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I had a facelift in 1996 and it has lasted me...

I had a facelift in 1996 and it has lasted me almost twenty years. I am currently interviewing doctor's to have it neck and cheeks redone as time presses on. A receptionist at one of my doctor's office had the Lifestyle lift five years ago and she is miserable and I can't believe she had anything done as she has deep wrinkles and is younger than me. I would never have anything done that doesn't address the underlying muscles. My experience was very positive and lasted way beyond my expectations. I would have redone it sooner, probably after 15 years, if finances weren't an issue.

My Facelift is not the same as Lifestyle lift

Just to clarify, I had a full on facelift in Costa Rica in 1995 and was talking about an acquaintance who had a lifestyle life about 6 years ago and all the deep marionette wrinkles around her mouth have come back and she doesn't look good at all and spent way more than me for something that doesn't like it did anything; whereas my lift lasted a good 15 years and only in the last couple of years have I felt the need to either get a lower face and neck lift but especially want to get some fat transfer and/or the blood plasma injections that help with loss of volumne which happens when we age. YOU HAVE TO LIFT THE MUSCLE to get lasting results; I don't know if that is necessary the 2nd time around as in my case. You can only see what I'm talking about from the picture with the side view and fillers alone won't solve that problem.
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I apologize that my review was not well-written; confusing and I didn't realize it until tonight. I was trying to tell people there is a big difference between lifestyle lift and a regular facelift which is what I had (although I realize new technologies in the mini lifts have evolved since then) A friend had the Lifestyle lift that didn't even last 5 years. I had the surgery done in Costa Rica by Dr. Lev and the price at that time was beyond compare; I would go back in a heartbeat but now he charges the same as many of the doctor's here and I'm older and wouldn't want the risk of having to go back which I had to do the following year because my ears weren't attached properly. He was wonderful and even did a little more lipo in my thighs and something (possibly CO2 carbon dioxide laser) under my eyes because I also had some minor healing problem in the upper lid as well (that before the surgery was drooping a little) These pictures are from 2012 and show you how it has lasted and yet you see from the third picture that the turkey neck and some bulging things around my mouth and my mouth looks sad when I smile and that is pretty much how I looked when I was 48. Hope this helps people understand if it is your FIRST facelift, it is important to make sure the doctor works on the underlying muscle otherwise, I've seen with my own eyes on an acquaintance who paid $6000 for a Lifestyle lift, she has deep jowls around her mouth five years later and now she's saving money to have another one and has no time to do the research that I have been doing for over a year now. At time of these pictures, no fillers or botox; I had had several Matrix facial treatments, ($150 each) some skin tightening that didn't do much of anything that was noticable to me; also had about 12 microcurrent tx that over time seems to help the collegen develop and soften the lines around my mouth and may have helped my neck a tiny bit but if I lean forward, there's a lot of skin that falls forward. BTW, I never bought any expensive cosmetics until about two years ago. I've tried various such as Obagi and now using Meaningful Beauty for a few months and other's inbetween but I'm not sold on anything in particular and willing to try almost anything someone suggests but I basically don't think the cost justifies the results so I'm always trying something new. I also use a dermawand infrequently and another $350 galvanic spa device I used until I ran out of their products and I"m told it is good for helping product to be absorbed. None of these are solving the problem to my satisfaction of the loose neck and downturn corners of my mouth when in repose. Having a facelift and lipo at age 48 changed my self-image dramatically and slowed down the aging process so much so that now I am researching all the latest greatest technologies to maintain that youthful look that I am use to. Back then, I didn't do a bit of research and it was only because two neighbors raved about their experience and the cost was alluring; plus, I wanted to go to Costa Rica so I really didn't have any idea what I was doing nor the consequences of that could and did happen and really, I was just lucky that nothing serious did happen but a few months later, I realize my ears looked like Dr. Spock so as I said, I went back the next year and he happily remedied the situation at no extra cost to me. He is a wonderful caring doctor who came to the recovery home everyday for the week we were pretty much in bed. How you feel about the doctor is so important. You must have trust that the doctor cares about you and I had that feeling from day 1. Now, 2013, I'm having to deal with other issues associated with aging which I didn't have back then (like loss of volunmn and while I have no wrinkles under my eyes just looking in the mirror; last year when I got glasses, with the magnification folds and crinkles seem to jump out of the mirror at me when I smile and I never noticed that before. From what I've gathered at this point, the best solution for me that something called rich blood plasma and/or fat transfer. Clearly, I realize I don't look my age but why should I let myself go now? In fact, it is more important to me than it was back then. I don't want to look the way I feel which in spite of eating a good diet and regular exercise (particularly yoga) I'm tired and I do all these good things for my health so why not do what I can to forestall the inevitable?

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