19 Year Old 34H Reduced Approximately to 34D - Sugar Land, TX

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When I started seriously considering getting a...

When I started seriously considering getting a breast reduction, I found this website very helpful. I had a better idea about what to expect before and after surgery and also what kinds of questions to ask my surgeon. So, I thought I'd give a little back so that I may be helpful to someone else.

I'm a 5' 3'' 19 year old college student, and I've been struggling with my breasts for a long time. The last time I was a D was in 8th grade, and they only got bigger from that point on. This past school year was my first year of college, and I was so uncomfortable in my "real" bras that I only wore sports bras (that didn't fit right btw) for the entire year. My neck, shoulders, and back were in so much pain that I had to take Ibuprofen almost every other day. I could go on about my complaints, but I'm sure most of you reading this have experienced what I've experienced. Luckily, I was able to see Dr. Kutty and talk about what the procedure would be like. He and his staff answered all my questions about whether I'd have an anchor or lollipop scar, if I would need drains, etc. Then, before I knew it, my surgery was scheduled and insurance had approved it.

On June 27, 2016, I had my surgery, went home, and napped. A LOT. The next day, I had a follow-up appointment where I finally got to see the masterpiece! He also told me the details of how my surgery went. He wound up having to do a tiny anchor incision and I had drains on both sides. He said my left was an entire cup size bigger than my right. He took 800g of breast tissue from my left and 525g from my right, altogether equaling about 3 pounds of breast tissue removed. He also was able to take out my drains at the follow-up appt. I finally showered last night, with the help of my mom and really got to look at them. Even with the swelling, I think the shape is great, and I also have sensation in my nipples (YAY!).

As of right now, it's only day 3 post-op for me, so I'm not quite sure what my exact size will be after swelling goes away. The 34D mentioned above is what my surgeon said I'll likely end up with. I'll probably be wearing a surgical bra for a week or two, but I've got some cotton Fruit of the Loom front-closure bras coming in the mail soon. I also managed to take 2 before pictures, but I covered up my nipples because I didn't want someone to scroll through my phone and see full blown nudes. Anyway, I'll upload a few pictures. Just keep in mind that they are still pretty swollen. I'll try to upload more pictures as they heal. Also, I tried not to go into TOO much detail here, but if anyone wants to ask any questions, feel free to comment!

Day 4 Post-op

Today was definitely rough. A couple people told me the third day after surgery is always the worst, and I was so happy that I felt fine yesterday. Then, the soreness and pain really hit me today. I managed to go about 10 hours without pain medicine today because the Advil gave me an upset stomach and the Vicodin made me nauseous. However, that obviously didn't help in the pain department. I wound up taking some tylenol before I showered, and I felt a little bit better. I got a little upset today being cooped up in the house and feeling trapped in my surgical bra, but luckily my fruit of the loom bras came in and I put them on after my shower. I had to put on 2 to match the compression from my surgical bra, but I already feel SO much better. Do any of you have tips for distracting yourselves during the day while not really being able to do much?

Day 9 Post-op

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't updated in awhile. I would say my last post was definitely my worst day, but it's getting better day by day. I still have quite a bit of bruising and occasional leakage, but I'm very pleased with the result so far. I'm totally off all pain medicine, including tylenol and ibuprofen, and I'm able to shower and actually wash everything all by myself! I read somewhere on here about using a blow dryer on the cool setting to help with getting the sutures and tape completely dry, and I would absolutely recommend. I've also gone out a few times. I've done with lunch and shopping with my mom and gone to the movies with some friends. I got tired relatively quickly, but everything was fine overall. I'm actually going on a trip to the beach this weekend (I know no drinking, swimming, or excessive heat). A bunch of friends from college are meeting up there, so we'll see how it goes. I'm driving, so I can leave at any point if it becomes too much. That being said, it might be awhile until I can update again. I have a Calculus 2 class starting Monday :( I'll keep trying to upload a few pics from time to time to show progress though.

3 weeks post-op

I know I'm a couple days early for an exact 3 week update, but I had my steri strips removed so I had to post. I can finally see my nipples and incisions! Everything looks great, and my only issue is a slight separation on my right breast at the T-intersection. I'll just have to let it heal though. Other than that, everything has been great and is gradually getting better! I've been attending class regularly and have had no issues with everyday activities. I hope to be in a regular (wireless) bra soon and will be using the NewGel+ breast kit to care for my incisions!

6 weeks Post-op

Hey everyone! Just a quick update. It's been 6 weeks since my surgery, and my incisions are healing very nicely. The opening at the T-intersection has closed up, and I've been wearing a wireless bra from Soma for about 2 weeks. As of right now I measure as a 36DD, but that will likely go down since swelling can last as long as 6 months to a year. Soon summer classes will end, and the Fall semester will begin! New school year, new boobs. Can't wait :)

9/4 Update

Hey guys! Just a quick update since it's been almost a month since I last posted. Everything is going well. I'm back to my normal college routine, except now I don't always have to wear a bra and my clothes look a million times better on! This semester has already been so much more enjoyable. No back ache, neck ache, or chronic headaches anymore. The breast reduction was SO worth it for me. I wish the same for all of you!
Sugar Land Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Kutty was great! He made me feel very comfortable throughout the entire process, and I had a lot of confidence in him to achieve the desired effect. Not too big, not too small, and nicely proportionate to my body. He also did a great job making my breasts more symmetrical, as one was an entire cup size bigger before the surgery.

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