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I've been on accutane for 9 days now, and feel...

I've been on accutane for 9 days now, and feel that documenting my progress will be helpful.

So far the only noticeable side effect is dry lips, but this is rarely an issue because I apply lip balm through out the day. The skin on my face has not gotten dry at all yet. I also feel minor joint pain, but I have also been working out a lot more than I have in previous months so it could be that.

Day 21

Not sure I notice a difference in my skin yet. My dermatologist said my scars look more red. Ugh I'd be so pretty with out acne :/

I now have bad joint pain mostly in my knees and lower back. My lips are sometimes a little dry but my face is not dry at all.

It seems as if the blackheads on my nose have become a lot more noticeable, but I leave them alone as I do with the rest of my breakouts. I have had a few big pimples over the past two weeks on my right check, lip, and forehead.

Every morning I take the vitamins...
-fish oil
-Vitamin C

And at dinner time I take
-my accutane pill
-fish oil
-birth control
-zinc (which seems to have helped making the bumps on my face go away and even out my skin. I've been taking this for a few months now)

Also I do not eat any dairy.

I'm currently studying abroad in the Virgin Islands and hope my skin will improve some by the time I return home to my boyfriend and friends at school. I return December 9 and school starts up January 23.

I look somewhat content in these photos but do not let that fool you!!! I am dying inside! Waiting for this accutane to cure me!

Day 55

I can see a noticeably slight improvement in my skin now. My knees, lower back, and hip joints ache almost every day. It's sometimes very hard for me to walk up stairs to class , or exercise in the gym. My hair has also gotten much less oily and I deep condition it once or twice a week. No shampoo needed.

About a month from now I turn 21 and I hope my skin looks good for my birthday!

My time studying abroad is almost over. I return to college in California January 23 and I'm very optimistic that my skin will be looking good by then. I can't wait to show all of my friends :)

Day 86 on accutane

I've taken a small break from accutane to celebrate my 21st birthday and New Years. My skin is still very far from where I want it to be but it is so much better than where I used to be. Slowly but surely I am making progress.

Day 101

Here are two photos of me on day 101 of accutane, and two side by side comparisons of my face day 41vs day 101.


The pics are a few weeks old but I forgot to upload them here. I use Instagram more to track my progress. Anywho... back pain has been less severe, I've been feeling sluggish and tired, I've been getting sick a lot lately, and I get bad hangovers. Lol this was day 155 I think.
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