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I am a 53 Year old woman who after long...

I am a 53 Year old woman who after long consideration has decided to schedule surgery with Dr. Boutte. Working out is not giving me the results I was hoping for and I feel that getting Lipo is a better option. I am schedule to have Vaser Lipo to my upper and lower abdomen, flanks, lower back and my bra roll. I will also have a BBL (fat transfer) with the goal of improving the injury to my buttocks as a result of falling down the stairs and to also definitely put more junk in the trunk. (LOL) I have spent long hours researching the procedures and have even gone so far as to watch actual procedures being performed. This website has been the most helpful. I now feel better prepared for what I am about to experience. I have posted pre-op photos of myself and plan to post updates. I have only told two girlfriends of my planned procedures. They are most supportive and in fact one had Vaser Lipo about a year ago. Thanks to all for being so open about their experiences and I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

2 Weeks Pre OP

I am two weeks Pre OP and have begun taking my vitamin supplements. Drinking lots of water and I have also cut back on my sodium intake. I order a couple of Bolster pillows for sitting after surgery. I have taken two weeks off work to recover as I have a desk job. Does anyone have any suggestions for a BBL patient with a sit down job?

4 Days til Surgery!

Currently taking my vitamins and trying to keep a healthy diet. Drinking lots of water, I decided to try the BBL pillow which for me works much better than the Booty Buddy. Working on completing my post op kit. I made arrangements to have my dog to stay with his sitter for 2 days possibly 3 depending on how I feel. I am trying to decide on what type of pre-made meals I should stock up on. I know that I will be avoiding anything with high sodium content. Feeling excited and optimistic.

I Made to the other side!

Thank you to all those who posted their journey/experience. It was very helpful to know what to expect so that can be better prepared. I arrived a little before 9AM for surgery. I had my upper/lower abdomen, both flanks, my lower back and my bar roll treated. All I can tell you is that Nurse Lee and her assistant were very good. They put so much at ease. I took my cocktail of 2 Oxycodone, 2 Valiums and 3 other pills I cannot remember. Nurse Lee took my photos sand marked me up. I was told by 4 different staff members that my outcome would be better with a TT but I opted not to have the scar since I have had experiences with keloids. The assistant catheterized me but before then Nurse Lee gave me a small dose of something purple and that is pretty much all I remember. I have vague memories of them putting me in the car and then at my friend’s house her trying to get me to eat. I could not stay awake even if I wanted to. Thank GOD for a friend like her. She did not sign on for this. She was only supposed to take me and pick me up. This woman is filled with so much compassion! So I tried to take some morning post op picks but I do not think they came out to good but I will post them anyway along with my post op pics. The CG does not really bother me since I am use to wearing one daily. I still appear a little swoll but I like the contour I am seeing so far. Not in much comfort but I am about to take a pain pill any way just in case. Will post more pics once I take the garment off to shower. Happy healing!

Shower Time and removed my bandages for the first time

Hello...I took a shower and washed my CG. Still draining. Posting latest post op pics then it is nitey nite for me. Not in too much discomfort.

One week follow up appointment today.

Hello All
I'm so glad that RealSelf is back online. I use this website as not only a reference but as a support group. Thanks to all who worked diligently to get the site back up!

Well as a recap I had my surgery with Dr. Boutte on December 21, 2015 (Upper, Lower Abdomen, Flanks, Lower Back, Bra Roll and BBL. Loving my results!

The photos I am about to post were taken on December 25th. You will notice some bruising, swelling and of course I am still sore. I have been taking my prescriptions, vitamins and following all post op directions. I struggle with my diet which is nothing other than typical with me. A dear friend brought me Christmas Dinner. I tore into it. It was so good! Well I later paid the price as it was well seasoned. Won't make that mistake again. It is pretty much eggs, vegetables, turkey, pineapple and water for me. My drainage tube areas are very tender. I had on a sports bar which was another mistake. It was the cause of my discomfort. I am still draining so I do not know if my tubes will be removed today. I have scheduled a massage for Wednesday but have been using the bruise ointment and massaging myself twice daily. This procedure has surely left me incapacitated. I also have a 35 pound dog that I must walk twice daily. Living alone has taught me to prepare for the unexpected. Today will be the first time I have attempted to drive since my surgery. I will post an update later on my follow up appointment.
Happy Healing

Swollen and Uncomfortable

Hello All
I had a follow up appointment on Monday and it was determined that I needed to leave my drain ports in. The alternative to removing them too early would be me needing to be drained...yikes! My stitches were removed and I have another appointment with Nurse Lee this Thursday. Compression, compression, compression is the key having said that I asked the nurse's assistant to help me to put my binder back on. I bout passed out! LOL She said that compression is very important. Well just let me tell you that was the most uncomfortable ride home. I was wrapped tight as a mummy and sitting on a BBL pillow. LOL Is it just me or does anyone else feel burning where the drainage tubes touch the skin near your torso? I know that I will be much more comfortable as time goes on.
I have scheduled a massage with Garrett's Healing Hands for Wednesday. Hopefully this will help with the draining. My back is killing me and I can not get a comfortable night's rest. My thighs and legs are so swollen. The healing process continues.
Happy healing to all!

Had my 1st Massage with Belinda "Garrett's Healing Hands"

Well I had my first massage with Belinda. Oh my gosh....I feel brand new. She is at a new location: Slender Spa Med located at 1611 Satellite Blvd., Duluth, GA 30097 (Suite 3) Fabulous experience! I purchased a package. She gave me helpful information on how I was healing and where I was accumulating fluid. She said that I looked wonderful for 9 days post. Parts of the massage were uncomfortable but bearable and more importantly necessary! Her touch and technique was so relaxing. So much so I went food shopping afterwards. How about I found frozen microwaveable chopped kale greens! About to have me a real healthy and tasty meal this evening! Hope all are healing well.

