54 yrs. young, 150 lb. weight loss, SMAS Mid Facelift, Neck/Chin Lift, Eye Lids, Cheek Fat Transfer

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I am so blessed the surgery is over. Recovery is...

I am so blessed the surgery is over. Recovery is going really well and today is lucky day 13 from surgery. I am getting stronger each day. I read so many stories on this site....thank you to everyone who takes the time to update us. I will share more as I learn more. I will attach pictures for you to see too. Have a good day!

Barb's Pre-surgery tips (please talk to your ps with any concerns)

2 weeks prior leading up to surgery:
Washed and moisturizer on my face each am and pm. Used petroleum jelly on face at night. Exfoliated with a wash cloth each am.
Took multi vitamin
Took ester c supplement 2 times a day.
Stopped Advil, daily tums and nexium
Started eating more fresh fruits and veggies and juicing.
Started stool softener every other day
Got a large ace bandage as a head wrap and started getting my face use to it. I do not like feeling being closed in.
Shopped for soft ice gel packs. I had 6 of them. I found them at bed bath. Got frozen peas and made small ice packs with them.
Told kids and family about what to expect from me for a few days....total rest. They needed to fend for themselves. Lol
Got Pre tests for surgery.
I got all my prescriptions filled. My doctor ordered eye antibiotic ointment, anti nausea pill, oral antibiotics, steroid 6 day pack, Percocet for pain.
I bought neosporin with pain relief used on ears and in head. Got it in cvs stocked up on Tylenol too.
Bought jello, Amy's low salt soups, protein shakes, pudding, mashed potatoes, bottles of water, bendable straws.
Got baby shampoo and body wash. Personal care towels for down there.
Got a new robes, nighty with big opening and slippers for home. No problem getting things over head with help.
Got a recliner from a friend. Extra pillow for under knees on recliner.
Asked doctor to put a note on my chart to have a pillow under my knees during surgery. Last thing I needed was a sore back.
Watched u tube videos to see surgery stories and read up here too!

1 week leading up to surgery:
Shared with my Fiancé about food and water needs.
Started bromelain supplements and a homeopathic called rescue remedy spray by Bach. I spray it on my wrists and neck area. ... I used this on and off for years....
From vitamin shop. I took 2 per day.
Started stool softener every other day.
Got my hair colored. Got a hot oil treatment too.
Got nails done. French so they could monitor heart rate.

2 days before surgery:
Used a small amount of eye ointment on lid to make sure no reactions and did the same with Neosporin. My doctor does not believe in peroxide wash.
Picked out clothes to wear to surgery center and those were the clothes to come home and get right into recliner. Slip on shoes worked great too!
Started homeopathic arnica 3 times a day.
I added in some extra calories with shakes and extra protein.
Set up a table by my recliner with supplies. Got 2 blankets, pillow for under knees and extra pillows to lay up in bed too.
Got all personal paperwork in order and let friends know I will be out of it for a few days.
Drink 3 or 4 bottles of water each day.

Am of surgery:
Took anti nausea pill 30 min before surgery. Did not start steroids as doctor put them in my drip line. He also put in more anti nausea as a precaution. I never got sick.

I will share more soon. I hope this helps you!

Day 14 Snow day pictures

I woke up with so much energy and felt great so I went out to trader joes to stock up on fruits and veggies for shakes. It felt good to put on makeup. I got a few second looks that felt weird. I still have light bruises on my cheek, my neck and chin.
I tried to do some snow removal but I felt the rush of sweat to my face so I stopped. That has been happening at night when my fiancé and I have our alone time...you know what I mean. I get a rush of flush right to my face and I can feel it come over me. It's good to know that the increased blood flow is a good thing for healing. So girls get busy, you or your partner take care of your needs so you can feel it too!

