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After searching on and off for over 2 years I...

After searching on and off for over 2 years I decided to finally go through with the surgery at first I was going to do Lipo/BBL but I have enough butt hips so only Lipo I really want a well defined waist and stomach I have always had an insecurities about my mid-section as far as I can remember!!


So my date have been moved up to August 5 I'm so nervous be ready at the same time I been wanting this for so long! And I'm finally doing it spending my own money which has me more concerned about achieving the goals/results I vision money don't grow on tree for me so this is a big deal! I don't want to be liposuctioned I want to be "sculptured" I see a lot of liposuction procedures where shape is exactly the same its just a deflated version of their original self! I think there's a hour glass under this tire around my waist and I know he will sculpt it out! I have been to many consultations and he gave me the most assured feeling!

Date mistake December 5 2015 ????

December 5

3weeks till the big day!

For it to be so close to the date I'm really calm! I think it's gonna really hit the day of the surgery. I usually under estimate things until it's time then I'm like oh s**t! I just hope my result will be the best he ever done and I really hope he gets 90% of the fat out my mid section. This tire around my waist is so uncomfortable and make me so self conscious!

My wishes results her before body is Very similar to mine!!!

5 days away!!!

So I went for my pre-op and got my prescriptions. I'm so nervous and excited at the same time I'm just ready to see my results. I know I'm going to look so good but those what ifs is in the back of my too! I'm just ready for Saturday and for this week to go smoothly.

So tomorrow or/ today since it 12am is the big day

For the past couple of months I been real nonchalant about the the surgery and not thinking about it but right now tonight I'm starting to get nervous and over think things! I just pray it a good and safe surgery and I get result that's out of this world

It's done!! :)

It's currently the night after surgery and feel like I did 1,000,000 crunches for some reason it feels like my abs are extremely sore! And I'm leaking every Dr. Bancroft doesn't close the wholes for Lipo Because it will retain even more fluid accumulation and my stomach back which I completely understand and love because with my body always retaining fluid even around my period, if I eat a lot of salty foods , even constipation my body bloats ridiculously so I think that is a great idea someone like me! Dr. Bancroft is a great his bedside care is awesome he stay with me and help me drink my water with a straw onto my boyfriend came and he still stayed with me to help me because I was so out of it that anesthesia had me all loopy he took about 5 L of fat I was like wow I had a real fatty stomach and back I was so happy to see all the fat gone I was under twilight sedation so I was sleep but up at the same time if you understand. I was so drugged up I kept asking him did he get all the fat off My belly he kept telling me yes he did when he gets done with my back he is going to go back to my stomach to make sure he got everything out but I was so drugged I kept asking the same thing LOL! He also told me that I have a very high tolerance for the anesthesia which I don't know why but they had to keep giving me a small dosage to get me back to a more faded sleep mode because I would not really sleep I would wake up and talking out the blue lol he told me he never had a patient with my high tolerance. So my guess is my body was basically metabolizing and getting rid of this foreign substance that was injected into my body but thank God for the numbing fluid in there on my stomach so i I couldn't feel anything! Other than that surgery was super great and I hope my results come out Fantastic! But I am extremely bloated.

Lymphatic massage

I been in so much pain the last couple of days I had a lymphatic massage yesterday evening and it was one of the best decisions I made after the massage I felt some better like myself again! My swelling is still bad but not as bed as the first 1-2 days I just pray my stomach just get flatter and flatter

So week2

I been still in pain but tolerable i was reall swollen but know. Into the second week I am now swollen and hard lumps from the top of my stomach to the bottom and my back sometimes it could be so uncomfortable feels like something is pulling my skin I can't explain it but the front of my stomach is starting to get flat but it's hard but my love handles are still a little swollen and hard but I pray that It goes down even more because I don't want a flat stomach and fat love handles that doesn't even make sense i'm trying to be patient for my own sake and to know that it takes time for my body to heal because this surgery is way more invasive than what I expected Tumescent liposuction is a painful. I was very Nervous saying that after my surgery I didn't look any different I'm starting to slowly deflate but it's not how I want it to be but I am praying that as the weeks go by my results show more and better because I personally saved up my money And paid cash for my procedure no loans no money from anybody else so this makes it more personal so I just hope that my results, great because he does great work so that's what is keeping my confidence, that after a couple of weeks I will look great I have to keep that in mind so I won't lose much shit And go psycho on Dr. Bancroft LOL jk! pictures are coming soon after my results get a little better


So I had my almost 3week visit and I'm feeling great the swelling and hardness has its days but I starting to definitely see a difference I didn't realize how big I was. my before pictures Dr Bancroft showed me them and omg I swear seeing my body on a photo is totally different from living with it everyday I was like EWWWWWW and a little embarrassed like Omg ! How I let myself get like that and think I was looking great in clothes I guess thanks to my boyfriend he always made me feel like I look just fine! But those photo just made me realize that I need to go even harder in the gym I'm never getting that big again and I was just all in the mid section! I definitely have a difference and hope I only continue to get smaller! Pictures are coming soon

Late update

Well it's been about 8 months since my tumescent liposuction and to be honest I'm not happy I still have a lot of stomach fat and sometimes I get random bloating and when I do you can forget about it lol I look like I never had anything done! Before I got it done I told a few ppl but now I hope they don't ask about it because I am really embarrassed one of my friends asked me am I going to go back and get more done or is that it as like basically saying I don't really see nothing to drastically different!smh lol we always joke with each other but it hit me in the feels! But I have been working out like crazy but I just get so down when I look at myself and still see s big gut I spent my own money on this no loans or credit so it hit a little harder! I had a follow up appointment about three months back now and I missed it due to my own fault and I rescheduled but I also missed it again so I don't blame anyone for that but when I try to reschedule a third time I never got a response from them so I haven't seen a heard from anyone since then and only went to one follow up so that's a little disappointing! Also I'm debating if I should get another procedure or just work out then do it on my own but I just feel like I want to do it again just to get it right because I'm just so disappointed when I see other results from people my size and bigger than me and I look at myself on like that what happened!

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