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*Treatment results may vary

Like many others whose posts I've read, I have...

Like many others whose posts I've read, I have become obsessed with this site since making the decision to finally get my dream breasts! Every time I'm even looking at my phone my husband teases, "reading about boobs?"...

So, I thought I would pay it forward an write a review to hopefully help out another woman like myself. So here goes.

33 Years old
No children of my own
5' 4"
125-130 lbs
Athletic/curvy build (badonkadonk)
Currently 34B/C saggy, NOT hot

I had my one and only consultation with Dr. Prada a couple of months ago. I researched Dr.s for a while before choosing him. I liked his reviews, before and after photos, and his name. :-) (Like I'm getting designer boobies!)

I have a very busy/hectic lifestyle and career and don't have a lot of time for multiple consultations. I did try to get into one other office, but after several attempt playing phone tag with the coordinator, I said screw it. :-)
I know me, and I usually go with my first pick anyway.

I felt very comfortable with Dr. Prada in my initial consultation. He was very approachable, honest, and we were able to laugh and joke around despite the nature of the meeting.

He did tell me something that I was not prepared to hear, which was that I needed a lift. I'd done so much research on doctors, but very little on actual procedures. I thought implants... Ba-DOW! As a matter of fact, I told him I was against a lift because I didn't want the "ugly scars."

He explained why it was necessary for me and made his recommendation. At minimum, a crescent lift with 475cc HP implants with the assumption that a secondary revision may be required for a circumareolar lift to further raise and potentially resize the nipple. If I wanted to go with a smaller implant, a circumareolar lift would almost definitely be required.

He explained that he prefers to do this in two phases because he finds it produces a nicer result because you are not trying to stretch the skin and tighten it at the same time. This helps put less strain on the nipple sutures and prevents stretching/distortion.

Made sense... But I was still leery so I posted a question on the forum with my before pics. The doctors that responded recommended an even more aggressive lift, so that was good enough to set my mind at ease.

After reviewing hundreds of other reviews I now realize and accept that some type of lift is necessary for me. Especially after looking at my before photos with a new perspective. YIKES!!!

I have my pre-op appointment next Tues 6/18, and I'm excited to show him my wish boobies. I have about 20 pairs, so he has some wiggle room. :-) I know not everyone can achieve a certain look, so I wanted to give him an idea of several acceptable outcomes.

So... Two weeks till take off....


Full and perky natural looking breasts
Upper pole fullness, but with natural slope and shape
Lessen space between breasts
Increase cleavage
Raise nipple position
Potentially resize areola

Biggest fears:

#1 - Setting a bad example for my 12-year old stepdaughter. I do not have any children of my own. My stepdaughter is very important to me and we are extremely close. I have been having guilty feelings like I'm being selfish for wanting this right now. She does not know, and will be with her mom for a week during and after my surgery. I'm so afraid that she will know and I will be causing her self-esteem or body image problems down the road. Has anyone else been through this? I feel like I can't talk to her about it even if I wanted to because then I have to worry about her mom's reaction and judgement.

#2 - Will my coworkers know? Will they lose respect for me? I work in a male-dominated industry with very intellectual people. Will this discredit my skillset in their minds? I already "nerd" myself up and play down attractive features somewhat because I'm conscious of stereotypes in my profession. :-)

#3 - General anxiety/OCD... I'm a high-strung person, I know this. I have gone into the hospital a few times having panic attacks. I do not take meds regularly... But they had better give me SOMETHING!!! I have a fear of going into surgery, fear of the pain and recovery, and fear that I wont be happy with the results...an will be obsessing about that for who knows how long.

#4 - will I be ready to go back to work? I only took off the day of surgery (Fri) and the following Mon. I have a long commute an after reading other's reviews it sounds like driving will be a pain! Also will I be healed enough in general?

I started taking Arnicare tablets based on others recommendations. I also started Iron+vitamin C supplement. I bleed and bruise easily, so I'm hoping this will help. I plan on telling my PS at my pre-op. I also stopped all energy drinks... Red bull, 5-hour energy... Yeah, Im a junkie! Now only allowing myself 2 cups of coffee a day.

That's really all I have for the moment. Sorry for going on and on. Just had some things I needed to get off my chest.... Wait, what!? Lol

Your comments and questions are welcome! I have before pics on my profile, but I'll post them to my review later.