Before and day 14

Before and day 17

Healing is going well. I am feeling really confident about being in public. I am still swollen and bumpy in my check area that will take more time to heal. I went to see the doctor yesterday and he reminded me to give it a total of 3 months for healing. I have to moisturize and massage my face more. I am very excited and pleased with his work. His kindness and patience with me is appreciated. I will continue to keep the updates coming here. Have a great day!

Day 18 Blue eyes

Recovery is going well. I am back to my old self and feeling good about being in public. Here are a few sunny day pictures. Enjoy your day! Barbara

Forgot the blue eye ones!

3 weeks ....earrings are back!

The scabs behind my ears are almost all gone. I'm keeping a light coat of ointment on them. I am keeping my face very moisturized each day. The doctor said I need to keep massaging my face in small circular motions. I am still sleeping in the face wrap each night. I can sleep on the side of my face now too. Have a good day or night!

Face Transformation after weight loss and aging skin.

After reading so many stories, I am inspired to show you my 325 pound face. It is crazy to see that face. Thank God for all our talented doctors!

Foods that cause inflammation....

I started doing some research about the right foods to eat for cutting down on inflammation. I don't want to feel my face getting swollen from eating the wrong foods. There are days I'm in a hurry and grab processed foods. I do get a bloated belly at times after a meal so this concerns me too. I did a google search on the good foods to eat and here is a link to one of the sites.....http://www.buzzle.com/articles/foods-that-cause-inflammation.html
I am going to make better choices to help my body heal from the swelling in my face. As it is said....we are what we eat. Have a good day!

Our first selfie...

My fiancé and I have fun taking pictures. This is from today. It looks like my face has dimples, which would be cute since my fiancé has the same ones. Today I did blue makeup with a smokey eye accent. He is a love and treated me to new makeup and scar gel. I could not have done this without his love and encouragement. I pray that everyone has this kind of support out there.
Thanks to all the nice comments you all write. I appreciate each one of you! Hugs, Barbara

Time for scar gel

What type of scar gel do you use? I ordered kelo cote but I used mederma with my tummy tuck. If you get a chance watch you tube videos on how to do makeup, I am learning all new things for eyes and face. I have attached close up pictures from today.

Recovery suggestions ....

As I reflect on my recovery, I wanted to review all the good things about it. These are the things that worked for me and only suggestions. You can talk to others or your doctor on what is best for you.

Help at home or first 24 hours - I had my fiancé with me. You cannot be alone. You need to stay in your chair or bed and not get up and down for the first 24 to 48 hours except to pee. You need someone to keep track of pills and keep you hydrated and prepare food.

Pain and ear burning- I had pain. My throat burned from sedation. I used pills and Tylenol too. I got from cvs neosporin with pain relief for ear area. My doctor does not use peroxide as it kills good healing cells too. He did not have me use a heavy layer on scabs, I switched between the gel and vaseline. The gel did help with some pain. I iced my ears which worked.

Medications and supplements - I made a daily chart before surgery. I got all prescriptions filled a week before. I started the oral arnica Montana and bromeline 2 days before surgery. I used it for 3 weeks after. I believe it helped with bruises. I took anti nausea one pill day of surgery. He added more into my iV Line. I used ester C and multivitamin. I was on antibiotics for 5 days. I had read about too many infected ears so I talked to my ps about them. I used Percocet for pain for 5 days. I used one to sleep and for ear and neck pain every 4 to 5 hours. I started a stool softener a week before each day to help with constipation.

Head and neck wrap- I used it 24 hours unless I was in the shower for the first 7 days. I had a white Velcro one and ace bandage Velcro one. I made sure it was not tight. I switched them up. I did not move my neck for 5 days too.

Sleeping and rest- you will need to sit up and sleep that way too. Get or borrow a recliner. If not get one of the wedges with arms for your bed. Use pillow under your knees too. I slept in my recliner for 5 days and used the bed during the day at times. I got a very soft pillow to sleep on my side at day 7.

