Second round of Cellulaze, waiting for visible results...again.

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I'm 27 and have had (in my opinion) had...

I'm 27 and have had (in my opinion) had relativley severe cellulite on my inner thighs right above my knees since the age of about 12. I have always been in good shape and even instruct spin classes. In the past 3 years I have put on some weight due to a hormonal imbalance and this made my cellulite even worse. It is such a major flaw in my eyes, that I refuse to wear anything that even goes 1/2 an inch above my knees. For years I have said - how is there no fix for cellulite? And if therre ever is one I am going to have to give it a try. Besides all the creams and potions I have tried I also gave VelaShape a try with ZERO results, so when I heard about Cellulaze I was a bit skeptical. I have since read all the reviews on this site and done research about how this procedure is done and I knew I had to give it a try. Also since I'm "going under the laser" I decided to also get Smart Lipo on my arms and back, in addition to doing my inner and outer thighs with the cellulaze. I'm excited and nervous to have this done, but I'm mostly worried that I will see no or very minimal result. After all these years of wishing and hoping for a fix I really hope this gives me the confidence I deserve when showing my legs.

I get my surgery in one week and I will upload before and after pics so my results can be monitored - FINGERS CROSSED this works....

Just a little update - I told my boyfriend that he...

Just a little update - I told my boyfriend that he has to take pics of me later so we can do a before and after and way after lol.
Also, I see a lot of people asking about vitamins to assist with the healing process so I wanted to give you the regimine I'm on.
At the Dr's office they gave me (sold me) a vitamin called Cataplex A-C and I was told to take 2 tablets after a meal 3 times a day starting 2 weeks before surgery. I was also given a vile with Arnica Montana - they are tiny little guys and you aren't suposed to touch them since they will lose potency - I am to start those on Sunday (3 day's before the proceedure) I have to disolve 5 pellets in my mouth with a meal 3x's a day. I also bought Bromiline (pineapple extract) and Arnica gel which I was told to start after the surgery. The doctor also mentioned that taking Ester-C would be helpful for the healing process, but I feel like Im taking enough at this point :) - I hope that helps those of you who have questions.

Ok everyone...I got the procedure done...

Ok everyone...I got the procedure done yesterday!!!!!! I ate a small breakfast and took my antibiotic at 7am and my apointment was at 10. I was told to take my xanax when I got in and I was brought into the back about 15 mins later. The PA brought me in back to change and then I went to the operating area. I was a little woozy from the Xanax (and the fact that I didnt slep a wink the night before) and he started marking me. That was actually a good experience because he allowed me to to assist in showing him the areas to mark, that made me feel much more comfortable and in control. I should mentions he was also doing smartlipo on my arms and back. He decided to do the cellulaze on my thighs (inner and outer) first. Now here is a bit of info that im not sure anyone else mentioned - the way in which they give you the numbing medications is SOOO PAINFUL!!!!! I didnt take any pain meds prior to the proceedure, just the xanax - I would advise you to take something becaue it really did hurt. Once that is over though, you are numb. I didnt feel the legs but once or twice and those times I let Dr. Decarato know - he was super responsive and gave me more numbing meds. then we did my back. This required me to roll over putting pressure on my freshly Cellulazed legs - not good. I dont think my Dr. realized that it would be an issue but omg by the time he was done with my arms and back I was litterally SHAKING in pain - it was awful. He said he had never seen this reaction before though, so please dont let it discourage you. He gave me to Percocets and I was dressed up in my compression garment and went home. I got home at 1pm and I was out like a light until 5. My boyfriend made me a sanwich I took 2 of the vicoden I was prescribed (thank GOD) and went back to bed. Today I'm sore but I feel great other than that - I am super excited to see results :) Oh also - yes I leaked a ton, before I left the Dr's office they gave me some pads to put down - all last night I was soaked but I seem to have stoped leaking today. I will post the before pics today.

Ok added my before pics (EK!)

Ok added my before pics (EK!)

It has been almost 3 months now and I am unhappy...

It has been almost 3 months now and I am unhappy with my absolute lack of results - not only that but i see dimples that werent even there before and I still have what looks like brusing in some spots. As far as the smart lipo goes I only see a difference in my back but no difference what so ever on my arms, I measured them before and every few weeks after and no change AT ALL- I still have pain and one of my scars is extremely dark and looks like a tattoo...I will post update pics soonish so you can see for yourselves, but I would NOT recomend going through the pain of this surgery and spending this type of money....I feel gyped and frustrated. I litterally could have flushed 12 grand down the least then I wouldnt have had to go through the process of the surgery and healing and now I feel like it was all a waste. It's very upseting because I had hopes, not high ones but hopes that I would see some result. I am crying over this.

I go back for my 3 month checkup on the 12th and I will let you know what the doctor says.

So it's been 6 months and I went to Dr. Decorato...

So it's been 6 months and I went to Dr. Decorato yesterday for my checkup and he is going to redo everything. Now while that is great since I dont have results, I really dont want to go through the pain and discomfort again. I will, but I dont want to...ugh. Anyway, let me tell you how everything is feeling in terms of the healing process...I am pretty much back to normal at this point, the numbness is gone and the discoloration I experienced is pretty much undetectable. The lumpiness (that I got from smartlipo) went away after the 1st month so if that happens to you let your doc know and massage the area - it should dissapate. My legs are a bit more sensitive but other than that I feel fine. I do hope this second round produces some visable results...I'll be damned if I can't wear shorts this summer!

Sooo I had the proceedure done again. Nothing...

Sooo I had the proceedure done again. Nothing more to really update thus far since Im still bruised and swollen (had the surgery 3 days ago) it was still painful but the bruising isnt AS bad as lat time. I will let you know how things start looking as I heal again.

it has now been a year and a half since my last procedure and I'm scarred for life

I am covered in what Dr. Decorato called "modeling" which he said the company behind Cellulaze was unaware of as a side effect and should "go away on it's own". Right. Basically modeling is discoloration all over the areas that I had the procedure done. Also, I still have a ton of awful cellulite. All of that money wasted. I feel duped and I have tried to reach out to my doctor numerous times at this point to no avail...I can never show my legs again. When I get out of the shower and look at them I cry because it's horrible. The amount of pain (and numbness I still feel) was wholly not worth this and it causes me so much emotional pain - I should never spent the money. I wish my Dr. would have been more honest about results because I would have never put myself through this (and certainly not TWICE!!) I also still have lots of scars from the incisions. What a nightmare.

At this point I am really wondering if it would be worth it to speak with a malpractice lawyer?...Have any of you?

Dr. Decorato was great - he answered all my questions and explained everything as it was being done. Once I went home I had a few more questions and even though he was no longer in the office he called me within 10 mins to make sure I was feeling ok (I was in pain when I left) and to answer my questions. One of the days I went it I did wait a really long time, but my apointment was later in the day so I would say the earlier you go in the quicker you will be seen - otherwise be prepaired for a wait. The staff is all very sweet as well.

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