Pre-op update

I had my pre-opp appointment yesterday and Im still processing.

All of the normal stuff, plus pain pump instructions. I got my prescriptions and luckily it did include Valium. I'll be needing that FOR SURE! :-)

I showed my PS pictures of ideal outcomes and was steered I guess more towards reality. I indicated that I don't expect perfection, but more so wanted to give him an idea of a favorable shape to me. I told him after more research was willing to do a circumareola lift if he thought it was best, which he said he thought I would be much happier. Then I tried on sizers in the range we had discussed 450-475 and my husband and I both thought that 475cc's were very flattering and not too large at all for my frame. Looked about the same as when I wear my bombshell VS bra, which I've been doing everyday (btw) to ease my coworkers in.

The sizers were not a specific style and he said that he would try different style implant sizers in surgery to choose the best for my desired outcome, which I was okay with.

Then the conversation took an unexpected turn after he came back in and examined my before pics they took after sizers. He told me that he would be more comfortable if we agreed that if while in surgery, he felt it necessary to give me the best shape possible that he could do a vertical lollipop lift (at no additional charge). He said that would be a last resort and that he would see what kind of outcome he could get without it, but that for my starting point, he would normally recommend that for the best outcome. I cried. He said he may be surprised to find that with the implant inserted and the circumareola incision only that he can achieve a nice result, but that he'd prefer not to have his hands tied.

He told me that 475cc was only for the crescent lift, but that would potentially leave me with a distorted areola and not the best shape.

He said 400cc to maaaybe mid-400s was the largest if I went with circumareola lift, and that he could get a slightly more predictable outcome, but still maybe not ideal.

And what he thinks would be best is a vertical lift with a smaller implant in the 300s.

I went into this whole experience so against the long scars. I know a lot of woman have them and they turn out great, but what if I'm not one of them. And if I tell him that he has the option and I wake up with scars AND wishing they were larger I'll be devastated. The total cost has gone up to closer to $10k since I agreed to the circumareola lift. That is too much money to not be happy with the results.

I REALLY want to trust him and I know that he wants what is going to look the best for me and not have me disappointed.

I am really trying to be excited still but as of right now, size, style and lift are all up in the air and I feel overwhelmed. He said to think about it and let him know morning of surgery and he would give me the best possible outcome with whatever I decide but that I have to realize that I'm limiting his ability to make the best decision for me when he's in there if he doesn't have all options available to him. I mean, I get it... Don't get me wrong. This is not a negative thing, the man just wants to be able to use all of his tools to do his job. I just need to decide what is more important and what I'm willing to accept. I'm the one that has to live with the results... I just want to love them!!!!

Before pictures

Here are my befores

Don't fear the scar, love the results!

Well, one week to go!!!! I must say (as of today) I'm feeling good about what's going to happen. I've been doing a lot of soul searching the past couple days and am leaning towards leaving the decision for my procedure in the capable hands of my doctor. That's a huge deal for me and one that is somewhat of a relief because at least I don't have to stress about making the decision myself anymore. I still plan on telling him that I would of course prefer less scarring and that I'd accept some degree of sag as a trade-off, but if that means I'll have a poor overall result with the areola appearance or other complications, then I'm leaving the decision up to him to make them as beautiful as possible. I really can't believe I'm saying this! But now it's in writing... :-) I hope I wake up with no scar and he says they are going to look great without it, but I'm also a realist and I'm putting my faith in the expert. I've seen some really fantastic results an some not so great with both lift types. So I understand that going with your doctor's recommendation is the best decision you can make as long as your doctor is fantastic, which my gut instinct is that he is. Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!

25 hours to go!!!!

Tummy a little upset with a case of the jitters. Going to be a hard to stay focused on work today!!! Ready for tomorrow morning to come already!

All done!!! Road to Recovery begins.

