46, Getting Mini-face Lift As Well As Lower Blepharoplasty Procedure Next Week! - Saint Louis, MO

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Overall, I'm not worried about how I am aging...I...

Overall, I'm not worried about how I am aging...I almost always am told I look younger than my age, but my neck in the last few years is telling a different story, and it has bothered me. I'm getting remarried in October of this year, to a man I have known since I was 14 years old and there is nothing I would like more than to not be self-conscious at my wedding, so I'm going for it, and couldn't be more excited! I know the neck for me is hereditary. My dad is in excellent physical shape at 71, eats right, runs and plays soccer and is really active...his neck is really saggy, but it doesn't bother me, he's my dad and I love him, but I don't love that look on me! My mom, on the other hand, who does nothing to take care of herself, and is overweight, doesn't have it.....it's purely genetic and no amount of working out will change it. I've wanted to do the surgery for a couple of years now. My aunt (actually my ex-husband's aunt, but I still claim her) had the same procedure in her mid-40's by the same surgeon I am using, and 15 years later, she still looks amazing! Her sister, my ex-mother in law, has the saggy neck and jowls and it just gets worse....amazing to me that they are only a year apart. I knew even when I was younger and didn't need any surgery, seeing the difference between the two of them, that if the need would arise, I'd go for it! Now, only six days out from my surgery, I'm incredibly nervous, and excited all at the same time! I think I've read every single review on this procedure on here, which has helped, but the nerves are still there! This site has been wonderful for me....I go here to look and kind of chase my nerves away. :)

I'm completely confident with my surgeon. It was worth paying more than some other surgeon's charged to have someone that I know from another's personal experience to be an excellent, caring, confident surgeon to get the best results and peace of mind!

15 hours before my surgery. ...

Here are a few pics that i just took.

Night before preparations.

I washed all my bedding, changed all the pillow cases and cleaned from top to bottom my whole house today. I know I'm not going to feel like doing that all week, and wanted to have it done. I went out and purchased a couple ice packs, two different kinds in case I prefer one over the other.

My doctor offered a kit to bring home with me, it had gloves, gauze, cotton tip applicators and lotion and soaps that I'll need to clean my incision/stitches with after the first 72 hours. It also came with some enzyme to help with inflammation. I have a ton of printed information and I feel confident that my doctor and staff have adequately prepared me for the before/after days of surgery.

I had a list of prescriptions to get filled before the big day. I did that two weeks ago. They consisted of:

Antibiotic - to prevent infection
Antiviral - for chemical/laser resurfacing to prevent viruses of the skin
Triazolam - to start the sedative process
Pepcid - anti-nausea and helps control stomach acid
Lorazepam - Taken for anxiety
Zofran - dissolving anti-nausea pill
Dilaudid - pain pill

Tonight before bed I am taking the antibiotic, the antiviral, pepcid, and Emend.

In the morning, 15 minutes before I arrive to the surgery center, I am taking the triazolam, Zofran, antibiotic, antiviral, and pepcid.

The triazolam supposedly will have me pretty relaxed by the time I get there and I'm all about that! :)

I don't know that I'll be able to sleep tonight! Excited and nervous! I'll post more tomorrow if I feel like it after I'm rested as long as I'm not sick, although I do not think I'll feel much like a picture, but if it's not too bad, I'll post one.

The day after already!

It went well. The staff made it so easy. I don't really remember a thing. I remember the nurse putting the IV in and that is it. Then i remember them telling me they were getting my fiance to come in with me in recovery. It took several hours. I'm pretty out of it. The one thing Paul said to me even through the swelling is, all that skin that you had there and we're worried about is gone. He said it was pretty amazing. I'm mainly just uncomfortable, but actually sleeping well. Getting readyi to ice now. I'll try to post more pictures later. These are from last night. Looking forward to every day swelling going down and looking better. I have to go back to the office in a few hours for a check.

I got a few pictures. just over 24 hours out.

The mess under my eyes is some ointment mixed with the ink the surgeon drew with. Looks worse than it feels. We'll clean that up tonight and I'll update pics.

Three days post, swelling getting better

Overall, I can say I feel better each day. The pain isn't bad at all. Mainly uncomfortable. I hate the drains and know I'll feel so much better when they're out. I feel better than I look. Looking forward to every day, feeling better and less swelling

Day 4 and I'm feeling more myself each day.

