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Well I decided to have a tummy tuck with...

Well I decided to have a tummy tuck with liposuction after my husband and I decided we were done having children. ..three kids later it seems like they did a number on my tummy:( but my husband promised Me we'd work on my body after our children(high five to kept promises) ..so my Surgery date 7/29/15

yucky belly

trying to stay on track! to loose 15 lbs b4 July 29th

Why is it so freaking hard to loose the weight but so easy to gain ugh oh well I set a goal Weight and from now till July it's clean eating,...working out is the easiest part for me

10 weeks to go whoo hoo!

So I just weighed in and I'm five pounds down 10 more to go before July 29 :) let's get it ladies^_^

getting excited!

Started getting my supplies ready for my recovery. ..still have a lot more to get I just hate being last minute. ..

almost ready

More supplies, almost ready just over six weeks left^_^ nervous,anxious and a little scared...

my count down begins!

My count down begins!....getting nervous omg exactly 30 days left till my surgery

my count down begins!

My count down begins! Exactly 30 days away from my surgery^_^ . Lab work looks good...ready

getting nervous

18 days left and I'm starting to get nervous as heck. ..question for the lovely women who have had there tummy tuck done. What did yall wear home that day????

pre op when well

Well had my pre op today paid my balance in full, got my prescription for my pain meds and I believe he said a medication for nausea I also got pain medication to clean my bowels a day before surgery,all the well as some valium.I was already on a multi vitamin, so here we go the final countdown exactly 14 days until my big day I absolutely love my surgeon the way he explains to me the way of him his tummy tucks is he's going to do aggressive lipo not just on my flank but on my back roll areas where us ladies have our problem By our bra. that has been a problem area for me for as long as I can remember so I'm excited I'm nervous but my surgeon is so awesome that he put most of my worries aside...cross my fingers the room balls are like the I picture in my head..I have faith in my surgeon...I will keep you made me posted with pictures and all of the above especially those in Houston or looking for a surgeon

pictures I forgot to download

Pictures I forgot to download

my prescription and receipts

balance paid in full today on my pre op now its just a waiting game.

one more week to go!!!

Got my raised toilet seat today:))) thank you ebay

almost time!!! nervous

Picked up my meds today....the Bowel cleanse Should be fun lol

tomorrow's the big day yikkes!

Wow it's finally here I'm scared but ready!

hubby can't say I didn't leave everything organized lol

well today is the day before my surgery and I seriously can't sit down. I've been organizing things for myself for my hubby and my children. it feels like you're nesting before giving birth lol. I hope it's easy for my husband to take control of the House hold. you know when the woman is down everything falls apart lol

here we go ladies

Prayers please???????

made it to the flat side ladies

Wow can't believe I did it a Lil out of it but here's the pictures I promised. I will continue to post more along the way. My surgeon is stopping by tomorrow so hopefully I get a Lil look

day two

Wow can I say I 'm in more pain then yesterday:( I seriously didn't think it would hurt this much. The medication helps but then your just sleeping all day, I'm not use to that as Iam very active.i hope the pain gets better so I can wind of the meds faster...my surgeon is stopping by him self today to change my dressing and take my catheter Out. I'll take pictures of under the binder

first look under

Ok ladies my surgeon just left my house from checking on me and changing my dressing. I love that he personally comes by and calls etc???.....any how he's amazing I love my new waist if your looking for a surgeon in the Houston area you need to meet with him????

more pictures

The struggle to the bathroom is real thanks to raised toilet seats

Well Today I feel a little better

Well I got to take some what of a shower ...I sat down on my shower chair and let my husband soap up my legs and private area's I stood up so he could spray them off I did have my binder on as I'm not to take it off till Monday. But that was amazing as I have lipo holes around my buttocks from some Contouring my doctor did. They have been itchy may I add:/ anyhow after that I sponged bathed from the top up and then leaned Over the tub while hubby washed my hair:))) I feel so clean.im not suppose to shower till Monday without my binder so that will have to do. ..the pain isn't as bad mostly just a dis comfort

my set up

Well this is my set up at home I have my meds, water and ginger ale on the table next to me along with a walker my good friend lent me which is a huge help ladies. ..

super swollen

Moved around a Lil to much today and ended up swollen as heck!