Food and water- drink and drink again. The key to healing is water. You can add lemon or orange but drink all day long. I was good with the bendable straws or sipping a bottle. I got protein shakes from Costco. I used all soft foods, you should not try to chew for the first few days or more. I was ok by day 4 with small pieces of veggies in soup. I used Amy's low salt Lentil and veggie soup. Everything you eat should be low salt. Make sure your caretaker knows where all your food is. I made a drawer in the fridge filled with pudding, jello, cottage cheese, yogurt and applesauce. I used instant mashed potatoes made with protein powder and milk and unsalted butter. I snacked on almond butter with a mashed banana. I lost 7 pounds the first week which was ok for me. I was able to chew after a week.

Clothes - right after surgery at the surgery center I put on the clothes that I could get right into my chair when I got home. Slip on shoes were great. I got large opening night gowns. I got them over my head with help. I got maxi dresses to wear after the first few days so I felt pretty.

Work- Keep in mind you need time to heal for a full face lift. Try to get 2 weeks off. You will need it.

Showers and hair care- I did color a week before surgery. I got baby shampoo for my hair. I used netrogena makeup remover towels to get the blood and Vaseline and gels out of my hair. I used an old tooth brush to brush hair by my ears. I also used cvs spray peroxide to get out blood. It did ruin hair color by my ears. I got body wash for the shower and flush able baby wipes for down there during the day. I got a nice body spray to smell nice too.

Ice - I did 20 min on and twenty min off for the first 24 hours. At day 2 i started 20 min an hour and did that for 2 days. I used ice after day 3 as need for pain relief on my neck and ears. I used ELasto face and eye gel packs. Gel packs work great on the face. I used small baggies filled with peas tucked into my ear area. I used an ace bandage with Velcro closure to keep it on my ears.

Keeping busy- rent movies, tv, magazines, get speakers for your iPod ....borrow a laptop ot iPad. Walk around every hour. Sitting too long is not good after day 2.

Makeup - I got a few cover ups from cvs before surgery. I tried them and found Rimmel stick worked good. Cvs will take used makeup back with a receipt. I use the coverup on my pink eyelids too. It makes the eye makeup pop. I suggest you watch videos on you tube to learn about ways to put
On makeup. It is fun trying new things. I use urban decay eye colors.

Pictures- Please document your recovery. It helps me to see all my healing to date.

Feelings- Know the reasons why you wanted the surgery. Keep saying...this too shall pass. Bottom line is it takes 3 months to begin to see the real start of your results. Try not to look in the mirror too much the first week or so, you are healing and for a few days it will be bad. If you have a melt down or say...what did I do? ....it will be ok. Feelings of being down May happen. Open a window, get sun, fresh air and breath. Cry if you need to release it. Come to realself and reach out to us. You are not alone! This site helped me tons. I hope ps tell patients about it.

Love making- this is a big part of my life. I did not do anything too much. Just got treated like a Princess. It felt good to relax that way. I believe it helped my healing with making blood flow to my face. Talk to your ps if you have concerns.

Last thing...get hugs and rubs. Ask for what you need and it will happen. Be gentle on yourself and time will be on your side.
I wish you all the best in recovery and healing.

One month pictures

Healing is slow and I am filled with patience. My fiancé tells me I look beautiful each day which helps. He loves my eyes. I saw my mom for the first time and she gave me nice compliments. I keep my before pics with me and she did not realize how bad I was. I saw one of my 3 son and I got the word....stunning. I love that kid!

Have a good day

Before and One month pictures

Hair color is back!!

Amazing how fresh hair color can get me so excited. Lol I felt good today going out and doing things. I am getting my energy and stamina back stronger each day.
It is a week before valentines day and my fiancé surprised me with 3 of my favorite channel mascaras. I love that man! I am so into purple and blue color mascara. I am going this weekend to pick up the Lancôme gift with purchase from Macy's. I'm going to try the Lancôme taint visionnaire skin correcting makeup. The reviews have been great on it. The cost is60.00 and if I don't like it...it goes back. Have a great weekend!

