23 Years Old. 4'9. 90 Pounds. 1 Child. 290CC Unders. St Louis, MO

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Ever since I was little I always pictured myself...

Ever since I was little I always pictured myself having big boobs! As I got older and all my friends were developing and filling out, I was still as flat chested as you could be. I've always been so insecure about my breast, my height, weight, just my whole body in general! Now that I'm older I know this is the right decision for me! I want to start living and being happy with my body! I want to wear a bathing suit and actually feel like a women! and not a 12 year old kid...

Wish Boobs!!

I feel like I have boobs on my mind 24/7! Lol I am constantly on Google looking and reading about breast implants. I keep imagining how amazing I will feel when I FINALLY get my implants! Once I feel better I will probably be playing with them for days! I hope my breast will turn out as great as these! These are a few of my "Wish Boobs" :)

Freaking over CC's!!

Ok so, I'm seriously freaking out over what CC I want to go with... When I had my first consultation my PS thought the best size to go with would be 200CC. I was completely comfortable with that. He said that he thought I would achieve my goal of a C with that. Now I'm having second thoughts; thinking that might be too small... I know my PS know WAY more than I do, it just sounds so small. I know I still have like 5 months before I have my BA and I'll have another consultation, but I can't help but constantly think about it! I think I'll try making some rice sizers and see how I feel with those! Biggest concern is going too small or too big... But I've always heard "go bigger". Any Thoughts, suggestions or comments would be so helpful! :)

Rice Sizers

So today I finally made some 300CC rice sizers. After putting them in my bra I still felt like that was so small. UGH!! Why does choosing a size have to be so hard!? I for sure thought I would feel comfortable with the 300, but the more I looked at them the smaller they felt. I'm really hoping at my next consultation I can try some different sizes and come to a decision. I just want to put my mind to ease about what size I want.... (sigh) :(

Boob Greed!!!

I'm having some SERIOUS boob greed!! I literally look and think about boobs ALL day, everyday!! It seems to be the only thing I can even talk about anymore! Gah! Everyone's boobs on here look AMAZING and I'm just so ready for that to be me!! I just want to have boobs and feel good about myself! I want to finally feel like a women! Why does the wait have to be so long!?!? I'm so desperate! Wah! :(

Worst news ever!!!

Gah! I don't even know how to process this! I feel like every bit of happiness I had about my surgery has been ripped away!! I applied for CareCredit (back in May) and was denied. I had applied for a person and found out today that yet again I was denied. :(((( The lady who helped me apply said everything looked great and to go ahead a book my appointment and not to worry. Now I'm unbelievable upset and just crushed! :( I was so close to having my dream come true and it was all ripped away! :( I know that within time my surgery will happen. I'm just so upset with myself for getting my hopes. I don't know why I put my trust into a banker. Oh well I guess... I'm still so unbelievably sad and upset. :((((( So with that being said, I probably won't be getting on realself for a while til I can figure something out! I'm still so thankful for all you lady's! All your help and results were amazing! :)

Getting excited again!

I'M BACK!!! Ok, so I totally fell off of this website a few months ago because I was so heartbroken over having to postpone my surgery due to financial issues. I have to admit, I did occasionally get on here and drool over all of the ladies and their amazing results. And let me just say that I am soo jealous!! Lol
So anyways... my finances are finally back on the right track and I'm ready to get excited for the surgery again. At least I think I am! Lol I'm still unsure of how big I want to go. I've heard it's always better to be a size too big than a size too small and personally I think I would agree to that! ( I'm a "The bigger the better" type of person) Haha But, I would like to know from you ladies your opinion. Do you wish you would have gone bigger, smaller? Also, if any of you ladies have any info on CareCredit and could give me some advice on possibly going through them would be a huge help!


