I've waited a long time for this. Any advice with preparing and the days after surgery? Thanks

Getting closer

My date is getting closer. I'm excited and not nervous yet. Haha!! I'm just browsing daily on different sites, googling pictures and watching videos. I love all the information different women have put up to help those who haven't gone through the procedure. I guess now would be a good time to post before pics. I'm actually in the process of losing some lbs before my actual surgery date. Doctor didn't say it was necessary. I'm doing it for myself and to get the best results possible. This is a one time shot. Lol. Happy Monday Ladies.

Before pics

I'm adding some more before pictures. I know I like it when I see other profiles with as many pictures as possible before and after. My date is coming soon and I'm excited.

More before pics

I'm so ready for a flat tummy....

Fourth week of working out

This is going on my fourth week of working out. It doesn't show much in the pictures but I can definitely tell in my clothes. The scale says I'm the same weight but I lift weights so I'm exchanging fat for muscle. Trying to lose as much as possible before my date.

So ready for a flat tummy

I can't wait to get rid of this pregnancy tummy. I do enjoy seeing all these women's journeys to the flat side. Thank you for sharing.

Checking my abs

Just a little humor. So to be in the flat side.

It's getting close

I'm so anxious for the day to come. I probably won't even be able to sleep the day before. I'm ready to get it over with and to be on the flat side. Not ready for the pain afterward though.

Pre Op

Just had my pre op today! Yay! I'm so excited and ready to be on the flat side. Dr. Bancroft answered all questions/concerns and showed me exactly what my realistic results should be. Can my day come any sooner.....

The date is almost here!!!

It seems like I've been waiting for a long time. My labs came back and are normal. I have all the items I will need post op. I went by what my PS said to get and by what some of the previous TT goers suggested as well.

Time is ticking

As the date gets closer. I'm finding that I'm having more thought about how I'm going to feel when I wait up from my tummy tuck, hernia repair and lipo surgery. I'm not nervous but curious as to how I'm going to feel with a flat belly. I haven't had a permanent flat belly over 16 years. Thank GOD for my boys but flat side here I come.

Bowel prep time!

My plastic surgeon wants me to take this bowel cleanser to achieve better results while performing my muscle repair. So not looking forward to this part. ????

It's that time!!

The time has come!!! I have so many emotions right now. Do I really want to do this? How are my results going to look? What was I thinking (lol)? How's the pain afterwards? Oh my did I really sign myself up for this? Haha... Any who I gathered just about everything I can think of last night and made my fort for the next couple of days. I pray for a smooth surgery and a speed recovery. I shall be back after I join the flat club.

Flat side!!

I have crossed over to the flat side. Thank GOD everything went well. I don't even remember what was the last thing I remember. Haha. I just woke up and not in any pain. No the not sound fun part for the first 7hours is that I was vomiting so bad. I guess from anesthesia not too sure but that is about the worst thing so far. My PS also left a cathedral in me so that I can sleep well or at least try. My PS and anesthesiologist were so freaking awesome. They both answered any question I had. But any who. The surgery went great doc said. We will se when I get to see it.

First couple of hours?

I had no idea that I would be vomiting po. I've never been under like that. Boy was that not fun. Finally took my nausea medicine and everything was good. No other major problems to report. Truthfully I'm aware now that the anesthesia has worn off. It doesn't hurt as bad as I thought it would. It only feels like my abs are sore and a little bit of phlegm. But other than that on a scale of 1-10 the pain is a 2. It's all good. My PS must have done a great job in order to minimize the after pain he's so awesome!

Sneak peek

My hubby snapped these pics when my PS came to the house to change out my dressings and look at the progress. He said everything is looking great. I couldn't see much but my whole stomach felt really really weird.

Day 4 PO

Ok so I felt like I was babbling in previous posts. Lol. Day three and four are much better. I'm still not in any pain. My PS is amazing! I stopped taking all meds on Monday except my antibiotic. My drains have been doing well. Only discomfort is of course the abs but it's very manageable. One of my drain sites is leaking (gross). I've only changed my bandage once didn't really get a good look. So other than that it's been me and my couch. Lol.


