37 Year Old Mom of 3... Set of Twins 5'3" 179lbs - Sugar Land, TX

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Hi everyone!! I have been wanting to do this for...

Hi everyone!! I have been wanting to do this for years!!! Just never thought I would have the money to do it. I had my first son when I was 15 and my lower belly got stretch marks and a saddle bag. I handled it...but then at 21 my twins came and so did my gallbladder troubles. I had my first one naturally but my twins were c section. After the c section I went home started having worse gallbladder problems so two months later it was removed. I felt like a science project that year. I had never had surgery til then. I also felt like my stomach looked like it had been attacked by a cheese grater lol. I always had this pregnant appearance because my upper belly was so huge. I have always been asked when I was due. Lol the first time it happened I was devastated...but after living in this body for so long I just said what the heck and started laughing about it. After my boys were born I weighed about 165 lbs and I started working out every day. I went down to 150-155 and that's where I stayed for years...couldn't get it off of me...then I started working overnights and lifting heavy things and the lowest I got was 141 lbs. at this point my legs looked anorexic I started getting sick and my belly still was just a shinning. So I eventually just gave up and I have been between 170- to 180 ever since. I thought what's the point of working out if I will lose everywhere but my belly? And then look sick in my legs and backside?As of now I can wear a size 11-13 pants but legs are huge!! If they fall past my belly...they hit the floor!! Leggings are becoming my friends lol I wear a size 2x top to hide my whopper belly. It helps but the sleeves are too big. I absolutely can not wear a one piece bathing suit!! The butt in the suit hangs but my belly stretches out the material so tight!! Two piece tankinis are wonderful!! I can get short bottoms size 7-9 and then a 2x top so my belly will fit in there!! Bathing suits are a nightmare really... Shorts.....forget it...belly fits... my legs look like they are ringing a bell ..the legs are so big lol so really shopping for clothes is no fun at all!! And takes a lot of time to do to make sure things will fit right. I don't wish to be model thin...as a matter of fact I don't mind being a little healthy boned...I just am really looking forward to being proportionate again. Having a waist again. And being able to actually fit in some clothes that will look decent. And to be able to wear yellow or purple with out feeling like I look like big bird or Barney lol darker colors really help conceal this biz...but man some bright colors would be lovely...I have been on realself now since 2012...all your stories and photos have inspired me. It's nice to know I'm not alone in how I feel and not alone in wanting to have a positive change for myself....not not just feel good in my heart but to feel good about myself all the way around. I have never known a normal body since I was 15. It's time for me now!!! I have not yet scheduled my appointment but I hope to very soon within the next couple of months! ????

Consultation ????

Just called today to schedule my consultation with Dr. Ahmadi!! It had been since 2012 since I had seen him last. I started doing a 30 min cardio workout last night to see if I could lose some weight before surgery. My consultation is set for June 13th at 3:00pm I will call and pay for everything on June 10th. I'm so excited to have been able to take this step! We travel for a living so this should be interesting! We will be in San Antonio for work but luckily I have freinds and family in the Houston area to help! I'm so excited and just a tad nervous!! I am not scared of the surgery itself...I just hate being put under!! Shoot if I could stay awake I would probably help the doctor lol!!

More before pics.....ewwww

Thankful for realself!!!

I am so glad this realself exists!! I have seen so many people on here that I can compare to myself ( figure wise ) and seeing their results and stories is not something you can just see everyday...it is truly so helpful! I am getting so excited for my appointment in June! Just next month!! I wanted to schedule my surgery for July but my cousin will be out of town for most of that month for a family reunion. She is retired so she can actually help me. Thank goodness!! I was getting really nervous about how I could handle living in a fifth wheel and walking up steps and in tight quarters after surgery. Also worried about my furr babies because they like to walk on my chest and tummy to crawl under the covers and cuddle with me lots. I thought this may hurt a bit at first. So I have made arrangements to have them taken care of for 3 weeks. My oldest dog is a lab and he likes to pull and I can't just let him out in a campground. They all have to be on a leash. So this was going to be tricky had I not made these arrangements. I am going through a lot of emotions because I do have an anxiety disorder. I wonder if it will trigger it...but I'm trying not to think about it too much and be positive but also be prep aired for what's to come. I am going to plan my surgery for the first part of August so it will be after my monthly cycle. I have such bad menstrual cycles and they cause me to bloat and cramp and I bleed heavy for like two days!! I didn't want that going on with the pain of a tummy tuck at the same time. I read on here that others planed theirs around their cycles and was so glad that gave me the idea! Well I know I can prattle on lol so that's all for now! Just getting excited as the next month approaches.

Lost 3 lbs!!

Forgot to add I did three days of a 45 min work out and have lost 3 lbs already!! I haven't done it this weekend but will resume Sunday night goal is to do this at least 3 days a week but shoot for 5!

Here are my wish pictures!

I decided to post some wish pics and I bought myself a waste trainer today to help try to lose more while exercising in my tummy area. I tried it on and yuck in the front..I'm falling out everywhere!! I have a feeling when this skin comes off its going to give my back a rest good grief!! Shooting to be 165 lbs for surgery!! I'm at 177 now!! Keep pushing myself to work out and walk briskly for 30 mins a day!! I missed a few days!! Can't wait to be back in Texas already!!! Also thinking of a post surgical garment that will work best for me! Posted a pic of one I think I may get. And some info for diastasis recti!! I have been reading up on how to help this some before surgery!
Sugar Land Plastic Surgeon

Have went in already for a consultation...he was wonderful....I will write more after surgery.

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