Dr. Prada is such an amazing Dr. He spent a lot of time discussing what was going to happen and was very clear to give me realistic expectations without being insulting or insensitive. I left the decision in his hands to make the best option for my procedure in the operating room. I was thrilled to find out when I awoke that he was able to give me a good result with just a circumareolar lift and no vertical lift. I believe I have 400cc in left and 420cc in right breast, high profile. I'm not certain on that though. I had sized larger in the office, but with my skin being somewhat tight, although saggy, he didnt want to add too much volume and risk putting too much tension on the scars. I can't see them until Monday when I take off the ace bandage and dressing and remove the pain pump. But he did show me pics that he took after surgery and I think I will be very happy!!! And he pulled my bandage and dressing out for a brief second to give me a quick sneak peak of my cleavage.
As far as the procedure. I came out of anesthesia very well and was cracking jokes with the recovery nurses. I didn't have any nausea until after the ride home, but never got sick. A little snack fixed that right up.
As far as pain, it's very manageable. I have pressure and some discomfort, but no intense pain. I do have a pain pump and was in some pain prior to takin the pain medication and valium in recovery, but now am feeling much better. I am surprised I was able to brush my hair and make a snack as soon as I got home and now I'm just sitting on the couch. I'm sure I will experience some ups and downs, but as of right now, this is not NEARLY as bad as I had expected!!!!!! Wooohhhoooo...Boobieeees!!! :-)

Day 2 (1 Day post-op)

Last night was not bad at all! Slept in a recliner, which could have been a little more comfy, but it wasnt too bad. And this morning...started off great! Felt hardly any discomfort at all. However... I took this to mean I could do more than I should have. As in, started straightening house, easily reaching up in cabinets, and bathed my dog (lab). Of course I didnt lift her, but was leaning over the tub scrubbing her and drying her afterwards. Also cleaned out her crate and changed her bedding and did a few other tasks. All while my husband was trying to get me to sit down and take it easy. :-) I just felt so great and have a hard time being idle. :-) Well, now I'm paying for it. Within a couple hours, I went from vitually no pain to feeling discomfort with every move and muscle flex in my chest. Still bearable, but I brought this on myself and feel ridiculous. I knew better, and I just pray I didnt cause any damage. I still am completely wrapped up, but was feeling around under the bandage earlier for the pain pump cords because I started to think it wasnt working anymore. When I pulled my hand out, there was fresh blood. I got nervouse and called the office exchange. Dr. Prada called me back within a few min and assured me that was just drainage from the insertion point of the pain pump. It often bleeds and leaks fluid from the side of the breast where its located, which is where I felt the blood. He said everything was okay, and not to worry, but that I need to take it easy, which I completely agree!!!
So, take it from me, no matter how good you think you feel in the first couple of days, take it easy and do not strain youself. You may not feel like it's painful at the moment, but it will hurt later! :-). Oh, also have started feeling a little bit of the sloshing and just a couple of zingers that I've read about, but am not concerned because I know this is normal from all of your stories. I love this site!!! :-)

So bored and antsy! :-)

I thought this would be like heaven... A little mini-vaca from the daily grind an chores... But I'm going out of my mind! Lol
I finally had to take off my ace bandage and padding, it was literally making me feel claustrophobic. I still have my surgical bra and gauze on and have not yaken that off yet. Also atill have the pain pump in, and I know it's working because it's getting smaller now. :-) I can take it out tomorrow and take off my gauze and shower. They said tonight at the very earliest. I'm on the fence... I'm excited and nervous to see the incisions (even though they are taped.) I should wait, but... We'll see how I do the res of the day. I know they are not going to be as big as I had hoped because of what he was able to safely fit inside my skin, but that nay be a blessing because I also didnt want to be all like.... "Whoah! She got a boob-job!! :-)"
Here are a few pics in just my surgical bra and gauze.... The big reveal will be either later tonight or tomorrow, depending on how patient I can be. :-)

I'm blaming my poor grammer on the drugs!

Re-reading my posts, it's funny how many typos I've made. LOL ... I blame it on the drugs and the fact that I've been posting from my phone. But I'm sure you all will understand. :-)

And here they are!!!

So, my husband almost passed out removing my pain pump and I had to cover my nipples while he did it because I have tape that somewhat resembles saran wrap that is keeping the tension off my sutures....Well, it also captures the blood from right after surgery so it looks a little scary. It does not hurt, I assure you. But for the sake of those with sensitive stomaches, I just covered that with a litttle gauze. The saran wrap looking tape also covers the majority of my breasts as you will see.

Last day off before returning to work!

So, today I'm home alone. My husband returned to work and I'm scheduled to return tomorrow, which I'm actually looking forward to. Here are my updates for today:

1. So bloated... still haven't "gone" since before surgery. Took exlax this morning since I'm home alone. Drinking lots of water... Still waiting...

