60th Birthday Present to Myself - Saint Louis, MO

I have great skin, but the saggy face was the only...

I have great skin, but the saggy face was the only thing about me that wasn't going to get any better. I am eager for a change. I'm the first in my circle to do this; my female friends are all buzzing.

I'm doing this because my face looks sad and grim when I am not. I had lipo on my potbelly in 2014. Best money I ever spent. This MACS is going to be great.

Here's a before photo, taken Dec. 1.

It seemed to happen so suddenly -- like, this year. I stopped wanting to go out. I don't want to see with my colleagues of 25 years. "How old she's gotten."

Another "before." It is soooo much the jawline.

I had felt nervous at first but after lots of research and picking the best surgeon (who went to school where I did) I can't wait. Money and ride all lined up as if it were meant to be. He mentioned eye work and I know I could use it, but I normally wear glasses with bright color frames, trying to distract eyes from the rest of my face. Those days of neck scarves up over my chin and turtlenecks will soon be over. The jawline is my main concern.
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