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Hi, I had my first breast implants about 8 years...

Hi, I had my first breast implants about 8 years ago. It is the mentor high profile 400 cc silicon. I loved how full and big they were but I did not know the swelling went down and I was unhappy. I was looking for a size D bra size. I'm wearing a size 36 C. Well now I'm getting the 800 mentor high profile silicon implants. Hope I'll be a DD. Does any one know what size I will be? I'm 5"3 and 115 pounds.

1 1/2 hour after operation.

Dr Griggs is the best. He got the 800cc's in there. Swollen but love the new sizes. I'm a happy camper.

Post op 8 days

Swollen still. Implant on the left dropped a little. Stretching on my stitches, kind of burning on and off. I took the sterli strips off after taking the picture. Feel better. Going to take a Tylenol. Hope the pain goes away

New Bra Size?

Went to Victoria's secret and was fitted for a new size bra. I was a 36 C. Now I'm a 34 DDD. Hope when then the breast drop and fluff they stay the same size. My breast don't see big to me. I guess the boobie greed monster is here Lol :-D. Btw I got the biggest Silicon implants they make in the United States, 800 Cc. I guess I should of gone with the Ultra high profiles then the High profiles. I guess it's a waiting game now.

My first try at a Victoria's secret demi bra.

The nice young women sized me and asked what I think I prefer for a bra style. I said a lightly lined demi bra. I tried the Dream Angel lace bra. I fell in love with it. I was going to plunk down the $52.00 plus tax. I changed my mind and went to e bay. I found a couple that style and size but were used. I guess I'll wait till I find some coupon. I know after paying a small fortune for new Boobs I'm plum tapped out.

Post op. Almost shy of a month

I noticed there is a slight skin drag under my left breast. I pointed out to Dr. Griggs. He said it will probably go away with time,I hope so. I think my breast are still a little swollen but not sure. They are riding high still. I like my side profile. Yep I'm glad I picked the High profiles.

Post up. One month fourteen days.

My Right breast is dropping faster then the left. To me my Breast don't look like a 34 DD. And still have the weird hanging fold on my lower left breast. I guess is a botched job.

Post up. One month fourteen dayds.

I love the side profile. Wish that I went with the the Ultra high instead of the high profiles.

Post up. One month fourteen days.

Still kind of fit in my old Walmart sports bra.The bra is a 36 C. Victoria's secret I'm a 34 DDD and a 34 DD on a Bali Bra. I guess different sizes in all bra companies. In the future I'm thinking of going up to 1000 cc's in saline implants but I'm tired of throwing money away and I'm not getting any younger at 47. The silicons I have only go up to the maximum of 800 cc. I'll see how I feel about the look in the summer.
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