5 weeks pictures

These are the pictures with the new Lancôme foundation. So far I am happy with it.

Blue eye makeup

I took these today with new blue eye color. This is from the urban decay eye color pallet.

Researching anti-aging products....

Hi all! I have been obsessed on finding skin care, supplements, foods and exercise that works for me. I have been watching you tube from doctors that share about anti aging. My new face is a big investment in my future so I want to educate myself to take care of it for years. I found some good info from dr oz. has anyone heard or used pycnogenol? It is pine bark extract which is used with many health benefits. See the video below for some good tips.

Oops video link is above my update.


New pictures...

I took some new pictures and my face has changed again. I still believe we have to wait 3 months or more for best results. It feels good to be out in public and not feel like people are starring at me. I have been using the scar gel and behind ears feel flatter. I have one spot where the drain was that still needs time. The massages and new creams are getting me to feel my skin again. My fiancé can touch and kiss my face now and it feels nice. I'm back to sleeping on my side and still use my head wrap a few nights a week. I have not gained back the 7 pounds I lost with surgery which makes me happy. I will be taking off another 10 pounds before I go for my breast lift in 2 months. It is hard to take off weight with food so now I have to kick up the exercise. Have a great day! Barbara

Doctor said I have to give it all more time...

I should not complain but I know you all understand. We see the imperfections that others do not. I see a few things here and there and doc says give it more time. I said if the little skin is still hanging under my chin is still there in one more month we talk about revision...he agreed. My fiancé tells me all the time how beautiful I am and I need to embrace this beauty even with flaws. So the story of healing continues.

Forgot to talk about massage.

Doctor said that massage during this healing time is still very important. I can feel the sides of my face and neck now. The stinging needles that I feel is the recovery process. Cells are regenerating now and my doctor believes massaging is very important. I will be a good patient and follow directions. I am getting good results with kilocote scar gel.

8 weeks and still going good...

Hi all...I'm still moving along on the recovery and still see changes week to week. Hope all is well for you!

Forgot to share ....April 1

Going in for a small revision to my lower chin and that will be done with my breast lift. Very excited to be almost done with my makeovers.

Tummy pics

I had my lower tummy skin removed over a year ago after taking off 150 pounds. I'm 5 7 and weight is 175...I was 335 .

Better full body picture.

You can see a better picture of me here. This was from a holiday trip to Punta Cana.

Going for it April 1st

I am ready to do the next phase of my skin removal journey this Tuesday I will be getting a chin and neck lift revision....Thank you Dr. Decorato! Along with that I will be getting a breast lift with implants. I'm excited and nervous but I trust this is going to help my self esteem so much. I hope you are all well and healing great!

Thank You and a big hug to each of You!

Thank you all so much for the well wishes and healing thoughts. I feel the support coming through each of you! I know I have been through it before but it does not ever get easier ...I'm sure you can relate. My nerves are there and going through my final checklist. I stopped by to meet with my doctor today to review my neck lift. I will have the scar under my chin and the ones behind my ear will be redone as he will lift my lower neck area again too. God willing please let the neck come out ok. ...I worked so hard on the scars...oh well. Then we talked about the lift and again my goals are a small DD. He is concerned about the size under the muscle so he may place it over. I am going to do some research on that in a few minutes. So again thank you all from the bottom of my heart for stopping by and for the caring words. Xoxo Barbara

Up and around...