I guess just about everyone goes through this, but I'm kind of having second thoughts on having my surgery... I'm still about 100 days away from my surgery, but the closer it gets the more bad things I'm hearing about it. Maybe I'm over thinking this way too much. It just seems like every time I get one the internet or turn on the tv someone is talking about how they regret getting their implants and wish that they would have never have gotten them. Am I just over thinking this!? Ugh! Why is it that one minute I'm so set on getting them done and terrified the next!? Please tell me I'm not the only one who's going through this...

UGH!!!!! Thinking too much and NEED HELP!!!!

I need help! I feel like I've thought so much about everything that could go wrong that I have literally thought myself out of having the surgery. And it doesn't help that everyone around me keeps talking about how I don't need it, the cost over the years, everything that could go wrong, and having to take care of my daughter alone after my surgery. My family will help with my daughter, but I definitely have to be the primary "care giver" of my daughter. I know I'm probably not the only one who feels like this. I'm just really freaking out and I honestly want to cancel it all together! I'm so confused on whether I should do it or not... :((((((( I don't know how I could go from being 100% for sure going or it to being 99% sure I don't want to do it... I've wanted this for so long and now I just don't know... I want to cry....

Great Update! :)

My surgery date has been moved up to March 12th instead of April 30th!!! And I am sooo thrilled!!!! Ah! I can't believe this is real life! I've never been so excited and so scared at the same time. I'm still scared half to death that something will go wrong or I will end up hating them, but more than being scared I'm so excited to finally have boobs and feel like a woman! This surgery date is working out perfectly, too! My husband is actually getting to come home and take me to my surgery and take care of me after. :) Which puts the cherry on top! :) I can't wait to have my surgery and finally be able to buy cute bras!!!

Post Op Help!

Ok ladies, I need help with post op supplies. What scar cream are you using? Did you buy any bras? If so what kind of bra? Ice packs? Did you have a special pillow to help you sleep? My surgery is 12 days away and I just want to make sure I have everything I need before surgery! Thanks ladies! :)

Last Consultation

Today was my last consultation! I've only got 10 days left! Aaaahhhh!!!!! I can't believe it's so close! Today's consultation was amazing! All of my questions were answered, I left the office feeling confident and more than ready! We did the vector again and we decided on 325cc. Feeling super confident about that size. Paid them in full, dropped off my prescription, now all I really need to do is book my hotel room! (Doing that tomorrow) So needless to say I'm ready!!! :)

Surgery 03/12/15

Sorry Ive been MIA for the past week or so. I've been super busy before having surgery. Had to work almost every day for the past two weeks, my husband flew in from Caliornia, making sure I had my prescriptions filled and taking care of my princess! :) well surgery went great! Hardest part was leaving my princess. We were both crying as I went back for pre op. But Dr. Rottlers staff was unbelievably amazing! Chris the lady who took me back and got me ready for Dr. Rottler made me feel so comfortable and calm. She was great! The last thing I remember is the anesthesiologist coming in giving me something she said I probable wouldn't remember anything after this and I didn't! Lol I half ass remember starting to wake up and I kept asking for my daughter and I asked Chris for a hug lol She was seriously so sweet! I just couldn't wait to see my princess! The first night was by far the worse so far. My chest was so tight, I had trouble breathing, my incisions burned so bad, I threw up a few times and I couldn't keep anything down. Surprisingly I slept pretty well. Had my check up today at 8:40am and Dr. Rottlersaid I was doing good and everything looked great! He just wants me to eat lol which I finally did around noon. Over all I'm unbelievably happy! :))

Kinda update

Please please please excuse these horrible pictures. These were about the best pictures I could get at the moment. The medicine they have me on have had me sicker than a dog and I can't hardly stay awake. I'm starting to feel a little better (no medication today). I'm finally feeling somewhat normal. Had a little morning boob this morning, but not too painful. I'm still absolutely in love with my new girls! Hopefully I can get some better pictures tonight because these do NOT give my girls justice! Lol


