My Second VI Peel - Tualatin, OR

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The first peel was back in January. I didn't take...

The first peel was back in January. I didn't take any photos or post a review at that time. My provider decided to start slow with my peel and did a light one. During the session it tingled at first but quickly numbed up. I did leave it on all night rather than washing after four hours. The next day it was a bit sore but not too bad. The worst part was using the little towelettes, one word, OUCH! Now on to the peeling. I did not peel in sheets, it basically looked like I had a sunburn and it peeled like a burn, little pieces at a time. The bulk of the redness and peeling happened around my mouth area. This time around the peel was a bit stronger. I noticed a difference when the peel began as it stung and took longer to numb up. That night it started to itch and really bug me so I ended up taking a nerve block as I had some on hand. I also used a cold compress, which they provided me for swelling after I had my lips done. Both really helped and I was able to fall asleep. I noticed that the peeling started earlier this time which would make sense as it was a stronger peel. I have been pretty red and blotchy. It hasn't itched as bad as the first peel but it has hurt worse. This time I only had to use three towelettes as it didn't come with the lime green and dark green towelettes, just dark green. Yesterday, which was three days post-peel, I was really red, especially around the mouth, and it burned quite a bit. I have been using the post peel protectant, which burns btw, but I don't find this provides me with much relief. I spray rose water on my face about 5-6 times a day and that brings temporary relief. I have started using rose seed hip oil, which is my main moisturizer, and that helps a bit. I am now four days post-peel and I am miserable. When I woke up this morning my face was so dry, peely and tight around my mouth I could hardly open it to eat a bowl of cereal. I put the post peel protectant on and I was able to open my mouth and finish my breakfast. I am now at work and am applying a baggie of ice often. When I remove the ice I have momentary relief but once it wears off I am back to burning and pain. I took two pain pills this morning as well as a nerve block and I can't really tell a difference. Now, all this being said, the pain isn't anything that you can't handle. I like to think I have a good threshold for pain, for me it is just the constant pain that wears me down. I suspect this will all subside by the end of the weekend but I will be sure to post an update. I have uploaded a phone picture so you can't really tell how red I am but trust me, it is RED.

6 Days Post Treatment

A lot of the redness and peeling has subsided. My skin still feels tight and scaly around my mouth, cheeks and nose. I have kept my skin moisturized with rosehip seed oil, rose toner and pure shea butter. The pain is gone and I imagine in a couple days I can start to wear makeup again. Naturally you want the peel to make you skin even and healthy looking but I am not quite there yet which is why I continue to wear makeup.

Very Happy and Impressed

I knew this peel had to do something. I mean you are peeling layers of skin off but I wasn't sure just how much of a difference I would see. It has been a month or two since my second peel and I am quite pleased. My skin is smoother, fewer fine lines and I have a more even skin tone. I make sure to wash at night and moisturize with my organic Rosehip Seed Oil as well as unrefined Shea Butter if I am extra dry. In the morning I use a combo or Rosehip Seed Oil and sunscreen specifically for the face. I have one more peel to go in my pack of three and while I know it isn't the funnest of procedures I know the results are worth it. The photo I have included shows my face without makeup however I did use sunscreen. It does leave a bit of a whitish tint but it certainly doesn't cover imperfections.

Third Peel

I have finished my pack of three and while these peels can be pretty uncomfortable I think they are really worth it. I am now on day 6 and my skin has finally started to mellow out, the redness is fading, the peeling has all but stopped and the only issue is some dryness around my chin and mouth. That always seems to be the most sensitive area and the discomfort lasts in that area the longest. This time around I was just fed up with the discomfort so I ran and bought some Orajel. I put a tiny amount on the areas that bothered me the most and got almost instant relief. Ice is also beneficial but it isn't always feasible when you have to work. Anyway, I absolutely feel like the VI Peel is worth the cost as well as the discomfort. I will be sure to buy another package next time there is an open house at the clinic I go to!
Portland Plastic Surgeon

Courtney is amazing, she takes time to explain everything and really goes out of her way to make sure you are comfortable. She has also done my Coolsculpting. I highly recommend her as well as this office for all of your needs.

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