2. Ended up with a tape blister on the top of my left breast. When I peeled the tape off of it, it popped and burns/itches like crazy! A little cortizone and a bandaid made it feel much better.

3. I'm wearing my compression strap...reluctantly. But want to follow Dr's orders. Hope I'm using it right.

4. I forgot to mention last night... My nipples actually poke through the "saran wrap" :-) and I do have sensation in both. Also have not noticed any numbness in either breast.

5. Some of you are probably going to want to just slap me right upside the head for this one, and others will think, "well duhhhh..." but I know when we don't feel good we don't worry as much about our appearance. I however really, really recommend wearing a new/cute/comfy lounge outfit, keeping your hair combed and putting on a little makeup and/or perfume/good smelling lotion, painting your nails... whatever is "your thing." I know it sounds silly, but little things like that made me feel so much better when I passed by the mirror and I just look like my normal self. Helps you forget what's going on underneath those bandages! :-)

1st Work Day...Success!

My husband drove me today because I have a long commute, and just felt better about him taking me on day 1. When I woke up this morning I was in some pain and took a pain pill (have only done that twice in the past two days.) I think it had to do with not sleeping in my surgical bra because I had washed and hung it to dry. So I just slept in one of my soft seamless cami/bras. I also may have leaned a little to either side while sleeping last night. Did not sleep on my side for sure, but loosened up the pillows on either side of me just a little bit.
Anyway, I took my pain medicine and muscle relaxer, got ready (in a very conservative top) and was good to go. Somehow I'm able to function just fine on these drugs. :-) I did get drowsy on the drive in, but made it through the whole day working hard, just took some Tylenol partway through. I also got really tired mid-afternoon, but ended up getting a second wind and pulling through. :-)
One other thing I noticed was how constricting my surgical bra feels after wearing it for several hours. By mid afternoon, I literally had to go into the bathroom and pulled up my top, unfastened my bra and let my girls breathe for a few minutes.
All and all though, it was a success and no one knew a thing!!

Ready for my 1st post-op tomorrow!

I'm so excited for tomorrow when I get to go to my 1st post-op appt!!! My swelling has gone down some. :-( Lol... But I'm still LOOOVING my results! I want to get this tape changed so I can show my hubby the whole Ta-Ta Sha-Bang!! (And update my pics for you all.)
He's only seen them with the gauze too because I wanted to spare him the nastiness too. :-)
I also want to get a better look at how my areola incisions look. It's hard to tell even for me with the dried blood under the tape.
I plan to discuss the following with the nurse (I don't see Dr. Prada again until my 2nd post-opp appt, he's on vacation.... Well deserved! Lol)

1. How often/long should I be wearing the compression strap.... It's not that much fun, and I feel like my girls are in a pretty good position already. Righty is a liiiittle higher on the chest wall, but the same level on the bottom... I think because this one has the larger implant.

2. Will they continue to change shape and even out size-wize? The difference is so minimal that I don't know if anyone else would notice, and even if they stayed the way they are right now, I would not be disappointed...but it would be nice if they were identical... Both the larger size, of course! Lol!!!

3. Can I get some more Valium (muscle relaxer). I am still having muscle spasms in the upper-breast region, which I believe prevents them from dropping and fluffing, and I'm all out.

4. How should I be massaging?
Sooo... I maaaay or may not have already started massaging GENTLY on my own. I removed all but the tape around the areoles and started massaging coconut oil on my coconuts yesterday! :-) I had some stretch marks from when I first got boobies, and thought I was seeing some new ones developing (most of what I thought I saw was actually indentions from the pleating on the compression bra, but better safe than sorry!) Anyway, I haven't been trying to manipulate the position or anything like that, just rubbing the oil in, which feels really good. They have been a little tender and kind of itchy and this oil makes the rubbing very comfortable and is supposed to be good for stretch marks.

5. I have noticed they are starting to feel ever so slightly softer and I can actually squeeze and they give just a little bit. Can't wait until they are soft and squishy! :-) How long does that normally take?

6. When I stretch my arms out to the side or slightly behind me, I notice the skin/muscle on my chest between my breasts actually raises up and pulls outwards just a bit. I don't know if that's normal or permanent, but I'm just curious.

That's all I have about boobs for today. I'll update tomorrow with more info and new pics!