Day 5

Ok, So I'm day 5 post op! And I'm feeling pretty good. I've been off my meds for 2 days (counting today). The only problem that I'm running into is my incisions... My incisions are still pretty painful, but just on the sides. I keep applying neosporin, but I feel like both of my bras are rubbing right on the ends of the incisions and that's why they are hurting so bad...?? I did sleep much better last night and I did find myself somewhat sleeping on my side. Which is a huge plus to me because I HATE sleeping on my back! Lol I know I've already purchased 2 bras; I'm still not sure if they fit right or are the right size :/ But I absolutely can NOT wait to go bra shopping! When did you ladies start your bra shopping? Also, when was the first time you slept without a bra on?? I literally am dying to to just let the girls out! Lol And any help on the healing of the incisions or what I can do for them to be less painful would be amazing!!! :)


Ok, I know it's only day 5, but I'm seriously sooo obsessed with my girls! I LOVE them! Best decision ever!

1 Week (And 1 Day lol) Update

Ok, so not a whole lot to update on since my last, but I can't believe I'm already a WEEK (and 1 day) post op! This week went by WAY faster than I thought! I'm still absolutely in love with my girls and I think they look amazing! (Thank you Dr. Rottler!) My incisions are the only thing that are still hurting from time to time not a constant pain. I think my righty is starting to drop... Just a little. I'm still a little concerned with righty incision. It's not hurting any more than lefty, but the way it looks has me worried it's going to take longer to heal. And I'm hoping it heals in a straight line not jagged. :/ Last night was probably the best sleep I've had since my surgery. I was actually comfortable enough to toss and turn and sleep on both sides with no pain! Yay! :) Also, I went back to work yesterday and did just fine! :) I'm still so anxious to go bra shopping! Lol

11 Day Post Op!

Today was my "one week" check up. It went great! Had to get a stitch cut because it was poking out. It didn't hurt when she cut it; it was a little uncomfortable feeling though. Later, I have to admit it actually kinda hurt a little and was a bit red. The first thing my Dr. said after pressing on them was "wow" ! He was surprised at how soft and how easily he could push them together. I literally play with them constantly! Lol He said they looked great, no capsular contracture (Thank God!!) they were dropping well (righty is dropping a little more than lefty) and cleavage looks great! And of course that they will get softer and softer as the months pass and I'm so excited! We also talked about scar treatment. He said I didn't need any right now, but if I wanted to start he recommended NewGel+ and face me a small sample. Of course I want to speed up the process so as soon as I got home I ordered some! Lol they are pretty pricy though. :( For 4 strips it was $44 then like $7 for shipping so all together it was a little over $51. Plus side to them, the Dr. said they last like 2-3 months and I shouldn't need to use anymore than that. I'm still getting use to having actual boobs! Lol I'm sleeping just fine, it's just a little different sleeping on my side and there is actually a boob there! Lol I still feel a little bit of tightness in my incisions when I stretch my arms back. Nothing too uncomfortable though. I definitely have to say this has been the best choice I've ever made for myself! And I've never been so happy and so pleased with the way I look! I feel like a real woman!! Lol I know this post was completely scatter brained and all over the place (sorry!) I've had a headache pretty much all day and I'm just trying to remember to get everything in! :)

Small incision update

So, I've been really concerned about my right incision and how well it will heal. Well yesterday after getting home from the Dr. I noticed some peeling. WHY I didn't think of it before I have NO clue, but they were scabs! I didn't have any scabs onmy left incision or if I did they probably washed off on the shower. Anywho, today I started peeling them off (they were peeling anyways so I technecally wasn't picking at them). Lol And now I'm feeling much better! I couldn't believe how much better it looked after I got most of the scabs off. It still looks worse than my left, but I'm much happier with the look of it and the healing process! :)

2 week update

I can't believe its already been 2 weeks!! Crazy how fast these two weeks went by. Not much has changed. I'm still in love with my girls, sleeping on them without any pain, incisions are still a little tight at times, still not much dropping, they're getting softer and softer everyday!

