Pleased with Face-lift for Jowls, Neck and Profile

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I had a face-lift, cheek implants and...

I had a face-lift, cheek implants and submentoplasty (The amount spent is for all three procedures.) because I looked tired and mean, and people thought I was older than my husband and I'm not!

When I looked in the mirror, I saw nothing but the flaws and indentations in my face. I was starting to get depressed. I had some mild-to-moderate jowling and my neck looked older than my age. Also, I had some loss of fat in my cheeks and I didn't like my profile.

I'd had three prior plastic surgeries, including rhinoplasty and upper and lower blephs. I wasn't pleased with the outcomes of any of them. I had used 3 different surgeons thinking I would have a better outcome each time. Also, during the surgeries, I found out that I am a "bruiser" and a "sweller". I'm also one of those people who get all the rare illnesses, conditions and complications.

Therefore, the MOST important decision for me was to find someone qualified whom I trusted to take care of me in case I got complications and someone whose work I liked. I can't stress this stage enough! I did a lot of research and though I live in Louisiana (I am sure there are some great surgeons in this area. I just hadn't been pleased and didn't want to take a chance.), I chose to go out-of-state after many, many hours of internet research. Make sure your doctor is board-certified. I, also, chose to go with one who specializes in facial cosmetic procedures. I read his CV, checked the Better Business Bureau and the on-line doc review sites. I even checked out the work of the surgeons where he did his residency!

I can't tell you how pleased I am with the results! I'm three months out. I had a LOT of pain the first couple of days. I do still have some slight residual bruising. From my previous surgeries, I knew not to expect anything much for the first three weeks and not to expect the drastic results until the third month.

I have gotten many, many compliments. I changed my hairstyle and color slightly, so most people think the hair is what has changed my looks (which is what I wanted). I had the advantage of not having to return to work for two months, which helped. People did not see me so swollen and bruised. I only told five people, including my husband, and they thought the results were wonderful. They even told me they how jealous! I still look like myself, only better than before.

The question I always ask is "would you do it again after knowing what you know?" My answer in this case is "yes". I feel younger and look younger. Also, though I am very happily married, I have been enjoying other men noticing me. That hadn't happened in a number of years.

There is a lady who posts to these boards that gives GREAT advice regarding what to take, what products to use, when to get your hair done, etc. I can't think of her name right at the moment, but be sure and check out her posts.

Also, if you have any questions about my surgery or doctor, please feel free to contact me. My one regret about my doctor was that I hadn't used him for my other two facial cosmetic surgeries. I'm reluctant to use before-and-after photos here since I've kept it secret, but will consider sending photos to you.

Anyway, if you've been thinking about having a face-lift, I wish you luck and hope you are as happy as I am.

Saint Louis Facial Plastic Surgeon

First, let me say that I am not related to my Dr., don't work for him and never even knew anyone from St. Louis until I went there, but he and his staff are the best. My consultations and pre-ops with the other three surgeons were very brief. After talking to this surgeon, I knew what could happen, what to look for if something was happening, what his record was for complications and what areas could and would be improved and what could/would not be improved. Since I was from out-of-town, he made hotel-calls and sent staff to pick me up once my husband had left and before I was able to drive safely. He gave my husband and me his cell number prior to surgery and he and his staff continued to check on me weeks after the surgery. I've had other surgeries in addition to the plastic surgeries and I've never had anything close to this level of care.

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