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As a grandmother and great grandmother I still...

As a grandmother and great grandmother I still want to feel alive and in my heart I am young at heart. So after many years of wanting to have my breast back, I am going to have the procedure this Friday with Dr Gayoso in St. Pete Florida. Many years I wondered if I was to old, to fat, to busy? Well I retired last year, lost some weight and well I am not getting any younger. So, off I went once again to meet with Dr. Gayoso.
Dr. Gayoso was recommended to me by many females in the St. Pete area and after reading his reviews and meeting with him I knew this was the man for me. (doesn't hurt that he is easy on the eye also...LOL) He listened, we tried on and well I thought I had decided until I started watching all of you here on this site and realized I really wanted to go larger. Since I am in my 70's I really don't want to do this over if I get them to small. Most things are better bigger so, when I did my pre-op I showed him some of the pictures from on this site and he is very aware that small is not what I want. Since I nursed four children, gained and lost a ton of weight throughout the years, I have the skin just no substance. I gave the instructions to just "fill them up". With only a few more days till the big day. I have my pillow with arms from Wal-Mart, loads of new bra's that close in the front, and my dear friend Paul to baby me. When Paul and i dated a few years ago he was so against this surgery, but when we recently met back up he has been so supportive and so happy for me. It means a lot to know that you have a cheering team there to help and support you. I am so happy that I have let everyone know about this procedure. I just tell them I am having twins on the 26th and even people in other cities are talking about the "twins". To me this is so important that other seniors know that its very okay to want to have the shape that makes you feel whole. Life is for the living and I want to make my life one that is full and happy.
Thank you to those on this site that have posted so that I can know what to expect and some ways to make this all go simply the best. Your posting has meant a great deal to me. Now its my time....Pictures will be coming soon

Only two more days until the surgery

So ready for this. I dreamed last night that I was having the surgery and watched it as I was still awake. Since I watched Botched before sleeping that could have something to do with it.
I am going shopping so I can keep busy and not dwell on how exciting this is. Going to get my hair done on Thursday and polish removed from nails so that I am all ready for my big day on Friday. Paul will be with me and will come over on Thursday to stay the night and then leave by 9 am for surgery at 11 am

Breast a life of thier own

Now I know why when I talk to those females that have had breast enlargement they talk about them as if they are alive and a person. They celebrate their birthdays and anniversary. Well here i am waiting very impatiently for the birth of my twins and I feel like they are part of my family and they are not here and they are gel! I want to start knitting booties or something. Maybe nipple warmers would be okay? Did anyone else feel this way about theirs?

Two days till the twins birthday

Staying busy today with going to St. Pete to get facial and hair cut. I think i have everything ready for Friday, but I know at the last minute I will think why didn't I get this or that. Paul will be here and my friend Alice is staying here also, so I should be covered. Alice is giving me her hand bell to ring if I need anything. Sounds like I will be taken care of properly. Drinking lots of water. Woke up with stiff neck but no Aleve will find Tylenol.

Its my twins birthday and so excited

Well up and showered, wash hair, put on baggy clothes and so excited. Thought others had forgot and looked at text and there were all kinds and good wishes for today. Last night Paul put of movies and we laid in bed and could not do this with out him and his great support. How did I get so lucky to have him in my life. My son died recently and he has been there for me and made me smile. Out of a tragedy comes blessings.
If I can do this any one of you that are thinking on it can. Have not gotten before pictures uploaded so tomorrow will ask Paul to do it for me. Hate to see how bad it looks but then this is why I am going through all this.
We have to drive almost two hours to get to the surgical center and that back so long day. Report tomorrow. Happy Birthday to my new girls!

Its done and wow wow wow

Sorry I have not updated, but I had my surgery on June 26, 2015 in St. Petersburg, Florida. Great staff at the hospital and Dr Gayoso came in to draw pictures on my breast and where the two fatty tumors were and where he is to do Liposuction. As they were wheeling me out of pre-op I went to sleep and woke in recovery. While Dr Gayoso was drawing on my boobs he once again confirmed that I wanted to go large and I confirmed this once again. I didn't want to have this done and then wish I had gone larger. I awoke to the recovery nurse concerned about my right breast larger then the left and Dr. Gayoso came back to look at it and nothing wrong although the only uncontrollable pain I have had is on that side where for years I had a nerve that I couldn't let my bra rest on as it bothered me terribly. Went home and miserable night but back to the doctors office on Monday where I say the nurse and then again each week for the four weeks since the surgery. I had three drain tubes and they removed one but the other has been in almost the full four weeks. Got the last two drains removed this week and finally get a shower. I never knew how wonderful a shower is until you can not have one for a month. The following week of the surgery spoke to the fill in physician and she prescribed muscle relaxers and wow that really helped. Again all pain manageable except under my right breast. As of today no pain killers except Tylenol. Even went and had a pedicure today. It wore me out but my toes feel great!
Because I had much more then just a BA it has taken me alot longer to feel good, but so happy that I did this and the work that Dr Gayoso did is awesome. I finally really looked at my breast today and tried on some of the new bra's that I had purchased before the surgery and I am so very happy I had this done. They feel like I have always had them and I guess in my mind I have. I will post pictures as soon as I can figure out how to get them from my phone to this site. Anyone in the Tampa St. Pete area, Dr Gayoso is fabulous.