Two week update

Two week update

Photo update

Sorry I've been MIA for a while. I had surgery to get all 4 of my wisdom teeth out. Worst. Pain. EVER!!!! My scars are fading so well! So I definitely recommend the NewGel+ strips! Thinking of trying Mederma after I run out of my strips. I'm still on my first set so we'll see! Lol My girls are sooo soft!! I'm absolutely in LOVE with them!! (I think I've said that about a million times) lol I did notice that I have mondor cords. :( Going to consult the Dr. About them at my month check up on the 15th. I'm gonna wait another week or two before I go to VS and get sized, but I'm so excited to do so! Plus this bra the Dr. Put me in after surgery is getting a little tight. I can't wait to get and wear a pretty bra! Lol Best wishes to everyone who's had or having surgery! :)

One Month Update... Well, a Little More than a Month Lol

I had my one month check up about a week ago. Dr. Rottler was still very pleased with my results, the progress they've made and their softness. I have in fact developed mondor cords, but he said they would go away within 3-4 months. So ultimately it was a great check up! :) Luckily, I don't have another check up for the next 2 months (I say that because I have a 2 hour drive up to his office and a 2 hour drive back) Lol. Also at my appointment he gave me the ok to start working out and doing sports (YAY)!! Dr. Rottler to me to go out and buy myself a new swimsuit and a bra that made me feel pretty, but honestly, my girls look so good I feel pretty in my ugly sleep bra! Lol So I did exactly what he said! As soon as my appointment was over I went straight to VS and bought a black/rhinestone bra which I LOVE!! Then I went to Hibbet sports and bought 4 sports bras. Well, I didn't stop there... The next day I went back to VS and bought 3 move bras in store, bought 3 more online and lastly bought 8, yes 8, sports bras online. I went a little overboard! Oops! Lol But, as Dr. Rottler says "invest in your investment" And I feel I've done just that! Plus, it felt soo good to be able to finally be excited to buy bras and pretty bras at that! :) While I was at VS I had them measure me and I measured at a 30 C, so she said that I would be in a 38 B since they didn't carry a 30 C. The 38 B... WAY TOO SMALL!!! So I tried the 32 C and it fit great! I was so pissed at first! I was just like you have got to be kidding me! I can't be that small! Ugh! I think I still have boob greed :/ I find myself wishing that they were bigger from time to time... Surely I'm not the only one who's going through this, right? Also, I feel like my right e is smaller than my left... My right has still dropped lower than my left, so maybe that's why it seems smaller?? Someone please tell me I'm not the only one who has felt like one is smaller than the other.. I'm really freaking out over it, but I feel like I'm just paranoid and freaking out for no reason. ( I hope so at least) :/ With that being said, I'm still totally in LOVE with my girls and they still look amazing!! I'll post pictures soon of my update and my new bras! :)

One Month Photot Update


I can't believe it, but I actually fit in a 34C!!! This has always been my dream size and I just can't believe that I reached this dream! I can't even express how freaking happy I am!! :) So previously I bought like 7 bras in a 32C. Some of them fit perfectly and some of them not so much! Lol The ones that did not fit were the ones that I ordered online and once I tried them on they did not fit the same! My nipples were completely uncovered. Lol I went to VS, returned them and exchanged them for a 34C. When I went into the fitting room and they fit perfectly, OMG! I had to do a little happy dance lol I still have my days where I look at them and I'm like, damn! They are still so small. I'm so ready to start tanning again!! I'm sooo white! I'm not use to being this white at all! I just want to see my girls nice and tan! Lol I'm so excited for this summer to actually be able to look good in a swimsuit for once! And to actually FEEL good in one. Off topic, But, has anyone gotten a Obagi Blue facial peel!? I've been doing a little research on it and I can't decide if I want to get one or not... I don't know if I want to walk around with a blue face for a few days Lol. Also, I go the 11th this month to see about getting invisaline. I had braces as a kid, but I never wore my retainer so my top teeth moved. They are still straight, I'm just annoyed with the gaps I have between some of my teeth. So I'm soo excited to get them fixed and get them whitened. This is totally my year and I'm definitely going to rock it!! :)
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