55 Years Old Female TT,MR and Breast Lift - Springfield, MO

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Decided after 55 years, no more gaining weight up...

Decided after 55 years, no more gaining weight up and down (15 lb. Window) Decided to maintain my 5'2" frame and maintain around 140 lbs. Have always exercised ,but like alot of people ,love my food! Due to the weight fluctuation and 3 surgeries in same area I was left with alot of saggy skin and saggy breasts. Decided to get the Mommy Makeover,3rd day after surgery. Actually feeling pretty good, discomfort in lower back,so getting up and moving around day of surgery is a great thing to do. Helps keep things flowing! I am so glad I decided to get the procedure done, well worth it as I can see so far . Dr. SHAH is an amazing surgeon and person. He did tell me I had quite a bit of muscle under my skin,so I was ecstatic about that, the possibility of having some abs! Posting pre op and post op 2 day out. Will keep updating.

Day 5 post op

Well my wonderful husband ( my rock)has been taking care of me since my surgery. He is off to work this morning, so first time home alone! Feeling pretty comfortable about it ,because alot of things can happen in 1 day. The last 2 days I seemed to sleep more than I had been. Also yesterday, cut my dose in half on my percocet, can get out of bed on my own and YES, finally the good old BM happened lastnight! My drains have slowed down immensely, so Dr. said probably come in tomorrow and maybe remove both of them! Back muscles are by far the most pain of my procedures. Will get some more pics tonight and post them and about my 1st day home alone.

Day 6 Post Op

Well today went to see Dr. Shah and Yea!! Both drains removed :) Have got around alot better today and not as hunched over.Dr said everything is healing great! Have had a knee pain a couple of days, but hope just from different movements of the legs and knees .I have to admit I was thinking ,oh no ,hope not a blood clot!!! I always think the worst ,which is not a good habit :( They checked out leg and no visible sign of a clot ,so made me feel better, other than that worry, I feel amazingly great :) I am posting a couple of pictures. The one red spot above my scar is my old belly button piercing, pretty crazy :)

DAY 8 Post Op

Well,yesterday started off a great day,woke up felt great ! 2 hours later had my first sneeze!!! Oh wow, the pain was unbelieveable.!!! Felt like someone had stuck a hot knife clear down my left side of my stomach,burning terrible ! Of course my 1st thought was ,ripped out my muscle repair on that side.Ran to bathroom ,took off binder not knowing what I would see. Didn't see any swelling or bruising,called Dr. Immediately! Dr. said I probably did bust a suture, but he put plenty in for backup! Whew, was so glad to hear that! Told to watch the area and ice it also. Took it easy, as it did hurt quite a bit. No visible signs of swelling ,so feel very fortunate! Feeling much better today, so think all is good for now . Hope no sneezing or coughing for awhile, but it is allergy season here .They even said I could do a road trip this Sunday, I thought I would have to cancel :) Just have to get out and walk quite frequent. Get my sutures out next Thursday,that will be great !


Day 12 Post Op

Feel like I am healing great now, up doing light housework and taking care of laundry.Getting things done :) I did get to go to Kansas City, Mo. (3 1/2 hour1 way) on Sunday with my family to surprise our oldest daughter.It was a last minute party for her,so was glad I felt like going :) Was a long day went, there and back, but my wonderful hubby stopped and let me walk every hour, he takes great care of me .He's my rock!! Was a little tired, and a little bruising , but we'll worth it! Thursday is 2 weeks for me, yea!! Get my sutures out, will post picture then. Love hearing everyone's journey :)

Day 14 Posg Op

This was the day for sutures removed, yea! Was told everything is healing great! A little skin peeling around new belly button , so no peroxide and ointment, just on stitches,of belly button.On incision, still a little fresh skin due to stretching so tight, but we had expected that.Got to start scar cream except on that area. Posting 3 pictures. Here is to quick healing :)

Post op Day 16

Got out today and got in a good walk. Felt good to be able to start back on a little exercising. Feeling stronger everyday! Scars are itching alot the last 2 days, but means I am healing. Posting 4 pictures of this day :)

18 days post op

Doing and feeling good, before and after, so happy ,still swelling,but not too bad :)

3 weeks post op.

Am really healing nicely and feel like my old self again :) Still hard to believe this tummy I see everyday is mine! Lol.Dont get me wrong my breas lift is amazing,but the tummy was a real problem for me ,as my husband and I go to Mexico quite often. Feel very fortunate,with my recovery and healing! Have an amazing surgeon and lots of positive energy . I feel very fortunate :)

5 weeks post op, TT,MR, and BL. :)

I can say that this is a great decision I made! So happy with my Surgeon, results, and healing . I know I am very blessed to have had no complications and healing so well. 5 Weeks we will be celebrating our 26 year anniversary in Cancun. We go every year, 3 times .Love The Beach Life!! I am so excited to have my new belly! Never thought it would ever look like this again. :) Feel so thankful ! One of my new lingered sets my hubby got me ;)

6 weeks post op.

Life is almost back to normal . Loving the results and getting my exercise back on :) Here is a couple of pics. Dr. Shah, is an amazing surgeon !

1 year after Mommy make over!

It has been a while since I've been on here but I have been keeping updated on a lot of you ladies going through your surgeries. August 22nd was exactly one year from my mommy makeover. It is the best thing I have ever done, I could not be happier???? the tummy area is still numb, but other than that I feel very much back to normal. Best advice I can give is, do your research and go for it, you will not regret it!
Springfield Plastic Surgeon

Dr Shah is one of the best plastic surgeons and is a very caring doctor. He gave me his cell phone to call over the weekend for any questions or concerns! So impressed with his skills and bedside manner. Would definately do this all over again. Beiieving in and trusting in your surgeon is definately a must! With Dr. Shah, you have all of the security you need.

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