On another personal note... Yesterday I got Restylane injections in my tear troughs and Botox in my forehead and between the brows. (Different facial plastic surgeon.) I've Never had any cosmetic procedures before my augmentation, but I convinced my husband to let me do it all at once so I'd feel equally satisfied with my overall mid-30's upgrade! Lol

So far, I'm really happy with the under-eye filler, and have virtually no bruising. The Botox takes up to two weeks to take effect, but I'm looking forward to that too. I have a follow-up in 2 weeks and he'll use the remaining product from my initial procedure to do any necessary touch-ups.

Happy Healing ladies!

Independence Day!

Today was a big day... I did walk a couple/few miles yesterday with my husband and dog, but today... Today I walked with a purpose...and covered 6.83 miles in pretty darn hot weather. Since I can't do much else to work out right now, I'm going to walk my butt off!!! :-)

Also had a date night with hubby and went to dinner and to a fireworks display. My girls' first night out on the town...! :-)

We don't have my step-daughter back until this Sat, but I'd say I'm ready!!!

Happy 4th of July!

1 Week Post-Op

I had my first post-op appt today and they said everything looked just fine and I'm healing well. She did get onto me about using my arms above my head and using them too much in general. She said walking is fine though, just no bouncing. She also told me to continue with the surgical bra (torture device) for 1 more week, then can switch to sports bra.
(I didnt mention I went braless in a tube top for a few hours on my date last night. ;-)

She said I need to be putting gauze in my bra too, to keep it from rubbing against my incisions even with the tape...which I really haven't been doing...

She changed my tape and cleaned up the incisions a little bit. She put new tape on that will be on for 1 month!!! I'm okay with that though because the nipple scarring is my worst fear, so I'd rather keep the tension off those and let them heal good. She said the stiches will fall out with the next tape removal and she'll remove any that don't. Then I can begin scar treatment.

After seeing them myself today...and talking to my hubby, we both agreed, he's going to wait until at least the tape comes off to see them fully. I'm self conscious about them right now, and want them to be beautiful when he sees them for the fist time. Trust me, he's seen what you all have seen and sees me in bras. I also have some temporary somewhat cute frilly stuff I got on the cheap (like Walmart $5-$6 cheap) pre-op because I didnt know anything about what size or shape I'd be in but wanted something other than norm occasionally. :-) I have tried these on and he likes them very much so far!

So, here they are still in early healing stages. Right is still a little higher, but dropping and areola looks slightly better. Left is getting there, hope the areola turns out good. They are also getting squishier every day, which is nice!

Overall still happy, just a little self conscious showing the bad with the good, but I looked at so many people's before and afters, I know they really help others know what to expect...

Little bump in the road

Today started out great. We were fetting my stepdaughter back this afternoon for another two weeks for summer break, so I was getting the house in order this morning. Then treated myself to a long late-morning walk (7.5 miles.) The only thing that hurt was the blisters on my feet! The rough part came later in the day. First of all, ther was no indication that she noticed anything different, so that was a relief. I'd been wearing extra padding pre-op and wore a conservative top today.
Anyway, to the point... At some point we decided to swing by the grocery store for a couple of items (just her and I), but once we were there decided to go ahead and stock up for the week because we didnt want to make another trip. I didnt think anything about it, no concern crossed my mind at all that this may be a bad idea...until about 3/4 of the way through, when the cart became very heavy and turning it was becoming very painful (and I havent been having any pain really lately.) I tried to push through, but then started having some pretty intense spasms in my upper breasts, I'm assuming from using too much chest muscles. I had to stop and ask her if she could take over. She thought I was kidding at first, but soon realized I was serious. I told her it was my back (I often have upper back pain - knots and burning pain from tension especially) and had been complaining of it the last time we had her (pre-op), so it was believable. I told her that I'd been seeing a Dr and he told me I wasnt supposed to be lifting or using my upper body strength for right now, but I forgot and it was hurting and I needed help. She immediately took over and was very helpful unloading at checkout and she loaded almost all the groceries in the car. I felt bad, but by that point, I was in a lot of pain and was worried I had messed something up. I took a pain killer when I got home and eventually started feeling better and got on okay with the rest of my night.
Moral of the story, don't go to the grocery store alone or with someone whom you do not want to know your condition, or it can become a scary and dangerous place.

Scared... Anyone else bled 1+ week post op?

