22 Years Old and Just Got Approved for Accutane !! Stoneham, MA

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I have been struggling with acne for at least 7...

I have been struggling with acne for at least 7 years now. It has increasingly gotten worse. I have tried everything from OTC face washes and treatments, to antibiotics and topical treatments that were prescribed with no relief. I went to see my dermatologist today and he approved me for Accutane! I am starting the iPledge program and have to do routine blood and pregnancy tests before I am given a prescription but I am well on my way. If anyone questions their skin, don't hesitate. See the dermatologist and inquire about Accutane. It's your body!!!

First dose of accutane

Picked up my prescription today. Had to wait an extra day so my pharmacy could order it and have it in for today. I was prescribed 60 mg per day, in 20 mg capsules. My dermatologist instructed that I could take them at any time of day, in any order (all together or divide it up). He said that he heard if you divide them up it supposedly works better in the long run. I took them all at once for the first night because I got the tablets later in the day. I will start eating healthy and drinking a lot of water to maintain healthy lipid levels. I am currently using an exfoliating face wash with a natural soap bar which is super hydrating. I might stick to the natural soap but I also bought Cerave which I have used in the past and didn't see a difference with my raging acne; but this is mostly for dryness. I also have a Nivea body lotion I will start to use as well as aquaphor and lip products. I'll post more as I develop more of a routine. I will probably divide them up during the day, depending how crazy my days are coming up between work and nursing school. Also, I will try and update once per month.

Today marks one month on accutane

Wow! Is all I can say. It's been a month. I feel like it's gone by so fast. So far, I have had the similar side effects that everyone usually has. Starting with my hair, right now it's been a week without washing it. Usually my hair gets greasy after about 2 days. My hair right now looks better than it does at day 2. I have seen a significant increase of dandruff, though. I have been using almond head and shoulders but I haven't used it enough to know if it's been making a difference. I have noticed increase dryness along my hairline, around my nose, and my chin. I use an aquaphor mask at night and moisturizer during the day with sunscreen. My lips are very dry and starting to crack at the creases- I'm applying aquaphor like every 15 mins to an hour. Also, I have dry patches on my arms that are itchy. The worst thing I have dealt with so far is crusty and bloody boogers in my nostrils that hurt so bad, it has calmed down a bit though. I apply aquaphor up there too. Other than that, I have to be sure to take my pills on a full stomach or else I feel dizzy. That's about it though - btw I'm on 60 mg a day

Month #2 down, onto month #3

First of all, all I can say is DRY! My face is so super dry, it's like a beard of dry skin around my mouth. the other side of my mouth just started to crack a little bit - not so much bleed yet. I have to apply Chapstick or aquaphor and wait a few minutes for it to moisturize before I can brush my teeth or eat. I have had a few pimples here and there, but nothing like before. My overall complexion is clearer, so much softer, and even more glowy (other than the dryness). My back is clearing up and is so super soft! My shoulders and arms are rough with dryness. I did break out in a rash on my upper arms quite a bit and not so noticeable on my forearms and even on my hands a little bit. Other than that, no other side effects. My mood and personality is still the same, no headaches (which can indicate increased intracranial pressure), no hair loss, and still going for monthly pregnancy tests, liver function tests, and visits to Dr. tong. I asked him if I could bleach my hair because I wasn't sure, and he said it was fine. I will continue on the 40 mg for another 2-3 months depending if I get any more pimples on my face this month. If I don't, I will continue for just another month instead of two.

Done month 3

Onto month number four! So I have all of month 4 and 5 left. Still remaining on 60 mg per day and still super dry. Aquaphor is helping with my lips, and Jergens for my dryness on my body. A little bit of joint pain, other than that - no side effects. My last breakout was on the first week of month three so far. It's expected that I shouldn't be experiencing Anymore breakouts after this month. Super excited to finish!!!

Month 4 finished

Hi everyone. So I finished my fourth month of accutane. I was supposed to go on a fifth month, but unfortunately about a week before I was going to pick up my prescription I switched insurances. Come to find out when I went to th pharmacy to pick it up, they told me that my insurance company wouldn't cover it. They said they were going to fax over papers for my doctor to sign/confirm why I needed the drug, which would then be faxed over to my insurance company, and could take a day up to three weeks to be approved. And unfortunately, my dermatologist JUST went on vacation and will be for another week. So I'm not sure at this point if I will go on another month; I will have a month off if I do.

As for an update, there is nothing new. Same cracked and dry lips, dry skin. I have been getting about two small pimples about once a month around my menstrual cycle. If this is the last month I was on Accutane, I am so grateful for this drug as it was LIFE CHANGING. I absolutely love my skin. Anyone who is considering going on it, DO IT. do not listen to the negative reviews. If I had, I probably wouldn't have gone on Accutane and still be stuck with my face full of acne. If I have to ever do another round of Accutane, I would do it in a heartbeat.
Dr. Arthur Tong

Took the time to sit with me and talk about treatment options. Did not rush me one bit. Gave me the chance to say what I would like to be done. 100% recommend him. He is amazing.

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