Almost 3 weeks post op

Happy New Year!

This is my first update in 2016.

Recovery has been slow but sure. I got my drains out on December 31. Nurse Lee was so nice and talked me through the procedure. It was not as uncomfortable as I thought to have the drains removed. I had started to heal around the openings and she gently worked it loose. It took less than 5 seconds to remove the drains. Nurse Lee spent quite a bit of time with me and gave me a suggestion on where to find a Stage 2 garment. I went to the Sante Fe Mall on Venture in Duluth. I wanted a compression vest but the lady told me that my torso was short so a waist cincher would work better. She put me in a cincher that I thought would cut off all circulation. She advised that I wear it for 2 hours and it would loosen. Well I wore it for 4 hours and it was rubbing up against my rib cage and was quite painful. I have always worn compression garments prior to my procedure and this did not feel right so I returned it the next day and went up a size. Now we are cooking with gas. I wear my cincher and abdomen board for at least 22 hours a day. I would still like to purchase a vest. Is anyone aware of what type of vest I could purchase that would accommodate my short torso that would cover my lower abdomen?

I purchased a massage package from Garretts's Caring Hands and have been receiving massages for the past 2 weeks. Belinda has certainly helped me along in my healing process. She shows me how to massage myself in between massage sessions. She identified areas where I am accumulating fluid. She tells me that I am progressing nicely. Massages are certainly an added expense but well worth it. If anyone in the Metro Atlanta area is interested in Belinda's services she can be reached at 770-771-2570

I am attaching updated pictures taken on January 1 and January 9.

Hope all are healing well.

It just keeps getting better!

I had my 30 day post exam with Dr. Boutte. As a bonus I got to see Nurse Lee as well. My results are coming along quite well. I am still getting lymphatic massages from Garrett's Caring Hands which has helped my healing process tremendously. I am still trying to find a compression garment that will accommodate my short torso. I have already returned 2 different garments as they hit me at the upper part of my hips which causes buckling. I will now try a Body Magic Deluxe Corset. I have a latex waist cincher but it does not provide upper back compression. Everyone's healing process and results will be different. I for one do not regret taking this journey. I thank Dr. Boutte and her staff for my amazing results! Happy healing...

Wow! Dr. Boutte is an Artist!

I work out 3 times a week and was unable to lose my belly fat. I never gave much thought to having SmartLipo until a friend told me of her plans to do so. True to who I am I began researching different procedures. I had 2 consultations and was told each time that a TT was the best route. I have a history of keloids and decided that I did not want to risk a large incision. It was explained to me that I would see results with SmartLipo but it could not be guaranteed that my skin would retract. I explained that I was not looking for perfection only improvement. It was recommended that I have my upper and lower abdomen, flanks, lower back and bra line treated. I also had an indentation to my buttocks due to an injury from a fall so I opted to have a BBL as well. Prior to my procedure I took all prescribed medications and changed my diet. I can honestly say that I do not remember anything about my procedure. My suggestion is that you have someone with you that can stay with you the first night following your procedure. I only remember being prepped for my procedure and then waking up on my friend's couch early the next morning. Thank GOD for my friend who was only suppose to be my ride to and from the clinic...if not for her I don't know what I would have done that first night. Swelling was not too bad as I avoided sodium and made pineapple my new best friend.

Checking In

I thought I would update my profile pics to document my progress. I went through the itchy stage where I was not able to keep anything next to my skin. Thank goodness that has past. I have an upcoming appointment with Dr. Boutte to remove some of the viable fat from my right buttock. If you looked at my pre surgery pics you would have noticed that I had indentations in both buttocks from falling down the steps. I was not expecting perfection and the work performed is a definite improvement. I can't wait to see my final results. Hope all are healing well.

Updated Photos from March 15, 2016

My last week appointment with Dr. Boutte was rescheduled for today. Here are before photos from March 15th prior to my appointment. She will be removing excess pocket of viable fat in my right buttock. I will also ask her about my uneven hips. Not sure what can be done. I will post after appointment photos. Hope all are having a wonderful day and journey.

Pre & Post Comparison Pics

A few pre & post comparison shots. Pre taken November 24, 2015. Post present taken March 15, 2016.

Rescheduled Appointment with Dr. Boutte

No update to report. My touch up appointment with Dr. Boutte to remove the fat pocket from my right buttock and to check unevenness of hips had to be rescheduled again. :( It was explained that the scheduler was not aware that my procedure needed to be performed in the OR and not the office. Unfortunately this was not figured out until after I was dropped of at the office as I was told that I would need to be picked up after the procedure. I spent 2.5 hours at the office as my ride was not available to pick me up any earlier than scheduled. This is the 3rd reschedule and the second time I left work early so that I was able to make it to my appointment on time. I am feeling anxious and looking forward to getting this over with.

Life is Good!

Hello RS...just checking in to share some pics of my results. I am very happy with my results and have no regrets. Dr. Boutte gave me exactly what I wanted. She gave me natural curves with volume that does not make it so obvious that I had work done. It was explained to me that a TT was my best option but I decided against that because of the scar.

I believe that the key to a successful outcome is having realistic expectations.
Life is Good!
Wishing everyone a safe journey to a happy and healthy you.
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