Obviously, I unintentionally overexerted myself yesterday, and didnt notice last night, but noticed fresh blood this morning under tape. :-((( Don't want to bother Dr. on the weekend again, so planning on posting a question, but have any of you had this happen?? Freaking out a little bit. :-(

Relieved, but uncomfortable

I got in touch with my PS's office today and discussed my issue. The nurse said since the blood is dry now and I'm not in pain there doesn't seem to be any reason for concern. She said a little bleeding can happen when it gets aggrevated, but that it should be okay and they don't need to see me. My 1st follow-up appt was 1 week post-op and 2nd follow-up isnt until 7/23 (3 weeks and 4 days post-op.) That works with my busy schedule, but it seems like you all are being seen much more frequently.

Also, I have become a semi-fan of the surical bra(s), I purchased a second one online in black when I first got through surgery. As long as I keep the gauze in there...but I've noticed that when I'm sitting at work for hours on end, by early afternoon I feel terribly uncomfortable and have to take it off temporarily (in bathroom.) But today that wasnt even enough and I'm literally sitting at my desk with it unfastened. You cant tell with what I'm wearing, but ai was starting to get anxiety because i was feeling so tight and constricting. This doesnt happen at home, but I'm always on the move. :-)

Reinforcement has been called in!

Since I dont have another appt to see my PS until 7/23, and the tape his nurse lut on me is supposed to last a month or at least until my next appt, I had to go on a hunt for reinforcement. I'm not suggesting this product to anyone without discussing with your dr! But ai already have tape over my incisions an the edges are coming up after

Got cut off...?

Looks like part of my post got cut off... But I was saying, sweat (all that walking) and coconut oil maybe have caused my tape to start coming up

I think one just dropped!

I just took a long hot shower and while I was in there something weird, scary, and I think wonderful (hopefully) happened. I have not been in pain but the girls have felt "pinned" to my chest. I dont know how else to explain it. The underside was very tight feeling from within like an elastic band and I felt myself hunching over a little because the bottom of the breasts felt really tight. Well, when I was showering, my right breast started to feel really weird and soft and when I felt the underneath it felt ripply. I got really scared but within a few min I felt like the whole breast just "relaxed." I noticed it projecting more than the left suddenly and the underneath felt smoother to the touch. When I got out of the shower, it looked like it had widened at the bottom and was much more pliable and feels about 10 times more comfortable! I can tell it's no longer riding as high on my chest wall too because it's the large one and was visibly higher before, but not so much now! If that's dropping and fluffing, I sure thought it was a gradual process, but I'm glad it happened and cant wait for the other one to do the same!!!!

Love them a lil' more each day

Just playin around this morning. Old bikini, but NEVER looked like this before! :-) I'm past 2 weeks so I can now switch from surgical bras to sports bras. I will be doing some shopping this weekend. :-)

Nervous about asymmetry and cramping

Over the past week my breasts have continued to change and not all good. :-( My righty still looks good I think besides stretch marks, but my left one looks vert disproportionate and I feel pain/cramping on the underneath side of the left breast. :-( I know it's still early, but since my left breast isnt higher as far as upper-pole fullness, not sure that this one could ever just fluff enough to match the right. I dont have an appt w/PS till next tues, but I'm waiting for a callback from his office. These pics are all from today, but you can def tell more in certain light. i can even tell in clothes w/bra on. Nervous. :-(

Forgot pics

Really hope I'm not developing CC!

Feeling more optimistic

So, things seem to be settling down a little. I've been experiencing a little bit of post-op blues (and maybe PMS...lol.) Accompanied by a touch of boobie greed! But I'm starting to turn the corner and feel a little more comfortable with myself. My girls are not quite twins, but they are definitely related now! :-) Some pics they look like sisters, others maybe 1st cousins. I know I need to be patient and try not to jump to conclusions about my final result until I've healed more (easier said than done!!!) :-) They change everyday, sometimes softer/firmer, relaxed/contracted, swollen/not swollen. As far as the the boobie greed, it's hard to tell in most clothes that I had an aug. :-( I know that's hard to believe, but it's true. I did wear padded bras before, so maybe that is why. I really wanted 475s, but my skin could not accommodate because I've never had children and never had my breast skin stretched and it did not give much. Even the breast that got 425cc in ended up with new stretch marks, so I know I could not have gone any larger right now. The biggest change for me is obviously the drastic improvement in shape. I'm going to focus on that and try not to freak out anymore. :-) Lol... I still think I look way better than what I started with! :-) I'll post an update after I see Dr. Prada and get his feedback.

