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I am going to Dr. Boutte at the end of the month...

I am going to Dr. Boutte at the end of the month to have smart lipo on my upper and lower abd, flanks, bra roll, and lower back. I havent had any contact with the Dr which I do feel is weird. I received a consult from Dr. Okoro a couple of weeks ago via skype and it was with him personally and his PA. After looking at my pictures and me via skype he told me that i was the perfect candidate for smart lipo. After talking with one of Dr Boutte reps i was told I "needed a tuck". My belly does not hang over,
I have no loose skin nor do I have stretch marks after 3 kids so the opinion of this rep was given zero attention. She told me that she was going to send me quotes for SL and a TT, I told her that she could keep her TT quote and just send me over the SL quote. Other than this experience I have had no issues with the reps but I will be requesting to meet with the Dr. before my procedure! I've seen amazing results from this Dr. and looking forward to see mine!

Exactly 3 weeks post op

So I had my surgery!!!! Dr Boutte turned out to be one the nicest people you'd ever meet! When I walked in she greeted me with a hug and some humor! She makes you feel extremely comfortable alone with all of her nursing staff. After I had the surgery I was in HORRIBLE pain. I've been people up and at em a couple days after but I was down in pain for the first 2 week. I don't think I tolerate pain well at all. The only thing I didn't understand about my surgery is that I didn't get drains. After the first 2 days I stopped draining from the open incision site and the fluid just stayed collecting. I had to be drained during my follow up appointment which didn't last so I ended up going to the ER when I got back to my home state. Now I'm 3 weeks post op and I still have the fluid buildup in my peri area (not as much as before) and also at the top of my butt. I have an area where it looks like a burn on my stomach. I was told by one of dr boutte nurses that it happens over areas where stretch marks are present and due to lack of circulation, well the area isn't located over any of the minimal stretch marks I have sooooo I'm not sure where it came from but I was given nitrobid to put on it now it's healing. SO, through the tears and regrets and mini break down I can honestly say Dr. Boutte did a DAMN GOOD JOB on sculpting this body. My waist is TINY! My back is roll free! My butt (which was not done) looks AMAZING with such a small torso! My current measurements are 38,30,50!!!!!!! Belly and back of course are still swollen!!!!!

Loving my body

Just uploading random pictures from the past month or so will write an update shortly
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