27 Year Old Male- Tummy Tuck After 150 Lbs Weight Loss and then Muscle Building - Sugar Land, TX

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I lost the weight in about 18 months, then I...

I lost the weight in about 18 months, then I gained about 30 pounds of lean muscle mass and filled as much skin as possible. Finally decided to get the skin removed before my wedding in July. I went to a few doctors and they seemed to treat every patient the same in the sense that they didn't listen to my unique aspects of my transformarion. Furthermore, other offices made me feel rushed and as if I was imposing on their time. Bancroft Feldman plastic surgery was the complete opposite and that's why I chose them.

Post surgery I don't remember the first four days very well. 5th day I was already feeling good enough to walk around my house and get up and down at will. On the 5 day I also stopped taking pain medicine. I go in today to get drains out and compression garment put on. I will update post later

Post op (surgery date was 4-20)

Feeling good but swollen. Still have both drains in. Compression vest I got from Doctor made everything go from good to GREAT! Huge ice pack with a belt, compression socks to my knees, and elevated feet have helped tremendously as well. I have taken Somatropen injection daily or 4IU and I take two servings of BCAA's (Amino X by BSN), Glutamine (generic), and two high protein shakes daily since day 3 (days 1-3 I was completely incapacitated, throwing up my medicine, and in bad shape) I had an important meeting on day 7 and I was able to drive 30 minutes and give an hour presentation (just needed help unloading samples from my truck). I have tried (and failed to do any cardio exercise beyond walking at half my normal fast pace, and I have been able to do some very light upper body workouts with about 15-20% of my normal Maximums. I feel great. And i know it only gets better from here. If you are considering the surgery I suggest you do it. You won't remember the worst of it and after that it is no different than the way you feel the day after a VERY difficult workout that included a lot of sit-ups. Cheers Y'all

Forgot to post before photos

Lost weight by starting to get on elliptica for only 15 mins a day. It snowballed from there. I got Down to 215 pounds and then I started lifting heavy things to build mass. Enjoy it!

Day 11

I am continuing to feel better and better. I have been icing in all the time and Dr. bancroft advised against it due to it slowing healing.

I went to a wedding on day 11 which included a 3 hour drive to Houston (with ice in my pants and compression socks on) and standing from 6pm to midnight. I did take a pain pill due to some discomfort from my cloths that were very tight, plus the compression best under it all. I still have my drains in but I putt them in my pocket so it was all good.

I was also able to eat more today than any other day. I have been eating 75% less than before surgery because of lack of appetite and fact that my ab muscles are sewn back to appropriate position. I ate and felt great.

I am not allowed to start my normal Monday-Friday nationwide travel for work until a week from Monday, so I will be in Houston all week but back at work. I will keep updating as week progresses.

I pick up my size medium compression vests Monday so that should help push our even more fluid and make me feel more supported.

Speaking of support, thank you all for the support.


Bruising working its way down

Current picture or bruising slowly going way (I guess it runs down from Abdomin due to gravity?

Road trip

I took a road trip from Houston to Austin to go to a wedding. The ice helped on the way up but Dr. Bancroft advised against excessive icing because it can slow healing process. When I got home last night I was pretty swollen, so advice to this who will be sitting down a lot after surgery make sure you recline so you don't impact blood flow to area. A funNY thing did happen on way home that I will share so I hope you enjoy it as much as my fiancé, Stacy did. I texted this to stacy, who was with my dogs in my truck, while in bathroom of Buc-ee's (huge gas station) and the guy next to me had a huge hand gun clipped on his waist band (it's Texas). "Upon walking into Buc-ees I just realized 4 important things. A. Bill you are Arab B. You are in Texas C. You are wearing a visible vest under your tank top with visible cords coming down from your vest to your pockets where there are hand grenade shaped drain packs. D. Most importantly good thing you shaved your beard :)" Moral of the story is beware of how you look in public after surgery haha. Also, you should try and half a laugh (not too big to hurt your stomach) in the recovery process. You did a big thing and proceeded though the last part of your body transformation so you should be happy. If you are negative or focus on pain/discomfort, you will only make the process worse. Keep your head and your spirits high, you deserve it. Cheers!

Day 14: on the up and up but still drained ;)

I have a appointment at 4 with Dr. Bancroft. Hopefully I get the drains out of my legs because I am very annoyed with them at this point (they don't hurt, they are just something I have to be aware of at al times)

I bought a men's waist compression belt from academy yesterday and I have been wearing it since I bought it. It doubled the amount of fluid I was draining so I am going to consider myself a genius and the belt a success ( you should probably check with your surgeon, do as I say, not as I do).

I am still swollen but it has changed a lot for he better since wearing compression waist band (it's like a 10 inch band with Velcro closer and is made out of wet suite material).

Anyway, I have been working and walking, haven't gone to gym yet, but I'll see what Dr. Bancroft says today.


First workout and feeling stronger

Yesterday, day 14, I saw the doctor and got the tape taken off to reveal my fresh wound. It was good to have the tape take from but still it was somewhat of a barrier between me and the reality of my surgery. A day later, I couldn't be happier to have it gone.

Day 15 was the first time I could work out (since I failed at the treadmill on day 9. I chose to woekout at home and used P90X as my weapon of choice. My top of my abs feel stronger and tighter, but I still didn't have the core strength to complete over the head exercises for all my sets. I was able to walk on the treadmill and walk my dogs a mile and a half.

I still have the drains in, but the drainage is on its last leg. I should get one or more taken our sometime between tomorrow and Monday.

Day 16: First day back at the gym

Feeling good today so I decided to head to LA Fitness. I was able to to do weight machines at about 40% of my Norma weights as well as 30 mins on the elliptical. It was not a gut busting workout, but it was a good, productive workout for my first day back and way ahead of schedule!

Side profile has gotten much slimmer as the swelling continues to go down

My side profile has gotten much slimmer as the swelling continues to go down. I have continued to wear compression garment and my waist trimmer belt (to add even more compression and support).

I have recovered about 75 percent of my core strength, but I still feel a little weak getting up from a laid down position, but it continues to improve.

I haven't started doing heavy full body lifts like squats, power cleans, and deadlifts yet, but I have been able to do the motion with no weight as a cardio routine.


Scar treatment and Photos almost 3 months post op

I wanted to add a few more current photos and I wanted to say that these silicon strips work great! I have only been using them for a few days and my scar is already becoming less raised. They are reusable (you take them off and wash them in the sink daily) and good quality. I don't really understand how they are still sticky after you wash them, but I am not complaining. I bought them for 20 bucks at Walgreens.

One day before tummy tuck vs almost 3 months post op

Texas Plastic Surgeon

*update* Dr.Bancroft continues to show why his is the best plastic surgeon in Houston. He text messages me daily whether it's 6am or midnight and is patient with all my redundant and abundant questions. He is frank with me about my limitations at this point, yet encourages me to keep trying to resume "Normal" activities as I feel able. He is always available for me and I feel like I am talking to a really intelligent friend/Parent, rather than doctor I met less than a month ago. Here's to you Dr. Bancroft, you are awesome. Now take these damn drains out, lol :) - - - - Dr. Bancroft is not only a great doctor, but truly a great person. He never rushed me during consultations or when I would call him at 11 pm post op to talk about how I was feeling or any concerns I had. He also spend almost two hours at my house the day after my surgery making sure everything looked great and was healing right. His bedside manner is impeccable and I was truly impressed with how good of a doctor (and a person) he is.

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