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I have wanted a tummy tuck and BA for many years....

I have wanted a tummy tuck and BA for many years. I have 4 children ages 30,22,13,10. After countless hours and money spent on soccer, baseball,ice hockey,school dances, kids cars, college ect.. I finally feel that its my turn...Kinda nervous..who wouldn't be..this is elective right? but very excited!
Will post pics tomorrow.

Thursday is my big day... I'm feeling overwhelmed,...

Thursday is my big day... I'm feeling overwhelmed, nervous, and possible in denial of post op recovery since the only thing I have done is purchase My kids are 10 and 13 plus my dtr. In law is flying in to help for two weeks. The surgery is on my mind 24 7. I keep thinking of things like... I need to plant tomatoes, flowers, open the pool, put away winter clothes and check on summer supplies not to mention I'm chairing the eight grade dance Committee for May 18 th, find a sub for may bunko.... And the isn't goes on. But... Part of this journey is actually taking the time and doing something for myself right? Deep breath deep breath, it always works right?

There ya have it girls.... 46 yrs old 5f6in 162...

There ya have it girls.... 46 yrs old 5f6in 162 lbs mother of 4 ages 30, 22,14, 10.

Well... I did my pre surgical review with the...

Well... I did my pre surgical review with the hospital yesterday. I stocked up on dressing supplies today and picked up my daughter-in-law from the airport. I've relinquished my school mom duties, called everyone I love and am ready to go.
I'm exhausted. Meeting with the girls tonight for a quick (not me) toast to the ta ta's then it's off to bed for a early 5:45 arrival. 5 hour surgery time scheduled starting at 7am....planned overnight for 23 hour observation with two drains and two pain pumps. Hope to post how wonderful things are going soon!

Post op one week today. The pain pumps really...

Post op one week today. The pain pumps really helped. The first 3 days are somewhat of a blur. Make no mistakes about hurts!! But it is tolerable with meds and help. One week later still feeling tired easily. Only taking tylenol for pain but my back gets tired easy. Standing up straighter in the morning but hunched over as the day goes on. Have had a couple of emotional melt downs just from being wiped out I'm sure....they were easily turned around with a few I love you's from my boys and grand daughter...would I do it again....ask me next week.....

Cannot take Motrin due to allergy so continued on...

Cannot take Motrin due to allergy so continued on nycenta for pain control for 12 days. Stopped taking yesterday and boy did i feel like crap today. No pain but nausea, joint aches, tiredness, runny nose, just not right....humm can u say withdraw.... Kinda freaked me out. Have only taken 2 Vicodin in my life other than Tylenol and they made me sick. The nycenta had no negative side effects only pain control so took it and it worked great but holy mackerel.... Withdraw after 12 days... Md said take 1/2 pill twice daily for two days then stop. Took 1/2 pill felt better 45 min later... Unreal.... On the bright side....posted new pics...feeling better cant wait to start scar creams and hit the gym....yes I am going to like the new body for the same ole me...

Asked real self doctors waiting on reply

Feeling better each day but breast are uneven and spitting stiches. Ps says things are fine. Upper poles look good gut the bottem is my concern.

4weeks 2days

Within a few days of me posting a question regarding the lower pole asymmetry of my breast just as Dr.Lund had advised me, I became much more even. My areola was also a concern as it did not look even, my PS had again told me things were fine. His nurse said it looked like it was caught with a little stitch and it would be fine once it dissolved. Again, they were right. I have had some issues healing due to spitting stiches. Nothing major, just open areas slow to close. Keeping it clean and applying a small amt of antibiotic ointment is what was advised, considering everything else he has said has been on point, I am not freaking out. I need to keep reminding myself I choice him for a reason!!!!
I have areas of numbness which over the last 4 weeks has decreased in size. Starting last week I no longer felt the need to nap every afternoon (although I still use it as an excuse every now and then)
One of the best parts of the day for me is when I wake up and my tummy is flat and my breast are perky. I know that soon enough the binders/spanx will be gone, and the wounds will be healed. My energy will be back full force. I now look like I have always felt.

Classy-Sassy-and a little smart Assy- but def. HOT

I am about 6 1/2 weeks out. Starting to feel like my self a little more each couple of days and am SO HAPPY with the results. I can't wait to get to the gym. I think I finally LOOK like I have always FELT. As my boys say- classy, sassy and a little smart and feeling kinda HOT....I would encourage you to not put it off. My husband said- I cant believe we spent so much money on other things, we could have done this 10 years ago. Dr. Lund did an amazing job. The lift and implants together are supposed to be one of the more difficult procedures and many doctors will not do them at the same time. His experience is what won me. Good luck and if you haven't done it yet....make that appointment- at least for the consults!! You deserve it :-)
Saint Louis Plastic Surgeon

I am a out patient surgery nurse. I chose Dr. Lund after several (5) consults with providers recomended to me by other health care professionals. Dr.Lunds somewhat strong personality is what won me over. While bedside manner counts for some (which he does have), I want a surgeon who is demanding enough to get what he wants when he wants it in the OR. No apologies.

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