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Love my eyelids! Dr. Covici did an amazing job....

Love my eyelids! Dr. Covici did an amazing job. He is another Picasso (or at least my Picasso) He is very professional, caring, courteous. I couldn't be happier and best of all he takes insurances'. My insurance covered only one eye, (the eye that had more droopiness) and I had to pay for the other eye to get them done at same time, he was reasonable and affordable. God Bless him!! (doesn't le me upload photos, sorry!!)

unable to upload my before and after pics

Able to email the before and after photos via email since it won't let me upload them.

Unable to upload pics

Willing upon request, to email before and after pictures of the upper eyelids.

before and after photos

I took my Arnica sublingual tablets (bought at a GNC store)and ate my fruits daily. I had no pain just tightness. The only thing i didn't like, was sleeping elevated on my back. I usually sleep on my side (fetal position) that took some adjustment. since i went weekly for chemical peels, the nurses were there to answer any questions or concerns, so i felt well taken care of.

before surgery

4 1/2 months

Applying mascara still tickles and feels funny but overall I am very happy. I also finished my 6 session of chemical peels with Carol Faria. What a difference!! My pores are smaller, acne scars have faded & my face is smoother. I am glad to have found them both :-)

5 months /love my lids

March 17 will be my 5 months post op. Since my incision still looks a little red ( since I'm tan skin) and summer is coming, I decided to use a little of Kelo-Cote gel on the scar, to speed up the process. I always use SPF 30 sunscreen face friendly (Neutrogena) or ask your plastic surgeon as they might sell it in the office (but you'll pay more). Unless you already use a face moisturizer w/ sunscreen, also my sunglasses are VERY important! (even on snowy days) per my other plastic surgeon who, on a snowy day asked 'where are you sunglasses?!' yup! got busted by another of my plastic surgeons who was peeking at Dr. Covici's work ;) she said, snow reflects back U/V rays making it even worst and that could cause hyperpigmentation marks, that will darken even more when exposed to the sun. so protecting yourself will speed up the treatment process of healing without hyperpigmentation/dark scar. It will also protect you from any sun damage. The feeling has returned to the lid. 2 wks ago approx. I used mascara and felt normal again, less swelling and puffiness. Overall I am very pleased w/ my doctor..

6 1/2 months post-op

Hello everyone. Currently I am doing good from my eye surgery. Currently slacking applying my Kelo-Cote gel (to lighten my scar). The scar takes about a year for my skin type to fade more. I'm not worried about it too much but at the end of the day, I'm still a woman who constantly wants thing done or fix as of yesterday ;) (very impatient) that's why I thought of trying to speed up the scar progression w/the gel, but like I said; I'm slacking. Not slacking on using my sunglasses. Those I have a pair everywhere. No issues or complaints, no pain, no irritation, & no itching. I can blink fine, complete sensation is back. I'm glad with my decision & choice of doctor. My doctor has many albums in his office with this procedure, plus I felt very comfortable with my choice of doctor. I advice anyone to take their time choosing your doctor. Mines is an Oculoplastic Surgeon. An Oculoplastic Surgeon is an Ophthalmologist (medical and eye surgeon) who has completed additional advanced training deal w/ abnormalities of the eyelids, lacrimal (tear system) orbit(bony socket) and the adjacent to the face, deformities, excess skin, lazy eye and more..

when is a blepharoplasty medically necessary


Upon consultation the Dr. Will let you know. I had a visual test done. I have a combination of genetics, and weight loss. In 2005 a month after giving birth I suffered bells palsy which definitely didn't help. The Dr does a visual field tes and takes pictures, then summits the visual field test results to insurance and waits for them to answer. A consult will be the best route to take and then you take it from there. check the link above.. Best of luck :)

Plastic Surgeon VS. Cosmetic Surgeon: what is the difference

By Michael Edwards, MD, FACS, ASAPS President

Last week’s quiz on the Smart Beauty Guide Facebook page not only raised this question, but also shed light on the need for more patient education regarding the importance of credentials.

There are many questions and misconceptions about the two and many patients mistakenly believe that plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons are equal when they are not.

Aesthetic vs. reconstructive
To explain the difference I’ll start by defining plastic surgery. The term “plastic” in plastic surgery is derived from the Greek word “plastikos,” which means to mold or shape. There are several specialized fields under plastic surgery including reconstructive surgery which involves the restoration of almost any body part that is abnormal due to a trauma/accident, cancer or birth defect; and aesthetic surgery, (sometimes referred to as cosmetic surgery), which is the aesthetic enhancement of the body or re-shaping normal tissue to improve appearance.

In other words, aesthetic surgery is a sub-specialty of plastic surgery. Reconstructive surgery is often considered ‘medically necessary’ and may be covered by health insurance.

Cosmetic vs. plastic: The training
Following completion of medical school, a board-certified plastic surgeon serves first as a surgical resident for at least 3 years where they undergo rigorous training in all aspects of surgery and then 3 years of focused plastic surgery training. The process can take 6 to 8 years or more and many further their training in fellowships including microvascular, craniofacial, hand, pediatric and aesthetic. This is a key differentiator between a plastic surgeon and a cosmetic surgeon.

A practitioner referring to themselves as a cosmetic surgeon might belong to any medical specialty. He/she could be a general surgeon, gynecologist, dermatologist, family physician, internist, etc. who has decided that they want to perform cosmetic procedures. The training can be anywhere from a one-year cosmetic surgery fellowship to a handful of short weekend courses on topics ranging from how to perform liposuction, utilize injectables, or place breast implants.

Board certification
It is always important to confirm that a plastic surgeon has been certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) - the only Board recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) to certify doctors in the specialty of Plastic Surgery, Only ABPS diplomates can call themselves a Plastic Surgeon. In Canada, a patient should look for certification by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCSC). International plastic surgeons should be board-certified in their country of origin.

A Facial Plastic Surgeon has ENT training and performs aesthetic surgery of the face and an Occuloplastic surgeon can perform aesthetic surgery around the eyes after an Ophthalmology residency.

Cosmetic surgeons who claim to be board-certified may have received their certificate from the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, which board is not recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties. Alternatively, they may be certified by their specialty board which may not even be a surgical specialty, such as internal medicine. Cosmetic surgeons referring to themselves as board-certified can be misleading if you don’t know the right questions to ask.

It is important to note that while all plastic surgeons have extensive training and can perform both reconstructive surgery and aesthetic/cosmetic surgery, not all cosmetic surgeons can perform reconstructive surgery because they have not received the same aesthetic training as plastic surgeons.

In conclusion, if you are considering any type of aesthetic/cosmetic procedure it is prudent to be aware of the education and training of the surgeon you’re considering for your procedure. You can verify the credentials of a doctor by checking with your state medical board.

1 year anniversary today

Everything is well with my eyelids, no problems whatsoever. I'm glad I chosed Dr. Covici and he did not let me down. Dr. Covici does this particular surgery day in and day out, so he's skills are sharp with the eyelids. Totally recommend him.

13 1/2 months

Happy Thanksgiving ladies and gentlemen

Springfield Oculoplastic Surgeon

So glad I had it done! :) I only wish i had it done sooner. I'm only on my third month and it takes 6 months to a year for the final results but so far so good. Since i only had one procedure done, my recovery was easier. I would say go for it!! not only i can see better, don't feel the heaviness of excess skin, i don't look tired or like i just got up and when i'm driving i can better see the traffic -lights above ;) To Dr. Covici and staff, I want to say Thank you. Visit www.drstevencovici.com

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