Breast Reduction on 12/5/1 - Vertical "lollipop" with Axillary Lipo. Anxious for wound to heal so I can enjoy. - Sugar Land, TX

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Everything has happened so fast! As most on this...

Everything has happened so fast! As most on this site, I have struggled with Large Breasts for a very long time - since about 17 years old. After having two boys and realizing that no matter how much weight I lose, I will not be free of these beasts - they range any where between a 36E/34F to a 36H. I believe I will going down to a Large C small D. I did not expect insurance to approve me so fast, I actually thought they might deny, and if they did I was not going to pursue. In 1.5 weeks after going to a PS I was approved and the date is set for 12/5. I have a lot of doubts but I have faith that everything will be ok.

Before pictures

Adding some before...been working hard to lose and be fit. I hope I like me new shape!

more before, squeezing into 36DDD

I'm so times I see them and think, what the he'll am I doing, women would kill 4 my rack! But they wouldn't kill for all the cons, neck, shoulder pain, strap mark indentations, unwanted attention, people talking to my chest, not hearing my work...ugh...any one out there around my age and size who can give me perspective. ...

Very Dense Fibrocystic Breasts with swelling and pain

Hi all! I am really starting to get nervous now as my surgery is 5 days away! I wanted to ask if anyone around my size - 5'5ish about 140-145 pounds or so with 36 E/F has extremely fibrocystic dense breasts and has gone through the BRS? I am concerned - my breasts are so full and painful right now - I go up a cup size at least a week before my my questions are - does it make recovery more painful to have such dense and painful breasts - will this complicate the reduction and amount of tissue taken? I would love to hear any similar stories or advice...I am almost there!!

The girls before and stressed about sinus, one day pre-op.

surgery done :) used lollipop with lipo. I'm doing great.

Surgery lasted close to 4 hours. Took 600 to 700g out of each. Lipo in auxiliary. No under breast incisions. Pain is rough, but comes and goes..manageable. hoping I land at a C. I'll update with pics soon.

ok, here are some after...very bruised...but want to know how they look?

6 days post op...lots of bruising, due to lollipop and lipo technique. Freaked out a bit last night as was first time I looked...I think I'm still swollen, hope to go down a bit more...I'm around a D, but am supposed to be a big C...

Here are the after...

6 days post.

10 days post op. how do they look?

10 days, bruising improved. Skin being pulled and breaking close to vertical incision. Hope it heals ok....

2 weeks post op update

Hi, posting new pictures and updating. 2 weeks post op and I'm feeling pretty good overall, I'm able to be more active but know my limits. I did have a minor...well hope to be minor set back on my left breast....I had a small amount of necrosis under my areola, so my ps did a debridement and I will do gauze changes with some saline. I love the shape so far, and if it wasn't for this issue, I'd be ecstatic. Hoping in 2 weeks glue falls off and my wound heals, so I can start to see them looking nice. Saludos!

pictures 2 weeks

Pictures 2 weeks...

bummed, hoping for encouragement.

After the debridement of the necrotic spots on lefty, I am so down. All I see is red around wound and yellow white inside dang it hurts. Righty looks fabulous. Posting pics so hopefully I can compare when all is said and done and this will be a distant memory.

17 days post pics, still hiding lefty

Hi, well...I guess they are right when you get a wound either separation or from necrosis, it looks worse before it gets better...I'm diligently doing saline dressings, showering twice daily and eating protein and taking vitamins. Posting new pics, hopefully in a week I will be brave enough to show lefty again.

25 days post op...still dealing with my wound, updating anyway w pics.

Updating with new pics. You can't really see it, as I am hiding it, but my left side wound is getting bigger as I had my second debridement to remove dead tissue...I am trying to keep my head up. Figured I'd post the girls hoping for feedback, all glue and bruising gone. Also the porn star look is diminished and the girls are softening. Thanks all! I'll keep all posted on my progress.
Sugar Land Plastic Surgeon

Due to some complications after my breast reduction, I have yet to decide if I believe this procedure was worth it. I happened to fall in that 5-10% or so that was unlucky and developed skin/tissue loss due to compromised blood supply to my left breast. It would be easy, and possibly natural to want to point fingers/blame Dr. Kutty but after careful thought, I realize that sometimes, these things just happen. I also have come to the conclusion that a Dr. deserves the highest review score not solely based on the immediate outcome of the surgery but especially in how that Dr. treats, responds and reassures you when things don't go as planned. Dr. Kutty not only has been patient with me through my doubts, OCD, anxiety & melt downs....he has seen me every week since my surgery nearly seven weeks ago (he also let me know that I could see him as often as I wanted). Dr. Kutty is witty, experienced and makes me feel at ease even when I do not see the light at the end of the tunnel... moreover, Dr. Kutty has (and hopefully will continue) to see me through the toughest of problems with poise and grace. Dr. Malik's bed side manner is pristine and he continues to reassure me that all of this will end with a very positive outcome...(he says he is always I am counting on that ;) My healing still has a ways to go, but I look forward to his continued care and I know that he will do what it takes to ensure I am happy and confident with my new shape.

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