One thing to sit down daily and another to sit down everyday every second! Woo this is hard. My butt keeps going numb every now and then. Lol. My stomach and back itch every once in a while. My stomach feels so numb even when I touch it. My drains are putting out a good amount of fluid, but that may be because I can't sit for too long. Oh Lord I didn't realize it would be this hard to sit in one spot. As far as pain I have zero. Had surgery Friday, too meds Saturday and Sunday. Monday I stopped and only took my antibiotic. While on the meds I couldn't even remember having a conversation with my husband or kids. Didn't like that. Walking for long periods man it hurts my lower back. I can't wait to walk upright. Ok. I think I'm done for now. Lol

7 day update

First let me start by saying this has been one crazy week. I'm now 7 days PO. I'm exhausted mentally and physically. As far as my surgery goes and pain they are both excellent. But the one week I decided to have my surgery. My youngest gets sick. I feel so bad for my husband because he has been taking care of my son and myself. I know he's a little over whelmed but he did it like a champ. Thank GOD for my husband and older son. My youngest son pretty much stayed home with us instead of going to daycare because they kept calling to pick him up Which wasn't planned????). I felt like the bad mom! Can't pick him up or do anything for him really as I'm trying to heal myself. The Who knew!! I'm allergic to one of the meds I was on (antibiotic). My body was literally on fire and I wanted to scratch every inch of it with a wire brush. At first I thought ok the weird feeling on my back and stomach must be because I had surgery and things are starting to settle in. Boy was I wrong. I took my binder off because I couldn't take the itch urge anymore and HOLY MOLY. What started as a little rash on my bum extended from there to my back to my arms my stomach and mid thigh area. I already was scheduled for my 1wk PO today so I wanted impatiently until it was time for my appointment. Bought some Benadryl and Zyrtec and the lovely Patient Coordinator quickly changed my antibiotic to a different one. I'm very nervous to take this one. Arrived at my PO appointment and Dr. Bancroft felt so bad. He could tell I was struggling. Aside from that part of my PO appointment Dr. B said everything looks excellent and I couldn't agree more. Once my swelling and crazy rash/hives go away it will be awesome. I was able to have one drain removed, which was awesome because that was the leaky one giving me problems. He took it out without zero pain just a little discomfort. Hopefully this second one comes out in a couple of days. He removed my paper tape over my incision which I was nervous but it didn't hurt at all. I couldn't be happier to see my incision line healing so great and belly button looking good also. I love having a natural looking belly button so far. My PS cleaned things up and all is excellent result. My waist is definitely snatched, because apparently my ab separation was one for the record. No wonder why I always look bloated. Lol. Oh also to top my week off the time of the month came a week earlier that what I had scheduled. Not fun!! My PS said it's totally normal because your body is under a lot of stress from surgery. So other than my allergic reaction (hives) my husband and I are completely happy with our choice to with Dr. Bancroft at Bancroft Feldman plastic surgery office. Dr. B is one of a kind. He's so thorough, takes his time (never once on this journey did I every feel rushed) and listens to your concerns. Sorry so long. I couldn't sleep! Lol. Ask any questions if you'd like. This site has helped me in learning about other experiences. FYI...... I didn't use half of what I bought in my PO survival kit. Lol.

Day 8/9

Don't remember what day I took this picture. Lol. But it compares my back to the left before lipo and to the right is after lipo. I'm so loving my results so far and just to think I'm still in the early stages of healing. Love love love Dr. Bancroft and his team. They have all been nothing short of awesome and so helpful.

PO check in RANT

Hello!!!! So I'm 13 days PO. I feel awesome! I had my second drain removed on day 10. That was the best feeling to not have to watch out for that thing. My hives have cleared up from the allergic reaction to the antibiotics. Currently I still do not have pain or discomfort from the tummy tuck overall. The only pain I have is actually where my IV was placed. I guess it was hard to find my vein since I couldn't drink anything prior to surgery. BB is coming along good. I don't really want to mess with it. Kinda scared to move anything around. Lol. Scar is healing well and looking good. PSA!!!! Oh for anyone that is nervous to have a BM after surgery. PLEASE take milk of magnesia!!!! That is the best thing ever. No cramps and it works without any forcing on your part. My PS said I could start doing scar therapy and recommended sweet almond oil (if you're not allergic to nuts) he says it works great. I haven't experienced what I see some ladies saying "swell Hell". Thank GOD! It looks uncomfortable. My PS has me wearing a garment and a binder 24/7 unless in the shower. I have a few days left before I head back to work. I'm so not ready. Lol.

I went to several doctors and have made my decision to go with Dr. Bancroft. I'm excited and can't wait. I love his work and his attention is focused on you for one whole day. He only books one appointment a day which is awesome because he will not be rushing to get done with yours to go to the next patient. He spent over an hour with me during my consultation and actually explained every step he will take to make sure I had the realistic results I wanted.

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