I guess I know now what yall mean

Today I broke down as I can not walk straight or very long at all before I sit and rest. 5 minutes of walking kills me more then 2 hours at the gym. Very frustrating so here came the tears oh how I wish to be my old self. I have 3 little ones who need me to do for them and I feel so guilty that Iam just down :/ sleeping on my back is getting old and painful as I kinda fell forward and hit my top tooth on my bottom one:( ...today I get a real shower which will be nice since I have this one lipo hole near my buttocks that constantly Leaks down my legs ugh

tomorrow is my one week check up

I hope these drains get removed tomorrow! How much fluid do the drains have to collect before they are taken out ladies? ??? The one on my left hip is a pain in the butt...not to mention my kids are pretty scared of the fact I have blood shacks hanging lol

one week post op visit

Well today was my one week check up visit and I got my drains out whoo hoo! Thank you Jesus! ??? ...Anyhow drains are out and now I'm in a very very tight spank type body suit to compress as much as possible. He also sent me home with an extra one one size down to try and get into. I can't tell you how tight this thing is but ladies I'll take it over the belt any day, that thing was so un comfortable it cut into my sides and I just had to adjust it every time I moved :/ ...oh and I forgot to mention I read a lot of women saying the drains coming out were so painful well my surgeon told me he spends a extra on the type of drains he uses and it seems to help, well I can vogue for him it didn't hurt at all. It was quick and painless. . Here's some pictures my husband snapped keep in mind Iam super swollen guys, I was blessed with hips but not that much lol

forgot this picture

The drains my surgeon uses

so swollen!

2nd stage garment. ...it's so tight. .. but on another note I did my Hair for hubby :)

two week check up

So today was my two week follow up and everything was okay . I had an area I was concerned about in my lower abdomen that I thought had a seroma so my surgeon stuck me with the famous need to check but it was just from being swollen (thank god)... he's such a great doctor guys very attentive and caring, I know I've said that a lot but he truly is. I spoke to him about my garment being a little tight around my tight area and he's ordering me two special ones that are mid tight high with an open croch to pee from:))) glad I didn't order it yet myself. Anyhow I thought that was great as he really didn't need to. Well the visit was well his only concern was for me to really moisturize Better as I'm starting to really dry out and flake gross:(... also to start my massages up and away from my incision area. yay I get to have hubby massage me While I relax:)... also I managed to go to the grocery store with the help of my husband since I'm still not able to walk for very long. I finally did some healthy grocery shopping time to really start watching what I eat,can't wait till I'm able to hit the gym once again as I still want to lose a few pounds

how I look so far

Can't wait to see the final result after the swelling has completely gone

trying to stay positive

Well I'm trying to stay positive. Just wish I could wear my jeans comfortably already????ugh I mean I did work up the nerve to try them out and they finally fit but because of the swelling I'm just not comfortable...how long did it take for you ladies to start feeling normal in clothing that wasn't stretch? And for this hunch back of nocher dame look to finally be gone ????

trying to get some type of activity in..

Well today I started walking on my treadmill just to get some exercise in I did a whooping 25 minutes before I had to stop lol it's unbelievable how tired I get so quickly. I went from 2 hours in the gym to 25 minutes,i guess it's better then nothing at all..

sorry I haven't updated

OK so I haven't updated because I been super busy...but so far I been hitting the gym I got my energy back so I'm getting an hour in a day no weights just cardio. Also I weighed myself and I'm already down 7 pounds and I'm sure I'm gonna go Down even more because I'm still swollen..here's some pictures

birthday pictures from this weekend????????????????????????????????

Finally starting to feel like myself...here's some updated pictures from my birthday weekend this Saturday and on Tuesday

first bikini I've tried on

Still swollen bit getting better day by day... Can't wait to be able to see the final results...btw I'm down two sizes so far

new picture

I love my new look????????????????
Texas Plastic Surgeon

I initially Went in for a breast augmentation consultation, but shortly decided I was gonna go for my tummy tuck with lipo first. I had two other consultations Before I found Dr. Bancroft once i was greeted by him personally and spoke to him, I knew he was going to be my surgeon! He was so different then other surgeons I spoke to he put my fears aside quickly and his very up beat attitude won me over. Please ladies if you're considering a tummy tuck look into him and just give him an hour of your time to explain how he goes about the procedure,you won't regret it. His bed side manner is amazing. .even though I could have went with a surgeon that was 500 dollars cheaper I chose him because of the vibe I received...he truly loves what he dose, and it shows, also a big plus he personally makes A house visit the day after surgery=)

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