35 Year Old 175cm 59kg Mum. Subiaco, AU

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I am a 35 year old mum of three beautiful children...

I am a 35 year old mum of three beautiful children. I have a 14 year old girl, a 10 year old boy and my youngest, a 2 year old girl :) I am 175 cm and 59kg. My husband and I started very early with our oldest we were only 20 when she was born and as a very big girl (she weighed almost 9 pound) it left my body, boobies & tummy saggy with HEAPS of stretch marks from my boobs to my knees! :( ....

So I have wanted a mummy makeover since a very young age. We wanted to wait to we had finished our family and had moved into the house we were building. But I wanted large age gaps between our kids so I could spend time with each of them. So it has taken me 14 years to get to this point and in that time I have not wanted to go to the beach or swimming, I have struggled to even just put on a pair of jeans and feel good about myself. I have felt bad going out to eat, as I think if I put on just one kg I will look worse then I already do. But it's been since my youngest has been born that things have gotten worse, I had gestational diabetes and she was a HUDGE! 10 1/2 pound. As a result I go separated abdominal wall and a belly button hernia to boot!

So basically I am saggy! Scared and I always look like I'm at least 4 months pregnant! Oh and this is all with going to the gym at least 5 days in a week :(

I went and had a couple of appointments with a couple of plastic surgeons hear in Perth and decided on Mark Hanikeri as my surgeon. Everyone I have delt with at his rooms has been lovely we have scheduled the mummy make-over for the 4-2-2016!! ^.^ I am having a tummy tuck with hernia and mussel repair. Donut breast lift with implants (275cc). And a bit of lipo to flanks. :)

....... And wow it totally dos not feel real and that it's only next month!!!! I will keep posting. I've posted my before photos too. Thanks. Xx

Mum of 3 mummy makeover aus

So it's been a week since I went in for my mummy makeover.....

Let's start with Wednesday last week it was the day before my surgery.
I ate light meals all day, totally have to do this if having a tummy tuck, because of that 1st poo post opp (ouch). I made sure all washing was done, that the kids knew how to make lunch orders for school lunches, got extra groserys from the store for the hubby. And well I almost didn't sleep at all! Worst of all I woke up to my stinken period at 1.30 that night! :(
Thursday I got hubby kids & myself up at 4.30am so I could get to hospital by 6. We booked in payed hospital bill in advance, and taken to a new waiting room by this time it was pretty clear I was starting to shit myself!
My hubby insisted that he and the kids wait till I got called into theater .....
I got called in, got dressed in my hospital gown and said bye to family.
I met my anesthetist who was lovey, and mark came to draw on me shortly after. Only about 5 minutes latter I was being pushed into theater. And I don't even remember drifting off?.

I woke to being taken into my room, the rest of the day and 1st night were a bit of a blerr but I wasn't in much pain at all :)

The very next morning I got real sick! I was vomiting for the whole friggen day!! I was so bloody sick! For 2 whole days! Because I had a bad reaction to the pain killers :(
It was hell!! I think being that sick was worse then the pain after vomiting from the stitchers and sore muscles!!
And the weird thing about the breast implants were, I couldn't seem to catch my breath! So Wow that 1st 2 days was SHIT!! Saying that I think it was that bad for me because I just did not take well to the pain killers! I think it would be better for someone who wouldn't have such a reaction.

I ended up staying in hospital for 5 nights and was feeling heps better by the time I left :)I was soooo very happy to be home and I have only looked in the mirror a couple of times since the opp.


I'm soooooo very happy with the results!! I JUST LOVE IT!
I love my new bobbies, I love my new belly button, I love the shape of my body!!!

It has been totally worth all of it!!
Mark has done a awesome job!!! :))
I'll post some photos ;)
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