20 Years Old, Breast Lift Without Implants, No Kids - Saint Louis, MO

I'm 20 years old never had kids or major weight...

I'm 20 years old never had kids or major weight fluctuations this is just how I developed unfortunately and its time I get it fixed. November 3rd is my surgery day. I'd love any tips for recovering and what helped you also any tips on getting scars to heal well. Also how long did it take you to go back to work after a breast lift? I am only taking a week off will that be enough time? Will post updates!

Breastlift 2 Days Post

It's been 2 days since my surgery and I have been feeling great. I honestly had hardly any pain, a little discomfort but nothing to bad. I was up and walking around and feel pretty good. I have one drain in my left boob cause he had to remove a little more tissue from that one cause it was bigger. I have to wait until my one week post op to get it out which sucks but everything else so far is going really well. If they look a little weird it's cause they have a clear tegaderm over them.

Breast lift 4 days post

It's been 4 days already! I was finally able to shower and that felt amazing. Still no pain my only complaint is the drain can't wait to get it out Thursday. I can't believe how good they already look, my left still looks a little bigger then my right but nothing like it was before and if they didn't change at all from here I'd really happy.

Breast lift 1 week post op

Today was my one week post op appointment. They finally took the drain out which did not hurt at all it actually felt really good to get it out. The nurse said everything looks really good and I have to keep the tegaderm on until it starts falling off itself. I go back to work this Sunday which I'm actually happy about because being stuck doing nothing all week has been driving me crazy. Still no pain I think they look awesome so far. My next appointment is the 22 with my surgeon and all the tape will get to come off then so I can see how my insicions are healing.

3 weeks post op breast lift/reduction

Yesterday was 3 weeks post op! I feel great not 100% back to normal but very close still being cautious of them. I had a check up with my surgeon on Tuesday and he said I can start using scar cream so I bought some mederma hopefully it helps. He said I can start working out again in 2 weeks which I'm excited about. So far I'm very happy with the results (:
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