3 1/2 weeks and 2nd post-op PS appt

I met with Dr Prada yesterday. 1st pre-op was with an assistant of his, so this is the first I've seen him since surgery 6/28. He said all was healing well and my results look excellent. I expressed my concerns about asymmetry and he tried to explain that how he determines the size/shape during surgery is to match the upper poles since that is what you will see in a swimsuit/bra... He said he doesnt think that the size/shape of my left breast will change drastically or drop much beyond where it is now an that if they are slightly different, it's not noticible. He said it's near impossible to get them identical because of so many variables, which I totally get, but I see them as more than a little off. The right one extends lower on my chest, out to the side, and projects more (which is hard to show in pics). So if the left matched those other measurements, would the upper pole not also match?
He said we'll take a look at my next post-op, which is 9/10 because they could settle more.

Everyone keeps comparing them to what I started with, and saying I should be happy and less critical, but for $10k, I think it's okay to have high standards for the "after." :-)

I think they both look great individually, but next to each other, I still see the difference every time I look at them. :-(

The tape was changed and the incisions cleaned up, which are healing nicely. He said two more weeks of tape, or as long as I want to wear it, that the longer it's on the better the scars will be. I start massaging right away, and next week he said I could return to full activity and normal bras.
Here are pics from this morning.

Hard time with bras?

Anyone else having a hard tome finding bras that fit? I think I'm going to find a shop that specializes in augmented breasts and get measured. Here are a few updated pics I took in the dressing room.
In my heart, the last thing I want (but I feel I will require) is a revision, but I'm focusing on positives since I have to wait and see anyway. :-)

# 1. I love my overall size. I'm actually very happy we couldnt go any bigger. Even though they are two different sizes, I think either one is good and the average of them both is perfect! :-)

# 2. I have no pain for the past few days and the sqeaking in my left breast has gone away!!!! Woohooo!!!

# 3. Now they have softened up, I can push them all the way together and create massive cleavage.... Another Wooohoooo!!!!!!

# 4. Overall I like the way they are shaped, (if I average the two since they are different.) i actually think the left has a nicer shape now.

So the right breast with the larger implant that I thought "dropped" first is actually concerning me more than my left now. It feels much less supported and "loose." It is lower and more off to the side. I'm wondering if I may have bottomed out a little on that side and that's why it apprears to be shaped different to me.

Anyway, I'm remaining cool, calm and collected. I've been reading revision stories lately, and mine would be very easy compared to some issues I have seen so if it comes to that and they need a little tweak... Well, it will be worth it in the long run.
But still being patient to see what the "end result" will be since the LAST thing I want is more surgery now I'm finally feeling like myself again!!! :-)

Finally got some cute bras from VS...

This is just one, the others are already washed and are drying so I can start wearing them immediately. :-)
To my surprise, the reason I have not found any bras that fit right... Is because, well, I'm a 34DD....or....wait for it... a DDD!!! I told the lady at VS that I was a 34C before, but recently had an aug and I had brought D's into the dressing room. I realized quickly that was not going to do it. So she got me some DD's and some fit, some did not. She said, let me try a a different style, and brought back another. I tried it on and she came in and we agreed it was better, and she said, "that's a DDD, I wasn't going to tell you beforehand" and giggled mischievously! Lol!!!

6 week update

It's been 6 weeks today! I can't believe how time flies. I have come a long way physically and mentally. I am starting to love my new breasts. They are becoming a part of me and I don't obsess about every little imperfection anymore. They feel so soft and look good in clothes. My incisions are healing well. I've been massaging to keep them soft, but they don't need to drop anymore. I just stopped using the tegaderm (clear incision dressing/tape) this week, and just started using mederma scar gel around the areolas. I'm going to buy some scar gaurd strips this weekend too.
I'd say I'm very happy or where I'm at now, and my husband thinks they are great! :-)

8 weeks

Not much to report, just wanted to post some progress pics. Scars healing nicely. I've been alternating Scargaurd and Mederma. My breasts are very soft and natural feeling. I do have some rippling along the bottom of both breasts that can be felt, but not seen. I'm not concerned with it though. I took all these pics at the same time, but some in natural light and others in bathroom lighting. They look different, so just posted them all. Hope everyone else is doing great!
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