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I'm 24 now, but ever since I was 6 years old and I...

I'm 24 now, but ever since I was 6 years old and I first saw my side profile in a mirror I have hated the way my nose looks. I think about it whenever I meet someone new - I’m thinking that all they see is a giant talking nose, which I know is ridiculous. I know it sounds totally obsessive, self-indulgent and vain, but it does and always has kept me from being happy. Ever since I can remember I have always had low self esteem and self confidence, and the majority of that is tied up with my perception of myself. I wear glasses at work mainly so that it kind of hides my nose and I purposely put myself on a certain side in photos to try and minimize its prominence. On those rare occasions when I walk into a fitting room with a three sided mirror or see a photo of myself in profile I can’t actually believe that I really look like that and people still associate with me. I know that sounds stupid but it’s true. I’m not kidding myself into thinking that changing this one thing will solve all my problems, but it WILL bring me so much more confidence. I am not going to ever become one of those people who’s obsessed with plastic surgery – I just want to change this one thing and then stop.

I also have a pretty deviated septum, which means I can only usually breathe out of one nostril, or sometimes shallowly out of both. The way it was explained to me was that the cartilage in between your nostrils (your septum) is very flexible and it moves slightly throughout the day, blocking alternate sides of my nose. So this is something I want to do for health as well as aesthetic reasons.

I'm tired of facing people straight-on when I talk to them, even if they're sitting beside me. I'm tired of untagging myself from photos on facebook because I hate how my nose looks. I'm tired of only being able to breathe out of one nostril! I just want to feel comfortable in my own skin. The way I see it, I only have one life, and I want to enjoy it without holding back from minor insecurites. Yes it's quite a bit of money to pay for, but in return I'll get long-term confidence.

I finally now have the time and means to make this happen, so I've decided to go for it. I went to one consultation - with Dr. Most - and that was me decided. My surgery date is scheduled for a few weeks from now and I'm pretty nervous! But at the same time it hasn't really hit me.

I was curious who people on here usually tell about this procedure. I've only told my parents, my boyfriend and my best friend. With some convincing, they are all very lovely and supportive. I feel very lucky to have them in my life! I'm just worried that when I come out of my hermit cocoon a few weeks after surgery that my other friends are going to be shocked and hurt that I didn't tell them what I was doing. Does anyone have any advice on this? Should I explain the truth ahead of time - that I am fixing a breathing issue that also allowed me to make my nose fit more with my face? I don't know who will notice, but I'm fairly certain that someone will, and word travels fast.

I'd also like to hear input on the morph Dr. Most did for me, and whether you think I should be more aggressive. Right now, I think it still looks like me and doesn't look overly "done" - I'd hate to have a "cookie cutter nose." It does look very straight, but if I asked for a curve I think it would stop looking like me. Also, my tip droops when I smile. He's going to pull back the skin above my lip (you can see it in my morph) so that it doesn't drag down the tip. Do you think I should still have the tip raised a tiny bit? AGH I don't know! haha. I'd appreciate advice :)

Thank you!

Here's what it might look like

What do you think?

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Pre-Op Appointment

I just went for my pre-op today and it went well I think! I did have to pay today and that definitely made it real. Yikes! They went through everything I need for recovery and said they might take some tissue from behind my ear if they need it to help round out the bone. Sounds a little creepy - has anyone else had this? I am definitely starting to get cold feet... but I still want to do this. I'm just scared of what my friends will say who I haven't told! And I'm not looking forward to hermitness for 2-3 weeks.

It's All Over!

Well after years of wanting this to happen it finally did! I felt weirdly calm this morning. I think that was just because I just really wanted it over and done with. I got there at 10:30 and was taken through with my worried parents. The entire nursing staff, anesthesiologist and of course Dr. Most was very reassuring and professional. I was asked to sniff afrin three times to clear my airways and constrict my blood vessels and changed into the gown they give you and some very fashion-forward blue bag slippers. They put these cool inflated massage things on my legs to keep the blood going and I was led into the operating room and put under a cosy blanket. They put an IV in my hand and stuck electrodes on me and then gave me the happy drugs! I don't remember falling asleep but I believe I fell asleep around 12PM and left by 3:30. I woke up feeling surprisingly not too groggy. They taught me how to change the drip pad and gave me a pain killer right before I left. Dr. Most stopped by and told me it went well and that they didn't have to take any tissue from the back of my head (yay!). I feel ok now, just watching TV and waiting to take my next pain med. No swelling or bruising so far, but I'm icing and fully expect them to both pay me a visit tomorrow! So far, this has gone as well as can be expected. I won't post a photo because I'm not looking too hot at the moment haha.

Day after Surgery

Well I'm feeling weirdly ok right now. No swelling or bruising on my face - is that normal? Should I still be icing like a maniac? Does swelling/bruising tend to show up the 3rd and 4th days? I am allergic to bacitracin so I've just been putting vaseline on my incision. I'm nervous it might get infected but I really don't want a face rash from antiseptic ointment. So far I've been watching a lot of TV and relaxing. Last night was tough - I don't have packing in but my nose is clogged so that means mouth breathing. But whatever, I'm ok with a little discomfort. I can kind of see the shape which is exciting! And my tip is a little raised which is what I wanted. I've been preempting the pain by taking norco every 4-6 hours, but this pain is not nearly as bad as I would have expected. I'm wondering if I should switch to tylenol tomorrow.

Day 3

I do have a little bruising and swelling today in the corners of my eyes closest to the cast... not too terrible though! Sleeping was a little easier last night.

5 Days After Cast Removal

Well the cast came off and I think the swelling is going down a bit! I've had a really smooth recovery which has been awesome. I think (hope) my tip is still a bit swollen. I saw a bunch of friends yesterday and no one even noticed at all. I didn't even catch anyone looking at me and wondering what the difference was. I don't know if that's a good or a bad thing. I am so happy with my result, but sometimes I wonder if I should have asked him to decrease the projection a little more. Not sure. No matter what though, it's over and I'm never doing anything like this again! I am very glad that I made this one change to improve my quality of life, but that's all for me folks!
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