Hi all! The surgery went ok on the chin area but only time will tell how flat the turkey neck will be. Doctor did not do lipo...took out fat on top and bottom of the muscle, tightened it and took off excess skin. He had trouble opening up my neck to pull it tighter due to scar tissue that was like cement. I started to bleed too much so he stopped and it in a drain. I lost a pint of blood and became very sick and dizzy in recovery. I have a history of low iron so I knew I was crashing. I got iron pills and had spinach juice and burger meat to bring me back. So The doctor did what he could and it may need a revision way down the road. But that is a long way from now. Again time will tell the success of the neck. The bruises are bad this time and my face did get some swelling from my neck surgery. Thanks to a kind soul here on real self they sent me a gift of a mask 2 recover. ...thank you Scott!
Now for the breast lift and implants....ouch! There is just a nagging dull throbbing pain in the breast. I got mentor smooth round high profile 475cc in each breast. What we can see so far they look good. I should be a 38 d or maybe close to dd. I'm not going to be hung up on size as long as they are cute and perky looking. At my age even with a lift I may have sagging again. I can see myself sleeping in sports bras for years to come. My doctor says creams and gels will not make a difference on healing with the boobs so no butters or bio oil for me We will start massages on Monday and he gave me dissolving stitches ....so happy about that. So far no itching going on. I am taking Percocet only when it's bad and other times just Tylenol. I will start neosporin on stitches this weekend. I can take a shower today ...happy dance! Hope you are all doing great and healing well. The weather here in NY has been great. I'm going to get some fresh air next. Xo Barbara

Above was 2 days post op revised chin and neck along with breast lift.

Thanks for stopping by here!

4 weeks from revision

It is now 4 weeks since chin/neck revision and I need one more chin fix. Next week under local my doctor will fix my chin area. I have attached a chin picture here. There is a small amount of skin that was left under the chin and it can be fixed right away. I appreciate my doctor and trust my chin will look good. I used the biocornium scar gel along with daily massage to keep the scar area soft. Thank God I heal good with scars. I hope are are all well and healing is going great for you! Xo
Ps...my new girls are doing great! I have to update that review next.

24 hours to go...

I have such mixed emotions about the chin revision. I am praying my doctor will be able to get it right with my chin skin removal and then I can continue with my life. I have not been feeling my happy self everyday and that is not like me. I need to get back into the workforce too. Thank you all for your support over past months. I think about all of you! Thank you to this RS site for being here for us and making me a real friend. Have a happy day! Barbara

4 months after facelift.

This is from yesterday. Amazing how we learn what angels
Look the best for pictures.

Chin done and wrapped up.

All went well yesterday with having the local for my chin. I took a Zanex 30 min before and was very loopy for the procedure. My doctor and staff were wonderful and made me feel very confident. I am all taped up until Thursday. Doing ice on and off and staying at a 45 degree angle in the recliner. I am going a little crazy not being able to see my chin but remind myself...good things come to those that wait. I pray for the good things when the bandages come off. Have a great day!

Bandages off and swollen

I'm so glad to have those bandages off. My chin scar looks good so far. Time will tell once the swelling goes down how flat my chin will be. Monday the stitches come out. Have a blessed and happy day!

Doing better today.

Stitches are out and I can see the results more and more each day. It looks so much better now without the extra skin on the chin. Still needs more time for all the swelling to go down. I'm so glad the turkey neck and chin skin are gone for good. My doctor did a great job with my extra work that was needed. Face lift surgery after extreme weight loss is tough for any surgeon and dr. Decorato never let me down. He and His staff has been so supportive every step of my journey. I asked the doctors here on real self a question about chin revision and they all said to get another doctor. I had no use for their responses and it was a waste of time. One of my sons graduates college Friday and I'm so grateful to be healing so well to attend. Enjoy your day!

Throw back Thursday...

I was going through pictures and found old face pics. I am using them for throw back Thursday. It is hard to see my huge face.

5 months and what do you think of my results?

Hi all! I can't believe its 5 months since my facelift....I am so happy with my results and I still see changes. My new girls are doing great too! My doctor has been great and reminds me I still am in the healing stages. The other day I felt the pins and needle feelings in my face again. I continue to massage and use the scar gel. My scars are fading nicely. I am blessed with good healing. I hope all of you reading this are doing well and are happy with your journey. Attached are old and new picture...what do you think? Hugs, Barbara

Botox is next for me....

