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I decided it was time to get a breast lift /...

I decided it was time to get a breast lift / augmentation because obviously after breast feeding 3 kids my boobs were never the same. Pre-op 36B (droopy) Post-op dough lift, 290cc left breast 300cc right breast, under the muscle, smooth round moderate profile saline. I've been wanting to have the procedure done for a while but didn't find a surgeon I was comfortable with. I finally decided to go with Dr. Hamm and I'm glad I did.

6 Weeks Post Op, Right Breast Not Dropping

Overall I'm very happy with my new boobies, the cleavage is awesome makes me feel boobified. However my right breast is firmer, fuller and it hurts if I massage too hard. I'm hoping is not a capsular contracture, my next appointment is July 8. Let's see what my Dr. tells me. In the meantime I've been advised to massage "aggressively" however I'm not sure how aggressive I should be I'm afraid I'm going to pop the implant lol.

I'll share more after my appointment.

Venting - 6w 5d post-op

Today I'm feeling somewhat discouraged. My right breast is hard and obviously higher. As I massage I can almost feel as if the implant is stuck. It feels like a ball, if I lean to hug someone or against the wall (intentionally) I can feel a hard ball which I can only assume is normal but from what I've been reading I'm afraid I could have capsular contracture. Last night I was on my stomach for a few minutes and had to turn around shortly after because it felt as if I was going to pop it. I tried to make an earlier appt with my ps but he's never available at a reasonable time. My next appt is July 8. I'm suppose to go in June 18 but they'll confirm the day before if the my Dr will be available. I will post more pics soon. No much has changed from the last pic I uploaded the other day.

"Possible" Capsular Contracture

I am now 7w 5d post-op, my left breast had dropped tremendously and my right breast is firm, significantly higher, in some spots numbed, etc . I had an appointment this morning (6/18/14) with Dr. Hamm, of course he wasn’t available I settled for Dr. Rose (she’s super) I told her my concern, she quickly examined my right breast and agreed with me but didn’t give me a diagnosis, she scheduled me for two Lipo-Ex treatments with the hopes that the implant softens up and hopefully drop. My 1st treatment is scheduled for 6/21/14. I will post before/after pic. Let’s see what happens.

Capsular Contracture | 8w Post-Op

My fear, it's confirmed I have capsular contracture, on Saturday 6/21 was my first sessionnof Lipo Ex treatment, which is a combination of strong messages & the Lipo Ex machine. It's very hot and helps soften up the capsule and eventually getting rid of it. Afterwards the girl massages aggressively and puts lots of pressure to the point where you can hear the capsule ripping. I'm very sore and have minor bruising but relieved because from her experience after a few sessions she assured me it will go away. She said my capsule seems stubborn but she will work on it for me.
No medication was give to me, I've read lots about vitamin e and singular. I wasn't even offered any of that just the Lipo Ex and I must continue to massage daily as usual.

Castor Oil

I read that castor oil will penetrate deep into the tissues to slowly break up scar tissue, it won't hurt to try. I warmed it up, massaged my right boob (the one that has the capsular contracture) aggressively for about 20min, I cut a piece of a plastic bag put it over my boob and my sports bra over. I will leave it over night. I will continue to do this with the hopes that along with the Lipo Ex weekly treatment I can get rid of the capsular contracture without having to go for a revision.

Castor Oil Massage

I have a capsular contracture on my right boob, I'm 9 weeks post-op. This coming Saturday is my second treatment of Lipo Ex in the meantime I haven't stopped massaging as aggressive as I can withouth hurting myself.

The video is my my bathroom, the audio sounds weird and since everyone is sleeping I don't want to speak too loud. Lol

Sorry, I have the option to upload video but it doesn't let me select it.

15w 4d (4 months post-op)

Hi ladies, in 3 days it will officially be 4 months post-op. Because I've been so blah about my breast augmentation I haven't done updates or anything.
I'm somewhat okay, I'm not 100% happy with my results. But the lipoex treatments did wonders. I only had 3 treatments and the capsular contracture was gone or at least improved drastically. I can feel the implant but it's not a hard ball anymore. I can actually lay on my belly with no discomfort ect.

Next time def going bigger, high profile and perhaps a full lift because I only got the areola lift and I feel as if they're sagging already blahhh.

here's a pic of my progress so far.

Comparison Pic

A before and after pic. So far!

Almost 6 months post op.

After dealing with a cc on my right breast, I have developed a cc on my left, I must be honest, I have been slacking on my daily massages. They incisions are healed and barely visible, however I should’ve gone with a full lift.
Dr. Hamm suggested a doughnut lift but I’m not crazy about the natural look I kinda want them perkier and my right boob I still have more skin that the left, I have to go back to see if he could reposition my areola a little more towards the left and a bit higher so that it can be even with my left boob And not hang lower.
But for those of you that have gone to Dr. Hamm you probably already know he is never available, Dr. Rose is the only one that does the follow-ups, so maybe I should schedule a consultation to trick him into thinking is a new patient and hopefully have him revise me. (if so)

(I'll upload pictures later on, not much has changed, you might not see a difference but considering I am OCD I can def see it jajajajajaja)

CC on my left boob!

Hi, I'm now facing another challenge. I finally got rid of the cc on my right boob and 6 mths post op I developed a cc on my right boob.

ahhh, I'm considering revisión surgery and bigger implants. CC can always come back but I'm fed up. If i have to get a open capsulotomy I might as well swap both implants and get what i really wanted.

I was very naive and had my mind set on boobs. Well I had no idea about high/low profile, ect. I definitely want more projection, I want a fuller upper pole fullness and I want them together, more cleavage.

Revision Surgery at last...

Todays is exactly 11 months post-op. The capsular contracture on my left boob gets worse at the months go by. It’s not painful just extremely hard, it’s like laying on a baseball.

So my total is $5400 for (capsulotomy, circumareolar breast lift, and swapping both implants [[for bigger]] lol) I’m scheduled for May 22, 2015 (time tbd)

Also switched to Dr. Melih Erogul, I wasn’t happy with Dr. Hamm’s results. Aside the capsule my nipples are uneven, one higher that the other, and I lost total sesantion on myright boob. Let’s hope this new Dr can meet my expectations after paying close to $1170 in total I just want nice full even DD’s

I will post pic's soon.

Open Capsulotomy After All...

Long story short, after beating the cc on my right boob with lipoex treatments, I developed a cc on my left boob, I had a few treatments of the lipoex but the capsule was stubborn.

Yesterday morning I finally went for revision surgery, I had an open capsulotomy, while I was there, I got an areola lift again and decided to go bigger. Here is a pic of my new babies,stitches come off June 26, 2015.

1 Month Post-op Revision Surgery

Quick recap.. I had revision surgery June 12 after developing a Capsular Contracture. Dr. Hamm finally met my expectations. I must say, I felt no pain, 1 week post op I was able to sleep on my bed, flat on my back and on my side. Now at 1 month post op I can also lay on my belly without discomfort.
As soon as I got home after surgery I started massaging, the fear of developing another capsule never leaves me, but I'm doing everything I can to avoid it.
Plantation Plastic Surgeon

Helpful, friendly staff, as for follow-up I've been seeing Dr. Rose because I can only go in early in the morning Dr. Hamm is never available when I am able to go. Overall it has been a good experience.

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