Tomorrow I get the drains out. They are the worst part for me. You cannot forget they're there and they drive me absolutely crazy. I expect my recovery to soar once they're out!

One week follow-up visit

They cleaned me up and removed a few stitches. Told me I'm looking fantastic. I go back in one month and swelling should be resolved by then.

Day 7 front view

You can see my cheeks are still very swollen, but getting better. Finally starting to see me again. ;-)

Wore makeup for the first time today.... day 10

I'm still swollen, and it feels so weird, numb still, but I am better each day! I had to go into sign for a packet at my daughter's dance tonight, and I don't think anyone noticed the swelling. I got out if there quick, but at least I made am appearance!

Still have quite a bit of swelling, but looking more and more like me every day!

I think I look a lot better, but I know I'm still swollen. I dropped my son off at soccer practice but ran in to give him his Gatorade. My friend who knows about my surgery was there and came outside with me to have a look. She said my face was huge. I'm just used to it.... I guess. I feel pretty self conscious after seeing her. She wasn't being mean, just honest, which is why I asked her. Feel like hiding out a little longer. Today is day #15. So I guess it's expected still. I'm happy with it, just looking forward to less swelling. All in all, I feel great! Took a couple pics today.

pics 2-24-15

It wouldn't let me post pics earlier. Trying again.

Trying to post pics again....2-24-2015

My stitches have some scabbing on them still, which I put ointment on, and that is slowly coming off, but I don't want to scrub them. Also, I keep the ointment on them, and it makes my hair pretty greasy by my ears, but it's definitely helping it heal!

One day pre/3 weeks post

Just a quick side by side pic. I have no make up on, but sent to a friend who asked this morning, so i decided to add here too. This is one day before my surgery and 3 weeks after. I didn't even realize i have the same shirt on. ;)

3 weeks, 3 days

I took a few pics of other angles last night after I had been to the grocery store and was feeling less swollen. The smile still isn't quite me because of the cheek swelling, but the tradeoff of the neck being tight, WORTH IT!!!

One month yesterday!

Getting better and better. I went to my kids choir concert tonight. I avoided direct contact with parents I knew because I still feel swollen, but it was so crazy getting in and out of there, that it was easy, and I felt pretty good about how I looked, just minimal swelling. My smile is still not back to normal because of the swelling, but closer!

One month post visit.

The pictures tell it all! Couldn't be happier. He said I still have some swelling under my jaw, which will resolve. I'd do this again in a heartbeat. I feel so much better about my appearance! The front view wasn't bothersome to me, it was the side view, and Dr. Nayak took care of that for me! Now my face matches my age, only better!

Two months out....

Just a few pictures from our weekend in Nashville. I forget I even had the surgery at times. I need to get updated pics of my scars. They look great! I actually did a photo shoot and video this past Friday with my puppies for Purina, and the make up girl thought I was ten years younger than my actual age.

2 month scar pics

My scars have healed very well. The one under my chin really looks good. I have 2... The shorter one is from falling as a child. The longer one closer to my neck is from surgery.

Four months post-op and LOVING LIFE and my new confidence in my appearance!!

I had my four month post op visit on July 16. I couldn't be any happier with my decision to have this surgery! All it takes is one look at the pre/post op photos for me to know that I made the best decision for me!

I am getting remarried in October, and I cannot wait to walk down the aisle to the man who has been with me through this all. He didn't want me having the surgery, but even he admits now, that it took years off my appearance. I work out regularly, try to eat right, but there was no amount of exercise to fix what genetics dealt me, and I am so thankful for Dr. Nayak for giving that to me. :)

I have known my fiance since I was 14 and I now feel like I'm young again, and cannot wait to start this new chapter in my life.

Eight months post!

I'm so thrilled with my results! I'm getting married at the end of the month., and am so confident in my profile now that I'm no longer afraid of the camera! My fiance was against the surgery. I've known him since I was 14, and he was fine with my appearance, said I was already beautiful to him. But he now agrees that the surgery it took years off my age, and he can't stop looking.

Just an update with some wedding pics!

Just wanted to post a few pics of our day! I had such confidence. It was wonderful!
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