Thank you all for stopping by here. I appreciate the kindness. It took a lot to cut 4 inches plus off my hair. I wanted the beach relaxed look and still trying to train my side bangs to move out. Lol As a gift with my BA the rep agreed to give me 2 rounds of Botox. So next month I will be doing my 11 lines and forehead. I am excited to see the results. I am doing my research and homework on Botox. So many mixed feelings on it. Enjoy your day or night!

Happy summer....make a hat and sunscreen your best friend!

Went out to a big flea market today in direct sun....used a big hat and thank you to SPF 30 in my face cream and lip gel. ...I did not even burn. I keep reminding myself sun is the enemy now. I was the sun goddess for years. ...never again. Have a blessed day!

Good summer information....

This is from a site called...clean program.com
Happy Summer!

Five Sun Safety Tips

1. Cover up. This is the best method of sun protection. A hat and shirt can protect you from the strongest sun rays. You can also remove them quickly and get direct sun exposure without sunscreen. Here you get sun protection and vitamin D absorption. For those with fair skin, use a hat and shirt in addition to sunscreen and supplement accordingly.

2. Stay in the Shade. You won’t find most animals laying on the beach baking in the middle of the day. You’ll find them relaxing in the shade. UV rays are greatest when the sun is the highest in the sky between 10am and 4pm. If you can, try getting direct sun exposure in the morning and evening and relaxing in the shade when the UV is highest.

3. Use Natural Sunscreen. This is a must. Look for chemical-free varieties, high in UVB and UVA protection, that have a rating of "1" on the EWG Sunscreen Guide. Avoid oxybenzone and retinyl palmitate. Three of our favorites are Suntegrity, Nuture My Body, and Babo Botanicals.

4. Do the Cleanse and eat clean. Skin issues, including skin cancer, are not solely a result of sun exposure. Cancer is almost always a result of factors which may include family history, sun exposure, ozone depletion, vitamin deficiencies, and toxicity. The last two we can correct by doing the Clean Cleanse, supplementing, and eating a clean diet. As with most chronic conditions, cleansing and clean eating are the foundation of prevention.

5. Examine your skin. Check your skin regularly for new moles and contact your doctor if they are growing or tender.

6. Supplement Vitamin D. The balance between getting enough vitamin D and protecting ourselves from the sun is not always obvious. Supplementing this crucial vitamin is the easiest way to make sure you are getting what you need.

Added note...they make umbrellas with SPF 50 now and I tried a beach one and it worked. Enjoy today!

Six Months after revision ...

I can't believe it is six months after my revision already. As you can see from the pictures I'm very happy with the overall results. The doctor has been wonderful at each checkup and recently I had Botox for my 11 lines and love It! I will be going for another revision to pull my neck tighter so I can get my jawline back. I know it will never be perfect and I trust it will be better. I hope you are all doing well and happy!

One year transformation.

It's been a year since my facelift and I'm very happy with it. I need a little scar revision on my jawline and having it done Tuesday. The other day a girl thought I was around 40....I told her I will be 55 in May and she kept saying no way!! Happy early birthday to me. I hope you are all well, happy, healthy and loving the new you!

I'm going February 24 now...

Hi all! I had to Postpone due to the snow. My surgeon has been great with me. I was a tuff case due to all the excess skin from weight loss. I am very confident that this revision will take care of the one area that needs to be tighter. Each one of us are different and my case was a hard one. I attached before pics to show you all the skin I had. Thanks again for the kind words! Take care!
New York Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Decorato was wonderful. He consulted with me and my fiancé a few times. He was so patient and professional with us. He educated us on all my procedures. I truly believe Dr. Decorato was sent in my life to help heal my poor body and self image. I had my surgery 13 days ago and I feel great...looking great too! Also, His staff is so kind and understanding. Please do your homework and know if you pick Dr. Decorato, you will be making the right choice.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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