Four weeks since I brought twins home

My recovery much longer then what I dreamed of but I had two fatty grows taken off and Liposuction under the arms
Reading each of your blogs has been a life saver to me You will never know how I have loved each of your writing on here
I'm finally going to get some before and after pictures on here I am so happy I went large . I worried about that before and after but thank goodness my doctor listened to what I wanted and gave me just the right ones

Few more pictures Before and after

Went for final dr appt today

Wow my girls are looking and feeling so good. Finally had no pain today. I decided to remove my bra and the pain I had was gone. So took it off and went to the dr. Tried to express my appreciation for these wonderful set of twins. Way better then I expected. They feel as if I have always had them and are perfect for me. We spoke of the pain that I had and we discussed what he could do if necessary. I asked if there were a problem with me just going bra less and happy days I can go bra less.
Can not say enough about this surgeon and his staff. Would always go back to him if I need any more surgery and I highly recommend him.

Took my girls shopping

What a treat to go shopping It's been almost five weeks post op but I finally have lost the pain in the nerve on my right breast After visiting PS he told me I could go bra less and that has taken the pain away He told me to wear sport bra when exercising so bout some yesterday and tried them on last night and left the last one on for a while longer Within hour the pain started to return Took it off immediately I will use bra sparingly So happy to try on clothes and swim suits Had to go to 36E swimsuit Beyond thrilled So very very happy I went larger

Started exercising yesterday

Can I repeat again... I love my boobs Can not tell you how extremely happy I went large (685) this is the largest the tear drop comes They are better then I could have dreamed Well actually they are just what I wanted but at this age I thought that was just a dream They feel so natural and so a part of me It's like I lost them a few years ago and I just got back together with them I feel so alive Yes there was pain Yes I was miserable but like having a baby the results is sooooooo worth it My doctor is a genius a sculpture a artest and I am very lucky to have had dr gayoso deliver my beautiful twin girls Today I worked out for the second day and it felt so good Added a few more to the schedule and a little sore tonight but only in the legs Boobs fine and happy Rode bike this morning I want to continue to lose weight and be healthy

Six Weeks Post Op

Can not believe how much I love my new breast. As most post on here I just can not get enough of them. I wash, touch, moisturize and just gaze at them. I feel whole again. That is the biggest thing that I can share....I feel whole again. Like something had been chopped off and now is back attached. Just love them. Can not tell you enough how important that you get the right PS. Do your homework first not after the event. Make sure he or she knows exactly what result you are looking for. They are not mind readers. These are not their breast once they are in your body. Make sure you make your needs and wants very clear. Make sure you have a doctor that will listen advise and then follow through. Not always is your thoughts good for your body and the PS sometimes has to advise against what you are looking for. Listen carefully to why he is advising this. A really good doctor wants to please the patient, but not all doctors have good intentions. Make sure yours has your well being in mind. Talk to others that have used this physician. Look on here for reviews.
Its your body, its your money and your pain. Make sure you get the results that you really want. Even with all that it is scarey to do this. It is changing your body and how can we mess with what God gave us? Easy... he gave us wonderful Plastic Surgeons. You deserve to look your best...get the best surgeon.

Norstrom Representative and My Boobs

Well had a few minutes today to shop and since I now love to shop for my girls I went to the back of Nordstroms where the lingerie is and I saw this awesome one piece "teddy" that was so seductive, and just called to my girls. A young lady was near by and I asked if she knew where I could find this black bomb shell of a teddy and she was so excited as she was the Representative for this line and had just put it out for the first time. She was so helpful and kind and kept saying she was so happy I was purchasing it. Little did she know that my girls were going to have this if I had to pay double the price. Came home and put it on and showed Paul. Needless to say he very much liked it and I can not tell you how exciting it is to feel attractive in it with my girls standing at attention and over flowing. No matter what our age is, we deserve to feel good about our selves. We deserve to have our full body back and to feel sexual. Thank you Nordstroms and the great Rep that helped me today. You made me feel so good about myself. Great Representative!
I will try on again and post picture in the next day or two. I know alot of you will want one tooo. LOL

Each week I love them a little (a lot) more

Well I had my BA surgery on June 26th 2015 and each week I am move in love with them and how they make me feel. I feel whole! Complete, Finished! If you have second thought that is so normal, if you second guess your self, you are just like the rest of us. If you experience pain, hang on it will pass. But the results can change you life, attitude and how men look at you. Recently we were at a pool and ran into someone that we knew and he went wow, then looked at Paul and said you better keep her in ball and chain! That is the comment that makes you smile, feel good and just want to shout from the heavens... Thank you Thank you to my wonderful surgeon.
Saint Petersburg Plastic Surgeon

Handsome...oh professionally LOL Gentle, kind, informative, professional. Answered all my questions and even found a lump that I didn't know I had. Went for CAT scan and he will remove two of them while enhancing the girls.

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