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I would like to state, that it has been a year...

I would like to state, that it has been a year starting this month today. That I went to Dr. Bourne for my fat transfer and Brazilian Butt lift. I thought when I found her to do my surgery that God had blessed me with an Angel. Everyone, was so nice and seemed so professional when you first start going. It was just always a very long wait. When, I went to her she assured me that I would be happy with my results. I have her my last money that I saved up for this procedures. I felt like I hit lottery. She has an assistant name Mrs. Lee that was nice nasty. I went in on the day of surgery and I only saw Dr. Bourne for about 20minutes. She comes in trying to make me get a tummy tuck instead on the day of surgery. Stating that she doesn't think that I would be satisfied. I was upset with her. But, I told her she should have stated that months ago. So, I decided to go with what I had paid her cash for. She has her Nurse Mrs.Lee take me upstairs and get me prepped. I son a white older Dr. There stating he was there to add it her. I was supposed to bring in a picture of what I wanted my butt,hips, to look like. They never marked me or looked at my picture. Next thing you know the nurse gives me meds to take and I wake up at home. Never seen Dr. Butter. No one never followed up with me, and when my family called them you got Nurse Lee and she gets very smart and rude. So, I was so depressed asking myself what have I gotten myself into. It's like they took my money and said the hell with me. Things that were supposed to be included with my bill for surgery I started getting billed at home for. Also, my garment they promised was not provided. I personally do not think Dr.Bourne performed my surgery by no means. I think that White doctor that was there when I had the surgery did it. They didn't want to give anything for pain. I have a burn and huge indentation on my stomach. My self esteem is even lower now. When I went for a check up they act like I could see Dr.Boutee only her nice nasty nurse Mrs. Lee again. So, I demanded her. She came in nice I expressed to her how I was not satisfied by no means she stated that she could redo if I pay her $500 additional which would pay for the surgery room. I cried and told her that was not right. She claimed my skin was to soft to hold the fat where it was transferred to. I told her never heard such a thing. She said that she was learning a new procedures about butt thrift call threading and that she could try that one on me it should work and that she would call me once she finished getting certified for it. It's been a year, the little butt I had it's deflated and my hips that was there not. I met several young ladies in the office before and after same surgery as I. Also, had these same issues and a little worst. She does not need to have all these false hopes and promises and don't deliver. My only and money I had to continue with she took it from me. Am going to do something about getting my money back from her. I had family that wanted to see my results and they were going to use her. But, since my results weren't good they changed their minds. I don't see how people could take advantage of God's children like this. How could she sleep at night. I wanted this to lift up my spirit not year it down.

I only see her twice, when I first had my consultation, and for 20mins the day of my surgery.

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