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I met Dr. John Griggs in 2014. His office...

I met Dr. John Griggs in 2014. His office environment is relaxed and simple. The staff are extremely helpful. I never felt rushed by Dr. Griggs or his staff. When I had my rhinoplasty he came to visit before and after in hospital room. He also called at home to check up or return any messages. I'm very satisfied with my results. Although not perfect but natural looking. The best part is I still look like me. I've seen rhinoplasty results where the person looked completely different. That wasn't my goal. My droopy tip was lifted slightly. My nostrils taken in a bit. My hump removed. Also my deviated septum fix. My look and breathing is a huge improvement. I did get restylane filler months later on my nose bridge. I had a divot. In a year I will probably get artefill. My results will last longer. This is why I say not perfect. There was some touch ups after my rhinoplasty but nothing complicated or impossible. Overall I am happy. Anyone thinking of rhinoplasty or has had it understand this is for an improvement and you may need a touch up of some sort. Well good luck to everyone going through rhinoplasty. Remember to have an open mind and good communication with your surgeon.

1 year 6 months after

First primary rhinoplasty was on October 14, 2014. On July 15, 2015 I had a minor touch up /revision. I had a small bump on my nose bridge after my primary procedure. My touch up trimmed my alar base due to nostril flare and rasped small bump. After both procedures I can feel a small bump on nose bridge and some visible scars. I had a filler put into my nose bridge to fill in divot. 1 year and 6 months after surgery I'm content with my results. I still look like me. Natural looking and a cute nose. I can still feel a bump on nose bridge but not visible. Scars on alar base and columella are lightly visible up close. I practically have to put my face an inch or so in front of mirror to see the scars lol. I'd rather have these imperfections than other complications I have read. This definitely is a nice improvement. I really like the way my whole face is balanced. Of course I can continue looking for improvement but sometimes chasing perfection can lead to disaster.

Thank you Dr. John Griggs for all your help. I recommend anyone to have rhinoplasty by you. You are very kind, understanding and talented.

The original price of my primary rhinoplasty was 4,700.
After revision total was 6,700.
Filler $750


I contemplated on getting closed or open rhinoplasty for so long. The two surgeons I met with suggested open which I ended having. Although I have some imperfections and some complaints of the outcome of my nose. Overall I'm content. I have seen hundreds of reviews of closed and open rhinoplasty and there's unhappy people regardless of which technique was used. I feel like it's almost like the luck of the draw when it comes to cosmetic surgery. One surgeon can have 90 happy patients out of 100. You might be in either category. Just understand this is the chance we take with surgery.

Anyways my point is let the doctor/surgeon decide whether to use closed or open technique on you. He/ She is performing the surgery. They have the education, skills and technique to use with each individual patient. Also understand it may not be perfect for you.

I hope those who are struggling with their rhinoplasty results and those who plan to have rhinoplasty take some of the things I mentioned in consideration. All our experiences are different.

I hope the very best for all of us. This definitely is a life changing experience.

Reflecting on the past 3 years

Reflecting on the past 3 years of my rhinoplasty experience. To be honest I sometimes tell myself I should of never had the revision. Although a minor touch up I still have things that bother me. My surgeon didn't charge me for the revision. I only had to pay hospital and anesthesia fees (2000 total). I wasted 750 on a filler to try to fix the divot on my nose bridge which isn't noticeable only felt. Once in awhile in dim lights I can see it. But I can live with this. My profile looks better the second time around. During my revision he took in my nostrils. They flared a lot and made my nose wide looking. My surgeon suggested this during my primary but I wasn't ready to do that. Today I look at myself in the mirror and I feel beautiful. Yes the scars around my nostrils and columella bother me and the divot but no one notices it unless your face is touching my face. My husband tells me often my nose looks so much better than before surgery. My hump and nostril flare is gone or less. I love the fact my nose looks similar to my old nose just an improved version. Should I have had the revision? Should I have searched for a surgeon who did a closed rhinoplasty? Maybe but what's done is done. Can't change it. Who really knows if I went with a different surgeon my nose wouldn't look natural. I don't look overdone. My face still looks the same. I look like me after surgery. Just a little better. So to answer myself I made these choices for the right outcome. I'm content.

Next, should I try a Bellafill or another surgery to improve my divot on my nose bridge? ..... ummm I think I should tap out. Enough is enough. I might just make things worst. I am not deformed. I look natural and look like me. I feel beautiful. Not perfect but that's ok. It probably will never be perfect. It's not worth the risk to take the chance to screw up what's nice already.

I feel like especially women young and old are so critical and never happy. It's time to pump my brakes and realize what I already have before it's gone. Ladies please do yourself a favor. See the beauty you have within and externally. Be thankful. Treat yourself good. Stop being so hard on yourself. And remember none of us are perfect.

My surgeons words, " Chasing perfection will only lead to disaster ".

He told me this after my primary. I was stubborn and went for round 2 but thankfully I came out ok. I came out more than ok. I came out still beautiful.

Good luck in your rhinoplasty experience. Keep positive.

My last 3 years have been a roller coaster of happy and not happy nose days but I have reached a point in my experience to accept what I already have. What I have is good. My surgeon was good to me.

Thank you again Dr. Griggs.

Change of mind

I have a change of mind. Do I want to risk Bellafill? It sounds great but what if I do develop bumps and other issues. My small bump hasn't bothered me. I rarely see it. Only in low dim lights. 99% percent of the time I do not see it. Sometimes it feels smaller and other times a slight bigger. Nothing like my original nose.

The one thing that is at this time bothering me is the scars. One side of my nostril and my columella. Maybe it won't bother me in a couple weeks. My nose looks better than my original. If my scars are the only thing that bothers that's much better than having a deformed nose after rhinoplasty. My nose looks very pretty. It's natural and I look like me. I guess I should accept it how it is.

I do plan to talk to my rhinoplasty surgeon and others about the scar. Most likely I may just leave it alone.

There's risk in any surgery. We have to look at the pros and cons. Perfection is not realistic.

Before and after

Some pictures. I will keep them up for a short time.
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