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My first set is saline implants I had at 17 years...

My first set is saline implants I had at 17 years old. I was modeling and was a perfect sample size and height but had NO boobs. My parents paid for my implants and life went on. More work modeling but truthfully I wasn't tall enough or skinny enough to make a career out of it. Anyhow, it put a lot of pressure on me to look perfect and I did enjoy my new (balanced) figure. My first set were Mentor 220cc on top of the muscle. Looked very natural, however they needed to be replaced. At 28 yrs old I had my second BA with 350 cc Mentor saline textured implants. They came our beautiful and I was happy once again. I was still in the beauty industry as a makeup artist and looks were a huge part of my success and "image". So here at 40 my implants are uncomfortable, one is riding hight on my chest and the other is hanging lower, out of the pocket maybe? I just want to be me and be comfortable in bras, clothes and when I sleep. In the last 3 years I have gotten more uncomfortable by the day. I feel like they are hard balls sitting on my chest! I'm HOPING for a decent result. I had my son at 35 and breast feed him for 2 years so I'm hoping maybe I will have more tissue than I did at 17?! Dr. O'Brien will be doing my surgery. Explant and capsule removal. I don't think I need a lift and don't have the money for it even if I needed it haha. I'm going to give my body a chance to heal and pray to the fluff fairies. Thank you to the brave and encouraging women on this site who have shared their stories and pics. You have helped me make this decision. I can't wait to feel light me free :)

2 weeks till explant!

I had planned for the explant last fall but timing just didn't work. I am scheduled June 2 for explant with Dr. O'Brien. Very ready and looking forward to it, my saline implants are 16 years old. Debated revision but decided to just be me and see how that feels! My implants are so hard and I am acutely aware of them. All bras are uncomfortable..


Had my pre-op with Dr. O'Brien this week. I can't say enough about him and this staff, very kind and sat and spoke with me in detail about what would happen. I am ready for the explant scheduled next Friday. I ordered a few sports bras to sleep in that some ladies on this site have recommended and purchased a few cute tops to wear post op for small breasted figures. To be honest I can't wait to have these out. No matter what bra I wear I'm uncomfortable :/

Bra I purchased to sleep in after ace bandage comes off.

I ordered a 34 A and a 34 B

They are out!!

Had my surgery this morning. SO very happy to have them out!! I had major calcifications on both implants so he had to put in drains. I am in very little pain but took one pain pill as soon as I got home. Organic chicken broth and some watermelon so far. Lots of fluids as I am thirsty. I am flat but happy to be free. I'm perfectly imperfect :) I tried to peek down ace bandage, my nipples are caved in a bit but I'm confident they will fluff. I will post pics in a few days when I can shower. Dr. O'Brien and his staff were amazing!! Can't say enough about how comfortable they made me feel and throughly explained procedure. I would definitely encourage anyone to consult with him if you are considering explant. He is worth the drive and his on site surgery center was very nice and helped keep me calm. I hate hospitals, so happy that this was done in his building.

Day 2 pics

I was able to shower after 24 hours. I was pleased with what I saw as I was expecting far worse. I'm quiet flat and totally ok with it! I feel like myself after 20+ years with implants. I feel slimmer and lighter already. I do have some soreness and did wrap the ace bandage over my sports bra for extra compression (Dr said the more compression the better). Drains are a drag but I know will help with recovery, they get removed tomorrow yay!! So happy I decided to explant :)

9 days after explant

Wow! Feeling SO much better!! Couldn't be happier and absolutely no regrets on explant. Funny because I consulted 3 different doctors from Channel-side, New Tampa to St. Pete. I was told I would be deformed, unhappy, "just wrinkly loose skin. Dr. O'Brien was the ONLY doctor who was correct! He simply said you will be "flat". I am and totally ok with it. He is highly intelligent surgeon, who I feel is very honest. I appreciated his blunt truth and respect for my decision. Here are pics. Please remember I have had implants (2 sets) for the last 25 years??!! I was flat to begin with lol! The pucker is scare tissue that will have to be released. In office procedure with local ( easy!!) this is also the breast that was an inch lower so he raised the pocket. I prayed for a decent result and feel blessed to look like this today :)
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